What Happened To The BV Files Blog????

So late last week there was a hardware issue with the blog server.  Normally, that would be a very simple problem to fix.  Amazon Web Services or GoDaddy has millions of servers.  So there would be no down-time for a blog or website.

Unfortunately for you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, none of that is any help to us, your Admins, because our server – your server – is not hosted anywhere in the United States.  It is hosted in a Third World country in the Middle East that is about ten time zones ahead of us in California, run by people who speak a funny language, and for whom the COVID-19 (aka China Virus) is just an excuse to justify really shitty customer service.

So when a server crashes due to some kind of power spike and chips get fried, it is a very huge hassle trying to get someone to fix it.


A backroom somewhere in Dubai, UAE




Of course, the advantages of having a server located in a far off country that literally does not give two shits about U.S. courts or law enforcement and their pathetic attempts to get subpoenas for our – your – dox, goes without saying.




So when one of your Admins of the BV Files was finally able to get someone on the phone who speaks English, what we had hoped would be a simple fix with minimal down-time for our libel blog was revealed to be neither simple nor minimal.

Apparently there is some kind of worldwide shortage in computer chips and Best Buy does not deliver to the United Arab Emirates.  So Admin Dean ended up buying the parts necessary for the server repairs at the Best Buy in Newport Beach and then mailing them – himself – via FedEx International Priority, which cost about $150.

So, please – stop with the stupid conspiracy theories or “the FBI is gonna get you” nonsense BULLSHIT (to use a legal term).  The simple fact is that there was a hardware failure in the part of the world for which laziness and shitty customer service has been raised to an art form.  But good ol’ American ingenuity came through – once again.

Probably by the end of the week we will be posting some really horrific stuff.  It seems that there have been some very interesting developments in that Phoenix case lately.  Each day that goes by, it seems our Inbox gets more and more filled with people coming out of the woodwork giving us their documents and information.

Something Interesting….



This post is merely a placeholder because it appears that a technical “glitch” or limitation was reached on the last article regarding the number of comments that are allowed to be made.  More comments were posted in the last article then any of the previous ones!

Your Admins of the BV Files are not yet sure what the issue might be and are exploring various options.  In the mean time, in order to allow for yet more comments to appear, I am simply throwing this up here while we await a new article by Admin Sue / Neal / Tom / Lora / Jeff / Jennifer / JoJo / Lane, or one of the Jane Does 1 – 5.

If any of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters have any technical advice to offer, please do not hesitate to share it.


–Admin Dean

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