Allen Humphris, CEO Of Texas-Based Tucker Albin & Assoc, Is A Supporter Of White Supremacists!!!


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Allen Humphris

Good day, eh.  Well today’s topic is all about Nazis and white supremacists and people who have the look of a pedophile – and the corporations that hire them.  Allen Humphris (aka William Allen Humphris, Jr. – DOB: 13 Nov 1979) is the owner / President of Dallas, Texas, based debt collection company Tucker Albin & Associates.  Humphris is a HUGE SUPPORTER of white supremacists & Nazis – 100% VERIFIED!!


How do we know that?  Well it is because he has had a well known Nazi / white supremacist on his payroll for MANY, MANY YEARS!!



But Allen Humphris is not the only supporter of Nazis and white supremacists at Tucker Albin & Assoc – there are more!!


Nicholas Siatka and some under-aged girl


Nicholas Siatka, who is listed as the vice president on corporate records, is also a big supporter of white supremacists, as well.



In addition, we have this guy right here who also supports white supremacists, too!


Jared Kenoyer – director of legal compliance and IT


This has got to be the worst collection agency ever. They will hound you to place past due accounts with them and only if the account was going to pay anyway will they ever collect. We paid them to have their associated law firm sue a con-man named Michael Denny of American Wine Distributors in San Francisco. They completely dropped the ball and instructed their attorney to withdraw as legal counsel after they failed to appear for the default judgement. These guys are the worst collection agency we’ve ever hired. Incredible incompetence. Jared Kenoyer in the Legal Department is a liar and thief. This firm has a reputation for using strong-arm tactics on its own clients, dropping the ball on viable collection accounts, high employee turnover, etc.

— Ripoff Report posting May 31, 2014.


wow – shocking, isn’t it?



And who is the proverbial “Nigger in the woodpile” for Tucker Albin & Assoc?  Why it is this nigger, er, guy right here:  Texas attorney / Nazi Jason Lee Van Dyke!!!


Jason Lee Van Dyke


He is a proud member of the Proud Boys – an FBI designated ‘extremist’ / white supremacist group!








Van Dyke is the attorney who has represented Tucker Albin & Assoc. in numerous lawsuits for many, many years.  CHECK IT OUT!!







P's orig petition - case # DC-13-09162 - TAA Inc v Holtzman


In this lawsuit, filed August 13, 2013, in Dallas County, Texas, Van Dyke and his employer, Allen Humphris of Tucker Albin & Assoc., are seeking to enforce some kind of non-compete / confidentiality agreement in a lawsuit against a former employee named Leslie Holtzman.  As expected, Van Dyke started up his usual BULLSHIT litigation tactics.


I was threatened by their attorney Jason Van Dyke personally stating he would build and pay for a website with the sole purpose of keeping me from working ever again ..

— January 7, 2014, statement of Leslie Holtzman

(Kinda like your own BV Files does to McGibney, Klein, Morgan, Van Dyke and many others, eh?)



When Mr. Holtzman said he was going to file a complaint with the State Bar of Texas over Van Dyke’s conduct, he received this email in response:







FUN FACT:  It has been established in previous court documents that Van Dyke has the “look of a pedophile”.

Liberty Siatka



So is the hot and young Ms. Liberty above in danger?  Not likely – Van Dyke clearly plays for the other team (not that there is anything wrong with that)!



Van Dyke and his domestic “partner” back in the day







As correctly stated by Mr. Holtzman, Allen Humphris and his Tucker Albin & Assoc. company are a bunch of criminals who regularly engage in criminal and unethical debt collection practices.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Tucker Albin & Associates seems like the exact opposite of a company you would want to work for or do business with.  Which explains why the Better Business Bureau has given them the lowest rating possible “F”.




So who else works for Allen Humphris and his Tucker Albin & Assoc. / white supremacists loving company?


Chelsea Elaine – former Director of outside sales



Heidi McCloskey – Regional Sales Director



Stephanie Toliver – collections agent



Tony Sollars – Dir. of Bus Development





(We have dozens more that we could post.  But you get the point.)




Nic and his daughter Hailey making white power hand signals or something




Van Dyke is also currently representing Humphris and his Nazi-loving Tucker Albin & Assoc. company in two other Dallas County lawsuits, as well.  CHECK IT OUT!!







So where does Allen Humphris live?  CHECK IT OUT!!

And if his neighbors do not know that there is a Nazi lover in their midst, they soon will!! The Dallas area Antifa chapter already has the dox, according to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our heads).  Try to get an injunction for that, Van Dyke.


Please keep in mind that it is not us, your Admins of the BV Files, or even you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, that claim that Allen Humphris is a criminal or that Tucker Albin & Assoc. is an unethical debt collection company that engages in illegal practices.  The state of Minnesota also thinks that these people are all criminals, too.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Of course, these people simply do not care about ruining other peoples’ lives or even hiring Nazis and white supremacists.


We <3 Nazis!


Keep in mind that we are not hating on a debt collections company just to hate upon a debt collections company.  Companies like Tucker Albin & Associates serve a very valuable purpose.  After all, without there being a means to get their money back, banks and companies would not have money to lend to potential customers and our whole system of commerce would grind to a halt.


We just hate Nazis and people who employ or work with them, or who benefit from them economically whatsoever.


San Jose, CA based revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) is also an associate of Nazi attorney Jason Van Dyke. 



The same is true of Nederland, TX private investigator Philip Klein. 

They both work closely with Van Dyke in the white supremacist movement and in his numerous lawsuits.



Texas Nazi attorney Jason Van Dyke takes over the Proud Boys organization as its newest and bestest leader / “elder brother!”



Last week, the leader of the Proud Boys white supremacists gang, Gavin McInnes, announced that he was quitting the group.  Why?




McInnes, a Vice co-founder who left the magazine in 2008, created the Proud Boys, their rules and membership tiers, including a fourth degree reserved for Proud Boys who get in a fight “for the cause.”  Van Dyke claims to be a fourth degree brother.


Now that the FBI has turned their sights onto the Proud Boys, McGinnes decided it would be time to quit and turn into a government snitch.  Seriously!



So why has Gavin McInnes turned into a government snitch?  It is to keep his ass from being locked up like these other guys!  CHECK IT OUT!!



Gavin has a very nice house and a nice family that he totally does not want to lose.




Yep.  Sucks to be you, Van Dyke. 





As our frequent readers know, Van Dyke has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff.  Retzlaff and his attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of the Houston, Texas, law firm of Hanszen Laporte, filed an anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss.  That motion was denied by the federal judge based upon his belief that anti-SLAPP motions are not allowed in federal courts in Texas.



FUN FACT:  A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.  The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit.  The plaintiff’s goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs, or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism.  A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate.  A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat not unlike the ones Van Dyke’s has expressed via email or social media postings.


Unfortunately for Van Dyke, it is kind of hard to claim you are being defamed over being called a Nazi when you state on Facebook that your political views are Fascist.

— From an exhibit filed in federal court.


It has been well-established in other federal courts in other parts of the country that state anti-SLAPP laws do apply in federal court.  In Texas, the anti-SLAPP law is new and the federal courts are trying to figure out how to apply it (if at all) in cases brought in federal courts.

Here is the brief filed by American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Retzlaff's opening brief - US 5th Cir Ct of Appeals


Given that a California federal district court recently applied the Texas anti-SLAPP statute to dismiss Stormy Daniels’s defamation claims against President Donald Trump, the prospect that this Court might find the TCPA inapplicable in federal court presents the very real (and absurd) possibility that the Texas anti-SLAPP statute will apply to litigants in federal courts in the seven states of the Ninth Circuit, but not in federal courts in the circuit in which Texas itself resides. See Clifford v. Trump, 2018 WL 4997419 at *5, *6-*8 (C.D.Cal. October 15, 2018) (holding Texas law applicable to plaintiff’s defamation claims and applying the TCPA).  No more fertile ground to incentivize forum-shopping could possibly be plowed. And such a bizarre result would likely become something of a judicial “poster child” for the inequitable administration of laws. Wisdom counsels against it.


ADMIN NOTE:  On November 8, 2018, Nazi attorney Jason Van Dyke filed a second lawsuit against Retzlaff in Arizona based on the same nucleus of operative facts!! That case was removed to Arizona federal court—in the Ninth Circuit—and is now pending as No. 2:18-CV-04003; Van Dyke v. Retzlaff, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. Retzlaff has filed a motion to dismiss under the Texas anti-SLAPP statute on the same grounds as applied by the California federal court to dismiss Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit against President Trump in Clifford, 2018 WL 4997419 at *5.  Thus, the prospect exists that even if this Court finds the TCPA inapplicable in a Texas federal court, the Arizona federal court will dismiss the same claims based on the same Texas statute.  CHECK IT OUT!!



ECF 13 - Retzlaff's anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss




We here at the BV Files can only hope that Gavin McInnes, Jason Lee Van Dyke, James McGibney, Philip Klein, or Allen Humphris will file some kind of “legal action” against us for labeling them Nazis, white supremacists / white nationalists, or any other thing we decide to call them – 100% VERIFIED!!


After all, Van Dyke has offered to represent anyone who gets fired on account of their association with the Proud Boys for free.





Unfortunately for Van Dyke, his huffing and puffing no longer carries the effect it once did on account of him coming up against a man who simply cannot be intimidated100% VERIFIED!!


So govern yourself accordingly, fat ass!



But, we do have a wonderful consolation prize for Van Dyke, McGibney, Morgan, Klein, and the rest of the McGibney Gang.



American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff just received a big boost today when 40 different MAJOR MEDIA news organizations came to his defense and filed a brief in support of Retzlaff and his defense against the $100 million LOLsuit filed by Nazi attorney Jason Van Dyke with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals!!


The New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News Corporation, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Hearst Corporation, and many, many others are all supporting Thomas Retzlaff.

Unfortunately for James McGibney (who we don’t like), nobody came out in support of him.  Or Philip Klein (who we also don’t like).


As of November 2018


FUN FACT: The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press was founded by leading journalists and media lawyers in 1970 when the nation’s news media faced an unprecedented wave of government subpoenas forcing reporters to name confidential sources. Today it provides pro bono legal representation, amicus curiae support, and other legal resources to protect First Amendment freedoms and the news gathering rights of journalists.

The Reporters Committee serves the nation’s leading news organizations; thousands of reporters, editors, and media lawyers.




Van Dyke v Retzlaff - Amicus brief filed by Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press & 39 media groups



Van Dyke’s brief is due December 21, 2018 (not that it will make any difference).


And, in closing, repeat after me Mr. Jason Lee Van Dyke….


Rosendin Electric Employee / Revenge Porno Perv James McGibney GUILTY Of Stolen Valor Fraud!!


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


San Jose, California based employee of Rosendin Electric, Revenge pornographer, ACCUSED PEDOPHILE, and serial sexual blackmail artist James McGibney, CEO/Founder of ViaView, Inc. and its websites and, is GUILTY of Stolen Valor FRAUD and we have all of the military documents to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

As a part of our Fifth Annual Veteran’s Day blog posting – and the 100th Anniversary since the end of World War One – we like to remind the world that McGibney has ZERO ‘cyber-warrior’ training.  He was an Admin Clerk in the Marines over 20 years ago, but he goes around falsely claiming all sorts of computer security expertise that he simply does not have.

















Over six years ago, James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney appeared on the Anderson Cooper Show in an interview in which he brags about how he was a U.S. Marine who fought for our Freedom of Speech.  Which is terribly ironic considering how he has been hit with record setting sanctions in Texas for violating the Texas Citizens Participation Act (the state anti-SLAPP law) for filing a series of frivolous lawsuits specifically designed to infringe upon other peoples’ right to Free Speech!

Press Release 4-14-16



Notice in this interview McGibney says that he has absolutely no problem with people saying bad or untrue things about him.  He claims he feels comfortable enough with himself – and his marriage – that such things would not bother him.  YET JAMES MCGIBNEY HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF BEING A PEDOPHILE and he went on a butt-hurt internet rampage once these allegations came to light!

BV is a pedo #1



These children are in danger of sexual abuse!



As of November 2018


So please take a moment to vote in our Pedo Poll here regarding James McGibney (who we don’t like).  Each week we send updates results to the management team of Rosendin Electric in San Jose – McGibney’s employer, just for the lulz.


Is James McGibney a Pedophile?

View Results

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Here is how you may contact McGibney’s employer in person: Executive emails


Hey Jimmy! Remember the good ol’ days?


Cheaterville movie deal



BV twitter account April 2013


But now…..

BV Twitter suspended

BV banned #3

A self-professed anti-bullying advocate who gets BANNED by Twitter for bullying = ironic lulz

And, more importantly, how the fuck does that happen anyways?!?  What a punk James McGibney (who we don’t like) is for getting repeatedly banned from Twitter!!








p.s. If anybody from, say, Warner Brothers in Hollywood comes here, please feel to reach us via the Contact Us box









As we have said before, we want to make one thing absolutely clear here: If you served your country, you’re a hero and that’s all there is to it. Doesn’t matter what you did or where you served. So many of you people sit around and bitch and moan and talk about how you wanna do this and you wanna do that with your lives. But so very, very few actually get up off the couch, sign their name on the dotted line, and wear the uniform of a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman (or woman). Seriously. According to a May 2013 NY Times article, less than 0.5 percent of the population serves in the armed forces.


FUN FACTS:  More than 12 percent of the U.S. population served in the armed forces during World War II.  That’s down to less than one-half of a percent today, guaranteeing more Americans aren’t personally acquainted with a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine.

Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, was conceived after the Civil War as a way to honor the Union’s war dead, with Southern states setting aside separate days to honor fallen Confederate soldiers.  By the early 20th century, the holiday had evolved to honor all military members who died in service.


Also, please understand that we are not about to engage in rock throwing at everyone who comes home from the service and tells his / her friends and family “war stories” about all the bad guys he or she killed or top-secret missions he went on or any of that nonsense. War stories are as old as fish stories. But (and there is always a “but” isn’t there?) … But in the case at hand here we are talking about a public figure, a man who has put himself on a pedestal as the self-appointed arbitrator of all that is good and bad in the Twitterverse.





Yes, James McGibney is most definitely a public figure. This is evidenced by expert testimony provided by his expert witness in a lawsuit about three years ago against some guy named Hunter Moore in a Las Vegas, NV courtroom.


affidavit of McGibney's expert Colleen Connally-Ahem, Ph.D., at paragraph 7

affidavit of McGibney’s expert Colleen Connally-Ahem, Ph.D., at paragraph 7


James McGibney (who we don’t like) also has had a Hollywood Public Relations company on the payroll for at least the last four years. Normal people don’t do that. Public Figures do.



ZTPR post 3


Over the past 4 or so years, in television and print media interviews too numerous to list, McGibney has been loudly and proudly claiming that “The Secretary of the Navy awarded [him] a Navy Achievement Medal for outstanding computer security support of 128 embassies throughout the world.” See, for example, McGibney’s Bloomberg Business Week biography right here:

Bloomberg Navy Medal


Yet we here at the BV Files have obtained the actual Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal citation itself. And what did we find? We found that James McGibney completely and utterly lied about the facts and circumstances surrounding his receipt of this medal. We found that McGibney’s claims are complete and utter BULLSHIT (to use a technical legal term from Black’s Law Dictionary).

Here is the medal citation itself. We trust you will be able to read through it as carefully as we have, and if anybody finds one single mention about computer security support for US embassies, we will award that person $50 billion. Seriously.

McGibney Navy Achievement medal


Well? Did you guys find any references to computer security support for embassies? Are the words “computer” or “embassies” even mentioned once in here? No? You sure about that? Look harder. Look again. Please.

Hmm, well we guess that means that JAMES MCGIBNEY IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER LYING SACK OF SHIT!!! Thus, we label McGibney with the accusation that he has committed Stolen Valor FRAUD.

As you can plainly see from the medal citation it was (1) NOT awarded to him by the Secretary of Navy and (2) was NOT awarded to him “for outstanding computer security support of 128 embassies throughout the world.” He got it for being able to rearrange the training schedules during cold / wet weather while his supervisor was out sick or otherwise not available!!

Remember our previous article about McGibney and his Marine Corps resume. We showed you a copy of his military form DD214 which clearly states that his primary MOS is 0151 Administrative Clerk. Every single job in the military has its own specialty code (its own MOS). The MOS for Admin Clerk is not the same as for a Postal Clerk (which is MOS 0161), or Riverine Assault Craft Crewman (MOS 0312).


McGibney DD214


McGibney’s MOS started with Occupational Field 01, thus he was pigeonholed in the Personnel & Administration job categories. If James McGibney (who we don’t like) had anything to do with computers, networks, or computer security, his MOS would have begun with OccFld 06 Communications, such as Cyber Network Operator – Sgt-Pvt (MOS 0651) or Construction Wireman – Sgt-Pvt (MOS 0613). Or, if McGibney had truly been involved in Network Operations, he would have been a MOS 0651 Cyber Network Operator – Sgt-Pvt. To learn more about Marine Corp MOS listings go here:


James McGibney is the public figure and face of ViaView, Inc. He likes to play up his U.S. Marine Corp association in the media.

McStupid tats

McGibney's tramp stamp

McGibney’s tramp stamp


FUN FACT:  McGibney claims he only has less than $250 in his bank account.  Rather than feeding his unemployed wife and three small children, Jimmy would rather spend what little money he has left on BULLSHIT like these tattoos.  What dumb ass.



Jimmy has no money



For those of you new to BV Files, here is a guide to help you understand the players, who we don’t like, and why:

  1. ViaView, Inc. is a company incorporated in Delaware that is owned by seven guys involved in the construction industry in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. is a revenge porn site that is run by ViaView. On Cheaterville people can post intimate photos and personal details about their ex-. If you find yourself posted on Cheaterville, you will be forced to pay them $199 (or more!) if you want to ransom back your photos and get the post removed.
  3. is a hate speech / bullying website that is run by ViaView. While on the surface the website looks innocently enough, if you just barely scratch the surface by looking in its Articles section you will find some of the most vile and ugly hate speech one could ever imagine.
  4. James Alex McGibney. He is born in Oct. 31, 1973, from the town of Monroe, NY, who lives in San Jose, CA, and is married to Christina Marie Orduna McGibney (born in June 12, 1981 in the SF-Bay area), with whom he has three small boys with. He is a liar, a thief, and a criminal – seriously. He has falsely claimed to having an Executive Education from Harvard Business School. He does have a FAKE college degree from Chadwick University, a well known diploma mill since shut down by the Govt., and has filed for Ch. 7 bankruptcy at least twice in recent years.


Under New Management Soon

The owners of ViaView consist of the following individuals: (UPDATED INFORMATION)


  1. Dave Suder – West Coast President/CEO of KHS&S Contracting, who is also on the Board of Regents for Servite Catholic High School in Anaheim, CA. His son David Stone Suder is currently on trial in Orange County, CA for multiple counts of child rape involving VERY YOUNG CHILDREN set to begin in August 2016!
  2. Mark Caspers – Senior Partner & CEO at Las Vegas based Integrated Capital & Development Solutions (ICDS).
  3. Michael T. Carr – a man who calls himself “The Profit Prophet” (bet he didn’t see this coming?) and who is currently in hiding from his wife’s divorce lawyer.
  4. Wayne P. (Pat) Hibbs – Senior Vice President at Ledcor Construction Inc. in Las Vegas.
  5. Nikolas (Nick) Mamula – owner of a Las Vegas pre-fabricated stone products & tile company called T. Nicholas Co.
  6. Scott Corey Ryan – a lawyer licensed to practice law in Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada who is employed as Senior Vice President & General Counsel for Tutor Perini Building Group in Phoenix, AZ.
  7. James McGibney – serial resume fraudster & deadbeat with TWO Chapter 7 bankruptcies under his belt.



Now if McGibney wasn’t a Public Figure who made his bones getting his face all over TV and news magazines telling people how they ought to be living their lives, we wouldn’t give two shits about him, his FAKE medal claims, or his “war stories.”

But when you put yourself out into the public eye and become a public figure, and when you become the self-appointed decider of what constitutes good and bad on Twitter or the internet in general, and when you hold yourself out there as more holier than thou, you have to lead and live an exemplary life. For those who are without sin, cast the first stone. Or people who live in glass houses….well, you know the deal. McGibney likes to hammer people who he accuses of being liars and cheats and frauds. But in our learned opinion, James Alex McGibney is a hypocrite and a fraud and a liar and a cheat and We The Internets are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!!

We would also like as many of you as possible to do a Google search and contact as many Stolen Valor websites as possible to inform them about James McGibney (who we don’t like). As suggested by a recent commentator, there are many websites devoted to outing stolen valor posers.


Hey BV Files, So how did McGibney commit perjury? you guys ask. Well give us a minute to explain to you what the law is, what the facts are, and how the law applies to these facts.


Found in California Penal Code Section 118, California law defines “perjury” as deliberately giving false information while under oath. Specifically:

Every person who, having taken an oath that he or she will testify, declare, depose, or certify truly before any competent tribunal, officer, or person, in any of the cases in which the oath may by law of the State of California be administered, willfully and contrary to the oath, states as true any material matter which he or she knows to be false, and every person who testifies, declares, deposes or certifies under penalty of perjury in any of the cases in which the testimony, declarations, depositions, or certification is permitted by law of the State of California under penalty of perjury and willfully states as true any material matter which he or she knows to be false, is guilty of perjury.


You are subject to prosecution for perjury if you willfully give false information in any of the following circumstances:
•when testifying in court,
•when being deposed,
•in a signed affidavit,
•in a signed declaration,
•in a DL 44 drivers license application at the DMV, or
•in a signed certificate.


How Does The Prosecutor Prove Perjury?

To prove that someone is guilty of perjury, the prosecutor has to prove the following facts or elements:

(a) You took an oath to provide information in a truthful manner.

(b) You willfully stated that the information was true knowing that it was in fact false.

(c) The information was material.

(d) When you made the statement, you intended to testify falsely while under oath.


perjuryLying under oath can land you in prison! Perjury is a serious crime and an affront to the justice system. If you are accused of perjury – willfully and knowingly lying after taking an oath to tell the truth, or signing a document that you know contains false assertions, you could serve up to four years in state prison and be ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines.


Some examples of perjury include:
•To lie while answering a question when testifying as a witness during a trial

•To lie while answering a question when testifying as a witness during a trial

•To lie while answering a question when testifying as a witness during a trial


Oh, and did we mention: To lie while answering a question when testifying as a witness during a trial.


In the case at hand, James McGibney was caught lying while giving testimony as a witness during a trial on April 8, 2014, before a judge in Santa Clara County Superior Court in which McGibney was attempting to convince a judge to give him a Temporary Restraining Order for Workplace Violence against some random guy who supposedly said mean things about McGibney on the interwebs. We guess that McStupid was afraid that someone was going to murder him, or rape him, or murder and then rape him.

One can dream, can't they?

One can dream, can’t they?




So we get an anonymous email containing several documents and transcripts from various court hearings. Because the lulz from all of this is super awesome, we decided that we’ll do a series of articles, spread out over time, so as to keep the lulz going for as long as possible.



McGibney Testimony front page



So here is where it gets juicy. McGibney starts to give testimony and he lies through his teeth. Seriously. We will just let the documents speak for themselves and you can draw your own conclusions, of course.

To give you some context, at this point in the proceedings Leiderman has provided Judge Derek Woodhouse with what amounts to a print out of McGibney’s stupid little “article” on his Bullyville website about Retzlaff. Now Leiderman and McGibney are trying to convince the judge that they know what they are talking about when they claim that Retzlaff is the man behind a whole bunch of anonymous email and Twitter accounts that have been saying mean things about McStupid and his revenge porn / blackmail company ViaView.

McGibney testimony_Page_1

McGibney testimony_Page_2

So when McGibney was telling Judge Woodhouse that he protected 128 embassies throughout the world from cyber attacks, and that tracking down IP addresses and uncovering anonymous email & twitter accounts was what he did in the Marine Corps, he wasn’t lying, was he?

So when McGibney was telling Judge Woodhouse how he can trace someone’s tweets, that he can “go back and see what IP address he was using” and that he could trace this twitter IP address to Arizona and Texas, he wasn’t lying, was he?


perjury 2

Hey McGibney! When you claimed to have the IP addresses of these anonymous tweets, did you tell Judge Woodhouse about the letter Leiderman got from Twitter’s lawyer in which they DENIED your subpoena request for IP information from Twitter on April 3, 2014 – just five days before you gave this testimony?



Will you please explain to the court how you were able to get the IP address information for these specific tweets without the cooperation of Twitter? Or are you just making shit up?



Remember above when we told you what the elements are for perjury? One of the elements is that the information was material. Under the law, information is material if it is probable that the information would influence the outcome of the proceedings, but it does not need to actually have an influence on the proceedings. Knowledge of Materiality is not necessary. Penal Code Section 123.

As you can see above, McGibney is clearly attempting to influence the proceedings by qualifying himself as some kind of computer expert by falsely claiming that he has specialized knowledge and job experience so as to be able to convince the judge that he actually knows what he is talking about with some authority, and that he is trying to convince a judge that it is Thomas Retzlaff who is the one behind all of these anonymous email & twitter accounts and that when James McGibney says he knows that it is Retzlaff behind these accounts, that it is “100% VERIFIED.”

He is also clearly attempting to influence the proceedings by falsely claiming to have the IP addresses of these anonymous tweets and email addresses, and by further claiming to being able to trace them back to a specific individual at a specific geographical location.

Hey BV Files, why is this important” do you say? Well earlier in the hearing, Judge Woodhouse specifically informs Leiderman and McGibney that he is basically a technophobe who knows absolutely nothing about Twitter, has never tweeted, and doesn’t Facebook.

McGibney Testimony page 7

McGibney Testimony page 7a


So, again, keep in mind that both Leiderman & McGibney are trying to convince a skeptical and technically illiterate judge that, yes, they know what they are talking about. McGibney feels that this is so important that he – on his own initiative – steps up and starts to speak to the judge and makes a very specific effort to qualify himself as some kind of computer security expert so as to make the judge more willing to buy into what McGibney & Leiderman are saying.

McGibney Testimony page 3


Thus, James McGibney’s testimony was clearly material to the judge’s decision making process in this case. After all, do you think that if McGibney had told the truth and said, “Your honor, I have absolutely no idea who it is that is tweeting this stuff and saying these things. I think it might be Retzlaff, but I have no proof.” would he and Leiderman have gotten the court orders that they did? Would they have been able to get WordPress & Twitter to shut down our accounts without that court order? No, of course not. Because the court was clearly reluctant to act in the absence of evidence.


Thus, James Alexander McGibney is GUILTY of FELONY PERJURY because he is a lying liar who lies under oath before a judge while testifying in open court and he needs to be prosecuted and sent to prison. Seriously.


McGibney's future home?

McGibney’s future home?


One other thing we wish to point out, y’all remember back to the police investigation that was conducted by Det. Braxton of the San Jose, CA Police Department into McGibney’s claims of death threats and TRO violations way back in April 2014? If the IP address information that McGibney claims that he has is “100% POSITIVE”, why hasn’t Retzlaff been arrested? In fact, why hasn’t he even been questioned by police? After all, you retards are constantly tweeting out what you (it turns out falsely) claim is his home address and IP address and GPS coordinates and Texas Voter Registration records, right?


Yet not once have the cops even spoken to him about this in all of the past FIVE YEARS that you people have claimed this stuff has supposedly been going on. Same with the horrific death threats that Leiderman cried about in open court on November 20, 2014, to US District Court Judge Beth Freeman.




Why is that? Do they not know how to investigate death threats in San Jose? Are the police incompetent there? Or is it more likely that they looked into this and saw what a fame-fagging drama queen McGibney is, saw there was ZERO evidence of anything, and said “case closed – unfounded/no evidence”.

What do you guys think the police reports will show when we post them? El oh el


perjury 6Now as you all know from watching years of Law & Order on TV, the credibility of the complainant is always vital in the successful prosecution of a case. If the so-called victim is not credible, the case is sunk. In the case at hand, JAMES MCGIBNEY HAS NO CREDIBILITY BECAUSE HE IS A SERIAL RESUME FRAUDSTER AND A LIAR. Seriously.

perjury 5

As our long time readers know by now, we here at the BV Files were the very first to reveal the fact that James McGibney (who we don’t like) has a FAKE college degree. Yes, you heard us right. James McGibney has a totally fake college degree that he bought from Chadwick University, a well-known diploma mill shut down by the state of Alabama in 2007. See the proof here:

Chadwick verification


For further information about Chadwick “university”, please go here: and,_Jr.#Chadwick_University


Here we can see McGibney proudly displaying his Chadwick University “degrees” to the world at large in a biography written about him by Business Week magazine!

BV degrees 2


In yet another example of FRAUD, James McGibney (who we don’t like) has made repeated claims in the media and with his employers about having an Executive Education from Harvard Business School. See, e.g, his bio from his former employer Rudolph & Sletten right here:

McGibney bio


You can also read a news interview in which McGibney (who we don’t like) makes the same Harvard claim. “James holds a Master’s degree from Boston University and attended Harvard Business School for his executive education.”

However, we have since learned that McGibney’s “Executive Education” consisted only of attending a three-day seminar that is open to the public in which various business big wigs talk about how great they are. Here is what you get for your $8,000 price of admission: A fancy certificate that says Harvard on it!

Harvard certificate



In yet another example of serial fraud committed by James McGibney, McGibney has now taken to the Twitterverse to defend himself from this allegation of having a FAKE college degree by saying that he actually does have a real 4-year degree from a real school. He claims that he has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical University (which is basically an online college with a small physical campus in Colorado Springs, CO. (

BV real degrees

The problem for McGibney (who we don’t like) is that he just cannot help himself with his lying lies! Even when he is telling the truth (which he very well maybe here), he just shows what lies his earlier statements were!! Said statements being his claim to having a degree in Micro-Computer Technology from CTC (which is the former name of CTU) which he proudly displays on his corporate CV.





BV degrees

So are you guys getting the picture here? Throughout his history, James McGibney has been falsely attempting to give himself FALSE computer technology credentials, degrees, and job experience he simply does not have.

Again, it is extremely vital that Leiderman & McGibney be able to convince Judge Woodhouse of McGibney’s computer technical expertise. Otherwise, they risked not being able to get the court orders that they wanted.


Hey McStupid! What do you think Det. Nathan Braxton of the San Jose Police Dept is gonna think once he takes a look at this?


If only it were this easy McGibney.

If only it were this easy McGibney.





For years James McGibney and his revenge porn / blackmail company ViaView have sought the spotlight. But McGibney needs to remember something very, very important: For a man in his position, the spotlight can turn into an interrogation lamp pretty damn fast!






Better take the deal, McGibney, while the offer is still good!




latest news




Speaking of Stolen Valor Fraud, our “friends and neighbors” on our Dubai, UAE-based web hosting company’s service, ISIS, wish to provide to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, the following Press Release:




ISIS soldier uploads YouTube rant about ‘stolen martyrdom’ from cab of VBIED

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – ISIS soldier Ibraheem Lakdim has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel about ‘stolen martyrdom’ from the cab of a truck that was wired with 250 lbs of explosives, sources confirmed today.

“What up, everybody? It’s your boy, BreadnButtah69.  I’m sitting here waiting for them to finish wiring my truck up, so I thought I’d holler at you for a minute about stolen martyrdom,” Lakdim said in the opening seconds of the video.

“I know a lotta ya’ll have opinions on this issue, but hear me out,” he added before launching into a 15 minute monologue with digressions on why liberal Muslims are whiny, which brand of hummus was complicit in a media war on Ramadan, and why flat brim turbans should be banned under Sharia law.


FUN FACT:  A car bomb, lorry bomb, or truck bomb, also known as a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), is an improvised explosive device placed inside a car or other vehicle and detonated.


In one portion, Lakdim took issue with notions of free speech, which he says have been used in defense of stolen martyrdom.

“The thing of it is, they talk about free speech,” he said.  “Oh, free speech this, free speech that, like they should be allowed to just walk around talking about how they blew up six infidels in 2014 or whatever.  But, you know what?  I’m about to blow myself up right now.  I’m not out here talking about it,” he said, according to a transcript of the video, which now has over 2 million views.


Commenters on Lakdim’s page were overwhelmingly supportive.  Even famed ISIS YouTuber PaRaD1cEAwAiTz, with whom Lakdim had a brief spat earlier this year over competing claims about which man’s beard is longer, chimed in, commenting, “grow a pair shitbird fakes ,,, we earned it with blood. i did 10 years ,,, blew myself up 3 times ,,, i dont talk about it cuz theres no need ,,,,, real martyrs know[.]



This was not Lakdim’s first brush with internet celebrity.  In 2015, The New York Times reported on Lakdim’s YouTube channel after his audition for the WWE went viral.  According to the article, Lakdim broke his leg when he jumped from a roof wearing a barbed wire hijab onto another man who was laying on a table.  The video was viewed over 11 million times – seriously.  100% VERIFIED!


Videos about stolen martyrdom are part of a larger global trend of soldiers and veterans venting their frustrations on YouTube, according to Pentagon researcher Laurie Postrel.

“Oh, this is a classic example of a trend we’ve been trying to contain in the West for years,” she said.  “Some idiot sits in the cab of a truck and just starts repeating conservative talking points about whatever culture-war issue is in the news cycle at the moment.  We’ve long feared that terrorists would start emulating it because it’s cheap and effective.  I mean, amazingly, people really do watch this crap.”



Later that day, it was reported that four Iraqi soldiers had posted selfies taken with Lakdim after he was detained at a checkpoint in eastern Kurdistan, where his explosives failed to detonate.



If any of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, find any hint of ISIS activity on this blog, please immediately inform your nearest FBI office.  Because if there is one thing that we here at the BV Files have learned in all these past 5 years, it is that the FBI really cares about James McGibney (who we don’t like) and the ISIS “death threats” made against him and his family on the interwebs.  Isn’t that right, Piss Boy?










Yeah, whatever.  Unfortunately for members of the McStupid Gang, this person here has absolutely nothing to do with the Administration of the BV Files – 100% VERIFIED!!  But he and his ex-wife did get a free, all expenses paid trip to Boston not too long ago.  CHECK IT OUT!!

Tom R. in the offices of the Boston FBI




Never forget, McGibney, that the FBI is not your personal army – 100% VERIFIED!




One of your Admins from the BV Files (Admin Steve) is originally from Westlake Village (a city in West LA County near Thousand Oaks).  12 people were killed at the Borderline Bar, a club that has been in business for over 20 years.  Admin Steve is a graduate of California Lutheran University and was a frequent patron of the bar, along with thousands of other college students.

In response to that incident, and wanting to remind you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, that not all combat veterans come back as crazed killers, he writes the following article for Veteran’s Day 2018:


Veteran with PTSD can’t believe he never thought to murder innocent people before!

A local veteran was seen shaking his head in disbelief at the number of years that have passed before he reached the crystal clear conclusion that he needs to murder the shit out of some innocent civilians minding their own business, sources confirmed today.

“It’s so obvious now, I’m really actually quite embarrassed,” said Trevor Hernandez, a Colorado native who completed two tours in Afghanistan and was sent home during his third deployment for traumatic brain injuries suffered from an IED blast.

“I can’t begin to even describe the catharsis I’ve yearned for since being thrust into the horrors of war,” he added. “The simple notion that the closure to my living nightmare may be waiting at an ice rink, or perhaps a happy family venue like a Chuck E. Cheese’s, has really lifted my spirits.”

Hernandez was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 2012, and has lived with his parents since getting divorced in 2015.

“I always told him that he needed to find a healthy outlet for all of that pain,” said Hernandez’s mother, Gloria.

“Something that provides a sense of purpose and community,” concurred her spouse, Javier.

Hernandez’s parents were elated to hear that their son might at long last find peace.

“We were terrified that he might become another statistic,” admitted Gloria.

At press time, Hernandez was allegedly floored by the novelty of suicidal ideation.


(Seriously, of course, if you are a Vet and you really are feeling sad and depressed, please do not hesitate to call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 (press 1), which offers confidential free help for Veterans and their families.  UNLESS, of course, you are James McGibney (who we don’t like) a former U.S. Marine whom we hope will murder his family and then kill himself in a horribly painful and degrading way.  Seriously.)



This will never not be funny.  Especially seeing the now confirmed links between Van Dyke and James McGibney (who we don’t like).




Jason Van Dyke, the “Mean” Texas lawyer (who really is a Nazi and a crazy-violent white supremacist who looks exactly like a pedophile) claims that he needs an Injunction to Prevent Harassment against your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff because Retzlaff is (allegedly) saying mean things about Van Dyke and his mommy and is ruining Van Dyke’s ability to practice law.  Seriously.


Van Dyke claims that he filed a lawsuit in Phoenix, Arizona, against Retzlaff and is DEMANDING that the court prohibit Retzlaff from hassling him, his law practice, and his mommy.




Yes, we are absolutely certain that Retzlaff gives two shits about restraining orders and injunctions.  After all, it worked out really great for James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his ViaView, Inc. company, right?


So why hasn’t Retzlaff been arrested? It’s only been 45 months!!







Thus far we have not been able to confirm that any such legal action actually exists, other than by vague references in recent court pleadings filed by Van Dyke, such as this one here where Van Dyke is demanding that the federal court instruct Retzlaff to answer certain questions at a recent deposition that took place before the State Bar of Texas in their disbarment lawsuit against Van Dyke.  CHECK IT OUT!!



ECF 82 - Van Dyke's Mtn for Clarifying Order


According to sources close to the investigation (which consist of the voices in our heads), U.S. District Court Judge Amos Mazzant is not going to rule on this request and Van Dyke will be SOL (Shit Out of Luck).





When reached by telephone this morning for comment, your American Hero had this to say:

He seems to think I would be quaking in my boots that he might apply for an injunction.  “Warning” me.  Ridiculous.  What a tragic, flaccid clown.  

— Thomas Retzlaff












Tucker Albin is a debt collection firm headquartered in Texas.  They are known for hiring criminals, Nazis, and white supremacists.  After all, they hired Texas attorney / Nazi Jason Van Dyke recently has their corporate attorney!


In an upcoming article, we will be doxing ALL of the ownership and management of this company so that, you too, can make your voices heard loud and clear! 







Gavin Mcinnes and wife Emily Jendrisak


FUN FACT: Gavin Mcinnes is married to Emily Jendrisak who is a former Manhattan-based publicist and consultant, now a stay-at-home mom. She is a member of the Ho-Chunk tribe of the Native Americans and they have three children.  Some people suspect that she is sexually abusing children.


McInnes is a Nazi and he likes to send members of his group out to peoples’ homes to harass them and their family members.  CHECK IT OUT!!












Of course, if anyone wants to deliver the same treatment to Gavin, his wife Emily, and their three children, that poor Mr. Vic Berger suffered, we here at the BV Files are only too happy to provide you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, with the home address for the McInnes family!

Antifa members are especially encouraged to show up as milk & cookies are always available.







The three McInnes kids











Not that there’s anything wrong with that.






By the way, in case Jason Van Dyke and any of his “Proud Boys” are interested in paying Retzlaff a little visit for harassment purposes (or to serve him with restraining orders and deposition subpoenas), the dude is pretty easy to find.  Which is surprising because members of the McGibney Gang have been claiming for over FOUR YEARS that all kinds of super secret FBI / AFT / and Grand Juries have been looking for our American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff.


Where TR lives in Phoenix










Security is pretty heavy here, so watch out!

This image comes entirely from the website – so take it with a heavy grain of salt




In case it is a little hard for y’all to read…


Klein, drunk and passed out – as always


Our Editor Illegally Listened To?

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from Law Enforcement Sources in another state that there is a possibility that our editor, Philip Klein, may have been a victim of an illegal  wiretap from a device called a “Stingray.”

According to law enforcement sources, the “Stingray” or the street name “Stinger” was used to listen to and record conversations of Klein illegally and without a FISA warrant or application. The sources have told us that in a search warrant that was undertaken in another state, evidence was found of conversations between a suspect of an investigation that leads back to Jefferson County Texas, including two lawyers, one government-employed lawyer, and one other layman that have been communicating with each other on backchannel email and email systems. 

According to our source, and confirmed by two others, the search warrant and emails have been obtained and they are finding a possible link to others in Jefferson County and Harris County. 

One of the parties involved may have used a government computer to access the email account from the Jefferson County Courthouse. 

The horrific part is the suggestion is that someone in some taskforce from a smaller law enforcement agency did the work with the Federal Equipment outside the scope of ANY FISA warrant. 

Our take is pretty simple – if this happened – and all is true what we have been told – it is a game changer. Our understanding is that if all of the forensics are verified – as many as 8 people over 10 years will be going to jail and face serious charges. 

Now a special message – you know who you are. You are sworn officers – you pledged to follow the laws and the constitution of the United States. It took investigators and agents from far away to break the case because of the numbnuts locally. And as well those that refused to act when told about it. Do not cry when they come – you did this. And thought it was funny. You used government equipment for your own personal use because you are corrupt and felt you had power.

Guess what – you are done. 



Yeah, sure thing, Klein. The “DOJ – HOU” is really on your side – not. But whatever.





Stormy “Horse-face” Daniels and some random drug addict / pedo


Attorneys for President Trump filed their reply in support of their motion for TCPA attorney’s fees and sanctions this evening.



Daniels v Trump - D's reply in support of mtn for TCPA attny fees & sanctions


While it may be a holiday weekend for many of you (and us), clearly Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell is hard at work, along with Beverly Hills attorney Charles Harder.  many of the arguments made here will also be at play in the TCPA sanctions do-over hearing that James McGibney (who we don’t like) will be facing in a couple of months in the Texas LOLsuit.



Coming soooon for you, Jimmy!!






Tom & Brittany Retzlaff


James McGibney (who we don’t like) just found out the horrible, humiliating truth this week – that he had been totally scammed by Brittany Retzlaff who sabotaged McGibney’s LOLsuits against her father by purposefully feeding him FALSE information (mixed in with some bits of truth) that McGibney and his lawyers, Jason (Jay) Leiderman of Ventura, California, and John Morgan of Beaumont, Texas, would then rely upon and cause them to run into court breathlessly waving about “evidence” in the form of perjured and forged “affidavits”.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Retzlaff deposition from the State Bar of Texas



Retzlaff deposition – page 56




Retzlaff deposition – Page 112




Retzlaff deposition – page 114





This man casts a very long shadow over the life of James McGibney




We will, of course, have much, much more to post about this deposition later as this week progresses.  So be sure to keep checking back for even more updates – to include video and audio recordings!!





Nov 13, 2018 – Here are the recordings from the State Bar of Texas deposition!!


Unfortunately, due to Admin Mike being a drug addict, er, medical “marijuana user, we are not able to properly embed the video from the deposition.  All we can bring you at the moment is portions of the audio recording.  CHECK IT OUT!!










And what does he have to say about the famous Brittany “affidavit”?








Courtesy of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office

And here is the BIG FINALE!! 






So who do you think is winning and who is the loser?  Let us know in your comments below.



November 21, 2018:






And here is a copy of the Retzlaff Brief that was filed today in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Retzlaff's opening brief - US 5th Cir Ct of Appeals






Corruption In The Court – Texas P.I. Philip Klein Loses Lawsuit – MUST PAY MAJOR DAMAGES!!!


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Good day, eh.  As you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters know:  Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to get through life… unless, of course, you are Nederland, Texas, based private investigator Philip Klein! 


Klein, as you know, is very stupid (he still has yet to find a ‘missing’ child).  And he is often times drunk and/or addled by drugs, and (as you can see above) he is quite fat (except when he is wearing his cute red shirt, which has a surprising slimming effect on his physique).


For those of you just waking up today, Klein just recently found himself yet again on the wrong-end of some judicial corruption completely orchestrated by a group of people who might or might not be in a grand civil conspiracy.

A lawsuit was filed against Philip Klein and his gang of thieves, liars, and con artists known as Klein Investigations & Consulting which was just resolved and which resulted in a very large award for damages against Klein & Company.





Yes, judicial corruption, that’s how.






Deric Lostutter – drug addict and convicted felon


Deric Lostutter, employee of James McGibney (who we don’t like) was recently released from federal prison after several years of incarceration for computer hacking and lying to the FBI.  He was out of jail for just a few days (released on Sept 11) when his parole was revoked on Sept 13 for illegally having access to the internets.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Lostutter, of course, is an employee of San Jose, CA based revenge porno perv James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his ViaView, Inc. sexual blackmail company.  McGibney paid Lostutter $600 a week for his cyberstalking / computer hacker services.  Lostutter was also paid to help McGibney in his numerous and varied SLAPP lawsuits.



McGibney, of course, is the self-styled Sheriff of the Internets who just loves to try to control people and what they say and how they act online.  Notice how McGibney “cc’s” an FBI agent in his email below?  Constantly invoking the FBI or claiming a special association with the FBI is a major theme of McGibney’s.

McGibney email telling Welna how tough he is



It’s been over 4 1/2 YEARS and the FBI still can’t figure out who Miss Anon News is? Do they even care??



— Note the use of the hash tags #FBI and #Retzlaff




Pg 171 of Klein’s federal court deposition



Yeah, sure thing, Klein. The “DOJ – HOU” is really on your side – not. But whatever.




Klein tweets about Retzlaff & Dorrell, and 3 other random people we’ve never heard of before who might or might not say mean things about Klein






Of course, these other social media posts from McGibney will never not be funny.






After Lostutter was served with the Summons to appear in federal court by the U.S. Marshal’s Office, his previous attorney, Tor Ekeland, filed a motion to withdraw from the case because he no longer wanted to represent Lostutter.  It seems that once the e-Fame ran out, Ekeland headed off to greener pastures (i.e. another poor sucker and his family caught up in computer crimes).

Unfortunately, it turns out that Lostutter’s new attorney was responsible, in part, for Lostutter being in violation of his parole.  CHECK IT OUT!!


When the request for a continuance was denied on Sept 18 (see above), Lostutter and his attorney were both ordered to show up for court the following day, Sept 19.  But they didn’t!





Attorney Stella B. House


Lostutter and his attorney did not want to show up in court because they were too busying trying to get Lostutter’s statements to law enforcement suppressed and they were trying to get the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to issue some kind of “stay” or halt in the parole revocation proceedings. 

FYI:  The probation officer’s report states that Lostutter received a computer from the attorney for whom he worked, Stella House, who is also his counsel of record in this matter.


ADMIN NOTE:  While we use terms like “probation officer” or “parole” and such throughout this article, keep in mind that these are just words that we use so that n00bs like you can easily follow along using simple words that you all know and understand.  Keep in mind that in the federal system there is NO PAROLE, only “supervised release”, and there are no parole officers or parole conditions – there are just Conditions of Supervision. 

In the United States, federal probation and supervised release are imposed at sentencing.  The difference between probation and supervised release is that the former is imposed as a substitute for imprisonment, or in addition to home detention, while the latter is imposed in addition to imprisonment.  Probation and supervised release are both administered by the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services System.  Federal probation has existed since 1909, while supervised release has only existed since 1987, when it replaced federal parole as a means for imposing supervision on releasees from prison.




Doc 162 - D's mtn to suppress



Doc 161 - D's pro se mtn for stay



So if all of this seems a bit confusing for you, let us, your Admins of the BV Files, try to set the record straight and create a coherent timeline of the relevant events for you.

While Lostutter was still in federal prison serving his sentence, on March 2, 2018, the district court denied Lostutter’s motion seeking the modification or vacation of six separate conditions of his supervised release, including the condition prohibiting Lostutter from possessing or using a device with access to any “on-line computer service” without his probation officer’s approval.  That request was DENIED.

Lostutter filed an appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the matter has now been fully briefed by both parties and is awaiting a decision from the Court.

In the meantime, Lostutter thought he was going to be getting out of jail this summer and going to North Carolina to live with his wife, Jennifer, who is a prostitute and a drug addict.


Lostutter and his wife, Jennifer, who is a prostitute and a drug addict – 100% VERIFIED


These, of course, are not their real names


His wife’s Chaturbate profile reads, “I’m 28, Dominican and Black.  I love to be on top, dominate.  Stripper by day, vixen by night.  I love giving head, it turns me on.”

Lostutter’s bio: “I enjoy club life, craft beers, tequila and bourbon.  I am addicted to tattoos, action movies, and nature. Im a self described ‘nerd’ and love good conversation.  I like rough sex, definately an ‘ass man.'”

They include a link to an Amazon wish list — which includes a crock pot, a quesadilla maker and a riding crop, among other things — and promise to reward gifts with everything from a thank you card to “A full private cum show for your eyes only!”  In a recent show, the pair sat on a couch, her in red stockings and a thong, and him in army-print boxers.  She gave him a blow job while chat room commenters responded with things like, “wow” and “luv it.”



(And the rest of the pics are pretty disgusting – too disgusting for us to post here on this blog, and we have pretty low standards!)



But, of course, Reality reared its ugly head and the prostitute / drug addict flew the coop, divorcing Lostutter prior to his release leaving Lostutter high and dry without a place to go to.  So he remained incarcerated for an additional several months while the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) tried to find him a halfway house or homeless shelter to go live at.  (Too bad for Lostutter that he does not have a rich family, eh?)

He finally gets out in September 2018, and gets a job working at a Pizza Hut and, eventually, a local Rent-A-Center store as a manager (a job he since had to give up because of the whole “I cannot have access to computers / The Internet” thing).  Interestingly enough, he also got a job working as a “legal aide” to his attorney, Stella House.  So good for him, right?

No, not so good after all.

On September 13, 2018, Lostutter’s probation officer petitioned the district court to issue a summons for Lostutter based on alleged violations of the special condition prohibiting Lostutter from possessing or using a device with access to an on-line computer service.  That same day, the magistrate judge scheduled the matter for an initial appearance at 10:30am on September 20, 2018.  Counsel for Lostutter, Stella House, then began filing a series of motions on September 17 and September 18, seeking a continuance of the initial appearance hearing, based on her alleged unavailability on September 20.

Then, on September 19, 2018, Lostutter filed a pro se pleading in district court seeking a stay of the revocation proceedings pending the outcome of his appeal of the denial of his motion to modify his parole conditions that is before the Court of Appeals.

Lostutter is basing his appeal on the recent U.S. Supreme Court case Packingham v. North Carolina, 137 S. Ct. 1730 (2017), which is a United States Supreme Court decision holding that a North Carolina statute that prohibited sex offenders from accessing social media websites violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


FUN FACT: The case arose following the 2010 arrest of Lester Gerard Packingham, previously convicted of inappropriate sexual behavior with a minor in 2002 (but having served his criminal punishment), for posting to Facebook a comment favorably on a recent traffic court experience in 2010.  Packingham was charged under North Carolina’s statue that prevented registered sex offenders from using social media sites.  Challenged in state courts, Packingham argued that the statute violated his First Amendment rights and the ability to use such sites for daily use in the dot-com era, and eventually sought the United States Supreme Court to hear the case, asking the Court to use strict scrutiny when looking at First Amendment rights violations under this law.

In a unanimous judgment issued in June 2017, the Court ruled the North Carolina statute unconstitutional, and that social media — defined broadly enough to include Facebook,, the Washington Post, and WebMD — is considered a “protected space” under the First Amendment for lawful speech.  The Court offered that North Carolina could protect children through less restrictive means, such as prohibiting “conduct that often presages a sexual crime, like contacting a minor or using a website to gather information about a minor”.

As many of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, well know, we feel that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a child sex predator for running a revenge porn website in which he posted the intimate photographs of little girls and young women (and some men!) and then charged them money to remove the stuff.

What does Christina McGibney think now that the ‘truth’ has finally been revealed?


And, of course, you also know that, according to documents filed in a Texas District Court, Texas attorney / Nazi, Jason Lee Van Dyke, has the look of a pedophile.

Too bad none of these guys can’t be banned from The Internet for life, eh?


In any event, as you can see from Page 5 of the Judgment below, the trial court ordered that several Special Conditions be applied to Lostutter with regards to computers and access to the interwebs.

9. The defendant shall not possess or use a computer or any device with access to any “on-line  computer service” at any location (including place of employment) without the prior written approval of the probation officer. This includes any Internet Service provider, bulletin board system, or any other public or private network or e-mail system.

10. The defendant shall consent to the U.S. Probation Office conducting unannounced examinations of his computer system(s) and internal/external storage devices, which may include retrieval and copying of all memory from hardware/software and/or removal of such system(s) for the purpose of conducting a more thorough inspection and will consent to having installed on his computer(s), any hardware/software to monitor his computer use or prevent access to particular materials, and to consent to periodic inspection of any such installed hardware/software to insure it is functioning

11. The defendant shall provide the U.S. Probation Office with accurate information about his entire computer system (hardware/software) and internal/external storage devices; all passwords used by him; and will abide by all rules of the computer Restriction and Monitoring Program.

12. The defendant shall not communicate or attempt to communicate, either directly or indirectly, in any form, to include through internet websites or services, any message, content, information, or other communication that has the purpose or intent to be threatening, harassing, or intimidating to another individual (to include the individual’s family), a corporation, or an organization.  Threatening, harassing, or intimidating communications include any communication that has the intent to inflict punishment, loss, pain, or damage to another individual (to include the individual’s family), a corporation, or an organization or to the individual’s (to include the individual’s family’s), corporation’s, or organization’s property, is meant to cause distress or alarm to an individual (to include the individual’s family), a corporation, or an organization, or is meant to coerce into action or place under duress, whether it be emotionally, physically, or financially, any individual (to include the individuals’ family), corporation, or organization.



ECF 109 - Lostutter judgment


Keep in mind, that, unlike the blanket ban / prohibition of access to the internet in the Packingham case, the district court in Lostutter’s case narrowly tailored the special conditions imposed on Lostutter to meet both the cyber-crime for which he was convicted, his bond violations, as well as his well-documented history of cyber-bullying.

This tailored set of time-limited conditions is readily distinguishable from the broad and indefinite restrictions at issue in Packingham because Lostutter is still allowed access to the interwebs provided he first seeks permission from his parole officer.  Plus, these Special Conditions only last as long as Lostutter remains on parole.  Once his parole is done, he is free to do whatever.

So, anyways, Stella House was removed as Lostutter’s attorney (due to her being the one who gave him a computer), the revocation hearing was eventually held, and justice was eventually served with a GUILTY finding.


So there you go.  Sucks to be Deric Lostutter.




Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before participated in a deposition last week involving ‘Proud Boy’ member Texas attorney Jason Van Dyke.  According to sources close to the investigation (which consist entirely of the voices in our heads), the deposition did not go well for Van Dyke at all – and he got absolutely no help whatsoever from U.S. District Court Judge Amos Mazzant!!!


Photo courtesy of Brittany R.


The deposition (of which we heard a video exists!) lasted nearly four hours and, in the end, after repeated questioning and hammering, Van Dyke decided he was not going to take it any more.  So he got up and left in a very angry huff, muttering under his breath while sucking on an e-Cigar like a man’s penis – seriously!


Oh, and this is interesting…


We here at the BV Files are not quite sure how someone can commit a physical trespass upon someone’s property from across state lines.  But these kinds of threatening “cease and desist” letters from Van Dyke are par for the course.  He hands them out like confetti to anyone he does not like thinking that he can intimidate or control them.




Unfortunately for Van Dyke, he has encountered a man who simply cannot be intimidated by his bombastic threats and nonsensical legal claims.  According to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before, his close and personal friend responded to this letter with the following:

Thank you for trying to keep me informed, but your October 25, 2018, communication is a bit scant on detail.  You do not reveal even in what state your new client’s property (on which you seek injunctive relief to prevent Mr. Retzlaff’s trespassing) is located, much less the property’s address.  I’m not sure how a person to be restrained could be punished for trespassing on some unidentified “owned or leased” property.  If the “Frisco” you refer to is a city in Texas, is it your contention that Arizona resident Retzlaff’s trespass on your new client’s Texas property is “imminent”?  If so, I would be interested in knowing your good faith factual basis for any such contention. 



So who is this mysterious Susan Van Dyke?  Why it is this lady right here!!!

Susan Van Dyke and her Nazi offspring



Susan Lynn Van Dyke – mother of Nazi



Oct 26 2018 Instagram post


Van Dyke Facebook post – April 20 2017



UPDATE:  Oct 29, 2018


In case any of you were wondering why American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell was not answering his phone or was out of his office last week, we can now reveal that he was in California.  More precisely, Beverly Hills, consulting and working on the anti-SLAPP motion for attorney’s fees and sanctions that was just filed this afternoon on behalf of President Donald Trump in the LOLsuit that was filed by porno star / prostitute / drug addict Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford).

In a straight cut & paste job from Mr. Dorrell’s previous TCPA filings in both the Rauhauser and Morgan anti-SLAPP cases, President Trump’s attorneys are seeking $341,000 in attorney’s fees, with sanctions to be determined by the court.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Daniels v Trump ' D's mtn for TCPA attny fees & sanctions



Keep in mind that the Court of Appeals only required that the “i’s” be better dotted and the “t’s” better crossed when it comes to proving up the ‘reasonable’ attorney’s fees Mr. Dorrell and the defendants are requesting.  It said absolutely nothing at all about how much (or how little) those fees may be.  It left that entirely up to the “sound discretion” of Judge Cosby.

This, of course, does not bode well for Jason Van Dyke.  The Justices on the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will be under enormous pressure to allow for the application of the Texas Citizens Participation Act in the federal courts because, well… because that is what the President wants and that is what the citizens want, as well, through their duly elected state legislature who voted the TCPA into law to begin with.  The Fifth Circuit will not want to encourage the forum shopping for specious defamation claims – 100% VERIFIED!




Someone wants to poke the bear again



We will bring you further updates as the story develops.






Philip Klein is a criminal and a scam artist who is licensed as a private investigator in Texas.  He owns Klein Investigations & Consulting based out of Nederland, Texas.


Klein Investigations is a family affair with Philip employing his two children, Caroline and Charley, and his wife, Inga, along with a group of criminals, degenerates, and reprobates.  They travel around the country scamming families of missing children out of their moneys with false promises and false claims.



Klein and Company are being sued for $8 million in San Antonio for forging Mexican court documents and making a series of false police reports that got two innocent people arrested.

They are also being sued in Idaho by the family of missing child DeOrr Kunz in Bonneville County, Idaho, for breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, and fraud.  Klein was hired by the family to find a child who went missing.  Klein, in turn, took their money ($20,000), he then proceeded to go on a PR junket and get his face all over the TV by falsely claiming that the child was MURDERED by the family!!

They are also seeking MILLIONS of dollars in damages.

Klein is also being sued in Jefferson County, Texas, for trying to kidnap and possibly sexually assault two young girls while engaging in illegal bounty hunting on behalf of Al Reed Bail Bonds, a local bail bonds company.  Both Al Reed Bail Bonds and Klein are being sued alongside Steve Hartman, Klein’s employee, who was arrested and later convicted of criminal charges.





Klein, Hartman, Klein Investigations, and Al Reed Bail Bonds are being sued for MILLIONS of dollars in damages.


In a clear example of the old saying There Is No Honor Among Thieves, Al Reed Bail Bonds filed a lawsuit against Klein Investigations over Klein failing to live up to their bounty hunting contract.


Klein, who is representing himself, filed a response.




Klein, being the master litigator that he is, demanded a trial by jury.  His Star Witnesses were his two children, Caroline and Charley Klein, pictured below.


Drunk and willing to do anything for money – seriously!



Does this red shirt make him look fat?






The jury was only out for a short time before they came back with their unanimous verdict.  CHECK IT OUT!!


And then came the Final Judgment…




So why did this happen?



Because we here at the BV Files always try to give you all the news that is news around the world – sometimes even before it happens – we are able to give you a sneak preview of this Sunday’s upcoming post from Klein’s very own SE Texas Political Review blog even before Klein gets drunk and types it up.  CHECK IT OUT!!



The corruption of the Jefferson County is now complete with even small claims court judges in on the fix.  Reliable sources have told the Review that federal judge Keith Giblin was behind the scenes, having lunch and ruminating with a particular JP and jurors while the case was going on.  It is also believed that Jeffrey Dorrell had a “skype conference” with the jurors during deliberations and Mark Sparks and Tom Retzlaff were on the call.  And where is Chip Ferguson in all of this?  All we know is that the Review will still try to keep its 100% accuracy on the upcoming elections by predicting every race could go either way.  Until then, move out of Jefferson County!


So who is this corrupt small claims court judge? you ask.  Why he is none other than the Honorable Brad Burnett – a well known member of the Republican Party in Jefferson County!


Justice of the Peace Brad Burnett



This tweet from James McGibney (who we don’t like) will never not be funny!


Members of the Dorrell – Retzlaff Death Threats Team include (but are not limited to) the following:



Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte - Jeff Dorrell - Kent Hanszen

Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte – Jeff Dorrell – Kent Hanszen


Hanszen-Laporte employee Thomas Retzlaff


Mark Sparks

Beaumont attorney Mark Sparks



252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker (ret.)

252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker (ret.)




Beaumont attorney Joe Fisher, Jr

Beaumont attorney Joe Fisher, Jr




US District Court Judge Zack Hawthorn

US District Court Judge Zack Hawthorn




Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods

Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods




Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham

Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham




Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps

Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps



Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice Steve McKeithen

Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice Steve McKeithen


Jefferson County Asst. DA’s Pat Knauth and Kathleen Kennedy









Remember how we told you above that there is an $8 million lawsuit pending against Klein in San Antonio, Texas?  Some documents were filed last week that you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, will find quite intriguing – 100% VERIFIED!



Shortly thereafter, a letter from the Hanszen Laporte law firm, who is representing the plaintiffs, was filed.



The fact that first the defendant, and then the plaintiff, both submitted letters requesting the canceling of all of the upcoming court hearings means that something VERY SIGNIFICANT has happened.



When we, your Admins of the BV Files, found out about this, we made some phone calls to the Bexar County District Clerk’s Office.  We found out that on April 24, 2018, Klein and his attorney John Morgan filed a motion demanding that the case be sent to mediation in order to resolve the case without the necessity of a trial.


This summer there was a hearing on Morgan’s and Klein’s request and, according to the judge’s docket notes, we found out that the court ordered mediation to take place not too long ago!


As our long time readers will recall, Morgan and Klein tried to drag American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff into this case by trying to issue a subpoena on internet service provider for business records relating to Retzlaff, which resulted in Retzlaff and Houston attorney Jeff Dorrell both filing a motion to quash the subpoena.  Morgan and Klein then filed a motion to have Retzlaff and Dorrell declared in contempt of court, which resulted in an anti-SLAPP motion being filed in which mandatory sanctions and attorney’s fees were sought; thus, delaying the trial in this case for close to two years.



Needless to say, Klein’s liability insurance company was absolutely not pleased with this development and Retzlaff’s involvement!!



As our long time readers will recall, Klein’s insurance company obtained local counsel for Klein to represent him in this multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Richard Espy


But after about a year on the job, and Espy getting paid by the insurance company, Philip Klein’s close and personal friend, Beaumont attorney John Morgan, was in a terrible jam and needed some financial help from his long-time running buddy and “capper”.  So Klein engineered an Aryan Brotherhood threat hoax and sent two of his employees / friends to go to San Antonio to personally threaten Rick Espy to get him off of the case.

See, it has been a long time theme of Klein and Morgan (and James McGibney, who we don’t like) to always claim that there is a Grand Civil Conspiracy against them involving Retzlaff, Dorrell, and the Aryan Brotherhood.  In fact, during a deposition in federal court for Klein’s lawsuit against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker, Klein testified under oath to the following:


Page 169 of Klein’s March 29, 2016, deposition


Now in case you find that image a little hard to read, we cut and pasted the words of Philip Klein below:


During the course and scope of hiring, I turned the — when I was sued for 8 million dollars, which is currently pending, Mr. Dorrell sued me. And I turned it over to my insurance company because it was act or omission. Insurance company hired a gentleman by the name of Rick Espey, very fine man out of Bexar County, Texas, to represent me. Mr. Espey received a visit from two gentlemen that stated they were from the Aryan Brotherhood and that they needed to drop the case against me.  Equally his daughter who goes to Pepperdine University received a threat. Mr. Espey had to drop out of the case because of the fear of the threats from his family. That initiated investigation by the U. S. Department of Justice in Austin, Texas, who linked in and — with the U. S. Department of Justice in Houston, Texas. And my understanding is is that there are possibility of indictments coming down —


Now according to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), Rick Espy really was visited by a person or persons claiming to be from the Aryan Brotherhood and really was threatened!  And, on October 8, 2015, he really was forced to withdraw from the case!!



In the fall of 2015, Morgan was really in a serious financial bind, what with him losing a SLAPP lawsuit that he had filed against the attorney who represented his ex-wife, Cheryl Johnson-Todd.  In an order from the Beaumont Court of Appeals dated May 14, 2015, the Court declared that an injunction obtained by Morgan against Jeff Dorrell and Ms. Johnson-Todd to be illegal and unconstitutional.  Said injunction being a prohibition against them discussing Morgan’s arrest and guilty plea to perjury for filing a series of false police reports against his ex-wife.

Later, in a blistering opinion dated October 29, 2015, that same Court of Appeals found Morgan GUILTY of violating the Texas anti-SLAPP statute, the Texas Citizens Participation Act, and ordered him to pay mandatory sanctions and attorney’s fees.  (Which ended up being over $65,000!!)

Thus, John Morgan was in desperate need of a steady supply of money since all of his clients had dried up and nobody wanted to hire him – especially since (in addition to the perjury arrest and conviction), Morgan had just been arrested for trying to MURDER his ex-wife and three children with a butcher’s knife, naked while high on drugs!


Mugshot of John Morgan from the Jefferson County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office


Rick Espy and his family were the perfect targets to his and Klein’s scheme of Aryan Brotherhood death threats – a nice guy with a nice family, with a nice law practice, and a lot to lose.


For Klein attorney Rick Espey and his wife Nancy – the Aryan Brotherhood is trying to murder them


But now with a firm trial date set for December 10, 2018, in the San Antonio lawsuit, and with Morgan and Klein both knowing that they would be extensively questioned – along with Rick Espy – at the trial about this Aryan Brotherhood nonsense, Klein and Morgan needed a way out.  After all, we do not have to have any inside knowledge from Retzlaff or Dorrell to know what their strategy would be.  It is common sense that this line of questioning would take place, right?  After all, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof!

So when we see in the court’s files that (1) Morgan is requesting that all of the upcoming hearings be canceled shortly after the court ordered mediation took place, and when we see that (2) the insurance company is on the hook for at least $2 million in liability coverage, and when we see that (3) Klein has been caught red-handed telling outrageous lies under oath in his other lawsuits, and when we see that (4) the insurance company has been paying Klein’s legal defense for the past FOUR YEARS on this BULLSHIT, we can easily come to the inescapable conclusion that……


well, we will just have to wait to see what that is, m’kay?





It sure has been awfully quite around the Interwebs lately from members of the McGibney Gang.  We, your Admins of the BV Files, wonder why.  Is it because of the two MASSIVE loses that Philip Klein suffered in his lawsuits last month. 

Or is it because of that MASSIVE ass-raping that Texas attorney / Nazi Jason Lee Van Dyke has been experiencing at the hands of “a man who simply cannot be intimidated?”

Or is it because reality has finally set in for James McGibney (who we don’t like), what with the upcoming do-over on the anti-SLAPP sanctions hearing in Fort Worth?

Or could it be ALL OF THE ABOVE?  In any event….




Retzlaff deposition from the State Bar of Texas



Retzlaff deposition – Page 56


Retzlaff deposition – Page 112



Retzlaff deposition – Page 114



Tell us again, McGibney, how you are ‘winning’, please.



Worked out perfectly, didn’t it, Piss Boy?


Yeah, whatever….



The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!



i win, motherfuckers!!