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Beaumont, TX private investigator Philip R. Klein

Nederland, Texas based private investigator Philip Klein is a con artist who recently scammed the family of missing child DeOrr Kuntz, Jr. out of $20,000.  He has been FIRED from the case. 


He is also being sued for $8 million in San Antonio, Texas, for making FAKE court records that got two people WRONGFULLY ARRESTED.

We have said it before many, many times:  Philip Klein is a fraud, a criminal, and a really terrible private investigator. 




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Check out the statement from the attorney representing the family in the lawsuit against Klein that has just been sent EXCLUSIVELY to us at the BV Files:

Allen browning 1 2 34


Did you all see where, on page one, Klein tries to intimidate the family members with the FALSE CLAIM that he is working with the FBI and how he is making promises for a plea deal in a threatened criminal investigation?  Oh, oh!

Bad, Philip!  Very bad, Philip!!

As our close & personal friend, Sam the Eagle, always says:  Bad things happen to bad people, and Philip Klein is a bad person!

sam the eagle


Klein posting threats on Facebook on March 4, 2016

Klein posting threats on Facebook on March 4, 2016


Philip Klein gets hit with Facebook BAN HAMMER for posting violent death threats and abusive lies.  CHECK IT OUT:

Klein Facebook complaint

March 6, 2016




And here you can see in tonight’s television news where the local County Sheriff specifically states that he is NOT working with Philip Klein.






Is there anyone on the planet who is not aware that Nederland, Texas based private “investigator” Philip Klein is a criminal and a scam artist? Just check out this video and you will die laughing!



And here is a press release issued by that heroin addled e-Detective. Klein suspects that the case is either an “accidental death or homicide case”. WOW – what a great detective (not).

What else could it be but one of these two choices? Klein is a dumb ass – even his lies don’t make any sense. But then again, what else can one expect from a drug addict and a thief, right?

Klein tries to pretend like he is attached to law enforcement and that he has “close ties” with them.  Klein, of course, is a liar.

DeOrr Kunz post 2-29-2016


KIC logo

From the beginning I have recommended that DeOrr Kunz fire Philip Klein and tonight I recommend that DeOrr should file a defamation suit against Mr. Klein.

Klein has a professional obligation to keep his findings confidential and only share them with his clients. He has not done this. Furthermore, he refuses to meet with DeOrr if I am present.

I have informed Klein not to make public statements regarding this case and he has ignored my requests.

I’m outraged that, when no evidence has been brought forward in this case, that Klein continues to make outlandish claims. How would you like it if you hired a private investigator to find your son and when he can’t, he makes statements that you are a criminal and should be charged?

—- Allen Browning, the attorney representing (Vernal) DeOrr Kunz






Klein has been fired by the missing child’s family yesterday.

Klein fired



‘My belief is charges will be filed,’ says Klein. ‘I do not know when. I do not know what those charges will be, but I do know that there is extensive conversation at this point regarding what those charges will be but my belief is that charges will be filed probably in the near future.’

— Philip Klein in statement to Idaho television station KIDK-3


Of course, as out long time readers will recall, Philip Klein has been making the same kind of stupid statements for two years now with regards to American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff, too.

Klein FB post 12-27-15 Klein tweet 12-26-2015

Klein tweet 1-27-15 Klein tweet 9-20-15 Klein 1-27-15 tweet

SO WHEN ARE THOSE FEDS GONNA START “SWARMING”, KLEIN?  October 6th or February 2nd or maybe August 17th?!?

Hey Klein – whatever happened with this subpoena?

[NOTE:  This is a totally fake subpoena that Klein posted on the internet in an effort to intimidate someone into thinking that Klein had gotten a hold of their emails and email account information.]

  3 - Capto tweeted this quotproofquot of subpoena filed by Philip R Klein on behalf of Carolyne Pillutla dated Dec 17 20131 - Capto tweeted this quotproofquot of Exhibit quotAquot2 - Capto tweeted this quotproofquot of service received dated Dec 17 2013


We need your help, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters. We need your help in putting Philip Klein and his company Klein Investigations & Consulting OUT OF BUSINESS.



Klein claims to be in the business of finding lost, missing, or stolen children. Yet Klein is a criminal who regularly creates FALSE EVIDENCE that has led to several people being wrongfully arrested.

Hey, Klein!  How do you think we got a hold of this little gem?


Klein Child Rescue Agreement_Page_1 Klein Child Rescue Agreement_Page_2Klein Child Rescue Agreement_Page_3Klein Child Rescue Agreement_Page_4 Klein Child Rescue Agreement_Page_5


We ask that you set your Google alerts to give you a head’s up every time Klein is mentioned in a news article or gets involved in a missing child case.

We ask that you keep an eye on Klein’s Facebook page for mentions about missing children and we ask that you contact those families and tell them not to do business with Klein. You can refer them to our article about Klein right here:

Texas PI Philip Klein Creates Fraudulent Court Records That Result In Woman’s False Arrest – $8 Million Lawsuit!




Dislike this page! Dislike this page!

Here is a link to Klein’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KleinInvestigations/


It is also important that we shut down Klein’s ability to raise monies as we believe that he has no business being involved in missing children or any other kind of private detective work as he is a very dishonest man.

Here is a link to his Go Fund Me page. Help us get it shut down and stop the fund-raising: https://www.gofundme.com/kicmissingrescue


Klein Go Fund Me_Page_1 Klein Go Fund Me_Page_2

Another thing that you can do is to contact the local law enforcement authorities and tell them about Klein and email them links to the pages here on the BV Files where they can see what’s what. You can also send them copies of the court papers, too, which you can download for emailing right here. The first page is shown and then under you will find a link to the full document itself:


Hartman v Walker ECF 277_Page_01

Order Dismissing Klein Lawsuit ===> Hartman v Walker ECF 277


Klein lawsuit - 2nd amend petition_Page_01

Klein lawsuit – 2nd amend petition


Klein 2007 lawsuit_Page_01

Klein 2007 lawsuit






He is also a noted author of several books on the Amazon “best sellers” list (actually, it’s only ONE book, and it’s not even close to being a “best seller”). CHECK IT OUT:

One of our Close & Personal Friends of the BV Files had this to say about the book:

Amazon review


Other people said this:

Amazon review 2


And then we hear from the family of Mr. McDermott in a letter written to Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos by the wife and mother of the child:

Klien book

Klein house

Klein’s home address



klein - Meet Our Team_Page_1 klein - Meet Our Team_Page_2 klein - Meet Our Team_Page_3klein - Meet Our Team_Page_4

We will be posting their personal information (dates of birth, SSN, and home address shortly).





The sooner we can put Phillip Klein out of business the faster Philip Klein will be out of business! He is a piece of human garbage.


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This is breaking news:  bad news for the McGibney Gang!

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