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Sometimes an article gets published before it has been fully vetted and edited.  In which case, we, your Admins of the BV Files, will exercise our editorial discretion and temporarily pull an article until it is fully ready to go.  With 4, sometimes 5, Administrators all spread out over the country, sometimes communications get mixed up or missed and someone presses the “publish” button before every one else is ready.

That is what happened with an article that was published this morning.

It can take several weeks to fully prepare an article.  Sometimes less.  Sometimes more.  (Or sometimes not at all!)

As bloggers, we enjoy the very same First Amendment protections that traditional news media organizations have – which includes the right to take down, edit, and redo an article.

We do not get paid for any of this, remember.  We do it because we enjoy political discussions on matters of public concern and criticizing public figures and public officials whenever possible.

But do not worry – we will be back, once everything is ready to go!



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