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Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan


The results of an 18 months long investigation into Beaumont, Texas, attorney John Morgan’s business practices has just been released and both the State Bar of Texas and the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board have found that Morgan has committed several acts of misconduct and has violated ethical rules.


If you ever have an opportunity to hire attorney John Morgan – DON’T!  Turn around and run away as fast as your feets can carry you – seriously!! 


But it should come as no surprise that a man who is a CONVICTED perjurer, who made a series of FALSE police reports against his ex-wife in a failed bid to steal custody of their three children, and who has been found GUILTY of filing false child sex abuse reports is a man who would steal money from his clients by using money placed in a Client Trust Fund for his own personal expenses.


Keep in mind, this is not BuzzFeed – we do not post “fake news” here.  We do not get paid for this shit; we do what we do for the lulz and we try to be as accurate as possible.


We don’t play that “fake news” game.  If we did, none of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters would bother coming here to read what we have to say.  This is not RT or GCTN.

 And if you do not believe us, well just go ask Christopher Steele and he’ll tell you that we are on the up and up – 100% VERIFIED!


Wanna know how many people come here each and every day?  It’s this many…

ViaViewFiles.net for the time period of Jan 13 – Jan 14, 2017


While some people may not like what they see here, and what they see here maybe (and likely is) quite painful, it is the Truth – 100% VERIFIED, as we have no reason to lie.  We don’t get paid for this.  In fact, we recently upgraded our host and it now costs us approximately $120 a month in server fees for our Bulletproof Server that is hosted overseas in the UAE.  Why do we have our website hosted in the UAE?  So we do not have to worry about pesky little things like subpoenas, restraining orders, warrants, DMCA Take-down Notices and shit like that.


A backroom somewhere in Dubai, UAE


People come here day in and day out because they know that they are totally free to speak their mind and they will not be censored (unless you spam).  Whether you are for or against whatever the topic is, the marketplace of ideas is what controls here.




We are trying out something new with regards to the posting of the document / pdf files that should make them easier for you to read on mobile devices without having to download the actual documents themselves.

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American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff filed his brief with the San Antonio Court of Appeals on Friday, one week before the due date.  Anyone want to know what TR will be doing on January 20th?  CHECK IT OUT!



And who else might be there?


We anticipate full coverage of this event.  So keep checking back here for updates.


(When it comes to Golden Showers, McGibney is an expert – 100% VERIFIED!)





 These are the four men who have completely and totally destroyed James McGibney (who we don’t like), John Morgan, and Philip Klein (who we also don’t like) – 100% VERIFIED



 John Morgan and his clients all have a date with destiny come January 25 in a courtroom in Beaumont, Texas, when there will be a hearing on a motion for anti-SLAPP sanctions that was filed by American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.  CHECK IT OUT!

Mtn for anti-SLAPP Sanctions


 Some highlights of that motion include:

James McGibney is a revenge pornographer who runs a website that has as its business model the posting of sexually explicit photographs of little girls free of charge, while selling the service of “removing” the explicit photographs for a fee of $499!


James McGibney (who we don’t like)


And when it comes times for McGibney and Morgan to complain about Dorrell’s attorney’s fees they would do well to read this:


Wow – where have we read this phrase before?  Why it was posted here in the comments section by Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before about two months ago.



Judge Tommy Chambers – not a big fan of revenge porn or drug addicts who have law licenses




Hartman v Walker (state court case)


Morrison v Walker


Klein v Walker (federal case)


Morgan v Johnson-Todd


McGibney v Rauhauser



Retzlaff v. Morgan & Klein



FUN FACT:  For those of you keeping score at home we have $842,751 in just attorney’s fees spent by Dorrell, Retzlaff, Sparks, and Fisher defending against all of these LOLsuits and SLAPP suits, and there are over $1,400,000 in sanctions at play.


“Writing legal briefs while high on Vicodin seems like such a really good idea”, says John Morgan


So while Morgan awaits his Day of Judgment, instead of trying to make amends or apologizing, he bombards Judge Chambers with repeated court filings each and every day.  Do you think Judge Chambers is sick and tired of reading Morgan’s BULLSHIT?


Morgan Affidavit





For some reason (likely related to chronic drug abuse and end-stage Syphilis), Morgan decided to double-down on the stupid and file his own motion for sanctions against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell!!  CHECK IT OUT!







From McGibney’s motion for new trial in the Fort Worth case


From Bullyville.com website



Here is Morgan’s sanctions motion in its entirety in case you want to know what it looks like when a drug addict gets his hands on a license to practice law:

Morgan Mtn for Sanctions



YES, there is still more!!!  But how can that be, you ask?  Well as long as attorney John Morgan has access to a steady supply of methamphetamine and a keyboard, there will still be plenty of court pleadings filed by him.


Here is Morgan begging the trial court to hide his financial information from the evil clutches of Dorrell / Retzlaff.


Morgan Mtn to File Net Worth Under Seal


Unfortunately for Morgan, it is far too late for that as the cat as long since jumped out of the bag, ran down the street, and blabbed his business all over the interwebs.


FUN FACT:  A 62 year old man named Ira Raymond Scott, Sr., has been using the Social Security Number of 434-84-7025 for many years now.  But that is really not his SSN – it belongs to someone else.  We are not sure who.


As a part of our ongoing Public Information Awareness Campaign, we here at the BV Files would like to urge the following individuals and businesses to STOP doing business with Beaumont attorney John Morgan because he is a CONVICTED child abuser, and CONVICTED perjurer, and THIEF, and an all-around very dishonest person.

Las Palmas National Group, LLC

Mr Lester, LLC (a company he formed with John Dafonte of Port Bolivar, TX)

Mouton S Transfer and Storage LLC

Spindletop Swimming Inc.

Port Bolivar Leasing Co., LLC (a company he formed with John Dafonte of Port Bolivar, TX)

Rising Star Media, LLC (a company he formed with Ben Callin, Mike Lindsay, Susan park, Shannon Smith, Raj & Sanjay Varma that went out of business about 5 years ago

Golden Triangle Business Roundtable, Inc. (a company he formed with Sean Fitzgerald of 9851 N. 10th St. #F, Beaumont and Michael Laws of 6220 Proctor St., Port Arthur that went out of business about 6 years ago)

GFSS Realty, LLC (a company he formed with James & Peggy Fletcher of 3418 Lawrence Ave., Nederland, TX that went out of business about 4 years ago)

Keith Karr Enterprises, Inc.


There are, of course, other individuals and business whom Morgan has been associated with.  Each of them have since been contacted so they can be aware of Morgan’s connection and support of REVENGE PORNOGRAPHY and Morgan’s own criminal misconduct.

Putting John Morgan, Philip Klein, and James McGibney out of business is Job One here at the BV Files – seriously.





Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before wants to know if anyone here knows who Detective Eddie Shehane is and what he knows about an Aggravated Assault case involving a man high on drugs who tried to stab his wife to death – in front of their children – and who later locked himself naked and crying in the bathroom? 





 As mentioned to you all at the top of the article, American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff has filed his brief with the Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio regarding a SLAPP suit filed against him by Morgan and Klein.  As usual, the brief was done under budget and ahead of time.  CHECK IT OUT!

04-16-00675-CV Retzlaff v. Klein - Opening Brief (no exhibits)



One wonders just how much of this will also appear in a brief soon to be filed with the Fort Worth Court of Appeals in the next couple of days.  STAY TUNED!!




It seems that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is up to his usual tricks again, what with him being the Sheriff of the Internet and the Ultimate Decider of what people can and cannot do on the interwebs.  So now he is picking on some guy.


McGibney email telling Welna how tough he is


McGibney claims that he is doing this because Mr. Welna has “come after BullyVille” (whatever that means), so McGibney, in turn, feels that he needs to “fight back” by posting some mean things about this man.

We here at the BV Files keep wondering when McGibney is going to start coming after us.  After all, we have done more damage to McGibney and his family than anyone else on the planet, right?


Unfortunately for McGibney, some people just cannot be intimidated.


Just ask these two people!

Pat Knauth and Kathleen Kennedy

Who took this photograph and when will become very, very important in the lives of two members of the McGibney Gang very shortly.



By the way, just like what happened to David Suder at Servite High School, we will soon be running a Public Information Awareness Campaign in the City of Morgan Hill, CA, and one of its local schools.







 An exhaustive eighteen month long joint investigation by the State Bar of Texas and the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board was just concluded and a three page report was issued on January 9, 2017.  Beaumont attorney John Morgan was found GUILTY of committing several procedural and ethical violations, this according to a report authored by Charles B. Plattsmier, Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the Louisiana State Bar.

Specifically, it was determined that Morgan attempted to steal money from his clients and pay for his own personal expenses.


Morgan used this check to pay for a personal expense


It was also determined that Morgan repeatedly lied under oath and filed false police reports.


And that Morgan has been convicted of filing a false child abuse report.

In the interest of AKM, 2014 Tex. App. LEXIS 2230






Sanity is a full time job.  Unfortunately, James McGibney (who we don’t like) is just a part-time employee.


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