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Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan



When you are a drug addict, it is tough to get things done on time.  For attorneys that have been hired by revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like), work deadlines arrive without a moment’s notice, and soon they are scrambling around asking the various courts for extensions of time (‘the dog ate my homework’, ‘I broke my finger and took too much Vicodin’, ‘I forgot how to spell and my briefs all fucked up’). 

But this latest excuse for a time extension by one of the BullyVille attorneys hired by James (Jimmy the PissBoy) McGibney (who we don’t like) is the best one yet!! 



Excerpt from Appellee’s Unopposed Motion For A Final Extension Of Time To File Appellee’s Brief







Morgan, being a dumb ass, made his request for a “final extension of time” to file his brief at around 2pm on Friday afternoon.  However, his brief is due Monday.  Nothing like waiting until the very last minute, eh?


Click here for the full version====> Hartman mtn for extension of time to file Ape brief

FUN FACT:  Regular cocaine use, and the associated lifestyle (notably effects on sleep, and eating) can seriously weaken the immune system and the mechanical damage done to the sinuses can increase risks of sinus infections and bad colds.


By now everyone is familiar with the fact that Beaumont attorney John Morgan is a drug addict with a concurrent serious alcohol abuse problem.  The State Bar of Texas recently ordered Morgan to attend mandatory drug / alcohol / psych counseling as a condition of his probation from a disbarment lawsuit.  Unfortunately, Morgan is a dumb ass who just cannot stay out of trouble; thus, the State Bar has opened up yet another investigation involving not just the Houston field office, but the San Antonio division, too.


As an example of yet another person who is a BullyVille supporter who also has a major drug problem, one only has to look to Hollywood D-Lister / has-been Kristen Johnston. 

At one time she was a public supporter for BullyVille – until her New York based management team was personally contacted by Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before and shown the error of their ways.  CHECK IT OUT!







UK Wired - March 2016 - McGibney Article_Page_05

When you see a man who looks like this, is there anyone on the planet that would be surprised to know that he has ties – very close ties – to people who possess and use illegal drugs?  The fact that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is also a man who owns a revenge porn website and engages in the sexual blackmail of little girls is well-known.  The fact that he surrounds himself with lawyers who are also drug addicts and criminals, and who find themselves continually one step ahead of a state disbarment proceeding, is equally not surprising.


Want to know about yet another drug addict – this one CONVICTED multiple times of drug use and possession – TO INCLUDE METHAMPHETAMINES – who is very close to Jimmy the PissBoy?




HINT:  He is a super bad driver (having racked up close to 38 traffic violations in the past 20 years), but his daughter is also a drug user and is also a bad driver who just cannot seem to properly manage money.

DOUBLE HINT:  California Health & Safety Code Section 11377 makes it a crime to possess methamphetamines for personal use without a valid prescription.  This individual found this out when he was charged with just his first violation of this criminal statute on May 20, 1983.  (some people just never learn as this was one in a string of such violations)




We are still waiting on your Big Reveal. Thus far nothing you have posted seems to have had any effect at all on any of the cases in Texas.





FUN FACT:  Methamphetamines…which are also commonly referred to as meth, crystal, crystal meth, speed, blow, rock, tina, chalk, ice, glass, and crank…are classified as a controlled substance.   A “controlled substance” is a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession and use are regulated by the government under the United States “Controlled Substances Act”.

Possessing a controlled substance, such as meth, is typically illegal without a valid prescription.  Similarly, selling and/or transporting (with intent to sell) these types of drugs are also prohibited absent very specific exceptions (like being a medical professional who possesses or sells these drugs in accordance with California’s drug laws).

Crystal meth, a part of the phetamine family, is a stimulant.  It speeds up your body and brain.  It is available in pills, powder and in a chunky crystal “rock” form. It can be smoked, injected, swallowed, snorted, or “huffed” (that is, inhaled in a toxic gas form).

Methamphetamines were primarily used in the 1950s to help keep truckers, college students and athletes stay awake and alert.  Today it is recognized as a dangerous narcotic, and is typically only prescribed for treating

Despite its legal use, methamphetamines are frequently abused and made / sold in an illegal manner.  “Meth labs”…also known as clandestine labs and “mom and pop” labs…are very common in California, particularly in the Central Valley.  People run these (often) makeshift “labs” out of their homes, garages, mobile homes, and warehouses.

Children experimenting with drugs, drug addicts and mainstream housewives/”soccer moms” alike have been seduced by methamphetamine’s easy accessibility and relatively low cost.  The same seems to be true for revenge pornographers.

As a result, this is one of the most troublesome drugs in California (and, reportedly, the second most commonly abused illegal drug in the world).

meth addict




Recall that several months ago that yet another LOLsuit was filed against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas District Court Judge Layne Walker.  As everyone knows by now, Judge Walker is involved in a Grand Civil Conspiracy group with our other American Heroes & Honorary Admins of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and Thomas Retzlaff.


Pleading by Morgan in his lawsuit against his ex-wife's attorney, Johnson-Todd

Pleading by Morgan in his lawsuit against his ex-wife’s attorney, Johnson-Todd

According to court records in several federal and state lawsuits:

E.M. v. Philip Klein, case # 2014-CI-17145, Bexar County, TX

E.M. v. Philip Klein, case # 2014-CI-17145, Bexar County, TX


Motion to Strike Retzlaff's pleadings in the EM v Klein case

Motion to Strike Retzlaff’s pleadings in the EM v Klein case



March 29, 2016, deposition of Philip Klein in US District Court, case # 1:14-CV-00509


2nd Amended Complaint, US District Court - Philip Klein v. Judge Layne Walker

2nd Amended Complaint, US District Court – Philip Klein v. Judge Layne Walker


Klein v Walker lawsuit

Klein v Walker lawsuit


Affidavit of Philip Klein - John Morgan v. Sheryl Johnson-Todd, Jefferson Cty (TX) court

Affidavit of Philip Klein – John Morgan v. Sheryl Johnson-Todd, Jefferson Cty (TX) court

  • While Phil Klein cries, we laugh and hope he dies
  • Posted on Klein's website

    Posted on Klein’s website


Members of the Dorrell – Retzlaff Death Threats Team include (but are not limited to) the following:

Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte - Jeff Dorrell - Kent Hanszen

Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte – Jeff Dorrell – Kent Hanszen

Mark Sparks

Houston attorney Mark Sparks


252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker (ret.)

252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker (ret.)


Beaumont attorney Joe Fisher, Jr

Beaumont attorney Joe Fisher, Jr


US District Court Judge Zack Hawthorn

US District Court Judge Zack Hawthorn


Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods

Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods


Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham

Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham


Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps

Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps


Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice Steve McKeithen

Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice Steve McKeithen

Clearly John Morgan is a crazy drug addict.  Like Jay Leiderman before him (another documented drug addict), when presented with an option, Morgan will almost always come into court and lay out his conspiracy theories based not on anything resembling actual admissible evidence, but just based on stuff he says some guy said on the Internet. This is total BULLSHIT, to use a legal term.

— Tom Retzlaff

conspiracy is everywhere





Too bad for McStupid nobody gives two shits about his claims




So what is the Big Delay in this case pending before the Beaumont Court of Appeals really all about?


It is the fact that Nederland, Texas based private investigators Philip Klein and Stephen Hartman are both presently being investigated by the Jefferson County (Texas) District Attorney’s Office for the KIDNAPPING and SEXUAL ASSAULT of a young girl that happened on October 13, 2016, and that resulted in the immediate arrest of Hartman.


Because Morgan knows that each of the Justices handling this case in the Beaumont Court of Appeals has already been personally contacted – and have each read over the arrest report, along with the statements from the victims and the witnesses – Morgan has to try and figure out a way to spin this in an effort to avoid both him and his sex offender clients getting hammered by the appellate court.



Hartman family – Steve, Tara, Kylee, and James Henry



FUN FACT:  Klein tries to build himself up as a private investigator with such a high sense of righteousness he was willing to sell out his own clients to make the “truth” known to the general public when he uncovered the awful truth when, in fact, Klein is not only a dimwit, but he is a drug addict and alcoholic, too!  Thus, anything Philip Klein says is automatically untrustworthy!

Philip Klein - Passed out drunk / high, as always

Philip Klein – Passed out drunk / high

Klein, his family, and Klein’s employees are a group of thieves who travel around the country like Gypsies running their various scams and con-jobs until things get too hot for them, at which point they pack up and over onto another scam, er, case.


Klein employeesOf particular note is a criminal / fraudster named Stephen Hartman who has been on Klein’s payroll for a number of years, despite the fact that Hartman has a very long and well-documented history of telling lies under oath and a criminal record, to boot!!

Hartman & Morgan on TV

Hartman has been represented by a convicted child abuser, CONVICTED CRIMINAL, and drug addict, Beaumont, Texas, attorney John S. Morgan.  Morgan is facing disbarment for having plead GUILTY to making a series of FALSE POLICE REPORTS against his ex-wife (an Assistant District Attorney) and in trying to get his daughter, Annie, to make a FALSE REPORT of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE against her own mother – all in a failed scheme by Morgan to try to steal custody of his children from his ex-wife.

You can read our prior articles about Morgan throughout this website.

Hartman has filed an utterly frivolous LOLsuit against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker.  Despite filing an identical lawsuit against Judge Walker in federal court that was dismissed, Hartman and his drug addicted attorney Morgan refiled it in state court.  They are now facing MILLIONS in court sanctions for violating the Texas anti-SLAPP law, the Texas Citizens Participation Act (Texas CPA).

FUN FACT:  San Jose, California, based revenge pornographer and sexual blackmail artist James McGibney (who we don’t like) was recently hit with over $450,000 in anti-SLAPP sanctions in Texas for filing a bogus lawsuit against American Heroes & Honorary Admins of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff, Neal Rauhauser, and eight other random people.  McGibney (a well-known methamphetamine addict and accused pedophile) was also represented by John Morgan in that LOLsuit, too!

McGibney = Expert Faggot

Klein is an absolute fraud and a scam artist who would rather lie then tell the truth even when the truth will suit him better.  Just check out this recent television news interview Klein did about the Kunz case:

Chelsea is clearly not the sharpest of news reporters.  But even someone as stupid as her can smell a rat… eventually.





What???  How can that be, BV Files!  You have already given us all so much now, so how can there be even more? – Well, kiddies, just sit right on down and hold your horses as, yeah, there is still much more to come!!




If John Morgan and Larry Watts had any sense, they would remember this

Remember this?  Unfortunately for Watts and Morgan they did not.  Thus, they both got HAMMERED earlier this week in an extremely harrowing 25 page FEDERAL COURT decision filed with horrific judicial findings of fact and conclusions of law that really will play a very large role in each of the Morgan / Klein / Hartman / Watts lawsuits.  

While reading this document remember that Stella Morrison is a drunken old lady with a well-documented history of alcohol abuse and mental problems – kinda like her lawyer Larry Watts!


To read the full 25 page document, click here====> Order denying Rule 60B Mtn for Relief


If you are just interested in the highlights, well CHECK THIS OUT!


Blah, blah blah….. skip down about 20 pages to the GOOD STUFF, will ya?


Morrison raises four grounds for setting aside Judge Hawthorn’s final judgment, as well as all other rulings made in her case: (i) the alleged ex parte communications between one of Judge Hawthorn’s law clerks, Jennifer Fisher and Joe Fisher, one of Walker’s attorneys, constitute newly discovered evidence under Rule 60(b)(2); (ii) in his response to Morrison’s motion to recuse, Walker’s counsel admitted to such ex parte communications, constituting fraud under Rule 60(b)(3); (iii) Judge Hawthorn’s final judgment is void under Rule 60(b)(4), because his spouse, a director in the Jefferson County Dispute Resolution Center (the DRC) constitutes a conflict that required his recusal ab initio; and (iv) Judge Hawthorn’s failure to recuse constitutes such an extraordinary circumstance under Rule 60(b)(6) that justice demands relief for Morrison from his final judgment.

Needless to say, she (and her attorneys John Morgan and Larry Watts) fail miserably in spectacular fashion.

But this last bit here is very interesting.  CHECK IT OUT!




Fun Fact:  Keith Giblin used to work for Walker and knows him well.  Unfortunately for Klein, Morgan, Watts, and Morrison, the fix was in from the very beginning and they never, ever stood a chance.  Watts’s trading Hawthorn for Giblin was like trading Stage IV cancer for the flesh eating bacteria.  The only difference being how much suffering goes on and how long it takes to die in the meantime.




It was two years ago on December 11, 2014, when the Fort Worth Court of Appeals – in a unanimous decision – dropped the first of many hammers on San Jose, CA revenge pornographer / sexual blackmail artist James McGibney (who we don’t like) – all thanks to the efforts of two very fine men:


Jeffrey Dorrell


Hanszen-Laporte employee Thomas Retzlaff


In case anyone is curious, yet another appeal by McGibney of this case in Texas has been filed!  Will it be any more successful than the first one?  Well here is some food for thought:

That first appeal was filed before there had already been a a series of adverse judicial findings against McGibney and ViaView in lawsuits filed in other courts, such as the federal court in San Jose and in that restraining order case McGibney used to prattle on and on about.  So the appellate justices the first time around did not exactly know what a shithead McGibney was.

Secondly, the anti-SLAPP statute was new in Texas and back in December 2014 there was not a whole lot of case law to go on.  So courts were kind of left on their own in figuring things out.  Unlike now where the issues in McGibney’s appeal have already been decided and the law is now very well settled.

Thirdly, when McGibney filed that first appeal it was being handled by a rather large law firm in Fort Worth, with a group of attorneys who were skilled in appellate law and had a large pool of talent and resources to draw upon when it came to writing and researching things.  Now McGibney is forced to rely upon a solo practitioner whose only “staff” consists of a recent law school grad trying to get some experience while he awaits the results of his most recent attempt at trying to pass the State Bar exam.

Even Stone has never handled an appeal in any court in the country.  Plus, Stone is already well-known by the Justices in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals for all of the wrong reasons – namely Stone’s federal court sanctions order from the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.



In any event, in case anyone is interested, here is a copy of the brief filed by Stone on McGibney’s behalf.  It really is not all that interesting, which is why we don’t care enough about it to actually do a separate article about it.  CLICK HERE====> ViaView Amended Appellate Brief



Two years, $350,000 in attorney’s fees, and a second appeal—under a statute that is supposed to afford quick disposition of unsupported defamation claims.  Something’s missing.

—Quote from Some Other Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before


In any event, will anyone be surprised when this second appeal turns out just as badly as the first one did for the McGibney Gang?

More importantly, will anyone be surprised when the last remaining supporter of the McGibney Gang, Catty Idiot, come running here and breathlessly claim that (1) this was all a part of McGibney’s Big Plan and Media Comeback, and that (2) Dorrell and Retzlaff really are not winning – they are in fact losing, but just do not know it yet!

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