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Judge Socrates Manoukian

Judge Socrates Manoukian


H042910 order


RECALL THAT IT WAS JUST A WEEK AGO that the Sixth District Court of Appeals ordered an immediate stay on Leiderman’s Wordpress subpoena in which he and McGibney are attempting to go on a fishing expedition. It seems our American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff sought relief from the appellate court on account of various Constitutional and other violations committed by Judge Socrates Manoukian.


In a unanimous decision the Court ordered that:

Order Granting Stay - H042821


Only about one out of every one hundred writ petitions are ever granted by the courts, so this is a pretty big deal!



According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), the attorneys for WordPress.com / Automatic have also decided to take this opportunity to weigh in with their own Amicus brief in support of Retzlaff.




So in this most recent writ petition, we are sure many of you are asking “What did Retzlaff do and how did he do it?”  Well, after spending a few bucks and crossing our fingers, we finally got some of the documents for you all to read through.

The whole Petition is 128 pages long, including exhibits.  Below are just the highlights.  CHECK IT OUT!



H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_001H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_004 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_008 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_009H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_010 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_011 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_012H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_013 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_014 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_015H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_018 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_019H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_035 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_036 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_037H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_038 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_039 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_040H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_041 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_042 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_043H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_044 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_045 H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_046H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_047H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_048H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_049H042910_PTW_Retzlaff - Copy_Redacted_Page_050


Just an observation:  From some of the comments being made by the McGibney Gang (their one remaining supporter), this person seems to think that Leiderman is going to be able to turn this around somehow.  But the law in this area is very well settled.  It does not matter what Judge Manoukian had to say in his October 20th inaptly named Order Striking the Challenge.  He could have written War & Peace.  He could have written one sentence.  He could have written…. whatever.

The simple fact remains is that, what Judge Manoukian wrote he wrote it on October 20, 2015 – and that by the time he wrote it, the deadline to write whatever it was that he wanted to write had long since expired.



There is an ancient legal saying that pre-dates the Code of Ur-Nammu.  It is so old, and so well respected, that it has been around since the beginning of time.  And that legal saying is:





You guys wanna know something really sad?  We spent about four hours today working on a new article that was going to be all about John Morgan’s Day of Judgment in which he got the ever-living shit kicked out of him by Jeff Dorrell and the Beaumont Court of Appeals in Texas.  FOUR HOURS, and when this came it, that had to go into the “pending” pile.

But not to leave y’all hanging, here is what happened:  John Morgan is James McGibney’s attorney in Texas.  He filed a SLAPP suit against Retzlaff, Neal Rauhauser, and a whole bunch of random, unknown persons for very stupid reasons.  An anti-SLAPP motion for sanctions was filed.  Houston, Texas, attorney Jeff Dorrell came in and won the case.  Now McGibney is facing $1.5 million in sanctions attorney’s fees.

There will be a court hearing in that case on November 18th.


Morgan, going into Full Retard Mode, decided to file his own SLAPP suit against the attorney representing his ex-wife because her attorney is in a Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory with Retzlaff and Dorrell to ruin John Morgan (Is it true?  Doesn’t really matter now does it.).

This afternoon the Beaumont Court of Appeals just issued its Opinion in which Morgan was utterly destroyed.  He is facing several million dollars in sanctions and attorney’s fees.  Seriously.  no joke.

Because of Retzlaff, Morgan is also facing a disbarment trial in the next few months, too, in both Texas and, later, Louisiana.  There will be a full article about this in the next few days.

Here is a copy of the decision from the Court of Appeals.  Check it out====>  Morgan Opinion 2015 Tex.App. LEXIS 11078

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