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Nazi / white supremacist and accused PEDOPHILE Jason Lee Van Dyke is on the run from the police!  He was supposed to show up for court on Friday, December 21, but has completely disappeared and all of his guns are gone!  We here at the BV Files sincerely hope and pray that he will be killed in a hail of police gun fire or, even better, by his own hand – 100% VERIFIED!!


Van Dyke’s complete disappearance was so surprising and shocking that the Judge has declared it to be an official FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!!




After nearly three weeks on the run, Nazi / accused pedophile Jason Lee Van Dyke was captured by federal law enforcement authorities with the help of the Denton County Sheriff’s office.


Courtesy of the Denton County Sheriff – Jan 8 2019



After weeks on the run dodging police patrols and citizen vigilantly groups, Van Dyke looks just like this guy right here:




Van Dyke is being held on a No-Bond warrant.  In the mean time, we hope that nobody will go burglarize or vandalize his home:


Home address for Jason Lee Van Dyke



For further news, check this out:




Stay tuned for further updates.






This is the inside Van Dyke’s home





Arrest warrant issued for Jason Van Dyke


Judge Coby Waddill granted a motion from the Denton County District Attorney’s Office to revoke Van Dyke’s surety bond, which was set at $1,000 after he was charged in September with a misdemeanor count of falsifying a police report with Oak Point police.


State v. Jason Van Dyke





This is the Oak Point, Texas, police department arrest affidavit for the initial case:


Earlier this month, the district attorney’s office received a statement from Tom Retzlaff, whom Van Dyke had sued for defamation, claiming Van Dyke had threatened to kill Retzlaff, prompting the hearing.




Unfortunately for Van Dyke, when he sent off this email, he hit the “reply all” button and it was delivered to:

  1. Linda Acevado, Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State Bar of Texas
  2. Kristin Brady, State Bar prosecutor for North Texas
  3. Andy Campbell, Senior Reporter for the Huffington Post
  4. John Council, Senior Editor for Texas Lawyer magazine
  5. Jeff Dorrell, Senior Partner of Hanszen Laporte law firm in Houston
  6. A certain, as yet unnamed Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation








What other death threats has Van Dyke sent?  CHECK IT OUT!!





This is a list of the evidence that the State Bar has against Van Dyke:



Friday’s hearing came with a heightened sense of security.  Members of the public, lawyers and five bailiffs were in the courtroom.  Denton City Council member Deb Armintor, who had been subpoenaed in the case, was not present.  Neither was Retzlaff.  Armintor said she was sequestered in a safe room outside the courtroom.  While Retzlaff and his daughter Brittany were in a separate location under police guard.


Kristin Brady, a prosecutor for the State Bar of Texas, was at Friday’s bond hearing as well.  She is the prosecutor assigned by the State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel to handle a disbarment case against Van Dyke.  In his affidavit to the District Attorney’s Office, Retzlaff wrote that a committee is scheduled to meet on February 22, 2019, to conduct the disbarment trial.



In her capacity as a professor, Armintor alerted officials at the University of North Texas that a student made her aware Van Dyke was mentoring students on the campus.  Specifically, Neal Smatresk, the university’s president, was told by professor and Denton City Council member Deb Armintor in early October that a student had confided in her that Jason Van Dyke was mentoring a UNT club, allegedly using it to send “dog-whistle” messages hued with white supremacist ideologies, according to screenshots of text messages between Armintor and Smatresk.

Now, the UNT Police Department is investigating the allegations about Van Dyke’s involvement on campus, said Julie Payne, a university spokeswoman.  Payne declined to say when the investigation began or what exactly is being investigated, saying it would be “inappropriate to comment on an ongoing investigation.”


Van Dyke is a Denton attorney and was once the lawyer for the Proud Boys, a national organization whose white supremacist activity has garnered international headlines.


His social media posts include racist and hateful remarks, as well as threats of violence toward people.



Very recent tweet from attorney Jason Van Dyke



Van Dyke Facebook post – April 20 2017



Van Dyke has never been enrolled at UNT, Payne said.

Van Dyke is the registered owner of the nonprofit Texas Marksmen Inc. The organization appears to be affiliated with the UNT Marksmen club. The group describes itself as a club that “provides a safe place for UNT students to practice their firearm skills.”


But Texas marksman is run by violent white supremacists and Nazis – so stay away!!




Texas Marksmen Inc - Nonprofit Corp - Cert of Formation - 5-15-2015



Van Dyke’s footprint at UNT has hit a nerve in the Denton community.  Residents have publicly asked for officials to investigate how prominent white supremacist activity is at UNT and in the Denton area.

In the time since the connections were revealed over the past few weeks online, the North Texas Daily reported the club’s faculty adviser Craig Howard stepped down from the group Nov. 30.  Then, the president of the club, Jason Armitage, resigned Dec. 11.

The student group told university officials it had “severed all ties with Mr. Van Dyke” on Dec. 7, Payne said.

Last weekend, Armintor circulated on her social media accounts Texas secretary of state documents tying Van Dyke to the university.  She obtained those documents from another person who has sparred with Van Dyke, a retiree from Arizona named Tom Retzlaff, who said in a phone interview he supports most of the ideologies the Proud Boys endorse.



Retzlaff with his cousin, a Phoenix Police Dept. Detective-Sergeant, at a Trump Rally


Van Dyke was tied to UNT in another way.  For at least four years, he was the registered agent, as well as a board member, for the UNT chapter of the fraternity Theta Chi’s Alumni/Housing Corp. Van Dyke was listed on the board’s documentation with the secretary of state until Dec. 7, an official with the office said Friday.


Local members of the fraternity directed reporter questions to the national office of Theta Chi.

Ben Hill, a spokesman for the Theta Chi national fraternity, sent a prepared statement to the BV Files saying Van Dyke had resigned from the board of the UNT Theta Chi chapter “several years ago” and had no position within the chapter.


This claim is false





Big supporter of racism and white supremacists – 100% VERIFIED!!



Hill did not respond to multiple attempts to ask him to clarify exactly when Van Dyke resigned, why he resigned and what direct involvement he had with Theta Chi.  Thus, we do not believe him because, as of this day, Van Dyke is still listed as an officer and director of the Theta Chi housing corporation!!!



Armintor has gone so far as to call for Smatresk to resign as UNT’s president if the university does not establish a policy to take direct action against hate groups.  She said she wants the UNT Marksmen group banned from campus.

In addition, she said she wants an outside group, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, to independently investigate whether organized white supremacist activity exists on the campus.

“If you can’t show leadership in a situation like this, then we need to find someone who can lead the university through difficult times,” Armintor said in an email to Smatresk. “He’s always talking about tolerance. I’d like to hear him about intolerance,” she said.





The university’s police department is investigating Van Dyke’s ties to the campus.


Courtesy of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office



Police describe Van Dyke as a white male, 6’1″ and 245 lbs with green eyes.  His DOB: April 3, 1980; Texas Drivers License# 15158112; SSN: 373-96-3137.






Van Dyke could also be hiding out at his mom’s house.

Susan Van Dyke and her Nazi offspring

Susan Lynn Van Dyke – mother of Nazi



Speaking of Van Dyke’s mom, one of your Admins of the BV Files sent Van Dyke the following text message to his cell phone:

Texting Van Dyke on Nov 24, 2018






In light of James McGibney (who we don’t like) being such a broke dick and all, we thought that we here at the BV Files would make a special donation on behalf of ol’ Jimmy the Pee Boy here to our favorite charity in the whole wide world: The Human Fund!



Yes, that is right, folks. James (Jimmy the Pee Boy) McGibney is completely broke and he needs money.

But let us remember that this holiday season is not about him or his revenge porn / blackmail company ViaView.  This holiday season is all about the children.  Am I right? Children like this young lady below here who can likely look forward to being posted on McGibney’s revenge porn website and then scammed for her hard earned monies in order to ransom back her intimate photos.



Is Ella Berkeley sexy enough to be on Cheaterville?



Or, even worse, find her intimate photos passed around and shared by McGibney with his “hard hittn’ crew“.



We here at the BV Files greatly value our family traditions, both new and old.  And today is December 23rd, the day upon which the entire BV Files family celebrates Festivus – the Holiday for the Rest of Us!

Festivus Pole


So we got our Festivus Pole all set up earlier today and we just sat down for our Festivus traditional meal of some sort of meatloaf and spaghetti with red sauce when, lo and behold, what happened?  We got an email for Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before!  In it contained a new court pleading filed by Jason Lee Van Dyke:



ECF 37 - P's mtn for court ordered dismissal


Yes, it really is true that Van Dyke is seeking the dismissal of both of his LOLsuits.  But will he be able to escape sanctions from the federal court?  STAY TUNED!!











In one of America’s forgotten events, it has been exactly 30 years since the terrorist attack on the Nakatomi Plaza in Century City, Los Angeles.  My cousin’s best friend’s brother-in-law died there.  But does anybody remember?  No, they do not.


This is Sergeant Al Powell.  He was an integral force in stopping the Nakatomi Plaza terrorist attack in Los Angeles on Christmas Day in 1988.

Sgt. Al Powell – Hero of the Christmas 1988 Nakatomi Plaza terror attack


On Christmas Eve, 1988, a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber took the Nakatomi employees hostage during their Christmas party.  Although the group of terrorists appeared to be motivated by freeing political prisoners, they were actually after $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds and other valuables stored in the company’s vault and were planning on killing the hostages in an explosion so they could escape unnoticed.

On his way home from work, LAPD Sgt. Al Powell was at a gas station grabbing some Twinkies for his wife when he was radioed to investigate an emergency call sent from John McClane at the hijacked Nakatomi Plaza in the Century City section of Los Angeles, California. 

As many of you will recall, McClaine was an off-duty NYPD officer that came to LA to spend Christmas with his estranged wife and children.


Throughout the hostage crisis, Powell talked to McClane (under the alias “Roy” or “cowboy”) via CB radio and tried to help and comfort him, often defending him from the outbursts of his superior, Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson.  Powell provided a vital link between McClane and the LAPD, keeping him up-to-date with developments, such as the doomed SWAT team raid and the arrival of the FBI.


Al – I miss you, man!  I hope that you, my friends at the BV Files, all will join me tonight in pouring one out for my dead homie.




Joseph “Joe” Yoshinobu Takagi was the President of Nakatomi Trading. Takagi was initiating operations of the Nakatomi Corporation in Los Angeles when, on Christmas Eve 1988, a group of German terrorists seized the Century City building to steal millions in bearer bonds. He was later shot in the head by the leader of the group, Hans Gruber, when he refused to give them the code for one of the vault locks. Takagi was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1937. His family emigrated to San Pedro, California in 1939. During World War II, Takagi was interned at Manzanar from 1942 to 1943. Still, he earned a scholarship to the University of California, Berkeley, enrolling in 1955. He also earned a law degree from Stanford in 1962 and an MBA from Harvard in 1970. Eventually, Takagi became President of Nakatomi Trading and Vice Chairman of the Nakatomi Investment Group. Takagi was married and had five children.

Harry Ellis was a leading businessman working for the Nakatomi Corporation. Ellis bravely attempted to help the hostages by negotiating with German terrorist Hans Gruber but was killed in cold blood.

The names of the security guards have never been revealed, which leads to controversy and conspiracy theories about why the FBI covered up such a brazen counterattack that jeopardized the rest of the hostages. FBI Agents Johnson and Johnson (no relation) were killed in a helicopter crash after the terrorists detonated explosives on the roof of the building.

The FBI suffered additional casualties, and so did the Los Angeles Police Department.

The terrorists were ultimately stopped by the teamwork of Detective John McClane of the NYPD, Sgt. Al Powell of the LAPD, and a civilian limo driver.





For some reason, the American government has swept this attack under the rug and refuses to acknowledge the sacrifice and loss of life that took place!  We here at the BV Files will NOT allow this to happen – not now, not ever, and not under our watch!


Nakatomi Plaza – never forget



However, we are hoping and praying that there will be a terrorist attack on the offices of Rosendin Electric in San Jose that results in the deaths of ALL of their executive staff and, of course, James McGibney.









ITS 2014….


Hey – wanna hear something funny?  According to Bullyville / James McGibney attorney Jay Leiderman, “ViaView has had a contract in place since November of 2011 with Warner Brothers/ Telepictures. Revenue exceeded $100,000 and the contract was valued to be in the millions.”


Remember when?



According to sources close to the investigation (that consist entirely of the voices in our head) the deal involved the CheaterVille website. However, Tom Retzlaff’s “persistent and false statements that CheaterVille was ‘revenge porn’ painted the company in a false light. Warner Brothers, a known Hollywood Studio, cooled on the deal.”



2nd Amend. Complaint in McGibney’s lawsuit against Retzlaff






Wow!  BV Files is a Google Boss – check it out below!


BV Files is 6 out of 6 and on the first page of Google – Hooray!!





How is our SEO working out now for you, McStupid? Thanks for the tip, by the way! We’ve never heard of SEO before you and Leiderman laid it out so well for us in your LOLsuit papers.

We are going to do this for ALL of our posts from now on.












Albu Kamal, Syria —

Holiday cheer is reportedly low in some communities this season, as suicide bombers were unexpectedly notified that they may have to work Christmas Day.

In yet another example of how Westerners have been disappointed after buying into the caliphate’s claims to “give their life purpose,” ISIS continued to alienate their American followers by activating almost all of its sleeper cells throughout the US for the upcoming Christmas week.




The call to jihad, according to numerous miffed radicals, couldn’t have come at a worse time, as most have already made their plans for the much anticipated holiday break.


Tell your children there will be no Christmas!


“I booked a vacation to Turks and Caicos six months ago — six months,” said new ISIS member Rick Stevens, who now calls himself “Awad Khleifat” after suffering an existential crisis working as a cost engineer. “Walmart doesn’t even make their employees work on Christmas.  If I would have known they didn’t respect the traditional holiday shutdown period I would have just read ‘The Secret.’”



Deborah Morgan, an unfulfilled stay-at-home mother of three, says she joined ISIS to “get out of the house.”  And while she is grateful to “The All Comprehending One” for “the opportunity to crush the infidels,” she admits she underestimated the flexibility required for waging a global holy war.

“Uh-uh — no way I am working through the break. You know how hard it was to get these John Oates tickets?” said Morgan, who pledged her undying allegiance to ISIS after reading a few memes on social media. “Normally I would say ‘In shaa Allah,’ but this is the talented half of ‘Hall and Oates’ we’re talking about here.”



“And I still have to finish all of my shopping and gift wrapping,” she added, visibly overwhelmed by all she has to get done before her martyrdom.

If they are required to detonate themselves, they will be joining the nearly quarter of Americans who will begrudgingly be working on either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day. And while retail workers can resort to shaming their employers on social media, these disciples of the Islamic State may have no recourse at all.

“Turns out [ISIS] monitor[s] social media and they don’t really have a Human Resources (HR) department,” Khleifat said, clearly despondent over his lack of options and non-refundable airfare. “I mean, they do, but it is just a cage you sit in while they douse you with gasoline.”

Surprisingly, not every sleeper is flustered with the last-minute changes.  One extremist, Glenn Dansby, is looking forward to his fiery death and highly touted carnal pleasures of the thereafter.

“Yeah, but it has nothing to do with my devotion to Islam or ISIS,” said Dansby, looking around nervously.

“I’m stuck spending Christmas with my in-laws.”







As many of you, our long times readers, listeners, and supporters know, Nederland, TX based private investigator Philip Rogers Klein is a criminal and a scam artist who goes around the country ripping off families of missing children by making false promises that he will find them, but only after they pay him $20,000 or more.

Klein and his attorney, John Morgan of Beamont, have suffered a series of major court loses. 



Klein lost a lawsuit he had filed against Texas billionaire oil man Bill Kallop.




And John Morgan lost his appeal of court sanctions ordered against him for filing a SLAPP lawsuit against the attorney who represented Morgan’s ex-wife in a child custody case.



And now Klein is taking on members of the news media who report on these lawsuit.  Specifically, our close and personal friends at the SE Texas Record newspaper, which is owned by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, which is a non-profit arm of U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Yeah, that group.



FUN FACT: The United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC) is a business-oriented American lobbying group. It is not an agency of the United States government.

Politically, the Chamber usually supports Republican political candidates, though it has occasionally supported conservative Democrats.  The Chamber is the largest lobbying group in the U.S., spending more money than any other lobbying organization on a yearly basis.


So now Klein is crying like a bitch because of all the negative publicity he has received on account of his dishonest and criminal business practices and all of the vexatious litigation.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Top Story

David Yates – Southeast Texas Record

Again – we see another example of the Southeast Texas Record, a legal periodical, and it’s chief writer David Yates, write another factually wrong article and plaster it all over the Internet.

The Southeast Texas Record is owned and operated by the National Chamber of Commerce and their tort reform arm. And they continue time in and again to skew articles to make them sound horrible against people and lawyers that they do not like.

Yates, who is a former flunky of local newspapers, got his panties ruffled when we here at the Review called him out on some of his articles. Not only were they factually wrong but he does the dance of taking a line out of a lawsuit and writing a story on it – and frankly in our opinion not tell the truth.

The Review contacted his editor, Ann Maher, and presented evidence to her showing her how Yates does his thing. And folks – it is not only us.

Long ago, the SET Record began a series of articles on this website and our editor, because? Well, we still don’t know. A local attorney, Brent Coon, was suspected of being involved in a website, a 202 suit was filed (not a lawsuit), and it was found after Coon, our editor, and about six others got into a room that in fact Coon was not involved. Our editor and Coon parted ways. However, the SET Record made the story into a huge three-part alledged liefest…..and continues to pick on Coon every single chance they get. And this is unfair to Coon as he is trying to help others and frankly is working rather hard for his clients.

Now to the present day – to which Yates and Maher have now focused their attention on “Philip Klein the Blogger” and any legal action that has anything to do with Klein. In fact, it has gone so far as to write stories on Justice of the Peace case <s> on collection suits that Klein’s sister companies have filed. Something the mainstream media would never do. Meaning – he is so wrapped up that he has aligned himself and his company with a known stalker, pedophile, and convicted felon to write stories about Klein.

But now the tables are turned on Yates and Maher as the stalker, pedophile and convicted felon have focused on them. And it is very sad to see.

This weeks story was on our sister companies lawyer John Morgan. The story goes into all of the whoha about sanctions – but Yates lies and does not tell the real story. Why? Well because in his zest to get a shot in – he fails to read the entire article – the same one we wrote over 8 months ago.

The story is simple.

Morgan files a suit because his ex-wife in her connections with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, in Beaumont, Texas, leaks sealed documents to the stalker / pedophile. You see his ex-wife’s new husband works there. Everyone denies he did it according to our sources who demand anonymity. As well, there is an FBI investigation in another state of the communications between certain persons in Jefferson County after a raid and a search warrant discovers emails between people in Jefferson County naming our editor and his legal counsel – being three or more people – which we are told launches a RICO investigation. We are told that the investigation is in its final stages and charges will be filed this spring after a grand jury probe in another state.

The true story on Morgan is that the judge came back with a $7,500 attorney fees judgment on Morgan. He paid the $7,500 in attorney fees. The check was cashed and that was that. Almost 10 days later, the visiting judge REOPENED THE CASE ON HIS OWN (which in fact may be illegal) and upped the judgment to $70,000, to which Morgan appealed to the 9th Court of Appeals (the most corrupt group of jurists in all of East Texas). Accordingly, Morgan has or is going to file a motion to be reheard (to deaf and corrupt ears) and it will go to the Supreme Court, where a companion lawsuit was just thrown out under the new TCPA law that the 9th Court of Appeals ignored. Spurring a look by the Feds at the 9th Court of Appeals.

Making matters even worse, the Record even ignored the complaints of corruption between the Pedophile that is their sources for the story and the injection of the Pedophile himself in communicating Ex-Parta with the judge.

To break it down for you in South Newton County, the Pedophile was communicating with the judge (and threatening him), which it is suggested that it was what changed the judges mind to illegally  reopen the case after all of the fines were paid ($7,000), and then plant a story with David Yates and Ann Maher (the editor who graced it).

What are we saying?

  1. David Yates and Ann Mayer of the Southeast Texas Record are now considered a part of a known felon and Pedophile that works with a Houston Law firm and is a client that is filing cases, committing barratry, and creates fake and false stories based upon two or three lines of a lawsuit claim. Mind you, not an adjudication, a claim which is false and either set up and skewed.
  2. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s office have some rats in their hallways that the DA needs to get out – because if he doesn’t the walls are coming in.
  3. Lastly, the corruption between hand-pick judges and some of the attorney’s in this county stink. We are hoping with the Pick of Judge Walston as Administrative Judge – he will not kick the can down the road and give time for corrupt attorneys to try and ruin peoples lives by using the law to spear someone using the law.

Did we mention there are tapes? Oh….that would take another big sliver of the Review’s time.

In the end – Southeast Texas record is just a rag of lies with an agenda. And we are going to keep them up and their history downloaded – as when it all comes down – we are going to call out Yates and Maher. They are both very sick people in our opinion with a political agenda. And when pointed out that they are wrong – and the motion or suit failed – they say nothing. Just leaving it up on the net for all to see.

We have never wished anyone ill will. Never. But today we want you the public to know that David Yates and Ann Maher with the Southeast Texas Record have now associated themselves with a convicted felon – and a known pedophile. Now that is something the National Chamber of Commerce Should be proud of!

Ya…we just said that.


IN case you forget, here are the two back-to-back decisions from the Beaumont Court of Appeals which completely vindicate the “pedophile” whom Klein refers to above, along with the members of the Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory group that defeated Klein and Morgan – 100% VERIFIED!!




Johnson-Todd v Morgan - Opinion - 12-20-2018





Offshore Express v Klein - Beaumont COA Opinion




Instead of spending time blogging, Klein should get to work on this book he claimed he was writing – which was supposed to be published over a year ago!!




Today we announce Mr. Klein’s new book. The cover is finished – and the book is in production. The release date is November 14, 2017 in time for Christmas. We will announce the pre order date!


Yeah, whatever.




As of Dec 24, 2018, at 9am PT.

If you have any extra Christmas money or Hanukkah gelt laying around, please donate to help BUILD THAT WALL!  Over $16.5 million has been raised in one week.  So give till it hurts – and then give some more!






There will be a court hearing in the McGibney v. Retzlaff lawsuit in Fort Worth, Texas, in two weeks.




Now that we have had our little bit to say, we would like to turn the floor over to you guys, our TEEMING MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters. Yes, it is time for the most important part of the Festivus holiday — the Airing of Grievances, which consists of each person lashing out at others and the world about how they have been disappointed in the past year.

So now is your time to air your grievances against revenge porno perv James McGibney and his sexual blackmail company ViaView, Inc. in the comments section below.  And if you want to add a little something about Nazis and our Missing In Action Proud Boy, Jason Lee Van Dyke, by all means, please do so!






A Festivus celebration is not complete without the “Feats of Strength”  It is a common practice that Festivus is not over until the head of the household is wrestled to the floor and pinned.


Now stop crying and fight your father!


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