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Philip Klein is a Nederland, Texas, based private investigator who runs a company called Klein Investigations and Consulting (http://kleininvestigations.com/).  He is also a criminal who assisted John Morgan in filing a series of FALSE child sex abuse claims against Morgan’s ex-wife and he is also a criminal who created some FAKE child custody court papers that resulted in the FALSE ARREST of two INNOCENT PEOPLE near San Antonio, Texas.

Thus, Philip Klein and his little private eye company MUST BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS and we need your help to do it!

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Baghdad Bob is BV

James McGibney (who we don’t like) came into the world like a Lion with a bunch of fast and furious filings of some frivolous lawsuits.  Now he is going out like a little Lamb due to him suffering severe losses, court sanctions and (most importantly) MISSING COURT DEADLINES TO FILE DOCUMENTS.

But it is okay, though, because it is all going according to plan, right?


     1.  James McGibney & ViaView v. Thomas Retzlaff, et al, case # 067-270669-14 filed in the 67th District Court of Tarrant County, Texas in Fort Worth.


     2.  James McGibney & ViaView v. Thomas Retzlaff, et al, case # 5:14-cv-01059-BLF filed in the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose.


     3.  ViaView, Inc. v. Thomas Retzlaff, case # 1-14-CH-005460 filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose.


Hey BV Files – So what happened in the Texas case?  you ask.  Well, sit down, STFU, and we will tell ya.

Pursuant to the Order of Judge Don Cosby, 67th District Court, a December 4th briefing deadline was established for McGibney to file his response to the motion for sanctions.  Recall that American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files, Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell is seeking over $1.3 million in attorney’s fees and sanctions against James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney on account of McGibney (who runs a revenge pornography / blackmail website) being found GUILTY of violating the Texas Citizens Participation Act (the state’s anti-SLAPP law).

Evan Stone (not his real name) (who we don't like)

Evan Stone (not his real name) (who we don’t like)

So how did McGibney’s attorney Evan Stone respond?  Well he didn’t.  The deadline came and went and Stone never filed anything.  But here is what Dorrell filed.  CHECK IT OUT.

Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_1 Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_2 Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_3Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_4 Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_5 Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_6Rauhauser's Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney's Fees_Page_7

Here is a link to the full document with exhibits.  Rauhauser’s Reply in Support of Mot. for TCPA Sanctions and Attorney’s Fees


So why didn’t McGibney’s attorney, Denton, Texas based Evan Stone, Co-Founder of Stone & Vaughan, PLLC law firm, file a response?  Was it due to too much Vicodin or not enough monies?  We haven’t a clue so YOU BE THE JUDGE.


If it's on Twitter, it must be true, right?



In any event, Stone decided to go on a European Vacation during the time that McGibney – and America – needed him the most.  CHECK IT OUT.

Stone's Vacation Letter

But BV Files, does it matter that he was on vacation at the time the court set a deadline for him to respond to the motion for sanctions? you ask.  NO!  And why is that?

Had plaintiffs wished to controvert Rauhauser’s claim for
$300,383.84 attorney’s fees as evidenced by the Dorrell affidavit, plaintiffs were required to serve a counteraffidavit upon Rauhauser not later than:
(i) 30 days after the day the plaintiffs received a copy of the Dorrell affidavit; and
(ii) 14 days before the day on which the evidence is presented to the Court.


Wow – we could not put it better ourselves.  But since we are Retzlaff & Dorrell (and Rauhauser, Lipton, Lusher, Basko, Camp and a few others), we did write this ourselves so there.


So while Stone had to file his response by December 4th, the deadline to file any kind of affidavit controverting Dorrell’s request for attorney’s fees was due on or before November 20th – a time when Stone was NOT on “vacation” (or in a drug induced coma).  In essence, there were TWO deadlines here.  The deadline to file a response to the sanctions motion (December 4) and the deadline within which to make a challenge to the request for attorney’s fees (November 20).

The Texas Citizens Participation Act mandates that violators be required to pay not just attorney’s fees and expenses, but sanctions, as well.  But the issue of sanctions and the issue of attorney’s fees are two separate matters with different standards of proof (for lack of a better term).  While you can file a single response that deals with both issues, you are not required to.  One is free to pick and chose his battles and make a response however one wishes using whatever facts and arguments he or she can come up with.  Maybe you feel that your opponent’s case is weaker on the matter of attorney’s fees, but stronger on the matter of sanctions.  Whatever.  The point is, Stone is free to draft his arguments however he wishes, just so long as he meets the deadlines set by the court and the law.




John S. Morgan - Beaumont, TX

John S. Morgan – Beaumont, TX

For those of you who have not been paying attention, Philip Klein’s running buddy and attorney, Morgan, was just found GUILTY of violating the Texas Citizens Participation Act in a lawsuit Morgan filed against the attorney representing Morgan’s ex-wife.  That attorney is, coincidentally, also being represented by Jeffrey Dorrell.


FUN FACT:  This is NOT a coincidence.  Seriously.


You can check out our article about this right here:

Attorney John Morgan Found GUILTY of SLAPP Violations – Faces MILLIONS In Sanctions!


Morgan filed his Motion for Rehearing a couple of days ago.  Suffice to say, this document was clearly written by a drug addict who could not stop abusing his three children long enough to pick up a law book and do some research.  Seriously – 100% VERIFIED.

Morgan’s main point in his request for rehearing is that, because he was able to obtain an Order of Nondisclosure with regards to his criminal conviction for filing a false police report against his ex-wife, those records are supposedly “sealed” and no one is allowed to talk about them.

Unfortunately for Morgan, we here at the BV Files published Morgan’s criminal records wayyyy back on April 8, 2014 – four days after charges were filed against Morgan and he was arrested.

Morgan article

The Order of Nondisclosure was filed on August 6, 2014 – some FOUR MONTHS AFTER WE HAD ALREADY POSTED MORGAN’S CRIMINAL RECORDS ONLINE.

Morgan article 2




ban hammer 2


BV banned #18

And why was James McGibney (who we don’t like), a self-professed “nice man and anti-bullying advocate who just wants to help people” kicked off of Twitter for the EIGHTEENTH TIME?

BV banned #3

So pretend for a moment that you are McStupid and you are sitting at home, with your smelly carpet and a bunch of half-breed, pointy headed kids running around and a Mexican wife who loves to spend your hard-earned revenge porn / blackmail monies on shoes.  WHAT DO YOU DO?

  • Do you engage in acts of self-reflection?
  • Do you contact Twitter and promise not to ever do that again, and really mean it this time?
  • Do you decide that your time is better spent going outside and playing with your kids (or getting a job) as opposed to sitting on the Twitter machine posting abuse at random, anonymous people?



James McGibney at deskYeah, that’s what you do if you are a meth addicted dumb ass.  So we are sure that Piss Boy will be back yet again on the Twitter machine tweeting happily away shortly.



on with the show

We need your help, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters.  We need your help in putting Philip Klein and his company Klein Investigations & Consulting OUT OF BUSINESS.


Klein claims to be in the business of finding lost, missing, or stolen children.  Yet Klein is a criminal who regularly creates FALSE EVIDENCE that has led to several people being wrongfully arrested.

Klein contract— Yeah, dumb ass, we have your dox



We ask that you set your Google alerts to give you a head’s up every time Klein is mentioned in a news article or gets involved in a missing child case.

We ask that you keep an eye on Klein’s Facebook page for mentions about missing children and we ask that you contact those families and tell them not to do business with Klein.  You can refer them to our article about Klein right here:

Texas PI Philip Klein Creates Fraudulent Court Records That Result In Woman’s False Arrest – $8 Million Lawsuit!




Dislike this page!

Dislike this page!

Here is a link to Klein’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/KleinInvestigations/


It is also important that we shut down Klein’s ability to raise monies as we believe that he has no business being involved in missing children or any other kind of private detective work as he is a very dishonest man.

Here is a link to his Go Fund Me page.  Help us get it shut down and stop the fund-raising:  https://www.gofundme.com/kicmissingrescue


Klein Go Fund Me_Page_1 Klein Go Fund Me_Page_2

Another thing that you can do is to contact the local law enforcement authorities and tell them about Klein and email them links to the pages here on the BV Files where they can see what’s what.  You can also send them copies of the court papers, too, which you can download for emailing right here.  The first page is shown and then under you will find a link to the full document itself:


Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_01

Court’s Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker’s Mot to Dismiss


Klein lawsuit - 2nd amend petition_Page_01

Klein lawsuit – 2nd amend petition


Klein 2007 lawsuit_Page_01

Klein 2007 lawsuit






Klein house

The sooner we can put Phillip Klein out of business the faster Philip Klein will be out of business!  He is a piece of human garbage.


Try and take my guns & ammo from me and I'll bite you in the crotch!

Try and take my guns & ammo away from me and I’ll bite you in the crotch!

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