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Jeffrey Dorrell

Jeffrey Dorrell

American Hero and Honorary Administrator of the BV Files, Houston, Texas, attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, will be among a very select few of American attorneys who have earned the privilege of being able to appear and argue a case before the United States Supreme Court in a matter set to be heard in February.




Press release Dorrell Press Release


Shortly after noon on November 6, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court granted the petition for a writ of certiorari I filed in Husky International Electronics, Inc. v. Ritz. About 8000 petitions are received by the high court every year, and only about 80 are granted. This means that the nation’s highest court will hear and decide a case I have been litigating for 8 difficult years. Oral argument in Washington, D.C., is scheduled for February 2016.

— Jeff Dorrell


Unfortunately for James McGibney (who we don’t like) the only attorneys he can afford to hire are criminals who abuse their children, use drugs, and/or engage in copyright trolling that caused them to get hit with HUGE sanctions from the federal court.  And yes, we are referring to you Jay Leiderman, Evan Stone, and John Morgan.

So when we have the BIG SHOW DOWN in Texas with regards to the anti-SLAPP sanctions award against McGibney and ViaView in the coming weeks, whose attorney has more credibility and respectability?  Whose attorney do you think the judge will be more impressed with and more likely to pay attention to?



Evan Stone (not his real name) (who we don't like)

Evan Stone (not his real name) (who we don’t like)





Age confirmation




This is very, very unfortunate for James McGibney (who we don’t like) because it gives Mr. Dorrell – and his co-conspirators, a great deal of credibility and a national platform from which to beat McGibney about the head and face as they tell their story about record setting court sanctions coming from Texas in a case involving a crazy little man from San Jose who runs a revenge pornography / blackmail website, but who claims to others that he is a “nice man”, and “an anti-bullying advocate who just wants to help people” – and by “help people”, we mean that James McGibney engages in the sexual blackmail of little girls in a scheme totally designed to separate them from their money as these girls desperately try to ransom back their intimate photos.


cheaterville banner




FUN FACT:  This television interview of McStupid took place over 4 1/2 years ago, and yet it has only received 140 views on YouTube since.  Clearly lots of people give a shit about James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney.  CHECK IT OUT:





Cheaterville $499 Take Down service_Page_2Cheaterville $499 Take Down service_Page_3

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a sexual deviant who earns his money in a very disgusting and despicable way.


One last comment on this before we move along.  Check out this video from the ABC News Nightline television show broadcast in May 2012.  While McGibney, on his website, tries to claim that this is a story about him and his company, it is really a bit all about Hunter Moore – a man made totally famous on account of some dumb things McGibney tried to do to him.  Yet out of a seven minute piece, Jimmy boy only gets less than 40 seconds of time.  The rest is all Hunter Moore.


At the 5:20 mark, ABC News labels Cheaterville as a “revenge-based website” that is very similar to the one run by Hunter Moore, whom McGibney has labeled as a revenge porn operator.  Ironic, eh?

Cheaterville is crowd sourced blackmail


So how did all of this get started?  McGibney thought it would be a good idea to post the photographs of the daughter of a man who just could not be intimidated – a man with the skills and resources necessary to beat James McGibney into the ground.  Seriously.

Brittany Cintron of El Paso is a Cheating _ who gave me an _ - Brittany Cint_Page_1Brittany Cintron of El Paso is a Cheating _ who gave me an _ - Brittany Cint_Page_2britney on cheaterville

Yes, these are the photographs that James McGibney is now trying to claim were taken with a HIDDEN CAMERA installed in Brittany’s house.  But, clearly, these photos were posed for by a person who knew that the camera was there and what she was doing.

But what is interesting to note is that Brittany filed for divorce on August 5, 2009, and in less than three weeks SEVERAL SEX VIDEOS of her started appearing all over the internet.

brit divorce Date of the posting of Brittany's sex videosDate of the posting of Brittany's sex videos #2 Date of the posting of Brittany's sex videos #3 brittany nude pictures posting datebrit sex tape posting


Poor McGibney.  Even his lies don’t make any sense.

17 - MbrZPk2





In any event, thanks to our efforts here at the BV Files, and the efforts of one or more determined people who might or might not be in a Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory with one another, this will never not be funny.  The complete and utter economic destruction of James McGibney and ViaView has been the goal all along.  And if you don’t like it, Piss Boy, oh, well.  Sucks to be you!

April 2014 court hearing

April 2014 court hearing

lost money #2The Tears of McGibney = Lulz





latest news



Attorney Jay Leiderman

Attorney Jay Leiderman

A drug addict by the name of Jay Leiderman, who is the attorney for McGibney and ViaView in the California restraining order case, tried to file some documents with the Sixth District Court of Appeal in a lawsuit that involves American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files, Tom Retzlaff.  Upon seeing Leiderman’s Vicodin-fueled court pleadings, the court of appeals issued the following order:

Real party in interest [ViaView] having failed to deposit the filing fee in accordance with this court’s notice, the document entitled “Omnibus Response to Petitioner’s Emergency Motion to Modify Terms of the Discovery Stay and Request for Sanctions; Writ of Mandate and Immediate Stay of Proceedings Case #H042910” filed on October 30, 2015, and the document entitled “Notice of Withdrawal of Written Opposition in Light of the Court’s Previous Rulings in the ‘Discovery’ Writ and in favor of the Court Taking Judicial Notice in the ‘Disqualification’ Writ” filed on November 3, 2015, are hereby stricken.

— November 5, 2015, Order of the Court


So the result of this Order is the fact that Retzlaff’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus to have the judge removed from the case went unopposed.

Recall that it was just a week ago that the appellate court issued an EMERGENCY ORDER removing Judge Manoukian from this case due to a finding of bias and prejudice on the part of the judge.

H042910 order

So does it seem likely that the court of appeals will suddenly decide to reverse itself, especially when there is no opposition to the judge being removed?  Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.

As soon as something happens, you will hear about it here first.  Unless someone else tells you about it before we do.




McGibney got drunk and high on meth a few days ago and posted a bunch of ridiculous nonsense on his Twitter account.  These posts are referring to American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files, Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell – the man who won the case against McGibney in Texas and who is leading the way towards our side getting a record setting $1.3 million court sanctions award against McGibney.

11-6-2015 McGibney admits to email hacking 11-6-2015 McGibney admits to email hacking #2


Other Tweets McGibney has posted about Dorrell include…

Catty Idiot tweet 1-10-2015 #45 Whois Lookup for Dorrell 3


So what does James McGibney’s employer at Rosendin Electric think about this?

Tom & Kendra Sorley with their grandchildren Sophia & Kendall

Tom & Kendra Sorley with their grandchildren Sophia & Kendall



Rosendin Executive emails Corporate Inside post

Feel free to call up the good folks at Rosendin Electric and let them know how you feel about them having a sexual blackmailer on their payroll.  The sooner they fire James McGibney (who we don’t like) the better.  McGibney is a clear and present danger to each and everyone of their employees.  One can only wonder at how many of McGibney’s female co-workers and subordinates have appeared on McGibney’s revenge porn website.







For years James McGibney and his revenge porn / blackmail company ViaView have sought the spotlight. But McGibney needs to remember something very, very important: For a man in his position, the spotlight can turn into an interrogation lamp pretty damn fast!