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McGibney's plan

James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a cyber-stalker who runs a revenge pornography website.  He makes his money off of the sexual blackmail of little girls – seriously!  He has also publicly claimed to be working with the illegal hacking groups Anonymous and The Rustle League.  McGibney has recently admitted to hacking into the computers and email accounts of a Houston, Texas, law firm and placing child porn on them.  WoW!  But he later claims that he was “just kidding” and it was all a harmless prank – seriously.

And yet McGibney himself has personally claimed to have had access to child pornography and has admitted to sharing links to child pornography websites with his friends!

McGibney admits to child porn

Why would James McGibney (who we don’t like) be sharing, via Twitter’s Direct Message system, links to URLs of websites that contain “images of naked girls as young as 15” with his “hard hittin crew”?  Is he a police officer??


BV works with FBI


Fun Fact:  In James McGibney’s world, being a self-proclaimed “central repository for evidence collection” on behalf of the FBI means he can amass a collection of child pornography that he can share with his friends (i.e. his “hard hittin crew”), right?



Actually, NOJames McGibney is not a police officer and, NO, he has no legal authorization for having access to child porn, child porn URLs or for sharing child porn URLs with his friends!!

Does McGibney’s employer San Jose, California based Rosendin Electric know that McGibney is a “central repository” for child pornography on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?


wow – this is getting interesting….


And if McGibney is not running a revenge pornography / blackmail website, then why does he charge little girls money in order to remove their intimate photos and defamatory comments from HIS website?




Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before emailed us the below photograph of an American Hero.  Clearly this person, whomever he is, doesn’t give two shits about TROs, court orders, or police threat-hoaxes perpetrated by McStupid.



Oh, oh, Piss Boy. Better call the ATF, dude!

Oh, oh, Piss Boy. Better call the ATF, dude!


Recall that it was just four weeks ago when Jimmy the Piss Boy was involved in a SWATting incident in which he made a fake police report.  CHECK IT OUThttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/attempted-swatting-averted-neal-rauhauser

Rauhauser Linked In article

Clearly this man likes his guns and does not mind showing them off.  Nor does he seem like the kind of person easily intimidated.



6th CA Ct of Appeal

Absolutely nothing is going on here with these cases involving McGibney and American Hero Retzlaff.

No rulings have been released with regards to the two Petitions for Writ of Mandate that are pending regarding the blocking of the WordPress subpoena and the removal of the trial judge due being disqualified due to bias and prejudice.

Both cases have been listed on the Court’s website as being “fully briefed” for two weeks now which, according to court observers, is an unusually long time.  If the Court wished to deny the writ petitions, they could do so with just a one sentence order (which is how the courts commonly do this).  But if the Court grants the writ petitions, that requires a detailed explanation.  Which obviously takes a while to write.



Beaumont, TX private investigator Philip R. Klein

Beaumont, TX private investigator Philip R. Klein


Why is Beaumont, Texas, private investigator Philip Klein inserting himself in a missing child case in the state of Idaho?  Perhaps it is because the state of Idaho does not require someone to be licensed or background checked when claiming to be a Private Investigator.

Klein missing child


Of course, knowing Philip Klein like we do, this has gotta be some kind of scam in order to get monies from this family.  CHECK IT OUT.


Klein Go Fund Me_Page_1 Klein Go Fund Me_Page_2


We wonder how long it will be until the family and local law enforcement gets wind of Klein’s criminal activities in other missing child cases and him being sued for $8 million in San Antonio, Texas.


In case any of you have forgotten click on the link below:

Texas PI Philip Klein Creates Fraudulent Court Records That Result In Woman’s False Arrest – $8 Million Lawsuit!



Leiderman says he is not a snitch - 11-22-2015


Funny, but we heard that Dillion Crawford is, in fact, a snitch, and that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is selling out fellow Anons.

McGibney stabs in the back - 11-22-2015




McGibney and Leiderman like to go on the Twitter machine and rag on how supposedly poor and broke dick American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Joseph (Jo Jo) Camp is.  But just maybe that is not true.

JoJo and car




where is TR

While many (if not most) of you are sitting at home in your mother’s house reading the BV Files (for which we thank you!), not everyone is a basement dwelling Twitter Nerd.  Some of us have lives and like to get out and about.

While most of the country is locked in bitter ice and snow, according to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), this Thanksgiving our American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff is busy using up his frequent flier miles before they expire at the end of the year.  Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before sent us these photos which ended up in our In Box this morning which were taken just yesterday afternoon and evening.


If you can guess Where in the World TR Is At? you can win a new car – seriously!  100% VERIFIED!!




Hawaii Nov 24 2015TR in Hawaii 11-24-15TR in Hawaii 2

Hey Piss Boy!  Some people just don’t give two shits about your TROs, court orders, and police-threat hoaxes – and there is not a god damn thing you can do about it!

#GFY McGibney #TangoDown @Bullyville

#GFY McGibney
#TangoDown @Bullyville


Special Update

Just as we were about to go to press with this article, something was dropped into our In Box in a completely anonymous and unexpected fashion that delayed this post!

It appears that something completely amazing and unexpectedly horrific was filed in the Texas lawsuit last week.  CHECK IT OUT.

Hollas affidavit pg 1 of 8

pg 1 of 8

Hollas affidavit pg 8 of 8

pg 8 of 8

We hope to have more about this sometime AFTER Judge Cosby makes his ruling on the anti-SLAPP sanctions request.




Which leads us to the main portion of our article…..


11-6-2015 McGibney admits to email hacking 11-6-2015 McGibney admits to email hacking #2

Just three weeks ago, right after American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston, Texas, attorney Jeffrey Dorrell filed his motion for sanctions in which he is seeking $1.3 million in sanctions against revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his blackmail company ViaView, McGibney went on the Twitter machine to loudly and proudly claim that (1) he hacked into the email accounts of Mr. Dorrell and his law firm, and (2) planted images of child pornography on his computers.

Smart move, kid!

So how does McGibney and his gay porno copyright troll attorney, Evan Stone, respond to this matter?  By saying:

Joking Does Not Constitute an Admission of Guilt.  Public taunts or jokes on social media forums such as Twitter fail to adhere to the legal classification of an ‘admission of guilt.’



Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_01 Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_02 Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_03Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_04 Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_05 Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_06Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_07 Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_08 Response to Rauhauser's Motion for Nonmonetary Sanctions_Page_09

To us Admins at the BV Files, going onto the Twitter machine and claiming that you have hacked email accounts and planted child porn on people’s computers – when you have done so repeatedly in the past – is a dumb thing to do.  It is not funny and such acts are taken very seriously.  OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THESE TWEETS IN WHICH JAMES MCGIBNEY MADE NUMEROUS CLAIMS TO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY HACKED INTO EMAIL AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS?

5-14-13 hacking #2 5-22-13 hacking11-12-13 #4


Yes, Jimmy:  This is all going according to your plan.  Victory is right around the corner, eh?  (dumb ass)

16 - K6IKLC8



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