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Good day, eh.  Well, it was exactly FOUR years today, at this very moment, when James McGibney (who we don’t like) was dumb enough to pick up a gun, stick it in his mouth, and pull the trigger when he decided to file the first of a series of three SLAPP lawsuits against a random group of people who might (or might not) be a part of some Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory.


Be sure to check out BRAND NEW never revealed before information below that includes court transcripts and secret emails that are new to 2018!!


BV Hunter Moore comment Retz is the new Hunter Moore lawsuit





NOTE:  Special Philip Klein updates posted at bottom. 


While McGibney posted his tweets on February 14, 2014, he actually did not file his LOLsuit until February 19, 2014, at 11:13 am CST.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Final Judgment - McGibney vs The Internets




Today we here at the BV Files invite all of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, to join in a world-wide celebration of the absolute and total destruction of all things McGibney related.

BV is a pedo #1


Will you please explain to the court how you were able to get the IP address information for these specific tweets without the cooperation of Twitter? Or are you just making shit up?






Under New Management Soon

For those of you new to BV Files, here is a guide to help you understand the players, who we don’t like, and why:

  1. ViaView, Inc. is a company incorporated in Delaware that is owned by seven guys involved in the construction industry in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. Cheaterville.com is a revenge porn site that is run by ViaView. On Cheaterville people can post intimate photos and personal details about their ex-. If you find yourself posted on Cheaterville, you will be forced to pay them $199 (or more!) if you want to ransom back your photos and get the post removed.
  3. Bullyville.com is a hate speech / bullying website that is run by ViaView. While on the surface the website looks innocently enough, if you just barely scratch the surface by looking in its Articles section you will find some of the most vile and ugly hate speech one could ever imagine.
  4. James Alex McGibney. He is born in Oct. 31, 1973, from the town of Monroe, NY, who lives in San Jose, CA, and is married to Christina Marie Orduna McGibney (born in June 12, 1981 in the SF-Bay area), with whom he has three small boys with. He is a liar, a thief, and a criminal – seriously. He has falsely claimed to having an Executive Education from Harvard Business School. He does have a FAKE college degree from Chadwick University, a well known diploma mill since shut down by the Govt., and has filed for Ch. 7 bankruptcy at least twice in recent years.

The owners of ViaView consist of the following individuals: (UPDATED INFORMATION)

  1. Dave Suder – West Coast President/CEO of KHS&S Contracting, who is also on the Board of Regents for Servite Catholic High School in Anaheim, CA. His son David Stone Suder was CONVICTED in Orange County, CA of multiple counts of child rape involving VERY YOUNG CHILDREN!
  2. Mark Caspers – Senior Partner & CEO at Las Vegas based Integrated Capital & Development Solutions (ICDS).
  3. Michael T. Carr – a man who calls himself “The Profit Prophet” (bet he didn’t see this coming?) and who is currently in hiding from his wife’s divorce lawyer.
  4. Wayne P. (Pat) Hibbs – Senior Vice President at Ledcor Construction Inc. in Las Vegas.
  5. Nikolas (Nick) Mamula – owner of a Las Vegas pre-fabricated stone products & tile company called T. Nicholas Co.
  6. Scott Corey Ryan – a lawyer licensed to practice law in Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada who is employed as Senior Vice President & General Counsel for Tutor Perini Building Group in Phoenix, AZ.
  7. James McGibney – serial resume fraudster & deadbeat with TWO Chapter 7 bankruptcies under his belt.


Destroying James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his ViaView revenge porn company – and all who support him and work with him – has been our mission right from the very beginning four years ago in February 2014.

As you read the below article, we want you all to keep the following words that were recently written by Denton, TX attorney Evan Stone in mind.  Read these words and try to think for a moment what is going on inside his head at this moment for himself, his family, and his client (and his client’s family), as well as the fear they have for their own personal – and physical – well being.  CHECK IT OUT:

Jimmy cries = lulz

VexatiousSee, messing with a vexatious litigant is like messing with a ticking time bomb. Those who know better don’t fuck with it. Those who don’t are likely to have it blow up in their face at great risk to life and limb – not to mention ones wallet.


James McGibney (who we don’t like) likes to repeatedly claim that (1) he is not a sexual blackmail artist and that (2) Cheaterville.com is not a revenge pornography website (even though it charges little girls $499 to remove their intimate photographs).  But in order for this to be true, McGibney has to be the most grievously misunderstood celebrity of the modern era.


Here is an old television interview from May 2011 that was sent to us by one of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters in a recent email.

These two news reporters are clearly not buying the BULLSHIT (to use a legal term) that McGibney is trying to spin to them.  CHECK IT OUT!!

Science almost always prefers the simple answer, because that’s the one that’s usually correct.  And McGibney, your quote trail is far too long – and you have been far too wrong – for the truth not to be obvious.

See, even this guy here gets it:

Cheaterville is crowd sourced blackmail


So what did American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff do to revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his sexual blackmail company ViaView, Inc?  CHECK IT OUT!!




It’s been over FOUR YEARS and the FBI still can’t figure out who Miss Anon News is? Do they even care??  Or are they too busy chasing Russian trolls on Facebook & Twitter???


What is totally silly here is that McGibney – and his idiot attorney John Morgan – seem to think that the FBI will just randomly get involved in any old investigation on a whim.  But, in fact, there are hard and fast guidelines for FBI investigations.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Too bad NONE of the state and federal court judges who read McGibney’s nonsense were as stupid as he thought they were, am I right?

ECF 172 Order granting dismissal - 6-18-2015






Hey, McBitchney – what ever happened with this?


If you really do start getting correspondences from some “huge, publicly traded company” that really is looking at acquiring all of your internet domains, please be sure to direct them to Retzlaff since I hear that he (and American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell) already have all of your GoDaddy domains, m’kay?


Here is Retzlaff’s contact information so you can pass that onto these “huge, publicly traded companies”.

Whose got your GoDaddy’s McGibney???



Feb 19 2018:


So how did all of this start, well according to Beaumont attorney John Morgan, he claims that McGibney’s California attorney, Jay Leiderman, strong-armed and threatened him into filing the Texas LOLsuit.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Pg 65 – Transcript of Aug 21 2017 from Morgan v Johnson-Todd TCPA sanctions hearing


Yes, you heard that correctly – Morgan claims that Leiderman threatened him that if he did not file the lawsuit that Leiderman would file a complaint against Morgan with the State Bar.


Unfortunately for Morgan and his client, James McGibney (who we don’t like) Dorrell and Retzlaff’s trap had already been sprung and it was too late for McGibney to be able to escape!


Despite being forewarned about what exactly would happen to them, Leiderman and McGibney still decided to forge ahead with their SLAPP suits.




— Posted by McGibney on his Bullyville.com website




And this is the girl who helped bait the trap that was set for McGibney!!

Someone special says: Go Fuck Yourself, McGibney!


Like I said earlier, by McGibney trying to get my daughter involved he basically signed his own death warrant.  Remember these Life Lessons:

  • If I know you are stealing my private emails, I am going to write in them whatever I think will trick you or make you act crazy.
  • If I know you will blab what I tell you, I will tell you things I want blabbed.
  • If you have “doxed” me incorrectly, I won’t correct you.
  • If you think you are tricking me, you are the one being tricked.

Thus, tricking you two dumbasses into basing your entire defense in this case on whatever nonsense my daughter was told to spoon feed to McGibney and Leiderman could not have worked out any better – am I right?!?  She and I have had a complicated relationship for many years long before your client came sniffing around.  But at the end of the day, the apple does not fall far from the tree and Brittany has always been her father’s daughter.  Blood is far thicker than water, Mr. Stone.

May 1, 2017, letter from Retzlaff to attorney Evan Stone




The strange thing is that, even though Morgan has officially withdrawn from the Texas LOLsuit he is still making efforts on behalf of McGibney!  Specifically, Morgan contacted the trial judge, Judge Cobsy, in Fort Worth and demanded that he provide Morgan with information about communications that Judge Cosby has had with American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff just 4 months ago.  CHECK IT OUT!!


So how did Judge Cosby respond to such a ridiculous request?



Yeah, what a dumbass Morgan is.  Like there would be a paper trial of the conspiracy for him to later find – NOT!


Hey Morgan and McGibney!  Did you guys really think that Retzlaff and Dorrell are that stupid???












And who got caught putting the penises of strange men into her mouth and other holes in her body?




Mugshot courtesy of Beaumont P.D.


Well, this is certainly not a good sign.  It seems the private investigation business is not all that it is cracked up to be.


 Caroline Klein Caroline Klein is trying to get the taste of goat semen out of her mouth!


But it is not working too well…


FUN FACT:  If you choose to engage in prostitution, or buy the services of a prostitute, you need to be aware that you are exposing yourself to not only danger, but also disease.  Additionally, you are exposing yourself to arrest.

If any of you reading this have recently had sex with Caroline Klein, you need to RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest health clinic and get checked out ASAP for some STD’s!




Attorney John Morgan is in fine form yet again. Too bad for him and Klein that the federal judge was having none of his BULLSHIT (to use a legal term I learned while attending the Jay Leiderman School of Law at John Morgan University in Beaumont, Texas.

This is an audio recording Retzlaff made while in federal bankruptcy court in Houston on February 7th. There are several periods of silence. The first is when the judge is looking up the e-filing records for the motion that Klein’s attorney John Morgan filed, to see if Morgan did serve it upon opposing counsel (he didn’t). The second is when the judge is reading the transcript from the Dec 22 hearing. The final period you will hear mad tapping on a keyboard as the judge is creating his order.

FUN FACT: At about the 22 minute mark, once it becomes clear that the judge is going to allow Kallop’s / Dorrell’s appeal in the state court to proceed, Klein is holding his head in his heads and he looks about to explode as he sits on the witness stand and watches his dreams of a $565,000 pay day go up in smoke as the judge literally POUNDS away on his keyboard as he taps out his order.



Here is the court transcripts in case anyone wishes to read along:



Transcript of Feb 7 2018 pn Mtn to Lift Stay




Claim made by Philip Klein in a Client Services Agreement / contract he signed


Clearly, Klein’s “close relationship” with the FBI is really paying off, right?

It’s been over FOUR YEARS and the FBI still can’t figure out who Miss Anon News is? Do they even care??  Or are they too busy chasing Russian trolls on Facebook and Twitter???


It will really be interesting once Klein sits down for his deposition in this most recent LOLsuit to find out the answers to many such questions that we have all been waiting for.

Despite claims by members of the McGibney Gang that Retzlaff or Dorrell are somehow afraid of showing up for court, in light of this new development that claim does not seem to be true.  Does it?




Wow!!  Just “wow – OMG!

According to sources close to the investigation (which do NOT consist of the voices in our heads), the Jefferson County (Tex.) Sheriff herself, Sheriff Zena Stephens, is taking a personal hand in this investigating and is looking to charge Klein with the felony offense of retaliation against a witness and terroristic threat.

Unfortunately for Klein, the entire incident was caught on an audio recording device and courtroom security cameras.




As our long time readers will recall, Nederland, TX based private investigator Philip Klein is being sued in the state of Idaho by the family of missing child DeOrr Kunz.  When he last appeared in court he was representing himself as well as his company without a lawyer.  The judge gave him until February 26 to get a lawyer.  Well, one finally showed up and agreed to represent Klein… at least he will be Klein’s attorney until the Aryan Brotherhood show up and turn up the heat!








In case any members of the Aryan Brotherhood are wondering:

Home address for Klein attorney Stephen S. Hart






The next hearing in this case is scheduled for February 26 at 9am MT.





Many of you have probably seen the movie Black Panther this weekend.  If you have not, go!  It is a really great movie.  But did you all know that the Black Panther once took on the KKK?  Yep!  he sure did.  CHECK IT OUT!!




As many of you know, Admin Dean lives in Newport Beach, California.  While on a recent road trip he spotted this sign at the California border.


This, of course, will never not be funny:






Sorry there, Mister Snow Flake.  But we guess you never heard of something called the Second Amendment.  Thus, yeah, my / our right to own any gun we want actually does supersedes your child’s “rights.”  lol


#GFY Liberals!


Try and take my guns & ammo from me and I’ll bite you in the crotch!








According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our heads), Deric Lostutter (former employee of James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his ViaView revenge porn company) was recently caught trying to escape from federal prison!!!


Deric Lostutter – drug addict and convicted felon


Or, at least, someone reported to Bureau of Prison authorities that Lostutter was trying to escape from prison.


So now because Lostutter is under investigation by federal authorities, he wants to find out who was snitching because, as you all know, SNITCHES GET STITCHES!!





Anyone notice how Lostutter let slip that he thinks he will be getting out of prison on April 12th?  If true, he will be on parole for the next three years.  We wonder how that will work out for him what will all the people watching his every move.


If anyone out there has any knowledge of Lostutter trying to escape from prison or to harass any of his victims, please do not hesitate to contact the prison authorities.



You may email them or call:


Phone: 804-733-7881


And if you have any information about any members of the Aryan Brotherhood trying to murder Lostutter, be sure to pass that on, too!!



McGibney is now cyber-stalking and harassing a 70 year old woman who supposedly lives in Georgia.  But, as usual, his e-Detective work leaves a great deal to be desired.

For instance, McGibney wants you to believe that the front doors for the two houses in this photo are identical; thus, allowing him to identify this woman’s home.  But, as you can plainly see, the door frames are different, and so is the outside patio light on the wall.  Plus, the steps for one door are about 18 inches higher than the other.  CHECK IT OUT!!

FUN FACT:  Claiming that your defamatory “article” was “not authored by Bullyville” and was, instead, sent to you by a third party, makes not a lick of difference under Georgia defamation law (or the laws of any of the other 49 United States), dumb ass.  You post it, its yours, is kinda how the law works.  Well, not “kinda”, it is EXACTLY how defamation law works.  See, if the NY Times posts a “guest column” that is filled with lies – guess who gets sued, McPissBoy?  Don’t believe me?  Just go ask Dorrell!


Later, Jimmy signs off with his usual threats of further harassment and cyber-stalking if the target, in this case a 70 year old woman, does not do what he demands:


Even after what has happened these past four years – in fact, DESPITE what has happened these past years, McGibney still feels that he has the right to tell random people in the Twitterverse what they should think, feel, and how they can speak.




James McGibney (who we don’t like) is completely and utterly powerless to make anybody do anything – especially when it comes to online behavior.  Am I right?


Who will help the McGibney family out with money?


Despite your beliefs, yeah, Judge Cosby did allow this judgment “to stick” – and then some! But we cannot see how this did Bullyville / McGibney any favors.



With what money is McGibney fully funded from? lol




This is a bizarre statement to make, especially since McGibney has not even fully paid Evan Stone, his Texas lawyer, yet, and since McGibney is still begging for monies on his website.  CHECK IT OUT!!




If you are really looking to stop revenge porn and internet harassment, one need look no further than Klein’s running buddy, James McGibney (who we don’t like).  Am I right?  After all, if this is not internet harassment at its best, Admin Mike will eat his hat.  CHECK IT OUT!!




It has been three and a half years.  How much longer do we have to wait for this “truly heu-inspiring” plan to get started?  Likely sometime between the Fifth of Never and the Twentieth of Ain’t Gonna Happen.


Yeah, all that shit, that looks like internet harassment to us.  Better go do something about it, Klein.








Steven J. Hatlestad


But now something terrible has happened to him and his silly blog….


as of Feb 24 2018






Posted on Iron Troll.com blog in August 2015

If someone ever gets an opportunity, please take a moment to ask the South Florida Faggot just how, exactly, did that contempt of court hearing work out for James McGibney (who we don’t like), m’kay?







CLEARLY it still seems that Retzlaff does not give two shits about TRO’s, police arrest warrants, court orders, or any of that other BULLSHIT (to use a medial term we learned in CPR class).


From Bullyville.com



The bottom line is that McGibney lost everything he ever worked for over the past ten years because he came up against a man who simply could not be intimidated, and who had the time, money, and inclination to smash McGibney and ViaView flat.


Thus, we here at the BV Files have gotta ask:  Was it all worth it, bitch?





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