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Keys at court

Ventura, California attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman continues his federal court LOSING STREAK unabated by pulling off yet another upsetting loss to the Federal Government when U.S. District Court Judge Kimberly J. Mueller this evening DENIES Leiderman’s motion to keep Matthew Keys out of prison pending the appeal of his conviction for computer hacking.


Judge Mueller utterly eviscerates and excoriates the arguments Leiderman recently made in a failed bid to keep his client, CONVICTED FELON computer hacker Matthew Keys, from a date with some serious butt-sex that is scheduled to start at 2 pm PT on June 15, 2016!  The Aryan Brotherhood has been put on High Alert.


There is a reason why EVERY SINGLE ONE OF JAY LEIDERMAN’S CLIENTS has always ended up in prison doing hard time.  It is because Jay Leiderman is not just a drug addict (he is!), but he is also an utterly and thoroughly incompetent lawyer who simply tries to coast off of his self-made reputation as the go-to attorney for wanna be hacker kids from Anonymous and The Rustle League.  So he scams these young people and their families with all sorts of false promises and claims.  Kinda like how he scammed revenge pornographer / blackmail artist James McGibney (who we don’t like).



Keys in court 4-13-2016On October 7, 2015, computer hacker Matthew Keys was found guilty of…. computer hacking (of course). This was after a jury trial in which Keys was represented by that most ablest of attorneys, Jason (Jay) Leiderman of Ventura, California. Leiderman presented no witness, nor did Keys testify. So, clearly, Keys got his money’s worth when the jury came back with a GUILTY verdict on all counts in just a few short hours.



Although this case has drawn attention because of Matthew Keys’ employment in the news media, this was simply a case about a disgruntled employee who used his technical skills to taunt and torment his former employer.

—- United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner


So we fast forward to April 13, 2016, when Keys faced the judge for sentencing. Leiderman and Keys both bragged online about how Keys would be getting probation and would be walking out a free man.

Clearly it is good to get the support of all of the Anon child pornographers and haxors, eh?

It is good to get the support of all of the Anon child pornographers and haxors, right?



Clearly Matthew Keys made the smart decision when he and his family decided to hire Jay Leiderman. Nothing could go wrong with that, eh?

Keys tweet

When Keys and Leiderman walked into federal court that day they were expecting probation. But apparently that was not good enough for ace attorney (and admitted drug user) Jay Leiderman. Nope, not one bit!

In fact as far as Leiderman was concerned, that sentence was not harsh enough!


What? Hey, BV Files! Why Would Leiderman want Keys to get a harsh prison sentence? you ask.

Well it is because Leiderman needs the publicity in order to get his face into the paper so that stupid people (like Matthew Keys and his family) will hire him. Unfortunately for Jay Leiderman’s clients, Leiderman put them all on the back-burner so he could file a series of cross-country SLAPP suits in an effort to drum up publicity for James McGibney (who we don’t like) and ViaView’s hoped for Rolling Stone magazine article and Warner Brothers television deal. Because Leiderman cares more about the sexual blackmail of little girls then his actual, paying clients – his clients on trial for their lives and freedom.

Tor tweet


When Leiderman started to make his arguments to the judge, it seemed readily apparent to all of the court room observers that Leiderman was, yet again, under the influence of drugs when he starting trying to compare Matthew Keys, (a person of clearly limited intelligence and low breeding), with Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.


Sarah tweet 1

People just could not believe that Leiderman would be stupid enough to pull a stunt like this. But, clearly, they don’t know Leiderman like we know Leiderman. Are we right?

Sarah tweet 2


The funniest part was when Leiderman tried to claim that,

Keys maintains that he was taking the anti-depressant Trazodone during the time when the FBI interviewed him. He argues that because he was “medicated”, his statements during the FBI interview were and remain unreliable.

In our opinion, this is such a weak argument that we are surprised that Leiderman even attempted it. (no, we’re not)


Leiderman further compounds his error by making citations to things that are not even a part of the record and to stuff the Assistant U.S. Attorney never even heard of before!

sarah 3


We here at the BV Files are simply shocked at the Vicodin fueled antics of attorney Jay Leiderman. Shocked, we tell ya!!


If you read the interview transcript Keys had with the FBI, where he admitted giving CMS credentials and sending the emails, it certainly does not seem like he was medicated or whacked out of his gourd on drugs. Matthew Keys was lucid, he was explaining how he was disgruntled with his employers. He even told the FBI about the VPN services he found and a lot of other details without being pushed or lead by the interviewer.

While the initial sentence sought by the prosecutors (of some eight years!) is too long, Keys’ interview with the FBI is pretty convincing evidence that he did it.

We here at the BV Files personally think that Keys realized that he did something dumb by admitting to everything at the interview and was trying to walk it back (unsuccessfully).


The fact that Keys' attorney is also in communication with a fugitive from justice / computer hacker

The fact that Keys’ attorney is also in communication with a fugitive from justice / computer hacker certainly did not hurt Keys’ case, right?


PRO TIP: One more observation about the FBI interview: You would have to be a Grade A moron to agree to waiving your Miranda rights and not having a lawyer present while being interviewed by law enforcement. Does not matter if you did it, if you did not do it, or if you are looking to cut a deal by cooperating (which is what Keys was trying to do), you do not waive Miranda rights and you always have your lawyer there.


Keys self-confessed on tape and he turned down three plea deals. What else did he expect would happen to him today?


Yet both he and Leiderman went on the Twitter machine that day claiming that today was a “big victory” and that getting to appeal this prison sentence is really a good thing – seriously!

Tor 2

Keys just cannot help himself with his stupid arrogance, he is even now tormenting his victims – which we think is a violation of his bond conditions.

Keys tweet 2


If anyone wishes to let Matthew Keys know that he now has yet another ground for appealing his case – Leiderman’s ineffective assistance of counsel – please let him know ASAP as time is running out!


Keys tweet 4-13-16

[email protected]



US District Court Judge Kimberly J. Mueller

US District Court Judge Kimberly J. Mueller



Keys Order_Page_1 Keys Order_Page_2Keys Order_Page_3Keys Order_Page_4






Due to the most excellent litigating abilities of Jay Leiderman, attorney for CONVICTED FELON Matthew Keys, the judge in Key’s case just hours ago ORDERED Keys to pay restitution of $249,956 to the Tribune Company for his computer hacking. See ECF 168.

The court finds that the information provided in support of this amount satisfies the applicable preponderance of the evidence standard. In overruling the defendant’s objection to the value of employee time expended, the court has considered the salaries pointed to by the defense as established by the trial record ($350,000 for Jerry DelCore, est. $200,000 for Armando Caro, and $46,000 for Samantha Cohen Scholbrock)…

(Notice how the judge used Leiderman’s own argument against him? Nice work, Jay, into talking your client straight into federal prison, dumb ass!!)

Clearly US District Court Judge Mueller was very much impressed with Leiderman’s oral argument skills – NOT!







Keys has been ORDERED to report to the United States Penitentiary Atwater (USP Atwater) by 2 pm on June 15th, which is a high-security United States federal prison for male inmates in Merced County, California, which is a bit south-east of San Jose in the Central Valley.

USP Atwater

USP Atwater

USP Atwater is a hot bed for the Aryan Brotherhood which absolutely does not like Jay Leiderman or any of his clients.  We have been informed by sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head) that the Aryan Brotherhood has already been informed of Keys’ imminent arrival and they will arrange a suitable greeting for him in the form of some surprise sex in the men’s housing unit.


FUN FACT:  The Aryan Brotherhood is a men’s social organization with the stated goals of bringing about racial and ethnic harmony.

According to a recent news article, USP Atwater has been the site of frequent violent attacks upon homosexual inmates (like Matthew Keys), prison guards, and racial minorities.  CHECK IT OUT!====>  Safety concerns remain an issue at U.S. Penitentiary Atwater





Special UpdateLeiderman tweet

Yes, even a drug addicted retard gets lucky once in a while.  But in this case, “luck” had nothing to do with it.

Local Rule 9-1.2 (Release Pending Appeal) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Ninth Circuit Rules, subsection (e), specifically states:

If the appellant is on bail at the time the motion is filed in this Court, that bail will remain in effect until the Court rules on the motion.


So because Keys was already on bail at the time Leiderman filed his motion, Keys gets to stay out pending a resolution on the motion.  These motions are usually decided within about three weeks.


Comm X tweet

Needless to say, hacker retards such as Christopher Doyon (aka Commander X) are applauding this “decision”, it really was not a decision at all.  Just an automatic part of the process that played out in a manner that it has always done.  So while Keys has temporarily avoided his anal date with the Aryan Brotherhood, it is a date that will not be denied – lol!

Hey Matthew - We suggest that you keep this in your wallet next to a good quality condom!

Hey Matthew – We suggest that you keep this in your wallet next to a good quality condom!




If we had to guess, though, we strongly suspect that Matthew Keys will pull a Commander X and make a run for the Canadian border in an effort to escape justice.

commander X tweet 1-13-2015 #2 commander X tweet 1-13-2015

commander X tweet 12-31-2014




In an effort at bringing you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters all of the news that is news around the world, we here at the BV Files conducted an exhaustive inquiry into Jay Leiderman’s record in federal court as a defense attorney.


(1) Nadia Naffe v. John Patrick Frey et al – Case # 2:12-cv-08443-GW-MRW in the Central District of California

Leiderman represented Naffe part way through the case, but dropped out when he lost the anti-SLAPP motion in January 2013. The case was dismissed with prejudice Sept 2015.


(2) McGibney et al v. Retzlaff – Case # 5:14-cv-01059-BLF in the Northern District of California

Leiderman got pwnd, plain and simple.


(3) USA v BENAVIDES –Case # 1:14-cr-00039-DSC-3 in the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Client plead guilty and got 3 yrs federal prison for a bunch of bank frauds on Dec 2015.


(4) USA v. Keys – Case # 2:13-cr-00082-KJM in the Eastern District of California

Leiderman rejected all plea bargains for just community supervision and instead decided to roll the dice with his client’s life – found guilty and got 2 yrs federal prison in April 2016, and hit with $250,000 restitution order.


(5) USA v. Doyon, et al. – Case # 5:11-cr-00683-EXE-1 in the Northern District of California

The “Commander X” case. Leiderman’s client broke bail and fled to Canada.


(6) USA v. Rivera –Case # 2:12-cr-00798-JAK in the Central District of California

One of those loser “LulzSec” / Anonymous hacker dude cases. Leiderman’s client plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud the US in which the hacker dude did a DDOS attack on Sony Picture’s computers. Plead guilty and got one yr and one day in federal prison in August 2013.


(7) USA v. Kleinman, et al –case # 2-11-cr-00893-ODW-2 in the Central District of California

A case involving a bunch of people possessing and distributing a whole bunch of illegal drugs and laundering money. Leiderman’s client was found guilty and got 17 1/2 yrs federal prison.







Jay Leiderman's home address, in case anyone is curious

Jay Leiderman’s home address, in case anyone is curious


Matt is a homoDid anyone else know that Matt Keys was a homo?




And for James McGibney, Judgement Day will be coming June 22 at 9:30 am PT.


BV getting peed on


In the mean time, check out this LIVE VIDEO FEED from inside the home of James McGibney!

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