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One person abuses young children.  Another person abuses young children and owes over $1.3 million in court sanctions and attorney’s fees. 

Which is which?

BV is the police


Because one of our Admins has been on vacation for the past week, we thought that we would bring in a Guest Author for this article. Because we here at the BV Files subscribe to the Less is More philosophy, we would like to encourage the rest of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, to get up off of your collective lazy asses and write some articles for us.  Because the less work we have to do around here, the more better it is for us and our ability to play Call of Duty!

— Admin Dean.



latest news

Recall that just about a month ago Beaumont, Texas, attorney John Morgan lost an appeal in the Beaumont Court of Appeals in which Morgan was found GUILTY of violating that Texas Citizens Participation Act (the state anti-SLAPP law) for filing a LOLsuit against the attorney representing his ex-wife in a child custody case.  You can read the article right here====> Attorney John Morgan Found GUILTY of SLAPP Violations – Faces MILLIONS In Sanctions!

This case is being litigated by American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston, Texas attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, who is an absolute beast in the courtroom.  A man among men!

Thanks to the actions of American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff, Morgan is facing a lawsuit by the State Bar of Texas in which they are seeking to revoke his license to practice law – the Louisiana State Bar is also looking to move against Morgan, too.  You can read the article right here====> Texas Attorney John Morgan Facing Disbarment in Louisiana, Too!

John S. Morgan - Beaumont, TX

John S. Morgan – Beaumont, TX


So what do you do if you are a drug addicted retarded person who is facing crushing sanctions in the amount of several millions of dollars at the hands of your sworn enemy and all you have left is one last chance to convince the state’s highest court to cut you some slack and change its mind?


full retard

Morgan Pet for Review - filed 1-21-2015_Page_001

John Morgan, being a complete and utter dumb ass, just filed 401 pages worth of steaming BULLSHIT (to use to special legal term) with the Texas Supreme Court.  You see, like Evan Stone and like Jay Leiderman before him, John Morgan is a dumb ass – seriously.  To guys like these idiots, rules don’t apply.  So when the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure say that your Petition for Review should not be more than 15 pages long.  Man fuck those guys!  Who the fuck are they to tell me what the fuck kinda of brief I can file?!?  Don’t they realize that I am John motherfucking Morgan friend and attorney to BullyVille himself, James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney?


whatever i do what i want

And when the Rules say that the Appendix to your Petition may not include evidence that was not made part of the record in the trial court and the court of appeals – FUCK THOSE GUYS!  Its my god damn brief and I will do what I want to, seriously!!

  • If I want to talk about Tom Retzlaff and his sexy naked daughter sex tapes and pictures, I will!
  • If I want to claim that Retzlaff and Dorrell are a part of some vast Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory that has its hooks in judges from Fort Worth to Beaumont, I will!
  • If I want to talk about shit that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, god damn it, I’m John Morgan and I will!


So that is exactly what John Morgan decided to talk about and share with the Texas Supreme Court.  CHECK IT OUT!

Morgan Pet for Review - filed 1-21-2015_Page_011 Morgan Pet for Review - filed 1-21-2015_Page_012

Because not even we can afford to fit 401 pages into the storage of our little libel blog here, we just decided to include the good parts here.  If you want to read the whole thing, go to the website for the Texas Supreme Court and download it yourselves by clicking this link right here:  Texas Supreme Court.  Go to Case Search and type in the name “John S. Morgan”




Well, we don’t know about you guys, but I gots me a headaches.




E Stone SBOT Profile

So what does Denton, Texas, ace attorney (and fellow drug addicted retard) Evan Stone have to say about The Big Victory in Texas?  Well when it comes to getting the best legal advice in the State of Texas, we gotta go with the guy who wears Devil’s horns on his State Bar of Texas profile page.  After all, first impressions count for a lot, and this guy right here makes a hell of an impression.


Internet Trolls Use Texas’ Anti-SLAPP Statute To Collect Money From Their Victims _ Stone & Vaughan, PLLC_Page_1 Internet Trolls Use Texas’ Anti-SLAPP Statute To Collect Money From Their Victims _ Stone & Vaughan, PLLC_Page_2 Internet Trolls Use Texas’ Anti-SLAPP Statute To Collect Money From Their Victims _ Stone & Vaughan, PLLC_Page_3


So to sum it all up, Stone’s arguments consist of the following:

  1. Tom Retzlaff is a mean guy for tricking McGibney into filing a lawsuit against him in Texas.
  2. The anti-SLAPP law in Texas sucks.
  3. Only “good people” should be allowed to use this law.
  4. Tom Retzlaff is not a “good person.”
  5. Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell is a big poopy-pants mean guy for going along with this scheme!
  6. Tom Retzlaff did not play fair and should not be allowed to defend himself in court!
  7. It’s not James McGibney’s fault that he could not prove his case with actual, you know, EVIDENCE!  Tom Retzlaff did not play fair.  And neither did Neal Rauhauser!!
  8. The law sucks!!!!!!!


Pro Tip:  We guess when it comes to legal advice and assistance, it really is true that You Get What You Pay For.  With Evan Stone you clearly got your money’s worth, Jimmy.  Dumb ass.  lol




So what does the rest of the world think of The Big Victory In TexasCHECK IT OUT!

CN bannercourthouse news



hearing 0hearing

If the losing party does not like it, McGibney can always file an appeal.



When our Admin comes back from his vacation we will have more on this, to include a complete breakdown on the court pleadings and just exactly how much Vicodin Evan Stone took before he sat down to write what he wrote.  Because Vicodin fueled litigation is the best kind of litigation, right?

From Some Random Person We've Never Heard Of Before

From Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before




6th CA Ct of Appeal

Deliberations by the court of appeals are now going into their eleventh consecutive week on the TWO Emergency Petitions for Writ of Mandate that were filed by Retzlaff in the San Jose restraining order case.  Recall that there are two writ petitions pending:  one dealing with the removal of the trial judge (which the court granted on a temporary basis) based upon a finding of bias & prejudice, and the second dealing with the bogus WordPress subpoena (which was temporarily quashed by the court of appeals).

Normally writ petitions are disposed of within no more than 30 days.  The denial of a writ petition is a summary decision taking no more than one sentence on a post card.  Granting a writ petition requires the Court to write out a full explanation.



Special Update

On McGibney’s Bullyville.com website he claims that a certain person named Thomas Retzlaff is supposedly GUILTY of Stolen Valor FRAUD.  McGibney claims he has “evidence” of this and posts what he claims are copies of this man’s DD214 military records.


This is what a military DD 214 looks like.  Unless it actually has the words DD 214 written on it, it is not that person’s full and official military records.  What McGibney is posting instead is completely FAKE BULLSHIT (big surprise).  They are bogus documents that he created on his computer – just like that real FAKE “evidence” he created for the federal LOLsuit and for the rest of his little “articles” on his Bullyville website.



McGibney DD214



You know what I find amazing: How James McGibney can claim he is in fear for his life (and the lives of his family) and is being stalked while at the exact same time all McGibney seems to do is make websites about Retzlaff, post defamatory comments about Retzlaff, and just go on and on and on about how mean and terrible Retzlaff is (at least 95 “articles” by my count on McGibney’s website).

Does McGibney think that the police, that a judge, that a jury, would all be soooo stupid as to think that HE is the victim in light of all of this?

McGibney thinking that is what cost him $1.3 million along with everything he has tried to work for for the past five years.

What a dumb ass – seriously, to think that people would not see through him and see James McGibney for what he really and truly is.



on with the show


The following is from a Guest Author:



white knight

Sit back and let us tell you a little story about an internet hero, James McGibney. As we all know, Mr. McGibney set up a website so he could properly battle the bullies of the internet. He’ll be first to tell you that he targets pedophiles and revenge porn. (We can’t find any record of him bringing a single pedophile to justice. If you know of one, please post the name and the court dates in the comments.) As for revenge porn, he only targeted the site(s) that were competition for his own revenge porn site, Cheaterville.com.
Back to the reason for this post. Let’s talk about Kate Gosselin and her relationship with James McGibney. First things first. Who the heck is Kate Gosselin? If you’re anything like the Admins here, you probably have no idea.


Kate and Jon Gosselin became famous because Kate gave birth to a litter of children. After her lucky (?) uterus managed to pump out 8 kids, they did what any normal parent would do– shopped for a network and sponsors so they’d never have to work again.

After some hard negotiation, they formed their relationship with Discovery Network and shot several seasons of Jon and Kate plus Eight. As the show went on, people began to note that Kate was…for lack of a better word…a bitch. She was nasty to just about everyone. She treated the kids like they were unruly props for her television show. She pretended to be a clean freak when in fact she was just being controlling and mean. She’d freak out and scream if her toddlers got dirty while playing. She treated her husband like he was either the 9th child or her servant in waiting. Do you want some examples of her being mean? Google it. There’s a ton. No need to waste real estate here.
So, around 2009, Kate was riding the celebrity wave and she was gaining a few fans and even more haters. Why? Because she’s a bitch, we’ve already covered that. In fact, she was named one of the most hated women many times. Additionally, people were pissed off that this women was getting rich while pimping….errr…..using her children. You see, kids on Reality TV are not protected by the Screen Actors Guild because reality TV is not considered to be acting. There is no protection for their earnings. Kate was free to burn through the money getting plastic surgery, driving sports cars, taking vacations with her body guard, spending weekends in NYC…whatever her heart desired. The kids are not legally entitled to any of the money unless Kate takes it upon herself to give them some. Based on her well-documented, selfish personality, and coupled with the fact that she doesn’t seem to like her kids at all, it’s unlikely they are going to see a dime. The kids are the only reason Kate is famous. She has sold out their childhoods and their privacy while she personally reaps the rewards.


And that made some people mad.


Be like Bill

So, groups of those people began to criticize her and express their feelings on blogs. The people who commented were mostly women. Some of them were extremely opinionated. Gosselin’s alleged misuse of the children was so heated that before long, new blogs were created to discuss the blogs that criticized Kate. If you have ever heard of a blog war then you get the idea. Yes, groups of women made blogs to talk about other blogs and the main point of contention (initially) was whether you loved or hated Kate Gosselin. (BTW- note we’re not mentioning Jon. They divorced after Kate choose her relationship with her body guard and her desire for fame over her marriage.)

One of those blogs was one called “Reality Without Apologies” and the owner was someone who went by the name of Lisa Knight. This was one of the edgier blogs and people were free to speak their minds. (A lot like ViaViewFiles) In short time, many tight relationships were formed. The women were full of spunk, humor and witty banter. They made fun of Kate Gosselin and they laughed at her fans. Sometimes they toed the line, but overall, they were just 20 or so women chatting and having fun.
In fact, you can still read their comments right here: https://disqus.com/home/forum/rwarealitywithoutapologies/


James McGibney at desk
Kate opened a Twitter account and in short time, people began tweeting to her directly. She’s a very polarizing woman and the fact is, most people think she’s awful. Her fan base consists of a few paid staffers and some mentally unstable people such as @CjWhodunit, a woman who’s been featured right here on this blog. The vast majority of celebrities simply ignore their critics. They block them and focus on positive things and interacting with fans. But, Kate is not a real celebrity. She has no class, no self-control, and she couldn’t help herself. She started fighting, pouting, whining, licking her wounds then playing the victim. She didn’t win any points with her Twitter activity and she would have been wise to listen to her handlers. Either ignore the haters or get off Twitter.

So what did she do? She teamed up with Bullyville AKA James McGibney. Kate wanted her haters exposed. After James posted her whining blog post on his silly site, she tweeted that he was her “knight in bullyproof armor”…

knight in Bullyproof ...
James McGibney did no research. He didn’t bother to look into the facts. He didn’t consider that maybe people had a valid reason to be upset with Kate Gosselin. He didn’t check to see if there were CPS reports (there were several) or that the vast majority of the public didn’t care for this woman or that she was just a nasty person. He didn’t care that Kate was a public figure and the women had a right to criticize her – a right to speak freely. Nope, James McGibney saw a blonde woman in the public eye with manufactured breasts who appeared to have a lot of money and he thought to himself, “JACKPOT”– and he got to work censoring by demolishing her critics and getting the media attention he desperately craves. He contacted the media and Radar Online did a story on him. James never read the comment section to see that most people thought he was an idiot to defend Kate Gosselin and he had no legal right to try to stop women from speaking their minds.

211 214
James made the rounds telling people that he was going to out these haters. In one news story he said he had contacted am employer who was shocked by the activity on Twitter. James escalated his rhetoric and soon claimed there were DEATH THREATS against Kate. Let’s look at one example:


Hollie McKay
Tweets to Gosselin that attracted the attention of the BullyVille.com team included

…“You are a piece of sh*t and I hope your kids get hit by a car in ur care,” and “people like you are a disgrace to the human race.”
“After seeing repeated threats against Kate’s life we decided to get involved. Understandably celebrities put themselves in the spotlight and should be prepared for their fair share of hatred, but when it comes to implied death threats, no one deserves that,” McGibney said. “Especially a mother of eight who is taking care of her kids all by herself.”


3-11-13 BV has SEALS
So, yes, telling someone what you think of them is the same as death threat, in McGibney’s opinion, that warranted hunting down the woman responsible and attempting to ruin her life. We suspect Kate never went to the police because there was nothing illegal in the posting. Since when is wishing something interpreted as a death threat? Oh yeah in McGibneyville.


There was also a lot of outcry over a photoshopped picture of Kate on a stick. While the picture is (probably) in very poor taste, it’s important that we explain the meaning. Kate’s biggest Twitter fan is someone that goes by the screen name “Fired Up For Kate”…this person claims to be a woman and often says very strange, personal things to Kate. One day she was posting that she was on her way to Kate’s house. Her tweets were very creepy. (It was that day that someone Tweeted “Remember Selena” in reference to a singer who was murdered by her #1 fan.) The picture depicts a cartoon character with a necklace bearing the letters F.U.F.K…representing Fired Up For Kate– the crazy fan. The character has Kate impaled on a stick for “Something on a Stick Day.” It was never intended to be a threat toward Kate. It was a warning that she ought to be more careful about her crazy fans.

BV crazier than you
But, his stories didn’t stop there. They continued to grow until he reached this whopper:
The hub of the so-called Kate Haters was Reality Without Apologies, a popular blog for reality TV fans. It was there that McGibney found what he calls the most vicious bullying he’d seen yet. There were calls for beheading, raping and murdering Gosselin…
So…yeah..McGibney said that a group of women were threatening to RAPE and BEHEAD Kate Gosselin. He had no proof of this claim. He just threw it out there and no one bothered to challenge it. Again, Kate didn’t call the police because it never happened – it was fabricated by James McGibney.


Pro Tip: If anyone threatens to rape and behead you, please contact your local law enforcement.

Now, let’s get back to James McGibney targeting the wildly popular blog where 20 women chatted every day. Who were these women? They were simply moms, grandmas and a few younger girls. They had no crazy skeletons in their closets. They were outspoken, had opinions and they were using their right to FREE SPEECH. James McGibney determined that they were enemies and he was about to make war. He immediately started buying domains in the names of the women he knew. Then he somehow managed to gain control of the blog. We are unsure if he purchased control or simply bullied the owner into handing it over to him. He then worked with his “team” …which consisted of women from other blogs who already hated these women. They went through the IPs and using James McGibney’s highly trained computer skillz that he learned in the Marines before the internet was even created …they claimed that they matched IP’s with real names. From there, James McGibney began to publically post names, addresses, pictures as well as logs of comments that he had decided to assign to certain people. He purchased more domains, set up more webpages, and he used his Twitter account to pass these links along.

The first problem with this situation is that James McGibney actually has no ability to determine names attached to an IP. I know…he told the judge in court that he had been trained to do that. It’s hard to believe that this internet crusader would stand in front of a judge and LIE, but that’s exactly what he did. There were no subpoenas to any ISPs because there was no case and no legal action in place. James was simply making guesses. If he thought Mary Sue Jones lived in Alabama, then he would assign every blog comment from Alabama to her. Very technical…except that it’s not.

McGibney = Expert Faggot
Of the reports released by James McGibney, several have identified the wrong people. All of them contain errors in the way they are assembled. And, probably the biggest problem, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

BV allistair
James wasn’t done there. He took to Twitter to attempt to silence the critics of Kate Gosselin. He took issue with a few in particular. We are not going to name them because James McGibney has already taken it upon himself to bring a spotlight to these people. Instead, we’ll show you a series of DM’s and Tweets James made that hilariously highlight how obsessed James became with a group of women who simply wanted to gossip about a reality personality. He wanted them to shut up. He wanted their names. He was willing to swear and scream and threaten everyone until he got his way.

3-13-13 BV employer threats

James claimed he was an expert at IPs and he claims he knew who every person was behind every account. Then why was he sending threatening DMs to people demanding that they out their friends?

Why did he tweet a $200 reward for the identity of one of these women?

BV offers $200 for chance's name

Why was James so upset when certain women refused to SHUT UP and get off the internet? I mean…he got really really upset and starting throwing full-blown man tantrums.

James McGibney went so far as to name some of these women in the most ridiculous lawsuit asking that the Judge silence them. In the end, The Judge slapped James McGIbney with $1.3 million in sanctionsand lawyer fees for abusing the Court system to silence people. His behavior netted McGibney a permanent suspension from Twitter,
The kicker– those women are still on Twitter and still talking about Kate Gosselin. James McGibney is permanently banned from twitter and owes $1.3 million for his abuses. That’s gotta sting, huh, James?

While there’s a lot more juicy details to this little story, this is an overview and a cautionary tale. If you’re a former marine and you’re building a name for yourself, maybe it’s not a great idea to team up with a hated reality star and then invest the next few years of your life fighting with a bunch of women who don’t like her.


BV getting peed on


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