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6th CA Ct of Appeal


In a stunning court room VICTORY today for our American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files, Thomas Retzlaff, the Vicodin fueled motion to dismiss the appeal, filed by Ventura, CA attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman, was DENIED!  James McGibney loses yet again in court – 100% VERIFIED!!

But, BV Files, how can this be?, you ask.  We wonder the same thing.  After all, James McGibney (who we don’t like) has been claiming time and time again that once TR’s appeal of the San Jose restraining order case was dismissed, that all sorts of federal and state police were going to converge on TR’s out-of-state location and drag him all the way back to San Jose, CA, to face “justice” in front of a supposedly very angry Judge Socrates Manoukian.  But now that will never, ever happen (like it was going to happen anyways, right?).


Special Update

SECOND UPDATED 6-16-2015 at 1100 hrs GMT.

It seems that James McGibney (who we don’t like) managed to piss off the wrong person by tweeting the wrong thing to a guy who runs a newspaper and who has not only the means, but the ability to reach out to a certain Washington, D.C. attorney and make some noise.  This is especially true when the guy doing the reaching is also a share holder in Twitter, Inc.

Thus, at around 4 am PT Twitter dropped the ban hammer on McStupid.

BV - CV banned #17

BV - CV banned #17 -2





So who was the person responsible for laying the smacketh’ down upon James McGibney (who we don’t like) in this stunning decision by the California Court of Appeals?  Why none other than Presiding Judge Conrad L. Rushing, of course!


Chief Justice of the 6th Court of Appeals

Chief Justice of the 6th Court of Appeals

Presiding Justice Conrad L. Rushing, was appointed in 2002 to a newly created seat on the California Sixth District Court of Appeal by California Governor Gray Davis. He was elevated to Presiding Justice on January 21, 2003. Prior to his appointment Justice Rushing served as a Superior Court Judge in Santa Clara County, California from 1978 to 2002. One of the most respected judges in the county, he has served as Presiding Judge of the Superior Court, as Presiding Judge of the Civil Division, as presiding Judge of the Appellate Division, and as Supervising Judge of the Criminal Division. Justice Rushing recently served as the designated Complex Civil Litigation Judge for the county, a part of Governor Davis’s Complex Litigation Pilot Project. He also served as a Justice Pro Tempore at the First District Court of Appeal for two months in 1984 and two months in 1987.

Justice Rushing has handled some of the most challenging cases in Santa Clara County. One of these cases involved the prosecution of Avant! Corporation and a number of its executives for conspiracy to steal trade secrets, securities fraud and related crimes. With Justice Rushing’s assistance in settlement negotiations, the district attorney entered into a plea agreement with the defendants, leaving the issue of restitution for the court to determine. After a three-week hearing, Judge Rushing ordered payment of $195 million in restitution and imposed fines totaling $38 million.

Justice Rushing has taught seminars in law and literature at the University of Santa Clara Law School and has been a guest lecturer at the Stanford and Boalt Hall Schools of Law. He served as President of the Santa Clara County Bar Association in 1974 and as Chair of the City of San Jose Charter Review Commission in 1977. Justice Rushing has chaired several task forces of the California Judicial Council. He received the Judge of the Year award from the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers in 1994 and 1999 and the Bernard S. Jefferson award from the California Judges Association in 1994.


So now that we have seen who Judge Rushing is, it is very easy to understand why he lead the Court in its unanimous decision to DENY Leiderman’s motion to dismiss TR’s appeal.


June 10, 2015 Order from COA


Does Chief Justice Rushing seem to you guys like the kind of guy who is going to rule in favor of a man who owns a revenge pornography / blackmail website?  We don’t think so, either.


In fact, not only was Retzlaff successful in defeating Leiderman / McGibney’s stupid motion, the Court of Appeals also GRANTED two other motions filed by TR.  Those motions dealt with augmentation of the appellate record (requests to add documents to the appellate record that were not already included in the original record by mistake).


Thus, our hero TR was successful THREE TIMES TODAY, while Leiderman and McGibney were defeated three times today.  By a self-represented litigant.  From halfway across the country.  Who is supposedly a CONVICTED FELON and otherwise is a very bad, terrible person who has been vexing James (Jimmy the Pee Boy) McGibney and costing him millions of dollars.



DISCLOSURE:  In all fairness to McGibney, when he earlier came onto this blog and claimed that there was going to be a decision “this week or next” on Leiderman’s motion, we here at the BV Files basically laughed in his face thinking that there was no way the appellate court would decide the matter so quickly.  As a life-long resident of California, one of our Admins can tell you all first hand that the courts here usually take many months to decide even the simplest of matters.  Thus, it is a HUGE surprise that the 6th Appellate District Court acted with what is tantamount to lighten speed here.  Seriously.  This is a very Big Deal and it totally caught us all off guard.


Of course, we mustn’t forget the fact that McGibney and his sidekick have been claiming that the court was going to GRANT Leiderman’s motion and that would soon result in TR’s imminent arrest and being “dragged back” to San Jose.



HOWEVER, we here at the BV Files are of the very strong opinion that the pain for James McGibney and the members of the McGibney Gang is only just beginning.  Seriously.



The next court filing here is just spectacular.  But you have to read it very, very closely as there are some hidden (not so hidden) Easter Eggs inside that are most certain to cause a great deal of horrific, horrendous happenings.  See if you can find the Eggs and please feel free to comment on them below.



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