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Judge Gerald W. Eddins

Judge Gerald W. Eddins

Judge Gerald Eddins of Jefferson County (Texas) County Court at Law #1 is a crooked judge. No doubt about it. 100% VERIFIED!!  He is the judge that James McGibney’s attorney, John S. Morgan, went to in order to obtain an illegal and unconstitutional court order.

In a very horrific and shocking development, just minutes ago, at 2 am US Central Time (UCT -6.00) the 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont, Texas, just issued its Opinion and Judgment in the case.

COA judgment

Here is the Court’s opinion:



Fun Fact:  Based on the Court of Appeal’s ruling in this case, and specifically the language they used when deciding Johnson-Todd’s Third Issue, a SLAPP judgment against Morgan is a foregone conclusion.  The additional fact that Morgan is facing a Vexatious Litigation motion and sanctions makes this all the more funnier.





Recall that Morgan’s newest LOLsuit is based on the premise that his ex-wife’s attorney has supposedly defamed Morgan by talking about Morgan’s CRIMINAL CONVICTION for filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT.

Recall that in this LOLsuit Morgan was able to get an illegal and unconstitutional injunction in that case that would order everyone to not talk about Morgan’s CRIMINAL CONVICTION for filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT.

Recall that this injunction was based upon yet another illegal court order Morgan obtained in a second court that involves his criminal case.

See the documents below and keep in mind that the injunction order is based upon these earlier court orders, and that this newest lawsuit is based on the premise that these under lying court orders are valid.







 17 18




Morgan brief & exhibits - filed 2-24-2015_Page_038Morgan brief & exhibits - filed 2-24-2015_Page_039Morgan brief & exhibits - filed 2-24-2015_Page_040Morgan brief & exhibits - filed 2-24-2015_Page_041

So have you got it now? Yeah, it is damn confusing. But here is a little Time Line to help y’all out. Read it carefully as there will be a test afterwards.

  1. Morgan gets divorced.
  2. About a year or so afterwards Morgan files a motion to modify the child custody arrangement so that he gets more custody. He basically wins the case and gets more visitation time.
  3. But apparently not happy with that ‘win’, six months later Morgan makes the claim that his 13 yr old daughter, Anne, says that her mother has sexually abused her. That is the reason, Morgan claims, he files an emergency suit to get custody of the children.
  4. On the eve of trial in that emergency custody case, Morgan runs down to the Beaumont, TX Police Dept and makes a false police report claiming that his wife (an Asst. DA) stole drugs and is using drugs. He did this April 9th, the trial is April 10th.
  5. Morgan loses the emergency custody case, gets hammered by the trial court (who saw through his scheme), basically terminates his parental rights, convicts Morgan of filing a false child abuse report in violation of the Texas Family Code, and orders Morgan to pay nearly $240,000 in his ex-wife’s attorney fees.
  6. About a year later, Morgan comes clean to the cops and admits that he did file a false police report about the drugs. Morgan gets arrested and pleads guilty, gets placed on probation. (Had Morgan been successful with his false police report, his ex-wife would have been arrested and unable to show for trial on his emergency motion and she would have lost the children.)
  7. After completing the probation, Morgan then petitions the court to wipe his record clean by filing for a Petition for Nondisclosure pursuant to Texas Govt. Code section 411.081, which he gets. FYI: Such an order ONLY prohibits governmental agencies from talking about or releasing records related to this matter. It does not prohibit people who already know about this or who already have records about this from talking about it.
  8. Morgan signs a promissory note with his ex-wife’s attorney and agrees to pay her $150,000.
  9. Morgan gets mad because people (i.e. his ex-wife’s attorney) are supposedly talking about his arrest and conviction for making a false police report. Plus, he has second thoughts about not wanting to pay the money he promised to – and was order to – pay.
  10. Morgan files LOLsuit against ex-wife’s attorney seeking to rescind the promissory note and to sue her for defamation over her supposedly talking about Morgan’s arrest and conviction. (Yeah, we know its not really a “conviction.” Not technically, anyways. But as Judge Judy always says, “If you plead guilty, you are guilty.” Thus, its a conviction – and if Morgan doesn’t like it, well come and sue us, bitch!)
  11. Morgan gets illegal ex parte restraining order against ex-wife’s attorney to prohibit her from talking about Morgan’s criminal conviction.
  12. Morgan goes back to the criminal court that signed his Nondisclosure Order and gets a supplemental order further barring the ex-wife’s attorney from not talking about Morgan’s criminal conviction.
  13. Attorney and co-Admin to the BV Files Jeffrey Dorrell files an appeal over this bogus injunction.
  14. While at the same time, Morgan files a motion for contempt seeking to have Dorrell locked up for 11 years in jail for violating the injunction.
  15. The court of appeals rules that the injunction is illegal and it voids the order.


Morgan pleads guilty

Well, under the heading of Bad Things Happen To Bad People – And John Morgan Is A Bad Man 100% VERIFIED, Morgan gets his ass handed to him once again.

This time it is the judge in his criminal case who weighs in with his own court order. It seems some very mean man, and a group of attorneys who are in active conspiracy with some Random Person Who We’ve Never Heard of Before, all got a hold of the judge in that case, Judge John T. Wooldridge, and convinced him to change his mind and rescind that supplemental order of December 29th.


The judge saw through my illegal schemes?!?


Yes, John Morgan, the judge did see through your illegal schemes.

Order Vacating Supp. Order of 12-29-14_Page_1Order Vacating Supp. Order of 12-29-14_Page_2


So what does this mean?

It means that the entire basis of Morgan’s LOLsuit against his ex-wife’s attorney is a complete and utter fraud, and is clearly a SLAPP suit.


So what is going to happen?

1. A motion to have Morgan declared a vexatious litigant was filed on May 10, 2015, which will put to an immediate end of ALL of Morgan’s LOLsuit adventures.

2. A motion to consolidate the LOLsuit with the on-going child custody case has already been filed and, according to sources close to the investigation (that consist entirely of the voices in our head), the judge in the family court case is very, very pissed off at Morgan for (1) trying to back out of payment of the $250,000 court-ordered attorney fees he is supposed to be paying, and (2) for running down the hall and engaging in illegal forum shopping by filing a LOLsuit to begin with.

3. Oh, and a decision on the anti-SLAPP case will likely be decided in the court of appeals, too.  After all, its not like any of those judges there have heard of Morgan before and do not like him.  Oh, wait a minute… they have heard of him before and they do most certainly not like him.  el oh el


Oh, and a special message for James McGibney from some Random Person We’ve Never Heard of Before:

Don’t think that I have forgotten about you, bitch! Once this little distraction here is over with, it’s your turn! Destroying you and your stupid company was all done for the lulz. Same as Morgan went so will go Evans and Leiderman. Count on it.




oh oh


John S. Morgan

John S. Morgan

We certainly hope that none of the Aryan Brotherhood stop by Morgan’s house at 1605 Weston Court, Beaumont, Texas 77706-3200 to pay him a visit.  That would be extremely horrific and horrible if they did — but likely very funny, too!

Morgans house