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Courtesy of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office





According to court records, he certainly has the ‘look’ of one – 100% VERIFIED!!





As our long time readers will recall, Jason Van Dyke is an attorney in Denton, Texas,  He is also part of a group we call the McGibney Gang, which is a group led by San Jose, CA revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) and who has been responsible for a series of SLAPP lawsuits filed all across the country against a group of entirely random people who might or might not be a part of a Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory group.


We have all the police reports for your viewing pleasure.


San Jose revenge porno perv James McGibney (who we don’t like)



Good day, eh.  Well not so good if you are a Nazi, and doubly not so good if you are a Nazi who is also a member of the McGibney Gang who thinks it is funny to make FALSE police reports about people claiming that they committed crimes against you.


Denton County, Texas Jail Report


Kinda like this other asshole did a few years ago.  CHECK IT OUT!



McGibney warning

Posted on the BullyVille.com website about FOUR years ago


Yes, apparently some really mean person has been supposedly sending people emails.  Oh, wait… that email account does not belong to American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff!  That email account belongs to one of our REAL Admins here, Dean Anderson!  WTF, McStupid?!

Now why would James McGibney (who we don’t like) be falsely accusing people of using our Admin’s email account?  After all, is it not true that McGibney has accused seven other people of also being Admins here, too?  Did he not make those claims in both his Texas LOLsuit and the Federal LOLsuit?

Well, we guess this is the super secret FBI investigation McStupid has been claiming in which all sorts of FBIs and cops and DAs are investigating Retzlaff.  Seriously.  But one wonders if McGibney is under the influence of drugs when he asks people to “contact the FBI immediately” by filling out an online report form for IC3 – the Internet Crime Complaint Center.  Why not call 911 instead, eh?  Or, even better, send a motion to Judge Freeman?  Why didn’t McStupid suggest those things instead?  Well likely because he knows he is totally full of shit and he just wants to try to scare people with his hoax FBI is gonna get you claims like he has been doing for years and years now.  Too bad some people are not so easily intimidated.


For those of your new to the interwebs, the IC3 is a black hole where butt-hurt n00bs can go to in order to try to get their online enemies v& (“vanned” or arrested).  You file a complaint there and it goes into a cyber-trashcan black hole that no one will ever see again.


When you are James McGibney, the FBI is ur personal army


According to one very stupid woman and McGibney / Bullyville fan-girl, Carolyne J. Dean-Pillutla of 1616 Clear Springs Dr., Allen, Texas 75002 (aka @CJWhodunit), the police – and more specifically – the FBI are Your Personal Army.  Seriously.

CJ threatens Vans 4 CJ threatens Vans 3 CJ threatens Vans 2 CJ threatens Vans


Well, as you can tell, absolutely NONE of that BULLSHIT (to use a legal term) came true – 100% VERIFIED.  Am I right?






Another person who likes to make FALSE police reports is…..



Beaumont, TX private investigator Philip R. Klein





Unfortunately for Klein, one cannot be a victim when he is also a participant and is actively engaging and is actually harassing his “perpetrator”.  See, juries like their victims to come into court with Clean Hands.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A VICTIM, THEN YOU HAVE TO BE A VICTIM.

Victims of “stalkers” don’t post things like this all over the internet:








From Klein’s SE Texas Political Review blog, May 2016 in which he claims that Retzlaff broke into his office and turned all his pictures upside down in August 2013.


Something is wrong here with these pictures.  What could it be?


Read this report and you will find the answer!



















You mean like this, Klein?




Or what about this from last year??








Nor, if you are a “victim”, should you be sending emails such as this:


It is painfully obvious that Klein is using Retzlaff as a marketing tool










And it is especially hard to claim to be a victim when you own a website in your so-called “stalker’s” name that you once used to fill with all sorts of defamatory garbage, personal information, and threats!!



It is a well-known fact that criminal defendants get to issue subpoenas and conduct all sorts of discovery as a part of their fundamental Constitutional rights – this is especially true when they have extremely aggressive and capable attorneys.



Of course, if “death threats” are being sent, there is only one person here who claims to having an “Online Army Of Trolls” at his disposal – trolls that have been known to SWAT, known to hack, and known to terrorize their victims.







So what did Van Dyke do and how did he do it?  Well thanks to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before and his contacts within the Texas law enforcement community, we here at the BV Files can actually show you what other news organizations can only talk about – Jason Van Dyke’s arrest reportCHECK IT OUT!!





In his lawsuit from earlier this year, Van Dyke said 52-year-old retiree Tom Retzlaff’s public criticism of Van Dyke’s alleged affiliation with white supremacist groups had cost him two job opportunities.

One of those jobs was as a felony prosecutor for the Victoria County District Attorney’s Office. The lawsuit claims the district attorney’s office rescinded a job offer after learning from Retzlaff that Van Dyke had a problematic online history.

Van Dyke, who from the ongoing lawsuit wants a restraining order against Retzlaff and damages of at least $100 million, said Retzlaff got him fired from another job, at a private law firm, after Retzlaff sent repeated accusatory emails to partners at the firm.

As of June 20, Van Dyke is no longer accepting new clients, according to the State Bar of Texas. He is eligible to practice law in Texas, but his State Bar card is designated as retired. He could not be reached for comment as of early Wednesday afternoon.



State Bar v. Van Dyke


We are certain, though, that once Van Dyke gets put in the county jail he will soon find himself surrounded by lots of wonderful new friends who will greatly appreciate his style of community activism!



Unfortunately for Van Dyke, he made the mistake of filing a LOLsuit against a man who simply cannot be intimidated and whose membership in a conspiracy is far grander than one could ever imagine.  And it was doubly fucking stupid trying to get this man’s daughter involved in your LOLsuit nonsense, too.  Were you not paying attention to what happened to James McGibney (who we don’t like) when he tried the same thing? 



Head Office location for RTC Holding Company, LLC PO Box 141 Rarotonga, Cook Islands












Who else do we know that has been arrested AND convicted of filing FALSE police reports???


Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan










It looks like Bullyville attorney John Morgan is up again for yet another State Bar disciplinary proceeding.  According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our heads), a disbarment petition will be filed within six months.  Which sucks for Morgan.


McGibney, and Morgan, and Klein, and Van Dyke like to blather on and on and on about “death threats” and “cyber-stalkers” and “grand conspiracies” to anyone and everyone who will listen – to include claims about FBI investigations, and super, secret grand juries and shit like that.  But it is all complete BULLSHIT (to use a legal phrase).  The only people getting locked up here are…. people associated with James McGibney (who we don’t like).

Why is that?

Well, if you are going to be a victim, then you must be a victim.  You cannot also be a perpetrator, as well.  Because prosecutors (like juries) need their victims to have CLEAN HANDS.


One does not have CLEAN HANDS if they have been running around the country filing SLAPP lawsuits and buying up websites in other peoples’ names just so you can harass and defame them.  Doesn’t work that way.




In July 2014, McGibney posted intimate photos of Retzlaff’s ex-wife, Denise, on McGibney’s Cheaterville website in order to embarrass and harass the lady – just as he did with Retzlaff’s daughter, Brittany, months before.




Later, in an August 21, 2014, email exchange, McGibney claimed to Denise that he was being forced to leave his home because Retzlaff had gotten a hold of the “gate code” for where McGibney lived at and then gave it to the Aryan Brotherhood so as to murder McGibney and his family.  (A likely store, to be sure, right?)

Oh, no! The Aryan Brotherhood has my gate code!!


This is a close up of McGibney’s email claiming he is moving due to a “security” issue – lol, what a liar!


Unfortunately for McGibney, the place he lived at, 5761 Algonquin Way,San Jose, CA 95138, is NOT a “gated” community.  The real reason why McGibney was forced to “flee” this home is far more prosaic – once Retzlaff started tearing into McGibney’s revenge porn advertisers and revenge porn investors and revenge porn celebrity sponsors, ALL of McGibney $28,000 per month income immediately dried up!

Thus, McGibney could no longer afford the rent and, one step ahead of eviction proceedings, he broke his lease and down-graded to something far more affordable for an out-of-work revenge pornographer whose sexual blackmail business just got shut down.




Thus, there is only one person earning any money in the McGibney household at this time: Christina McGibney!

This woman sucks cock for money – seriously



Remember when?





For years James McGibney has sought the spotlight.  But McGibney needs to remember something very, very important: For a man in his position, the spotlight can turn into an interrogation lamp pretty damn fast!




So.  How was your week?

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