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jamesmarinejpg-2529899_p9Is there any person on the planet who still does not think that San Jose, CA revenge pornographer and sexual blackmail artist James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a pedophile?


GIVING CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE:  Some of our most informative and hilarious articles have developed because of ideas or comments made by you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters.  This article was generated because of a comment posted about a week ago that got us all thinking….


Jimmy has been a bad boy

Jimmy has been a bad boy

Well apparently James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney does not like the fact that everyone who uses Google also hears claims that he is a pedophile as McGibney has been frantically contacting Google desperately trying to scrub the interwebs and remove the evidence.  SUCKS TO BE YOU, MCGIBNEY!



Lumen—  https://lumendatabase.org/


McBitchney cries to Google 11 McBitchney cries to Google 12


Yes, this is absolutely true

Yes, this is absolutely true

pedo bear


FUN FACT:  Lumen, formally Chilling Effects.org, is an online database that records DMCA and other take down requests that are submitted to Google.


When you check the Lumen database you can find each and every time McStupid cried about being posted on the interwebs.  CHECK IT OUT!



McBitchney cries to Google 1 McBitchney cries to Google 2





So how does McGibney justify to Google his request to have these, and many other links, all removed from Google searches?  HE CLAIMS HE HAS A “VALID COURT ORDER” instructing Google to remove all this stuff!!  CHECK IT OUT!


McBitchney cries to Google 3

But does Google give two shits about Jimmy boy’s plaintive cries for help?  NO, THEY DO NOT!


This is what you get when you Google the term "ViaView"

This is what you get when you Google the term “ViaView”


This is what you get when you Google McGibney (as of June 24, 2016)

This is what you get when you Google McGibney (as of June 24, 2016)





Results from October 2014

Results from October 2014


And this is what members of the McGibney Gang have been claiming for the past two and a half years.

google block #6 google block #5

google block #3

This tweet came from Rob Holmes of IP Cybercrime.com, an acclaimed e-Detective – as well as a big time thief, convicted criminal, and alcoholic – seriously!


google block #4 google block #2






Since many of you have expressed an interest, we thought that we would share with you some of the feedback that we have received from the people and companies that presently advertise used to advertise on James McGibney’s Bullyville and Cheaterville websites (which we don’t like).

First off, without fail, UPON CONTACT EVERY SINGLE ADVERTISER HAS AGREED TO IMMEDIATELY PULL THEIR ADS once they were made aware of the situation.

The world of online advertising is a very complex one that involves entities called Ad Exchanges.  An ad exchange is similar to a stock exchange.  It’s a market where buyers and sellers get together to make trades.
In the case of ad exchanges, online publishers are posting web sites that users are viewing at any given moment, and giving advertisers (or those who serve ads on their behalf) the opportunity to serve ads on the web pages.  Decisions to offer space on a web page for an ad, and whether or not to buy that space, are made in real time by very fast computers.

Here’s a link that describes how they work in more detail:

Ad exchanges can be useful to both buyers (advertisers and agencies) and sellers (online publishers) because of the efficiencies they provide.  Getting a hold of someone who can made decisions within these ad exchanges is a VERY difficult process.  Unfortunately for James McGibney, my cousin (seriously!) knows a guy who knows another guy who is heavily involved in this kind of thing. And she was able to get us the DIRECT email address for the Vice President in Charge of Google Ads.  Once I reached out to that person and we spoke on the phone, it was then easy to get the contact information for the Decision Makers of the other ad exchanges.  — Admin Mike


Let us start off by saying that Google Ads does not like revenge porn or anything associated with that concept. I did not have to do much talking. Other than giving the Google V.P. the URL of the Cheaterville and Bullyville website sites, my speaking was limited. After all, McGibney’s actions speak for themselves. And that is the beauty of this entire Public Awareness Campaign thing! There is no need for defamatory statements.


Why James McGibney lost ALL of his twitter accounts and advertisers on his websites


There is no need to say anything that could be considered “business-disparagement” (as McGibney claims in his lawsuit James McGibney vs. The Internets).  I sat on the phone while the Google V.P. surfed McGibney’s websites. Other people were brought into the conversation on speaker phone from Google and I just sat back and listened to them discuss the matter and what they were going to do.


All it took to shut down ALL of his ads was reaching out to the right persons in charge of these ad exchanges and making them aware of the situation. You’ve got to remember, these companies deal with tens of millions of websites on a second by second basis. So there is absolutely no way that a company can have personal knowledge of what is going on with their ads.

But once they do know….well, there’s the rub, isn’t it?  Anyways, off to the comments! Names and all that good shit have been removed because, well, we all know what an irrational jerkoff James McGibney (who we don’t like) is and how easily gets filled with Nerd Rage at people who disagree with him.  Remember, this is just a VERY SMALL sample of the responses we received.  Every advertiser was uniformly cooperative once they had a look at what was going on Cheaterville and Bullyville.


[Name Removed] –

[name of site redacted] is not my site. I don’t know where and who they advertise with. But I will check into this, immediately.

I appreciate the heads-up.

Thank you.




Here is a follow up email from that same person:



Mr. [redacted] –

I have sent an email and text to the folks in charge of [name of site redacted].  I have asked them to look into this. If the sites you mentioned are doing what you said they are, I plan on having my name removed from [site name redacted].

I am not into advertising my products on any sites that are hurtful to others.  And again, I am not the owner, partner, or have anything to do with [site name redacted], other than sell information with them.
I should have more information by 5 PM PT on [date redacted], if not sooner.

If they plan to continue advertising on those sites, I will have my name removed.



Here is a different advertiser:


[Name redacted],
Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for including a screen shot. We do not intentionally serve any ads on cheaterville.com or bullyville.com, or “revenge porn” sites, and actively take steps to prevent our ads from appearing on sites like these.

We’ve begun an investigation to determine how these two sites are evading the steps we take to prevent our ads from serving on them.  Our goal is to prevent this from happening again.

If you have a list of additional sites that are similar, please send them so I can consider adding them to our block list as well.  We want to do everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  We do not want to support these types of sites with advertising.
Best regards,
[Name redacted] V.P. Double Click Ads


Or this one:


[Name redacted],

Thank you for your email.  We were disturbed to see the screenshot you sent of our product being advertised on cheaterville.com.

Our display advertising is placed by third party agencies and within our Marketing Guidelines and Restrictions, we explicitly prohibit marketing on these types of websites.

We will be contacting our marketers to strongly remind them of this. We are also conducting our own investigation into the matter.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Compliance Team



BV getting peed on


How about this?


First, I want to thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We would never knowingly advertise on a site like this one as it certainly does not align with our mission and values. We use a national company that automates ad placements on a variety of sites based on demographics and user searches for ‘[redacted] terms’.

Obviously a system glitch occurred as this site should never have been included. We have already contacted our online advertising representative and placed an immediate stop of this ad and will work with them to ensure that this will not happen again.

Unfortunately, this deactivation may take up to 24 hours – but will be fixed.

Again, we very much appreciate you bringing this to our attention so that we could correct it. Thank you.




Becca on BVHollywood "star" explaining why she quit working with McGibney (hint: she does not like pedophiles or those that sexually blackmail little girls)

Hollywood “star” explaining why she quit working with McGibney (hint: she does not like pedophiles or those that sexually blackmail little girls)



And this one,


Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I will forward to the appropriate parties and get this addressed immediately.  We don’t advertise on these sites.  They digitally pirate ads from legitimate companies to make it look like they are “acceptable”, which (from the tone of your email) we both know is not the case. This is a big problem across the internet and I appreciate the heads up on this. We take this very seriously.

Best regards,

[Name redacted], Director of Corporate


And, lastly, this is an email from one of the largest online ad companies in the world, Yahoo.


Thank you [name redacted] for calling me back and taking the time to speak with us.

As I stated in our conversation, we have features built into our technology to prevent Right Media from serving ads in places where we don’t want to be, like the sites you included in your original email.

We also feel it is important to alert the advertising exchanges we work with when we find instances like this, to make sure they’re aware what’s going on.  As you point out, some web sites go to lengths to mask their true nature.  However, we work very hard to circumvent those masking strategies – both with our own technology and by partnering with specialists that have developed technology to help identify and stop this type of thing.

I want to reiterate my thanks for letting us know what you saw, and including the screenshots.
Best regards,
[Name redacted], Vice President, Right Media, Inc.





… and it was all done for the lulz.




latest news



Guess the revenge porn / sexual blackmail business is not as lucrative as it used to be as McGibney just cannot seem to be able to pay his court fees.  CHECK IT OUT!!


8-16 Order regarding payment for RR_Page_1

Without the transcripts from the court reporter McGibney’s appeal is Dead On Arrival as, without a record, the appellate court has nothing to look at to decide upon.


Jimmy has no money



But according to the McGibney Gang…


McGibney is a rich guy tweet

So how can this be?  McGibney has an unemployed wife (unless you count the fact that Christina McGibney sucks dicks for money in a Costco parking lot, that is), so his wife has no real job (unless you count sucking dicks as a real job), so his wife does not work (that does not involve sucking dicks for cash), yet McGibney’s wife does not have a legitimate job and he has three small kids, has only $250 in his checking account, and lives in San Jose, CA – one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. – yet McGibney’s last remaining supporter wants us all to believe that McGibney is making a “comfortable” living.

When / if McGibney’s last remaining attorney, Evan Stone, gets around to filing his appellate brief, I wonder how he will explain this.





where is TR

Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before recently took a trip to Japan and was kind enough to send us a couple of photographs.


TR in japan - Visa stamp


Mt. Fuji Climbing Stick

Mt. Fuji Climbing Stick

japan 2

japan 1

Cannot afford to get lost in a city of nearly 30 million people







[W]e hold that a defendant may be a prevailing party when a plaintiff nonsuits without prejudice if the trial court determines, on the defendant’s motion, that the nonsuit was taken to avoid an unfavorable ruling on the merits.


Order granting 91a dismissal


Guess this means that things are not working out too well for you or your client, Stephen Hartman.  This is why people like this should avoid illegal drugs and too much alcohol – and get treatment for syphilis!


Hartman & Morgan on TV

Hartman & Morgan on TV

There was supposed to have been a hearing on the attorney’s fees now owed to American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas District Court Judge Layne Walker.  But Morgan cried like a bitch to our Honorary Co-Admin Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell begging for more time.  But Dorrell stood firm and said “No.”  CHECK OUT THIS EMAIL!

Email to Morgan from Dorrell





Notice of Filing Threatening Retzlaff email_Page_01Notice of Filing Threatening Retzlaff email_Page_02 Notice of Filing Threatening Retzlaff email_Page_03



Well stay tuned, ladies & gentlemen, for further updates and more epic lulz from the gift that keeps on giving… John Morgan, Philip Klein, James McGibney, Evan Stone, Jay Leiderman, and all the rest of the drug addicted child abusers in the McGibney Gang.




The last remaining supporter for the McGibney Gang, a clown pseudonymously known as Catty Idiot, wanted everyone to believe this weekend that he was in Scottsdale, AZ for some odd reason.  Except he failed to take into account the fact that when Facebook time stamps your comments or posts, it is for the time zone that you are at, not the one you are pretending to be at.


Catty posts 1


Catty posts 2


The second post, the one on the bottom, is a screen shot Admin Dean took.  Because Admin Dean is, as we all know, living in Newport Beach, CA, the time displayed is Pacific Time which, this time of the year, is the same time as in AZ.

HOWEVER, the top post is a cut & paste job posted by McGibney Gang member Catty Idiot and it shows what the time was in his time zone for this post – two hours ahead of Pacific Time.  Thus, this fool was located in the Central Time zone – far away from Scottsdale, AZ.


Bad liars do nothing to help the cause of James McGibney (who we don’t like).  Bad liars just fuel the fire which we use to destroy McGibney, his family, and his ViaView company because destroying his family and company are vital to the nation.




What does Christina McGibney think now that the 'truth' has finally been revealed?

What does Christina McGibney think now that the ‘truth’ has finally been revealed?



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