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 An interview with a mother who hates her (adopted) son. Seriously – 100% VERIFIED.

Yes, as unbelievable as it seems, one of our Admins here at the BV Files (who lives on the East Coast) actually had a chance to meet with and speak to the mother of James McGibney (who we don’t like) near her home NW of Orlando, FL this weekend.  Because our Admin was already in the Orlando area for some Disney World fun with their family, it was not too big of a deal for them to stop by the home of Mrs. Mary McGibney (mother of revenge pornographer and all around internet tough guy James McGibney), who lives just off the I‐75 in a town called The Villages, while they were returning to their home.

Home of Mary T. McGibney, mother of revenge porno perv James McGibney (who we don’t like)


See bottom of article for important updates!



After introducing themselves, our co‐Admin, after eating some of Mrs. McGibney’s home baked cookies, started tossing her some softball questions so we could all find out more about her son and what little Jimmy was like growing up.

Fresh from the kitchen of Mrs. McGibney

Fresh from the kitchen of Mrs. McGibney

Fun Fact: his nic‐name when he was little was “Jenny”.



BV Files Co‐Admin:  I’m surprised you’re doing interviews.

Mrs. McGibney: I had already said for a while I wasn’t going to do any, and I wasn’t up to it, my health has really taken a toll on me. And I don’t want to upset anybody, and I don’t want to upset, per se, the apple cart. [coughs] My son’s website [Cheaterville] is really causing me problems.  I get a lot of mean looks around the retirement community I live in.  I have never looked at it, but I have always been disappointed in him. So I am sure it is pretty terrible and stupid.

Why haven’t you seen his website?

I’ve heard bits and pieces about it and I was told, well, that it is a social media company for dating.  He doesn’t give that many details, and it’s most likely all lies anyways.  He has always been a liar.

Why have you decided to sit for this interview?

The main reason for doing this was to let people know that I’m not this evil monster that is drugged out and strung out on booze and pot and meth and all that stuff (like his sister is).  It’s like, no, they’ve got a big misconception.  I was a good mother.  I do idolize my children.  They’re my world, just like my grandchildren.  Anything that they do, I applaud them.  Except for Jenny, er, Jimmy.  He was always a bad seed.  I could tell from the moment we came home with him.

But it’s basically, to know me as a person as far as what the media has put out there, as far as being this horrible evil monster that hates everybody and I abandoned my child and he had no shoes and he walked to school uphill both ways without shoes on.  I have heard so many [supposed] horror stories: He was beaten everyday, locked in a closet with no food, left in an English orphanage, raped by a series of random strangers I brought into our home for money, Golden Showers everyday.  It has been crazy all the lies!

Stop picking on me

We understand that Jimmy was adopted.  First get us the details of your decision to adopt him, how old he was, and who facilitated the adoption.  In other words, give us the background so that we can understand the story.

Well, first off it’s important to know that David Kushner is a liar.  He told me he was doing an article for Rolling Stone magazine and that Jenny, er, Jimmy, was going to be on the cover.  Instead the article was written for a terrorist website called Al-Jazeera!  But in any event, I had always wanted to have a little girl.  My mother and I have always been very close and I longed for a meaningful relationship like I have with her.  When my husband and I had our first child, we started the research process.

Kenneth Fitzpatrick, a relative of my now‐dead husband’s sister, Patricia McGibney, had been working in a mission in Ukraine and I felt a desire to adopt from there.  He referred us to a facilitator in Ukraine to do our adoption.  As agencies are not allowed in Ukraine, we found an agency that could complete our home study here but the adoption was considered “private”.  We had been approved for a 3 to 6 year old girl, but when we got back to America and finally took a look at the kid, we found out that we had been bamboozled and given a small, retarded looking boy who was wearing a dress and had really long hair instead. Needless to say, we were not happy campers!

orphan (Medium)

What behaviors did James exhibit when he first arrived?  Were you ever able to manage or change those behaviors in any way?  What did you attempt to do?

“Jenny”, as we first called her before we realized that she was a he, was very excited to leave the orphanage.  There were no tears or fear.  She, er, he, started school within a few days because he wanted to go with his sister.  He was pretty eager to learn but could not do anything for more than 2 to 5 minutes by himself and he needed constant approval.


McGibney sister is broke – no joke


Because he was small, he was often bullied at school.  Or at least he claimed he was being bullied.  See Jimmy was always running into things, sometimes with his face.  He came home with goose eggs on his forehead from running into metal poles at recess. Jimmy would do this repeatedly, on purpose, and then go tell the teacher that other kids were being mean to him and looking at him funny.  Then he would claim that they tried to murder him or rape him, or rape him and then murder him.  Many children got into trouble before the school authorities were able to figure out that Jimmy was just making it all up.

You see there never really were any bullies.  It was all made up by him.  But even to this very day, Jimmy is always going on and on about how bullies are everywhere and he is going to get them and make them pay!

We went through therapy for this and it had a great outcome.  Later, I learned that Jimmy had just, in fact, blackmailed the doctors into giving him a good report in exchange for him not reporting them to the authorities for ass‐raping him.  Meal times were probably the worst issue.  He would chew his food for an eternity and then gag on it or throw up, later claiming that we tried to poison him and that he was going to sue us all!

That was his big thing when he started getting older. He was going to sue anyone he didn’t like.

Jimmy is a turkey

Jimmy is a turkey




Were there times that Jimmy fit into the family structure, or showed signs of improvement?

I think there was the hope that he was fitting in but he really didn’t.  He would love to sit and play with his socks.  He would put different socks on each of his hands and then pretend to have imaginary conversations with them like they were real people, kinda like a puppet show, only with socks.  Each sock puppet, they would each have their own voice – sometimes male, sometimes female.


sock puppets


One he called “The Captain” who would always be authoritative in his speech and tell everyone that they were going to jail soon and this Captain sock would tell everyone how he was in law enforcement and his family was all federal cops and special police chiefs and such.

Another was “Priest” who would say vile, sexual things about cumming on peoples faces and would always go on and on about penises and vaginas and poop.

Then the female one, who sounded a little mannish, was “CJ”.  CJ would abuse all the other little socks (that she called her children) and would talk for hours about some imaginary friend of hers called “Kate”.  So when I would ask Jenny, er, Jimmy who this “Kate” person was, he would ignore me unless I called him “CJ”, then he would say in that little falsetto voice of his “She is the victim of bullies and I must rescue her and she will then love me and give me lots of monies!”

He would do this for HOURS.  I would get tired and frustrated and tell him to knock it off, that they were not real people, but were socks.  He said he didn’t care.  Then he would get his little army of sock puppets to start attacking me, calling me vile names like “felon”, “pedophile” and “rapist” and that I had better shut up or I will be sued!







We hope that by the time you got to this point in our “interview” that you will have realized that it was entirely made up and has no basis in reality (or does it)?

april fools





latest news




Denton, Texas attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke (DOB: April 3, 1980) is a pedophile, according to recently filed court documents!!



The State Bar of Texas has decided to initiate disbarment proceedings against Van Dyke, with a petition soon to be filed in Denton County District Court.  The case is being prosecuted by Tonya Harlan, Dallas Regional Counsel – Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, State Bar of Texas.

So how does Van Dyke respond??  CHECK IT OUT!!


So how many active clients does Van Dyke have left?

  • Paul Nguyen
  • Chris David Roberts
  • Langbert Financial, Inc
  • Christine Scallian
  • Texas Title Company / Maverick Title of Texas


And here is Van Dyke stalking an opposing party to a lawsuit he filed:






April 2, 2018:


As promised, here is the full article that was published today in Texas Lawyer magazine, which is read daily by each and everyone who is a member of the State Bar of Texas.


FUN FACT:  Texas lawyer magazine is owned and published by ALM.  ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media) is a media company located in New York City, and is a provider of specialized business news and information, focused primarily on the legal, insurance, and commercial real estate sectors.  ALM owns and publishes 33 national and regional magazines and newspapers, including The American Lawyer, the New York Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer, Legal Times and Real Estate Forum.






Hey Van Dyke – how’s that restraining order working out for ya, bitch?


We will post more later about Denton attorney Jason Van Dyke and our efforts at identifying ALL of his clients, as well as the court records regarding him being a pedophile.  SO STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER UPDATES!!







Remember this from just last year?


When Beaumont attorney John Morgan cries, nobody listens.  We here at the BV Files learned over a year ago that Morgan (a CONVICTED child abuser who was arrested for trying to MURDER his own ex-wife and three children) thought that he could launch a super secret investigation of our little libel / death threats blog here. 

But like everything else Morgan tries to do in a Jefferson County courtroom, he crashed and burned.  CHECK IT OUT!!

The problem is that John Wooldridge does not like Morgan, not one little bit.  But you know what Wooldridge does like?  He likes dropping the hammer on Morgan and Klein at every opportunity.

So who is Judge Wooldridge?


Visiting Judge John T. Wooldridge, 252nd District Court of Jefferson County, Texas


      He is a former Judge of the 269th District Court, Harris County, Texas and a former United States Military Judge.   Judge Wooldridge has eighteen years of judicial service and has presided over numerous Civil, Criminal and Family Law cases.  He is also authorized and available to sit as a Visiting Judge by assignment within the Second Administrative Judicial Region of Texas.

      Judge Wooldridge is a Panelist with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and Judicial Workplace Arbitrations, Inc. (JWA).  He has been appointed as an arbitrator with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and has been approved to provide ADR services in the U.S. District Courts, Southern District of Texas.  Judge Wooldridge has been inducted into the Texas Chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN).  He is available for Mediations, Arbitrations, or other forms of ADR, statewide and nationally.  Judge Wooldridge also provides insurance claims Umpire services.  He serves as a disinterested, impartial individual, haveing been appointed by both Court Ordered as well as claims Appraisers as an approved Umpire, making decissions regarding the value of personal and real property or the amount of property loss. 

      His professional legal career has included service as Senior Corporate Counsel with two multi-national offshore drilling services companies, a partner with a Houston law firm, concentrating in civil litigation, Admiralty and Maritime law, and had a mediation practice prior to his appointment to the Court.  He was an Adjunct Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas, was a Lecturer on Ethics in Business, Medicine/Science and Politics/Government at Rice University, Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, a Lecturer on the Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause at Air University, United States Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps School, Maxwell AFB.  Judge Wooldridge has numerous civic activities, including service on the Board of Trustees at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, Texas and Episcopal High School, Bellaire, Texas.

      Judge Wooldridge is a Captain in the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps, retired after 30 years of military service.  He served on active duty during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (Gulf War I).  His significant assignments include service as Trial Counsel, Naval Legal Service Office Norfolk; Command Prosecutor, USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62); Staff Judge Advocate, Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport, Mississippi; Command Judge Advocate, TWENTIETH Naval Construction Regiment; Appellate Defense Counsel, Appellate Defense Division; Force Inspector General and Assistant Force Judge Advocate, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Japan; Executive Officer and General Courts-Martial Military Judge, Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary; Commanding Officer, Region Legal Service Office, Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia; and Senior Military Justice Officer, Region Legal Service Office, Hawaii.  Captain Wooldridge was recalled to active duty in 2008 for service during Operation Enduring Freedom and was assigned as Legal Counsel with the Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants, U.S. Navy Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.   

      Judge Wooldridge was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1987, and has been admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court; U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces; U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit; U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas and the courts of the State of Texas.  He is a Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and the Houston Bar Foundation.  Judge Wooldridge authored a Law Journal Article in the Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce titled, “Barratry by Exceeding the Navigational Limit of the Insurance Policy.”   He also has numerous other articles and seminar presentations.

So who do we know who spent many years in the military as a Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent who also served during Operation Just Cause, and Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm?

In yet another on-going attempt by the McGibney Gang to try to get a hold of our super, secret dox, Morgan issued THREE DEPOSITION SUBPOENAS to American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and other employees at the Hanzen LaPorte law firm in Houston, Texas, in an effort to get to the bottom of this years long Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory involving American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Dorrell Depo Notice


Keeline Depo Notice






Hey BV Files – So what exactly does Retzlaff do for this very large, very prestigious Houston law firm? you ask??  Well just relax a moment and we will tell ya!

Jeff Dorrell puppets

According to noted legal scholar and all around law-type expert, Beaumont, Texas, attorney John S. Morgan, Retzlaff is the HNIC for the Office of Death Threats & Cyber-Stalking at Hanszen-LaPorte where he leads a very diverse group of other rich, middle aged white guys who all vote Republican.

Pleading by Morgan in his lawsuit against his ex-wife's attorney, Johnson-Todd

Pleading by Morgan in his lawsuit against his ex-wife’s attorney, Johnson-Todd

According to court records in several federal and state lawsuits:

E.M. v. Philip Klein, case # 2014-CI-17145, Bexar County, TX

E.M. v. Philip Klein, case # 2014-CI-17145, Bexar County, TX


Motion to Strike Retzlaff's pleadings in the EM v Klein case

Motion to Strike Retzlaff’s pleadings in the EM v Klein case



March 29, 2016, deposition of Philip Klein in US District Court, case # 1:14-CV-00509


2nd Amended Complaint, US District Court - Philip Klein v. Judge Layne Walker

2nd Amended Complaint, US District Court – Philip Klein v. Judge Layne Walker


Klein v Walker lawsuit

Klein v Walker lawsuit


Affidavit of Philip Klein - John Morgan v. Sheryl Johnson-Todd, Jefferson Cty (TX) court

Affidavit of Philip Klein – John Morgan v. Sheryl Johnson-Todd, Jefferson Cty (TX) court

  • While Phil Klein cries, we laugh and hope he dies
  • Posted on Klein's website

    Posted on Klein’s website

Members of the Dorrell – Retzlaff Death Threats Team include (but are not limited to) the following:

Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte - Jeff Dorrell - Kent Hanszen

Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte – Jeff Dorrell – Kent Hanszen

Mark Sparks

Houston attorney Mark Sparks


252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker (ret.)

252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker (ret.)


Beaumont attorney Joe Fisher, Jr

Beaumont attorney Joe Fisher, Jr


US District Court Judge Zack Hawthorn

US District Court Judge Zack Hawthorn


Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods

Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods


Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham

Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham


Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps

Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps


Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice Steve McKeithen

Beaumont Court of Appeals Chief Justice Steve McKeithen

Clearly John Morgan is a crazy drug addict.  Like Jay Leiderman before him (another documented drug addict), when presented with an option, Morgan will almost always come into court and lay out his conspiracy theories based not on anything resembling actual admissible evidence, but just based on stuff he says some guy said on the Internet. This is total BULLSHIT, to use a legal term.

— Tom Retzlaff

conspiracy is everywhere






Thomas Retzlaff, Hanszen Laporte



James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a bitch.  No, seriously.  We here at the BV Files mean this in all honesty and sincerity. 






From Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before


I spy with my little eye… a Washington, DC, subway transit pass that this person has laying right next to his lovely Rolex watch from when he went to Washington DC to see the President sworn into office last January 2017.


SO WHERE IS RETZLAFF RIGHT NOW?  In his second home-town of Las Vegas.  Apparently there is going to be a Big Fight there and he wants ringside seats!!


And what hotel does Retzlaff stay at whenever he is in Las Vegas


If Jason Van Dyke wants to serve Retzlaff with his LOLsuit, this is where he will be this weekend.











Do you guys remember last year during Ramadan when members of ISIS took over our blog and took Admin Mike hostage in a take-over of our server in Dubai?  Well since then, your Admins of the BV Files have been trying to have friendlier relations with our “neighbors” on our Bullet Proof Host server provider so as to avoid future take-overs and assaults upon our anal virginity.

They asked us to issue the following Press Release:





ISIS institutes ‘blow up or get out’ promotion policy


The Islamic State has implemented a new “blow up or out” promotion policy for its jihadi leaders, according to multiple sources within the Islamic State military personnel directorate.

The new policy requires sheikhs who have received three negative jihad evaluation reports out of their last five reports to become suicide bombers.

The policy is intended to “weed out under-performers and identify and retain talent,” according to a senior jihadi resources official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the new policy. “As we focus increasingly on terroristic operations against the infidel we have an exceptional need for talent of all types,” he added.

Still, the Islamic State suicide bomber force immediately expressed concerns about the impact of the new policy on its capabilities. The force’s commanders, for example, have long argued that “martyrdom of the best human capital kills more infidels and is most holy.” The new policy, however, suggests that the Islamic State leadership believes the exact opposite.

“It cannot be emphasized enough that the suicide force must only have the best talent,” a senior suicide force commander told reporters. “The idea that we can maintain our global standard of excellence in terrorism with a group of sheikhs who lost accountability of property and failed to accomplish mandatory training objectives is so wrong. And frankly, it makes us feel undervalued. Do we not kill more infidels than any other weapons?”

The suicide bomber force has “peculiar talent retention issues which senior sheikhs often fail to understand,” according to the commander. “Our training has a high attrition rate. This is because we work with explosives more than any other service. Careless bomb-makers and human error kill many martyrs before they ever reach the battlefield. This policy increases the risk of fratricide.”

But a source within the personnel directorate disputed the idea that martyrdom was undervalued.

“Obviously there is a healthy tension between the holy imperative of martyrdom and our worldly need to retain talent. Nonetheless we think we have struck a reasonable balance here. Those commanders who think suicide bomber duty does not fit in their career timeline are welcome to seek martyrdom in other ways, such as by geotagging their tweets to infidel President Trump or volunteering to serve in Syria.”


As soon as we get Jason Van Dyke’s home address, we will post it right here so that ISIS will know exactly where to go.


Oh, wait a minute….


FUN FACT:  Like Paul Gianni before him, Van Dyke “runs” his “law firm” out of a spare bedroom in his house – that he shares with his dad.