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Evan Stone (not his real name) (who we don't like)

Evan Stone (not his real name) (who we don’t like)

As of this date a total of three different attorneys and law firms have QUIT working for revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his ViaView blackmail company. The newest and bestest legal mind in Texas, however, has just stepped into the ring recently and is ready to rumble! Yes, it is that retard pictured above: Denton, Texas attorney Evan Stone.



Special Update


UPDATE:  July 19, 2015, at 2015 hrs GMT.

Well it seems that James McGibney’s attorney John Morgan (a convicted child abuser) just cannot catch a break.  It seems that the Texas Supreme Court has just thrown out his attempt at appealing his earlier defeat at the hands of American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston, TX attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.  Please see our earlier article:  McGibney’s Attorney John Morgan Hit With Major Defeat In Appeals Court

Go check it out because its a really cool article!  The State Bar of Texas will shortly be conducting its disciplinary hearing into serious allegations of misconduct involving Morgan in a month or so.  SO STAY TUNED TO THE BV FILE FOR UPDATES!

In fact, we think that there will be something really funny posted here come July 24th.

Morgan PDR denied 7-17-2015




In the federal LOLsuit it seems that James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his Vicodin using attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman are facing the prospect of getting hit with $250,000 in sanctions from US District Court Judge Beth Freeman on account of them filing a frivolous lawsuit.

A hearing has been set for October 15, 2015, at 9 am in her San Jose courtroom.


So how does Leiderman respond?  By admitting something that we all knew all along – that he is an incompetent boob!

Leiderman is a criminal defense lawyer. He has not litigated a civil case before. He has had his name attached to only one other civil case, wherein he argued one motion. Leiderman did his best to get up to speed on these issues, including civil procedure, which was a large task while Leiderman successfully handled multiple life cases in State Court. Every filing and piece of evidence submitted by Plaintiff was done so with a good faith basis.

— Jay Leiderman’s response to sanctions

So if anyone out there reading this is thinking about hiring Ventura, California attorney Jay Leiderman – DON’T DO IT!

Attorney Jay Leiderman

Attorney Jay Leiderman


We can confirm that Plaintiffs have been working with the FBI with respect to that case [the Texas case] and one way or another, justice will be served.

— From Leiderman’s sanctions response

Yeah, sure you can, asshole.  We here at the BV Files are absolutely 100% certain that the FBI gives two shits about your butthurt and the butthurt of revenge pornographer / blackmail artist James (“Jimmy the Pee Boy“) McGibney.  You clowns have been smoking the same nonsense that Philip Klein smokes, right?  He, too, has dreams of the FBI being his Personal Army.

tweets 2a

A mystery for the Clueless e-Detective to solve, perhaps?

A mystery for the Clueless e-Detective to solve, perhaps?


I can confirm that I have spoken to the FBI directly about this matter and the litigation in Texas pertaining to Thomas Retzlaff, fugitive from the law Neal Rauhauser and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. I can also confirm that Plaintiffs have spoken extensively to the FBI about this matter, on a daily basis. Furthermore, protected party Brittany Retzlaff has been forwarding numerous pieces of evidence directly to the FBI. We are confident that justice will soon prevail.

— From Leiderman’s Declaration under oath in his response to sanctions


Unfortunately for Leiderman and the rest of the McGibney Gang, Retzlaff recorded his daughter’s phone calls on numerous occasion in which she states to her mother that she has been forwarding the emails to a person known as “Catty Idiot” and she has stated in these phone calls that “Catty is James’ right-hand man.”

Yet, McGibney claimed in an affidavit that he had no clue as to who this “Catty Idiot” person was and that he had no ties to him whatsoever!

ECF 184 - Retzlaff's Reply in Support of Mtn to Strike & Exhibits_Page_01 ECF 184 - Retzlaff's Reply in Support of Mtn to Strike & Exhibits_Page_02 ECF 184 - Retzlaff's Reply in Support of Mtn to Strike & Exhibits_Page_03

ECF 184 - Retzlaff's Reply in Support of Mtn to Strike & Exhibits_Page_04 ECF 184 - Retzlaff's Reply in Support of Mtn to Strike & Exhibits_Page_05 ECF 184 - Retzlaff's Reply in Support of Mtn to Strike & Exhibits_Page_06


Prevailing party or not on a jurisdiction motion, if anyone should be sanctioned for conduct in this case it is Retzlaff. His vile and contemptuous conduct warrants sanction. How the Court allowed him to attack Counsel throughout without him hardly mentioning Plaintiffs was unconscionable and wrong.

— Claim made by Leiderman in his sanctions response


Jeff Dorrell puppets


In the Texas case, the motion for sanctions against McStupid and his ViaView company is being prepared as we speak.  We here at the BV Files would not be the least bit surprised to see a subpoena being issued for McGibney ordering him to appear at the sanctions hearing so he can be questioned under oath regarding his actions and the identities of the other members of the McGibney Gang (such as this Catty Idiot person).

Fun Fact:  Both CJ and Rob Holmes reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are within subpoena range of the Fort Worth courtroom.

on with the show




Good day, eh. Today’s topic seems like déjà vu all over again. For whatever reason James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney has found himself yet another attorney who has engaged in serious misconduct – repeatedly, and who has the worst possible reputation, to represent him in his LOLsuit scheme. Yet, for some reason, the people involved in McGibney’s Grand Civil Conspiracy keep getting top-notch legal representation from lawyers with good reputations who have a strong track record of ethical conduct and solid legal work. And now McGibney has done hired, yet again, a lawyer who has committed illegal acts and who is also a dead beat who does not pay his bills.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?



John MorganConvicted child abuser who plead GUILTY to filing false police reports against his ex-wife in a failed bid to steal custody of three children from her. He is under investigation by the State Bar of Texas.

Jay Leiderman – A guy who creates and files court pleadings while high on Vicodin and who mortgaged his family home to the hilt last March 2014 in order to finance all these LOLsuits. He gained ILLEGAL ACCESS to email accounts of the Ventura County (Calif) Public Defender’s Office so as to send harassing and threatening emails to an attorney he is feuding with. He is under investigation by the California State Bar.

Paul Gianni – A guy who was a named partner with the Ft. Worth white shoe law firm Shannon-Gracey for about 15 years until he was supposedly fired for taking on McGibney as a client. He has been suspended from law practice by the Ohio State Bar.

(Do you guys see a theme of commonality here?  All three of these attorneys have been involved in acts of serious misconduct – likely criminal conduct, certainly unethical conduct.  DO NOT HIRE ANYONE OF THESE PEOPLE!



And now we have this idiot, Evan Stone.


Stone Notice of Appearance_Page_1


But BV Files – Why would McGibney want to hire such a person? you ask. Well it’s not that complicated, at least according to this Twitter post by McGibney:

McGibney tweet

This above Tweet is a reference to Plano, Texas, attorney Jason Van Dyke of The Van Dyke Law Firm, P.L.L.C. He is also a real retard. Seriously. 100% VERIFIED! This is the clown who filed his very own LOLsuit against the TOR Project and the website Pink Meth last year. Van Dyke used to use the Twitter account @MeanTXLawyer until he got hit with the Twitter Ban Hammer for….. being a bully and posting ridiculous things that we are certain the folks at the State Bar of Texas were really impressed with.

An attorney posting death threats - real smart, Van Dyke

An attorney posting death threats – real smart, Van Dyke


Fun Fact: Evan Stone’s real name is Evan Hugh Flournoy, born February 6, 1977, but he got a name change in June 2009. What deep, dark secret is Evan trying to hide from??  His Texas drivers license number is 02128122.


Evan Flournoy (aka Evan Stone) is a baby lawyer, meaning he just became a lawyer a very short time ago. In fact, according to the State Bar of Texas, Flournoy / Stone has been licensed to practice law in Texas for less than five years. For some really stupid reason (but probably a good reason to him), Stone decided to use the stupidest possible photograph of himself on his State Bar public profile. Why on earth he would do such a thing is beyond our ability here at the BV Files to comprehend. When prospective clients, employers or judges want to check you out, this is the very first thing they see: A retard wearing devil horns on his head. Does not seem to be a very smart career move to us, but then again we are not retards. So who knows.

State Bar of Texas _ Find A Lawyer  _ Evan Flournoy Stone_Page_1

State Bar of Texas _ Find A Lawyer  _ Evan Flournoy Stone_Page_2

Two months after graduating law school and getting his Bar Card, Stone decided that it would be a good idea to become a Copyright Troll and file thousands of LOLsuits against a bunch of anonymous John Doe defendants, and then issue completely FAKE subpoenas to various Internet Service Providers in an effort to obtain personal information, which Stone then used to BLACKMAIL these innocent people into giving him money.

From his office in Denton, Texas, Stone needed only six months to make himself the main file-sharing lawyer in the state. On July 17, 2010, he sued 65 anonymous P2P users trafficking in gay porn. In August, he sued 113. In September, Stone went after 670. October brought a case against 1,106; then, two weeks later, the same porn studio went against another 2,619. Stone has singlehandedly filed almost every such case in Texas.

— Feb 7, 2011 ARS Technic article Meet Evan Stone, P2P pirate hunter


For a while it seemed like a pretty good racket.

  1. Troll for some IP addresses of folks allegedly downloading some gay porn.
  2. File a FAKE LOLsuit naming a bunch of John Doe / IP addresses as defendants.
  3. Send out some FAKE (but official looking) subpoenas to the ISPs so as to dig up personal information on the IP address account holders.
  4. Send out blackmail letter demanding monies or you will threaten to sue the person and publicly expose them for supposedly downloading gay porno.


But then, like all good things, it came to an end

ban hammer 2

and Evan Stone (aka Evan Flournoy) got hit with one of the BIGGEST Ban Hammers in existence – the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Yeah, poor Evan Stone’s blackmail scheme of sending out illegal subpoenas to ISPs was discovered and some jerks from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Public Citizen stepped in an cried to the federal court and ruined all the lulz and eazy moniez that Stone was getting from blackmailing innocent people by falsely accusing them of pirating gay pornoz from the interwebz. Seriously.

5th Ct of Appeals sanctions order_Page_1 5th Ct of Appeals sanctions order_Page_2

5th Ct of Appeals sanctions order_Page_3 5th Ct of Appeals sanctions order_Page_4

5th Ct of Appeals sanctions order_Page_5 5th Ct of Appeals sanctions order_Page_6

So Evan Stone / Evan Flournoy, with the ink barely dry on his Texas Wesleyan University law degree, got hit with massive sanctions and attorney’s fees in an amount so high – and for conduct so embarrassing and ridiculous – that we at the BV Files can find no other record of another attorney in the U.S. hit with similar such sanctions ever. And we spent about 30 seconds on both Google and Bing.

So what do other Texas lawyers think of Evan Stone and his activities?  Check it out below!

Texas Lawyer Blog_ Three days after judge orders Evan Stone to pay $22,000 i_Page_1

Fun Fact:  Evan Flournoy’s grandfather is Texas oil man Marvin Livingston Stone, owner of M.L. Stone Drilling Company till he died in 2005.




In addition to being a criminal who does not have a problem with violating explicit court orders and rules, Evan Stone is also a DEAD BEAT who does not believe in paying his bills.

But not just any bills. Oh, no. Evan Stone (aka Evan Flournoy) doesn’t think he should have to pay the Internal Revenue Service their just due.

IRS Tax Lien #2_Page_2

IRS Tax lien_Page_2

Thus, Evan Stone and his now ex-wife Julie Renee McKendrick, are a couple of tax cheats who think that they don’t have to pay their fair share that the rest of us good Americans have to.

What a couple of hypocrite jerks these two are. Seriously. So it should be no surprise that Evan Stone has jumped onto the revenge porn / blackmail band wagon that is James McGibney and ViaView with both feet.

But then again, he does need the money. Someone has been abusing their employer-granted access to the Databases, which was what allowed us to find this information out about Evan, and his financial situation is much, much worse than you guys can imagine. in fact, it’s horrific! Good thing he lives close by to his mom, eh?


Evan Stone likes to hide his work address, likely because he would know that no one on the planet would take him seriously if they knew he was working out of a cramped, 500 sq. foot room in a 110 year old converted building in “downtown” Denton. The office next to his is a massage parlor, and there is a used record / CD store there as well.

Very handy escape route for when the Aryan Brotherhood gets your gate code and comes calling

Very handy escape route for when the Aryan Brotherhood gets your gate code and comes calling

According to sources who have been to Denton, Stone has a reputation of walking around the downtown area while wearing a terrycloth bathrobe.  He is frequently seen riding in a blue Lexis 4-door whose license plate number is already in the possession of the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas.  Oh oh.

Fun Fact:  Stone has an IMDB profile.  Does your attorney have an IMDB profile?  Yeah, we don’t think so, either.

IMDB profile



According to sources close to the case (which consist entirely of the voices in our head), some Random Person That We’ve Never Heard Of Before still doesn’t give two shits about TROs or court orders, and McGibney still can’t do a damn thing about it.



We are not sure why, but Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before sent this to us in an email recently.  We here at the BV Files wonder exactly how it is that this Random Person was able to gain entry and VIP access to an event in which everyone was required to show ID and get checked for Wants & Warrants by Sheriff Joe and his team before being allowed inside.

Guess there really aren’t any warrants out for his arrest after all.  Which also likely explains the ease with which he is able to cross borders and pass through customs without a single hassle at all.

Even McGibney’s likes don’t make any sense.  Oh well.  What else is new, eh?






In the mean time, enjoy this luzy music video made by Evan Stone’s ex-wife, Julie McKendrick and her group, Vulgar Fashion. Seriously. And she’s not that bad, either.