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John S. Morgan - Beaumont, TX

John S. Morgan – Beaumont, TX


If you are a client of John Morgan’s, or a potential client, we here at the BV Files would urge you to run – don’t walk – away from Morgan as fast as you can!  DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN!



1.  The Texas State Bar investigation into Beaumont, Texas, attorney John S. Morgan (SBOT Inv # 14447475) is just beginning to fire up.  Despite claims by Morgan’s client, revenge pornographer / blackmail artist James McGibney of San Jose, CA, (who we don’t like) the State Bar is taking an in-depth look at Morgan.  According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), the State Bar investigator assigned to the case either already has, or will shortly be, conducting a full and complete audit of Morgan’s Client Trust Fund Account.

Improperly mixing personal and client funds for personal expenses and such is against State Bar rules and has lead to more attorney disbarments then practically anything else besides substance abuse issues.

Lawyer’s conduct in failing to keep his funds separate from client funds in trust account, in depositing personal funds into trust account, in paying for personal and business-related expenses from trust account and in failing to maintain records for trust account for five years violated rule of professional conduct governing the safekeeping of others’ property.

— Neely v. Comm’n for Lawyer Discipline, 302 S.W.3d 331 (Tex.App.-Houston [14th Dist.] 2009, pet. denied).



2.  Still no word on the federal LOLsuit.  Judge Freeman has yet to issue a decision on the three pending motions to dismiss and the one pending anti-SLAPP special motion to strike.


3.  In another Morgan-related SLAPP case, Houston, TX attorney (and American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files) Jeffrey Dorrell has just filed an appeal in a lawsuit in which Dorrell is representing the attorney for Morgan’s ex-wife in a SLAPP suit that was filed by Morgan.  Recall our earlier article about the illegal injunction Morgan obtained which was ordered dissolved by the Texas 9th Court of Appeals.

Dorrell filed an anti-SLAPP motion in this case, which was filed in Jefferson County (Texas), County Court at Law #1.  After the decision came back from the 9th Court of Appeals finding that the trial judge acted illegally, the judge, Judge Gerald Eddins, did the honorable thing (too little, too late, in our opinion) and stepped aside.

Order of Recusal


Because the anti-SLAPP motion was not decided within the time limits allowed, the motion was automatically considered “denied by operation of law”, which is what happened in the Fort Worth LOLsuit, if you will recall.  So Dorrell filed an appeal and the matter will now be decided by the very same 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont, Texas, that has ruled against John Morgan so very many, many times before (seventeen other times, by our count).

So could this appeal be the lucky appeal that Morgan wins?  Not a chance!  Those people hate Morgan’s guts!  If you will recall, it only took them TWO DAYS to rule against Morgan in the matter of the illegal and unconstitutional injunction.

Letter from Clerk 5-29-15_Page_1 (Large)

Letter from Clerk 5-29-15_Page_2

Once the appeal gets returned to the trial court, a new judge will be assigned to the case and the matter of sanctions will be decided.  Oh, and the motion to have Morgan declared a vexatious litigant will also be decided then, too.



4.  June 1st – Big Day!!

June 1st is the day that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is required to produce his financial and tax documents in the Fort Worth case for the purposes of the trial court’s assessment of mandatory sanctions against McGibney and ViaView for violating the Texas Citizens Participation Act (the anti-SLAPP law).  We are sure that there will be interesting and important updates about this shortly.  In the mean time, you can check out copies of McGibney’s and his wife’s credit reports right here at this page====>


Interestingly enough, June 1st is also the date that McGibney & Company seem to think that American Hero and Honorary Admin for the BV Files, Retzlaff, is due for court in San Jose – that this is a court date set by the judge.  But their reading comprehension skills are clearly lacking.  If you read the small print on the civil writ of attachment, it states that it expires on June 1st.

In fact, if Leiderman really was a Board Certified Criminal Law expert he would know that, under the civil contempt statute, ALL writs of attachment come with expiration dates 90 days after the date of issuance.  And then that’s it.  If you want to get another one, you have to go through the whole process again of getting a new court date, re-serving the defendant, having the defendant not show up (but you have to show up), then pay the sheriff and the court another $200 for the fee and get a new writ of attachment / civil bench warrant which, in this case, is just as completely unenforceable as the old one was.  And then around and around we go again.

But in this case we are told that something different will happen.  Not only will the defendant not show up again (big surprise), but that he will have his very special Special Appearance counsel show up and, instead, argue a motion for sanctions against both Leiderman and McGibney, pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure 128.7.  Under this statute, a person is allowed to get sanctions against both the attorney and the party because it seems that Leiderman has been doing some pretty shady shit (big surprise, eh?) and Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before and his very special Special Appearance attorney have had enough with their BULLSHIT (to use a mechanical term we learned in swim class).

Apparently Leiderman’s latest and most stupidest stunt is thinking that a civil court judge has any authority to file charges against some person.  Only the District Attorney has that authority, dumb ass.  And he does not give two shits about James McGibney’s cries of Aggravated Stalking.  Seriously.

Oh oh.
5.  Also in the San Jose TRO case, Leiderman filed a very stupid motion entitled Motion to Dismiss Based Upon Fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine.  We finally were able to get a copy of it and the response in opposition that was just filed.  IT IS AMAZING!!

Check it out:

Leiderman's mtn to dismiss appeal_Page_1 Leiderman's mtn to dismiss appeal_Page_2 Leiderman's mtn to dismiss appeal_Page_3

And here is the response that was filed.

H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_01 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_02 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_03 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_04 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_05

H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_06 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_07 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_08 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_09 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_10

H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_11 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_12 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_13 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_14

H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_15 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_16 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_17 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_18

H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_19 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_20 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_21 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_22

H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_23 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_24 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_25 H041521_OPO_Retzlaff_Page_26






"Writing legal briefs while high on Vicodin seems like such a really good idea", says attorney Jay Leiderman

“Writing legal briefs while high on Vicodin seems like such a really good idea”, says attorney Jay Leiderman



There is an old saying that you get what you pay for.  And it certainly seems in our untrained legal opinion that Retzlaff clearly has far better attorneys at his disposal then does James McGibney.

After all, how many lawyers do you know who can crank out a 46 page brief, with exhibits, at the drop of a hat and not do a completely fucked up job of it?

Too bad we will have to wait about two months before any decision is reached.  By then there will not be a ViaView around to litigate this matter – lol!



Many thanks to all of you who take time out of your day to come here and visit and post comments.  There is a reason why we are the Number One Google result for the terms “ViaView” and “Warner Bros”.  When you add in the term “revenge porn” and “James McGibney”, well the SEO results just go through the roof.

There is a reason why we are paying $55 a month, with one year fully paid up, for this server.  The fact that this server is on a Bulletproof Host makes it all the more lulzy.  Good luck getting a subpoena or TRO served, assholes.

Bulletproof host 3 Bulletproof host 2 Bulletproof host 4

A backroom somewhere in Dubai, UAE

A backroom somewhere in Dubai, UAE


on with the show



For those that have not been paying attention, James McGibney (who we don’t like) has filed a lawsuit in Ft. Worth, Texas, against EVERYONE who has ever had anything negative to say about McGibney or who has ever disagreed with McGibney in a state court lawsuit styled James McGibney vs The Internets. In that lawsuit filed in the 67th District Court of Tarrant County, Texas, McGibney is represented by an attorney from Beaumont, Texas named John S. Morgan (http://www.jsmorganlaw.com/).

The Morgan Law Firm, a one-man operation, is located at 2175 North St, Ste. 101, Beaumont, TX 77701.

Morgan law office

Now for those of you that don’t know, Morgan is a complete retard, to use a professional legal term from a law book. He is a well-known vexatious litigant in the S.E. Texas region having filed HUNDREDS of frivolous lawsuits, many on behalf of his idiot side-kick, a local PI named Phillip R. Klein (http://operationkleinwatch.blogspot.fr/2013/12/philip-r-klein-celebrating-50-lawsuits.html). Klein uses the twitter handle @KICnederland (https://twitter.com/KICnederland). He is a complete retard. Please take a moment to go onto Twitter and tell him so, just in case he forgets, m’kay.

Klein twitter


Please take a moment to check out and follow our very good friends over at Operation Klein Watch (http://operationkleinwatch.blogspot.com/) and Sam the Eagle (http://www.notthisonetoojacques.blogspot.com/).

In an interesting aside, Morgan is representing a group of girls in a lawsuit against GoDaddy.com over being posted on a revenge porn site! (http://www.search.txcourts.gov/Case.aspx?cn=09-13-00285-CV) Morgan utterly failed in that lawsuit and lost big time. Now him and all those stupid girls have been ordered to pay the attorney fees for GoDaddy – something that could easily cost them a hundred thousand dollars or more. Nice work, Morgan!

Now, of course, Morgan is representing revenge porn operator McGibney (who we don’t like) and ViaView. Oh the irony!

Anyways, Morgan used to be married to a lady named Kathleen Winslow, who is currently employed with the State Bar of Texas in Austin. About three years ago Morgan, in a bid to steal custody of his three children from his ex-wife, concocted a scheme whereby he would get his then 13 year old daughter Annie (who is now 16) to falsely accuse her mother of SEXUAL ABUSE. This caused ALL three of the children, Annie 13 yrs, Joseph 11 yrs, and David 9 yrs, to be removed from the home and then subjected to numerous medical and psychological exams after being placed in foster care!

The bottom line is that the trial court found that Bullyville attorney John Morgan’s “acts and manipulations . . . have placed all of the children at immediate and significant risk of danger to their physical and emotional welfare and caused the children to be in immediate danger in [his presence].” The court further found that Morgan had not acted in the children’s best interest, and that the children’s present circumstances would significantly impair their physical health and emotional welfare. The trial court removed all three children from Morgan’s custody and presence “for the children’s own protection.”

Check out the Court’s Opinion here: Morgan Custody Opinion – 2014 Tex. App. LEXIS 2230

When the trial judge asked 13 yr old Annie if she wanted to visit her father, she said, “No. I couldn’t. . . . He scares me. I don’t like him. He is mean, and he lied to me.”

The trial court then made the finding that Morgan had made a false report of child abuse against his ex-wife and stripped him of any custody or visitation. The order also required Morgan to pay a civil penalty of $500 for making a false report of child abuse. Finally, the trial court’s order awarded Kathleen attorney’s fees in the amount of $241,417.59.

Morgan notice of appeal

Morgan filed an appeal of that decision. The 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont for the most part affirmed the trial court’s order. However, it found that the trial court abused its discretion by prohibiting Morgan from ever having any contact with the children and that it needed to make further inquiries into that issue.


Specific findings that the trial court made with regards to child abuse and false claims of child sexual abuse by Bullyville attorney John Morgan are:

Morgan Findings #2

Morgan Findings #3

Morgan Findings #4

Morgan Findings #5

Morgan Findings

For those of you paying attention and curious, the new John Morgan main-squeeze, Bridgette Bullington, is into some kind of weirdo, new age, crystals and pyramids healing benefits bullshit that might or might not involve the release of sexual “juices”. On her webpage she claims that, “I have the gift of being able to see energy and how it moves and interacts in our physical world. I’ve had this gift of uninterrupted sight since I was a child.” http://www.lightbodyinfusion.com/bridgette-bullington/

That kinda reminds me of another young kid who had a similar gift as what Bridgette claims, such was his gift to see energy and how this FORCE moves and interacts with the physical world. But don’t just dismiss it as old-timey superstition or an ancient religion. Oh, no, Siree! Don’t let to Anakin hear you call it that as he will find your lack of faith disturbing and he’ll choke the life right out of you from half-way across a conference table with a force-choke hold.

force choke


So anyways, for what ever reasons, the court order her to have ZERO contact with the kids, thus, Bridgette must be banished.

In our opinion, Morgan can always sell his house at 1605 Weston Court to pay his ex-wife’s attorney fees. It was recently appraised at $355,000 (less the bank’s mortgage).

We find it completely hilarious that we have one retard (McGibney) being represented by another retard (Morgan). It is even more funny because both men like to abuse women and children and both men are a couple of raving lunatics with their ridiculous grudges, litigation, and bombastic public threats and statements about their enemies.


SPECIAL UPDATE / CORRECTION: We wish to point out that Morgan did, in fact, file an appeal to this decision with the Texas Supreme Court in case No. 14-0269 (http://www.search.txcourts.gov/Case.aspx?cn=14-0269). That appeals was unsuccessful and, thus, the decision by the appellate court and the trial court has been affirmed and stands.

Here is a link to the Petition for Discretionary Review that Morgan filed with the Texas Supreme Court pro se.  If it were possible to place a rating on a court document, like you do for a movie, we’d rate this one as PG-13 at least due to the child sex references and the obvious drug induced madness of the author. Seriously.

We would direct your attention to Appendix 4 on pg. 83 of the brief, where it appears that James McGibney’s very own attorney, John Morgan, is admitting to having NUDE PHOTOS of his own children, as well as discussions of child sexual activity! OMG!!! Is this yet another link between McGibney and child sexual abuse? This would be at least the second court case involving child sexual abuse allegations that involve people VERY INTIMATELY LINKED to James Alex McGibney.

Morgan has nudz




We at the BV Files wonder why this could be.





In addition to the false sexual abuse claim made during the civil child custody case, Morgan decided to double-down and make further reports to the local law enforcement agencies that his ex-wife was a drug user, had lots of drugs, and was always getting high.

See the actual police report right here:





When it came time for Morgan to try to put his scheme into play, he filed a motion with the trial court seeking to gain custody of his three children based on those bogus allegations. Needless to say, it did not end pretty for Morgan.

As a result of Morgan’s actions and a referral by the trial judge to a special prosecutor, on Friday, April 4, 2014, Morgan was forced to accept a plea deal in a criminal case that will likely result in him being stripped of his license to practice law in the state of Texas.

state bar rules


Here are copies of all the charging instruments and plea papers in Morgan’s criminal case. Morgan tried to take the easy way out by pleading “no contest” to the charges. But, as Judge Judy always says, “If you plead guilty, you are guilty!”







A very special thanks and Shout Out to Jerry Jordan over at the SET Investigates website for gathering this material! Please go visit his website for more complete coverage into Morgan’s criminal activities, as well as special updates on who else the Special Prosecutor might be investigating (perhaps a certain dim-witted PI sidekick?) http://setinvestigates.com/


In a not very surprising development, the State Bar of Texas Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel has confirmed that an investigation is being conducted into allegations of professional misconduct, criminal activities, and ethics violations by the attorney representing James McGibney (who we don’t like) and ViaView!!

We were curious to see what sort of history John Morgan has with the Texas State Bar since we seriously doubt that this was his first rodeo. So we decided to give them a call! While the State Bar could not provide any specifics regarding any past investigations (in Texas for some reason, unless a public reprimand or sanction is levied, disciplinary records are not open to the public), they were able to confirm that an active investigation is presently being conducted. Our speculation is that the referral was made by someone associated with the 9th Court of Appeals, and that is simply based more on what the person didn’t say then what they did say when we asked further questions.

The person did say that ANY member of the public is free to file a complaint against any Texas lawyer and that anyone with specific information about Morgan’s misconduct in this case (or any other) is free to contact the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.

Apparently Texas is divided into geographical regions by the State Bar as the office conducting this specific investigation is located in Houston, TX and not Austin (which is the state capital). Their contact information is:


Chief Disciplinary Counsel
600 Jefferson, Ste. 1000
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 758-8200
Fax: (713) 758-8292


Hey Stupid-face McGibney – How goes it with getting your restraining order enforced? Have you found anyone who gives a shit about your stupid court orders??