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Wayne Allison Reaud, date of birth Sept 29, 1947

Wayne Reaud is a small town attorney from Beaumont, Texas, who has been up to his oh so very fat neck in political and judicial corruption for YEARS.  Now questions are being asked about his alleged involvement in pedophilia and child sex trafficking.




These questions – and questions about Reaud corruptly influencing a local judge – have lead to an investigation by the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct and the removal of the judge, Judge Justin Sanderson of the 60th District Court of Jefferson County, from the bench and any involvement in a lawsuit filed by area blogger Philip Klein against Texas oil billionaire William Kallop!



Klein, who sits on Twitter and Facebook nearly 24 / 7, likes to blog about local corruption and label various individuals as being “pedophiles” and “rapists” and “convicted FELONS” and things like that.

Reaud’s home address – STAY AWAY IF YOU ARE A CHILD


So it looks like Klein has decided to set his sights on a man whom he claims is a pedophile involved in all sorts of political corruption in Jefferson County.  Which explains Klein’s recent tweet about his “visit” with the DOJ – HOU.




How soon till the door gets kicked in and someone’s face gets smashed into some smelly carpet?  #Oct6th


What role does this man have in the political corruption / child sex trafficking scandal?  Klein will reveal it shortly!!  (we hope)

According to sources close to the investigation (which consist mainly of the voices in our heads), Philip Klein is hot on the case and will soon reveal all of Wayne Reaud’s involvement in all sorts of terrible political corruption throughout SE Texas, about the pay-offs to newly appointed judge Justin Sanderson, and who has got what child in their bed!


Unfortunately for Klein and Judge Sanderson, they came across a man who simply cannot be intimidated and who has the time, money, and inclination to crush them like the bugs that they are – American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff.


Hanszen Laporte employee Thomas Retzlaff


Sanderson was caught in the act by Retzlaff engaging in several acts of judicial corruption, to include allegations of bribery involving local attorney Wayne Reaud.  Reaud’s name was recently mentioned in court papers as being involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilia (at least according to Some Guy On The Internet).

Retzlaff’s allegations against Judge Sanderson include:

– Issuing an order instructing the district clerk to not file letters authored by Retzlaff;

– Failing to disclose that the process server who served Klein’s lawsuit is the son of Judge Sanderson’s campaign manager and is not a certified process server; and

– Lying about communicating with a federal judge who is handling the bankruptcy proceedings of a Kallop defendant. 


Retzlaff states Judge Sanderson said that he was making his rulings and decisions based upon the nonexistent communications and instructions from the federal court. 


Check out these court transcripts right here!


Transcript of October 18, 2017, at page 4.




Transcript of October 18th at page 5, Klein v. Kallop, et al.


But when the parties appeared before the federal judge handling the bankruptcy case, this is what U.S. District Court Judge Isgur had to say:


Transcript of Dec 22, 2017, at pg. 7, In re: Offshore Specialty Fabricators


As a result of these obvious lies being told by Sanderson, Retzlaff filed a complaint with the State of Texas.  According to news reports, the Commission has taken Retzlaff’s complaint so seriously that it has been assigned to the Number Two person in charge, Deputy General Counsel Jacqueline Habersham, to investigate.




FUN FACT: The mission of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct is to protect the public, promote public confidence in the integrity, independence, competence, and impartiality of the judiciary, and encourage judges to maintain high standards of conduct both on and off the bench.

The Commission accomplishes this mission through its investigation of allegations of judicial misconduct or incapacity. In cases where a judge is found to have engaged in misconduct or to be permanently incapacitated, the Texas Constitution authorizes the Commission to take appropriate disciplinary action, including issuing sanctions, censures, suspensions, or recommendations for removal from office.


As a result of the corruption investigation, Judge Sanderson was forced to step aside and was removed from the case.  CHECK IT OUT!!




FUN FACT:  Judge Justin Sanderson is the son of former 60th District Court Judge Gary Sanderson, a man notorious for corruption and incompetence as a judge.



For further news coverage on this very exciting event:






Convicted criminal

As many of our long time readers will recall, Stephen Hartman is an employee of Philip Klein and his private investigations company Klein Investigations & Consulting, which is based in Nederland, Texas, which is near Beaumont.  Klein claims to be a private investigator.  But what he really is is a scam artist who goes around the country, with his daughter and son, scamming the families of missing children by falsely claiming to be missing child experts.

Recently, Klein claims to have solved over 50,000 cases in 27 years!



Unfortunately for Klein, the math simply does not add up.  That works out to over 1,800 new cases each year, or five a day.  Not even the great detective Sherlock Holmes worked that many cases!!



Philip Klein – Passed out drunk / high, as always


In any event, Hartman and Klein have a little side scam going on in which they engage in ILLEGAL bounty hunting.  Bounty hunting in Texas is only legal if you have (1) the required business liability insurance, and (2) you are properly registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Regulatory Services Division.

Unfortunately for Klein, he has no insurance and is not properly registered as a ‘bounty hunting’ company.  This is a violation of the Texas Administrative Code and is a felony offense.


Litisha Peshoff and her children


Litisha Peshoff is a young woman and a mother of several children.  In October 2016 Klein and his employee Hartman thought that it would be a good idea to go out and do some bounty hunting.  Hartman saw a girl whom he suspected of having a warrant out for her arrest (for a minor misdemeanor) and he got into a high speed cHase down a public highway. 

Steve Hartman


Specifically, on October 13, 2016, Noel Jackowski, who was wanted by authorities for failing to appear in court, was riding with Peshoff when Peshoff noticed Hartman’s black truck following her.  Hartman had been hired by Al Reed as a “bounty hunter” to capture Jackowski.

Chasing the women, Hartman began to drive in an unsafe and threatening manner—speeding, pulling alongside Peshoff several times, and following at an unsafe distance. 

According to sources close to the investigation (which do NOT consist solely of the voices in our heads!), Peshoff and Jackowski could see Hartman leering at them as he attempted to close the distance between their cars.  After several minutes of this terrifying behavior, Hartman pulled alongside Peshoff, rolled down his window, and ordered Peshoff to pull to the side of the road.


Not knowing who Hartman was, Peshoff did not comply.


After Peshoff refused to submit to the unknown gunman, Hartman attempted to run her off the road.  Failing at this, Hartman managed to pull alongside Peshoff again—this time pointing his gun at her!!

When Hartman told Peshoff he had a warrant for Jackowski’s arrest, Peshoff pulled into a church parking lot.  He then placed Jackowski in handcuffs, but before he could harm the women further (such as sexually assaulting her!!), Groves police officers arrived.

After the women described the harrowing experience they had just had, Hartman admitted he worked for Klein and was hired by Al Reed to perform bounty-hunting services.






—Footage courtesy of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office




Here is video of Hartman in the back of the police car.  Take special note of Hartman’s complete confession when his wife arrives.  Also, Hartman repeatedly states that he is working for Klein and that he is a ‘bounty hunter.’  Hartman further admits that he did pull a gun on these two girls.  He later starts crying.  CHECK IT OUT!!


— Footage courtesy of the Jefferson County DA’s Office

MANY THANKS to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before for this!


Want to guess whom Ms. Peshoff hired when it came time to filing a lawsuit against Hartman and Klein?


Jeffrey Dorrell


American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of the Hanszen Laporte Law Office has filed a $2 million lawsuit against Klein, Hartman, and Al Reed Bail Bonds of Beaumont.

This case, of course, is a slam dunk.  Word is that Hartman’s wife, Tara, has already signed an affidavit saying that her husband frequently worked with Klein as a bounty hunter and that Hartman was on the job and in the employ of Klein on the night Hartman was arrested.

Hartman, of course, was quickly convicted of Deadly Conduct and was sentenced to 180 days in jail.


Attorneys usually charge between 30% to 25% for whatever amount that they win for their clients.  This is probably the easiest $500,000 that Jeff Dorrell has ever earned.




Seriously.  Klein is claiming that:

Jeffrey Dorrell [Peshoff’s attorney] is using the civil justice system to litigate our firm out of business.  He and his associates, Thomas Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser, continue to recruit litigates, which is being documented.

This is a serious case of Barratry as we believe Peshoff was recruited by Dorrell’s assistant Thomas Retzlaff.


In addition to being a drug addict and an alcoholic child-abuser, Klein is also a mental retard – 100% VERIFIED.






These children are being abused!


We here at the BV Files believe that these children are being sexually and physically abused.  Perhaps a super secret Grand Jury in some small town will take an interest in this and decide to investigate.

In the meantime, Philip Klein’s daughter, Caroline, we hear is still gobbling cocks at a local Costco trying to earn extra monies as the private investigation business is just not panning out for her and her family.

A drunken whore, or just a whore? Who knows – you decide!


If you think that you have information about Caroline Klein’s abuse of children, please do not hesitate to call Child Protective Services in Texas at 1-800-252-5400.  Or you can report it anonymously on their website====>https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Contact_Us/report_abuse.asp






As many of our long times readers will recall, Klein and his company have been involved in a series of scams all across the country in which Klein will take the money of a desperate family with a missing child claiming that he is a nationally recognized expert and will find their child.

Klein did this in Idaho, only after the family complained about an utter lack of progress, Klein turned around and accused the parents of murdering their child!  Needless to say, the family filed a lawsuit against Klein.

Well last month Klein filed a response to the lawsuit.  Klein is representing both himself and his company and is acting as his own attorney – which is really working out quite nicely!  CHECK IT OUT!!


Clearly Klein is totally out of his mind.


The court in Idaho held a Status Conference last week on January 25.  Many thanks to your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Neal Rauhauser for getting an audio recording of that hearing which we, your Admins of the BV Files, are proud to share with you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Many thanks, Neal!









As many of our long time readers will recall, accused child rapist, cyber-stalker, and computer hacker Deric Lostutter, former employee of revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like), was just sentenced to FEDERAL PRISON last year on March 8, 2017, to 24 months in federal prison where, we hope, he will quickly be anally raped and murdered by members of the Aryan Brotherhood.

In addition to two years in federal prison and three years on probation, Lostutter must also pay a $5,000 fine.


Lostutter, however, did not like his deal so he filed an appeal.  The results of that appeal have just been finalized and we, your Admins of the BV Files, provide them to you now.


FUN FACT:  The two-year sentence Lostutter was the maximum that Lostutter could have received for his offenses under federal sentencing guidelines.  So we wonder what was the point in pleading guilty when all you ended up with was the maximum sentence anyways.  But then again, Lostutter’s attorney is Jay Leiderman.  So you get what you pay for.





Once released from prison, Lostutter will be under supervised release for three years. During that time he is prohibited from working in the information technology field.  He also must not possess a computer without the approval of probation authorities.

U.S. District Court Judge Reeves also directed Lostutter to not harass or threaten other people or their families.



FUN FACT:  As a condition of Lostutter’s supervised release (i.e. probation) he is BANNED from any access to the Internet whatsoever.

The defendant shall not possess or use a computer or any device with access to any “on-line computer service” at any location (including place of employment) without the prior written approval of the probation officer.  This includes any Internet Service provider, bulletin board system, or any other public or private network or e-mail system.







Dept of Justice Press Release – March 8, 2017

Not only was there not a coverup, … but he didn’t help this investigation at all!

— Assistant U.S. Attorney Neeraj Gupta



Lostutter, who formerly lived in Winchester, KY and was known as “@KYAnonymous” on Facebook and Twitter, was indicted in the summer of 2016 on hacking charges.  He formally pleaded not guilty to those charges back in September.

He faced a minimum of 18 – 24 months in federal prison.  But he ended up getting the top end of the sentence, which is 24 months or two years.  Here is his sentencing memorandum that outlines his criminal activities.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Alayna Macaluso – the so-called victim in the Steubenville case


In December 2012, months after the supposed assault, Lostutter and a Virginia man, Noah McHugh, agreed to hack into a fan website for Steubenville High athletics.

The two got access to the account management page of the site and the email of the man who ran it, which included nude photos, according to Lostutter’s plea.

Lostutter made a video to post on the site threatening to reveal personal identifying information about Steubenville High students.

He also claimed, falsely, that the man who administered the fan site was a child pornographer and ran a “rape crew,” according to his plea agreement.

Lostutter and McHugh — whose online name was “JustBatCat” — took control of the site and McHugh posted Lostutter’s video and the administrator of the website’s private emails on it, according to the plea.

Lostutter said in court that he was associated with the hacking collective Anonymous.

He told Judge Reeves he decided to get involved in the Steubenville case because the administrator of the website had discredited the girl who was victimized, and felt that others who saw the girl’s plight but didn’t help her should be held accountable. (i.e. Lostutter, like James McGibney (who we don’t like) is just another White Knight faggot who thinks he is the Sheriff of Twitter.)

The idea behind the threat to post personal information about students was to get them to tell on each other, he said.

Alayna Macaluso wearing a pearl necklace

Lostutter said he also felt some school officials were involved in a cover-up.

“We wanted to stand up for a girl who had no voice. I went about it the wrong way,” Lostutter told Reeves.

However, the plea Lostutter signed said he and McHugh wanted to harass and intimidate people and gain notoriety and publicity for their online identities – JUST LIKE SAN JOSE, CA PEDOPHILE / REVENGE PORNOGRAPHER JAMES MCGIBNEY!!!!


Deric Lostutter’s attorney admits U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating the cyber-stalking that Lostutter was involved in.  CHECK IT OUT!






FUN FACT: United States Sentencing Commission, 2016 Guidelines Manual, effective November 1, 2016 – http://www.ussc.gov/guidelines/2016-guidelines-manual





Lostutter was unhappy with his plea bargain, specifically the conditions of his parole which forbid him from using the internet or having a computer without specific permission from his parole officer.  San Jose revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) was also mad about this as Lostutter has been a very valuable employee for McGibney and his sexual blackmail company ViaView, Inc.

Lostutter and his wife, Jennifer, who is a prostitute and a drug addict – 100% VERIFIED


If you would like to see Lostutter’s wife (who happens to be a prostitute) talk without a penis in her mouth, check out this video!





Yeah, so like every other court appeal filed by every other member of the McGibney Gang, the appeal was DENIED.





You may also recall that Lostutter has filed a LOLsuit against people on the internet who say mean things about him and his stripper / prostitute wife, Jennifer.  Here is a recent Declaration from Lostutter that was just filed with the federal court in North Carolina.








Lostutter, who is stuck in federal prison for the next 18 months, is demanding that a restraining order be issued.



Lostutter further DEMANDS that the federal judge make a ruling:





Yeah, remember when James (“Jimmy the Piss Boy“) McGibney claimed to being a “central repository for evidence collection” for the FBI?  What a joke that turned out to be.

The FBI later went back to question Lostutter some more about his employer, “McGibbens” (McGibney).


And because we here at the BV Files totally do not give two shits about this organization, which has been labeled as “corrupt”, “very dishonest”, and “tainted” by President Trump:


so because we don’t care about corrupt shitheads like that in the FBI, we bring to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters the following memo that the Obama-era holdovers in the ‘deep state’ do not want you to see!




FUN FACT:  The “Deep State” is a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.





Further updates to this article will be added later this week.  In the mean time…


Klein still has yet to make good on his promise.




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