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Good day, eh.  Well today’s topic is all about Nazis, international terrorists, white supremacists, people who have the look of a pedophile – and the companies that hire them.  Jerry and Tara Masterpool are the owners of a motocross bike racing training facility in Paradise, Texas, and they appear to be HUGE SUPPORTERS of white supremacists & Nazis – 100% VERIFIED!!

Why is that, you ask?  Well just hold on a bit and we will tell you!


Before we get started on this article, we would like to share with you an email that was sent to us by Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before.  If you can guess what the response was to this message you can WIN A NEW CAR!!!

To give you some context, this email was sent because Jason Lee Van Dyke is a moron who desperately wants to believe that your American Heroes & Honorary Admins of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and/or Thomas Retzlaff are actual Admins of the BV Files.  See, Van Dyke (and others, apparently) do not understand that the term “honorary” means “conferred as an honor, without the usual requirements or functions.”  Such as an honorary doctorate like the one Kayne West has from the University of Chicago.  Thus, neither of these people are actual Admins of the BV Files and they have absolutely no control over anything we post here or our content!

In any event, Van Dyke, fearing the publication of this article, decided to do what he does best and that is send out stupid, bombastic threats of dire legal action.

If you know Thomas Retzlaff and Jeffrey Dorrell like most of the teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters here do, you might have an idea as to what the response to this was.


At the bottom of the article we will give you the answer.


Okay, so….how do we know that Jerry & Tara Masterpool have a violent, mentally ill, gun hoarding wanna-be Neo-Nazi terrorist on their payroll?  CHECK IT OUT!!

Yes, you read that correctly, folks.  The people that own HIS 956, LLC, have re-hired Jason Lee Van Dyke to be their attorney in a personal injury lawsuit that was filed against the dirt bike racing facility earlier this year.  See, when Van Dyke was suspended from practicing law – on account of him pleading GUILTY to filing false police reports and for his role in making a key prosecution witness DISAPPEAR – Van Dyke was suspended by the State Bar of Texas.


Jerry Masterpool – clueless idiot or willing enabler?


So the question is:  

Are they bad people for having a violent, mentally unstable wanna-be Neo-Nazi terrorist on their payroll, or are they simply very stupid people who have never heard of Google before in their lives?
What do you think?x
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Doing business with Nazis is bad for business – and we plan to make sure business goes very, very badly for some folks – 100% VERIFIED!!




Is this young kid in danger of being recruited by an older man (with a predilection for young, impressionable boys) and talked into being a member of an international terrorist organization?  Or he is he in danger of being groomed by an older man (with a sexual predilection for young, vulnerable boys) to live in his bedroom??  Both?  Neither??



Jason Lee Van Dyke sending an unwanted sexual solicitation to minor children?

Jason Lee Van Dyke (a man who has the look of a pedophile) claims that he is not a Nazi and that he is not a white supremacist.  But that is simply not true!  Van Dyke is a Nazi and is a racist and is a white supremacist, and it is all 100% VERIFIED.  You can hear just an excerpt of it in his own words (the full recording is in the hands of the Denton County DA’s Office).  CHECK IT OUT!!







So what is HIS 956 and what is it about?

Jesse died at 14 in a motocross bike crash and his family decided to honor his memory by creating what they feel is an ideal training location and race track.  Unfortunately, his family became involved with a violent, deranged Nazi by putting Jason Lee Van Dyke on their payroll.

If you are as upset and disgusted about this as we are, please feel free to let them know!


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/His956Facility/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/his956facility?lang=en


FUN FACT:  Neo-Nazism consists of post-World War II militant, social or political movements seeking to revive and implement the ideology of Nazism. Neo-Nazis seek to employ their ideology to promote hatred and attack minorities, or in some cases to create a fascist state.

So who publicly expresses support for fascism?

The Base is a neo-Nazi, white supremacist and accelerationist paramilitary hate group, formed in 2018 and active in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and United Kingdom.  The group advocates the formation of white ethnostates, a goal they see as achievable via terrorism and the violent overthrow of existing governments.  It organizes “race war preppers” and operates “hate camps”.

Again, listen to Van Dyke’s own words and draw your own conclusions:










So who is Dallas Police officer Joshua James Conklin (DOB: June 18, 1990) and what is his involvement with Jason Lee Van Dyke?  Well, it turns out that there is a whole lot of involvement.  CHECK IT OUT!!


In addition to being good friends and dinner buddies, Van Dyke and Conklin are also business partners.  CHECK IT OUT!!





Texas Marksmen Inc - Nonprofit Corp - Cert of Formation - 5-15-2015


Nazis are bad.      Do not do business with Nazis.




January 1, 2021:

Guess who got hit with more disciplinary sanctions by the State Bar based on yet more complaints filed by your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Tom Retzlaff?




Funny how State Bar authorities seem to find Mr. Retzlaff to be extremely credible when it comes to complaints he has filed and attorneys being disciplined.


Oh, and this will never not be funny, too.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Twitter bans another account associated with James McGibney (who we don’t like)





This letter is a forgery created by Van Dyke!!









Neo-nazi terrorist / pedo guy, Jason Lee Van Dyke, has just found himself and his Proud Boys white supremacist gang in some super legal hot water.  They are being sued in Washington, DC, for mod terrorism and property damage.  CHECK IT OUT!!





Metro AME Church v Proud Boys, et al - Case 2021 CA 000004 B - DC Superior Court




It was just one year ago this month when revenge porno perv / accused pedophile (and 100% “VERIFIED” FBI witness – lol) James McGibney (who we don’t like) got some really bad news – which totally sucks for him and his dreams of “winning.”


Specifically, what really has McGibney’s yule log burning this season is the fact that on December 23, 2019, state bar investigator Ken Kirkland summarily dismissed yet another state bar grievance filed by McGibney against your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell!

That dismissal was made official in this April 10, 2020, letter from the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Cries of corruption can be heard all over the interwebs as it is shown, yet again, that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is completely impotent – which explains why he still has no advertisers on his Bullyville.com cyber stalking blog, or investors for his ViaView, Inc. revenge porn company, or television deals with Warner Brothers, or Rolling Stone magazine covers.  In fact, he has nothing at all anymore, anywhere.

As many of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters quickly realized, James McGibney (who we don’t like) is an unapologetic fan of vengeance who is not particularly scrupulous about how the vengeance is exacted, such as this direct quote from McGibney himself from a comment he posted here on the BV Files blog in 2014, which was then reposted on Twitter by one of his confederates:


You guys wanted to play and Jeffrey Dorrell has endorsed your behavior by representing you…. So I guess it’s time for me to accurately report all the rumors and hearsay I am told each and every day by my millions of followers with regard to that great First Amendment attorney Jeffrey Dorrell … who just also happens to be rumored to be a violent pedophile with an insatiable appetite for young hairless boys…. [T]hat monster Dorrell needs to be stopped, and if that involves identifying, locating and communicating with each one of his clients and partners and their families (since they likely all have children), then that is what I (we) will do.



McGibney and his confederates simply made up the so-called “rumors and hearsay” of Dorrell’s sexual perversion – later brazenly admitting that the truth was of no importance if it should get in the way of satisfying his lust for vengeance against your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeff Dorrell.  CHECK IT OUT!!







Of course, if one really wants to know who the pedophile is here, one need only look at the results of our newest and bestest reader poll ever – 100% VERIFIED!!


As of May 2020






Unfortunately for James McGibney (who we don’t like), the fix is in.  In fact, the fix was in long before he even pressed the “enter” button on the State Bar’s website to file his grievance.  Don’t believe us?  Just ask John Morgan, Marc Randazza, Jay Leiderman, and Jason Lee Van Dyke how well things worked out for them once their name got attached to state bar grievances.

As you read these documents, it will soon be obvious to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, that James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a one-trick pony who likes to dress up in his dad’s clothes so he can pretend he is a grown-up.  But despite all of his best attempts at mimicry of his betters, he fails miserably and can barely string together a coherent sentence without sounding like a complete retard. 

But then again, McGibney does have a “degree” from Chadwick University, right?




McGibney grievance against Dorrell (no exhibits) - 12-11-2019


Response to McGibney grievance against Dorrell - 12-15-2019


McGibney grievance reply - 12-18-2019



For those of you keeping score at home, below is a copy of the first grievance filed by McStupid, wayyy back in 2016.  CHECK IT OUT!!




McGibney grievance against Dorrell (no exhibits) - 10-17-2016


McGibney 10-18-2016 Supplement to Grievance


Response to McGibney Grievance (no exhibits) - 11-15-2016


That 2016 grievance, like the one filed last year in 2019, was also summarily dismissed.  CHECK IT OUT!!







For those of you still curious…





From April 8, 2014, hearing on temporary restraining order


Destroying McGibney was all for the lulz – never forget that.




What conversation about revenge pornographers who like to sexually blackmail little girls would be complete if we also did not mention Nazis?!?!

Former Texas attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke is a Nazi who has the look of a pedophile, that much is not in dispute.  In fact, Van Dyke himself has never denied this (as far as we know).  But one thing that we also all can agree on is that Jason Lee Van Dyke is dumber than a box of rocks who thought it would be a good idea to file a bar grievance of his own against your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeff Dorrell.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Van Dyke grievance against Dorrell - 11-21-2019


For those of you interested in just getting to the good parts, this is what Van Dyke had to say:


Tex. Disciplinary R. Prof Cond. 3.03(a)(1) states that a lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of material fact or law to a tribunal. 

Tex. Disciplinary R. Prof Cond. 3.04(c)(2) states that a lawyer “shall not state or allude to any matter that the lawyer does not reasonably believe is relevant to such proceeding or that will not be supported by admissible evidence, or assert personal knowledge of facts in issue except when testifying as a witness” 

Tex. Disciplinary R. Prof Cond. 4.04(a) states in “In representing a client, a lawyer shall not use means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden a third person, or use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person.”

I am accusing Mr. Dorrell of violating these rules in his recent petition for en banc rehearing in the appellate case where he is representing Thomas Retzlaff.  During the course of this appeal, I tried to be a collegial as possible with Mr. Dorrell.  The crux of this case is to bring his client to justice for an ongoing campaign of stalking against me, and any person his client can find that is even remotely affiliated with me, which has continued since March of 2017 (almost three years).  I have been aware of Mr. Dorrell’s health, including his struggle with cancer, and have made every effort to accommodate his needs in the form of agreed extensions and other professional courtesies in this case.

Since the beginning of the appeal, Mr. Dorrell has used the “facts” portion of his filings with the 5th Circuit to engage in personal attacks that are false, that any reasonable persons knows to be false, and which – in all likelihood – Mr. Dorrell knows to be false.  The earliest of these was a motion to expedite the appeal, which I have attached as a document.  I have attached this document to show context.

I believe that this pattern of behavior continued in Mr. Dorrell’s actual appellate brief. However, I do not wish for Mr. Dorrell to face discipline for the contents of an appellate brief because those are documents where attorneys have traditionally been given wide latitude under the disciplinary to engage in advocacy on behalf of their clients.  Although many of the false statements complained of here were also contained in his appellate brief: I believe it inappropriate to seek discipline for such matters when presented in that context.

What is appropriate for discipline, however, is when materially false statements are presented for the sole purpose of harassing or embarrassing a litigant in the context of a petition for en banc rehearing, where the only relevant issues to be considered by the Court are contained in FRAP 35(b).  Rather than sticking with those issues, Mr. Dorrell devoted a large portion of his petition to attacking me personally.  A copy ofMr. Dorrell’s petition is attached hereto as Exhibit “A”.

Mr. Dorrell has repeatedly ignored the clear language of the pleadings in the case and sough to mislead the 5th Circuit into believing that the lawsuit I brought against his client was in retaliation for a grievance that his client filed against me or in retaliation for documents filed by his client with the court (ostensibly so that such a finding could be used to support future disciplinary action – since his client has already filed approximately 15 such actions against me alone in the past three years).  I have repeatedly explained to him that his client was sued for procuring the termination of my employment twice in a two year period and for false and defamatory statements that he published about me on his “BV Files” blog located at www.viaviewfiles.net.  Although Mr. Dorrell has previously argued, on behalf of Mr. Retzlaff: that there is no connection between Retzlaff and BV Files, it would appear that Mr. Dorrell testified as to the opposite in a recent case (See Ex. B, p. 73 – 76).

He also wrote that I formerly led the “violent, white supremacist” organization known as the “Proud Boys”, when the notion that the Proud Boys are white supremacists is an absolute farce.  In fact, I wrote the first national bylaws of the organization – which specifically disavow white supremacy.  See Ex. C, Art. V, Sec. 1(b) and 1(c).  I am still a member of the organization and it continues to prohibit membership by actual white supremacists.

Mr. Dorrell also asks the court to take judicial notice of my arrest of obstruction and retaliation following threats against Mr. Retzlaff when he knows, or should have known, that the matter was submitted to a grand jury and no billed prior to the filing of his petition for en banc rehearing.  See Exhibit D.  Mr. Taggart, my attorney, informed me that Retzlaff would regularly contact Marissa Dunagan of the Collin County District Attorneys Office – often multiple times a day – and that Retzlaff was personally informed of the grand jury decision (apparently, the case was so weak that it was presented as a Class B misdemeanor harassment rather than a felony obstruction & retaliation).

He goes further to state that this case is about his client allegedly “advocating against the employment of a violent racist as an assistant district attorney” when, in reality, the suit against his client is based on his emails to my former supervisors at Karlseng, LeBlanc & Rich, as well as content posted on Retzlaff’s blog between March 25, 2018 and April 11, 2018.  Simply put, the “facts” as they were presented to the Court by Mr. Dorrell were either materially false, incomplete, or presented in a manner designed to mislead the tribunal.  They were not presented during a proceeding where they had any relevance. Furthermore, the manner in which they were presented served no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden me, as FRAP 35 does not provide me the right to tender any sort of response for the purpose of correct Mr. Dorrell’s mischaracterizations.

It is my belief that Retzlaff has instructed Mr. Dorrell to make his filings as personally embarrassing for me as possible and that Mr. Dorrell is accommodating the requests of his client in violation of the rules.


Unfortunately for Van Dyke, Thomas Retzlaff does not run this blog.  Nor do Neal Rauhauser, Lora Lusher, Lane Lipton, Mark Sparks, Layne Walker, Jennifer D’Aiessando, Jeff Dorrell, or Jane Does 1 – 5, all people who have been accused at one time or another by McGibney and his cohorts of running this blog.  Thank you very much, but we can run things just fine by ourselves without the help of any of those people – 100% VERIFIED!!







This will never not be funny!

Post on Van Dyke’s Facebook page – Dec 23 2019











For those of you thinking about suing your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff or otherwise taking him on in court – DON’T!!!

Why is that?  Well, as someone very astute on the Twitter machine once recently said…



To which Jason Lee Van Dyke responded by saying….



So what has Van Dyke all fired up and running scared?  It is the very real prospect that he is going to be forced to reimburse Retzlaff for a very large portion of the more than $262,000 that Retzlaff spent on attorney fees paid to the Hanszen Laporte law firm to defend against Van Dyke’s $100 million lawsuit and to do his “dirty work” for him.

Houston attorneys Anthony LaPorte – Jeff Dorrell – Kent Hanszen


Remember, for years and years James McGibney (who we don’t like) and others in his group of reprobates have been claiming that Retzlaff has been getting FREE legal work and representation in all of these lawsuits that he got dragged into, whether the Fort Worth LOLsuit or the Philip Klein / John Morgan LOLsuits, or the two LOLsuits that were filed in California, or the LOLsuit filed by the Nazi / pedo guy, Jason Lee Van Dyke. 

But now, for the very first time ever, some of the curtain has been pulled back and we (and you!) now have a tiny glimpse of what has been rumored and speculated upon for a very long time.





Many of the McGibney Gang have claimed, falsely it has turned out, that Retzlaff was somehow blackmailing this law firm or otherwise “tricking them” into giving him unlimited amounts of super high quality legal representation.  This, of course, is just a False Narrative propagated by James McGibney (who we don’t like) in an effort to denigrate or otherwise throw shade on his Number One enemy.

It turns out that Retzlaff has far more money than we thought.  A whole lot more.  CHECK IT OUT!!




December 15, 2020:


Nazi / pedo guy Jason Lee Van Dyke has filed his response in opposition to Retzlaff’s motion for sanctions.  To call it “sad” and “pathetic” is giving Van Dyke too much credit.  On the other hand, judges are loath to sanction a party and it will be a tough hill for Retzlaff and Dorrell to climb.  But Dorrell has a history of being able to convince judges that opposing parties need, and deserve, to be sanctioned.  Just ask Stella Morrison, John Morgan, and James McGibney (who we don’t like).  CHECK IT OUT!!



ECF 235 - Van Dyke's response to D's mtn for Section 1927 sanctions


Van Dyke also filed some kind of motion seeking discovery.  Discovery of what, you ask?  CHECK IT OUT!!



ECF 233 - P's motion for discovery




Too bad there is no evidence that Retzlaff did any such thing.  In fact, it turns out that the complete opposite is true!  Nobody forced each of these individuals to file baseless lawsuits without a shred of ADMISSIBLE evidence that could prove even one of their wild and crazy claims.  What do all of these people have in common?  THEY ARE LOSERS WHO KEEP LOSING!





Three years ago, Beaumont, Texas, private investigator Philip Klein promised he was publishing a new book to much fanfare.



Today we announce Mr. Klein’s new book. The cover is finished – and the book is in production. The release date is November 14, 2017 in time for Christmas. We will announce the pre order date!


Yeah, whatever.

Philip Klein is still a mentally addled drug addict who has sex with animals.  Seriously.



Yes, we “love” our neighbors in ISIS.  (Well, not really.  But ever since Admin Mike got kidnapped by them several years ago, we do our best to keep the peace.  Which is why we publish their messages from time to time.)


Albu Kamal, Syria —

Holiday cheer is reportedly low in some communities this season, as suicide bombers were unexpectedly notified that they may have to work Christmas Day.

In yet another example of how Westerners have been disappointed after buying into the caliphate’s claims to “give their life purpose,” ISIS continued to alienate their American followers by activating almost all of its sleeper cells throughout the US for the upcoming Christmas week.



The call to jihad, according to numerous miffed radicals, couldn’t have come at a worse time, as most have already made their plans for the much anticipated holiday break.


Tell your children there will be no Christmas!


“I booked a vacation to Turks and Caicos six months ago — six months,” said new ISIS member Rick Stevens, who now calls himself “Awad Khleifat” after suffering an existential crisis working as a cost engineer. “Walmart doesn’t even make their employees work on Christmas.  If I would have known they didn’t respect the traditional holiday shutdown period I would have just read ‘The Secret.’”



Deborah Morgan, an unfulfilled stay-at-home mother of three, says she joined ISIS to “get out of the house.”  And while she is grateful to “The All Comprehending One” for “the opportunity to crush the infidels,” she admits she underestimated the flexibility required for waging a global holy war.

“Uh-uh — no way I am working through the break. You know how hard it was to get these John Oates tickets?” said Morgan, who pledged her undying allegiance to ISIS after reading a few memes on social media. “Normally I would say ‘In shaa Allah,’ but this is the talented half of ‘Hall and Oates’ we’re talking about here.”



“And I still have to finish all of my shopping and gift wrapping,” she added, visibly overwhelmed by all she has to get done before her martyrdom.

If they are required to detonate themselves, they will be joining the nearly quarter of Americans who will begrudgingly be working on either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day. And while retail workers can resort to shaming their employers on social media, these disciples of the Islamic State may have no recourse at all.

“Turns out [ISIS] monitor[s] social media and they don’t really have a Human Resources (HR) department,” Khleifat said, clearly despondent over his lack of options and non-refundable airfare. “I mean, they do, but it is just a cage you sit in while they douse you with gasoline.”

Surprisingly, not every sleeper is flustered with the last-minute changes.  One extremist, Glenn Dansby, is looking forward to his fiery death and highly touted carnal pleasures of the thereafter.

“Yeah, but it has nothing to do with my devotion to Islam or ISIS,” said Dansby, looking around nervously.

“I’m stuck spending Christmas with my in-laws.”




Yes, that is right.  Your Admins at the BV Files have made a donation to The Human Fund: Money For People on behalf of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters!

You’re welcome.



As many of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters have recently learned, your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff has yet another LOLsuit filed against him, this time in Maricopa County, AZ, Superior Court.  Specifically, Retzlaff’s daughter, Brittany, is claiming that her daddy stole her identity and forged her name.


As many of our longtime readers will recall, James McGibney (who we don’t like) has repeatedly claimed that Brittany is an employee of his ViaView company in court documents filed in state and federal courts across the country. 

See:  https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1104



Which is weird because Brittany – and her mother – have been prominently featured on McGibney’s revenge porn website Cheaterville.com.  CHECK IT OUT!!

Brittany claims to be a Jehovah’s Witness, but she also likes to have sex on camera.  In fact, her sex videos and nude pictures have been posted for many years on torrent sites and have been highly sought after!


As many of our longtime readers will recall, James McGIbney (who we don’t like) has made repeated police reports against Retzlaff numerous times over the past SEVEN YEARS falsely claiming all sorts of wild allegations such as “death threats” and stuff about the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood.

And hear you can listen to McGibney’s lawyer, Jay Leiderman of Ventura, CA.






At one point, McGibney claims to Retzlaff’s wife, Denise, that he was forced to move because McGibney claimed that Retzlaff had given his gate code to the Aryan Brotherhood.  The problem, of course, is that there are no gates where McGibney lived and, thus, no gate codes to hand out.

Oh, no! The Aryan Brotherhood has my gate code!!


This is a close up of McGibney’s email claiming he is moving due to a “security” issue – lol, what a liar!


Of course, it was later revealed that the real reason why McGibney was forced to move was for non-payment of rent due to McGibney not having any more of his revenge porn monies due to the loss of advertisers and investors in McGibney’s revenge porn websites.


In any event, to make a long story short, McGibney is now using Retzlaff’s daughter as a proxy in order to make yet more false police reports against Retzlaff because she is the only one of the McGibney Gang to have somewhat clean hands.

But according to sources close to the investigation (which consist of the voices in our head), it turns out that Brittany has anything but ‘clean hands.’  If you will recall, about a year ago, McGibney was trumpeting claims that Retzlaff was being criminally charged with supposedly violating a restraining order involving his daughter.  This, along with McGibney’s claims of being an “FBI witness.”




So what happened to those charges?  Well according to our sources, Retzlaff did what he usually does – he went and hired a top-notch law firm to defend him from this minor misdemeanor charge and investigate the claims.  It turns out that Brittany lied about the whole thing – that there never were any restraining order violations and the prosecutor was forced to dismiss the charges!!!!!



These sources have confirmed to us, your Admins of the BV Files, that Retzlaff’s attorneys have videotaped evidence proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that everything that Brittany had said to the police was a BIG FAT LIE (to use a legal term we learned from Judge Judy).  SERIOUSLY!


This clearly explains why the dismissal was with prejudice and the charges can never be refiled. 


Apparently there is a great deal of video and electronic evidence in the hands of Retzlaff’s lawyers in Arizona and Texas establishing that Brittany has been actively working with her employer James McGibney (who we don’t like) for some time and that she is acting under his direction and control with regards to these new, false allegations. 

As anyone who has been paying any attention at all to what has been going on for the past SEVEN YEARS, McGibney has made no secret of his desire to plot his revenge and to cause harm to Retzlaff and as many of his family members as he can possibly do.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Plainly, Brittany’s actions are in furtherance of McGibney’s thirst for vengeance.



As our longtime readers will recall, there is a brand new sanctions hearing scheduled for January 14, 2021, at 8:30 am CT in the Fort Worth, Texas, courtroom of Judge Cosby.  Thus, McGibney has 1,300,000 reasons for trying to discredit and damage Retzlaff so as to try to avoid yet more crippling sanctions for his previous violations of the Texas Citizens Participation Act for filing a series of SLAPP lawsuits against Retzlaff and others.

As was established during the federal court deposition of Nazi / pedo guy Jason Lee Van Dyke, Van Dyke, McGibney, and Klein have been actively working together to target Retzlaff with false police reports.


Each of them have been trying to use these phony police reports as a means of gaining an unfair advantage over Retzlaff in their ongoing civil litigation.


Which brings us to the email below from Van Dyke to Retzlaff’s attorney, your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeff Dorrell.  Van Dyke likes to conflate one of your Admins of the BV Files, Admin Dean, with Retzlaff.  What evidence does Van Dyke have to support this claim?  Why the same “evidence” that both James McGibney (who we don’t like) and Philip Klein had:  Absolutely None!

In any event, Van Dyke apparently got word that we were in the process of working on this here article, the one “outing” his employer, the motocross track HIS 956 and its owners Jerry & Tara Masterpool, as supporters of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis.  So he reverted to type and sent out one of his ridiculous litigation threat emails.  Only this time, Van Dyke threatened to contact the Maricopa County Attorney who is prosecuting Retzlaff so as to “make it stop” (whatever that means).

(We guess that Van Dyke is under the delusion that a mere county prosecutor has the ability to restrain free speech and violate the First Amendment.  Which would be quite funny if it were not also so very pathetic.)

So here is Van Dyke trying to leverage Retzlaff’s criminal prosecution to his benefit.  The problem for Van Dyke is one that each of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, has likely already figured out by now.  But in case you have not, we will not spoil the lulz for you and you can just read the emails yourself and see what happens as it is predictable to anyone who has been paying attention for the past 6 1/2 years of watching Retzlaff and his lawyers in action.



If you can guess what the response was to this message you can WIN A NEW CAR!!!






So who wins the prize?  Why this guy right here!!


i win, motherfuckers!!


By the way, for those of you interested in helping to ensure that McGibney’s actions and methods are brought to the attention of the prosecutor in Phoenix, here is the contact information for Edward Leiter, the Assistant County Attorney who is persecuting, er, prosecuting Tom Retzlaff:


Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 602-506-7153.


Again, for any new readers here: 

I am not Thomas. We are not Thomas. We are sure that there is a Thomas (somewhere), and that he might have said some mean things on the interwebz, but he is not me, and I am not him, and he is not us. Nor are we Neal, Jo Jo, Lane, or Lora (all people whom McGibney has accused us of being).


Unfortunately for McGibney’s last remaining cheerleader, it turns out that Brittany lied about the whole restraining order violation thing and that there is video evidence to prove it.  This, of course, will destroy any credibility she might have had with regards to these new criminal allegations.  That, plus the fact that there is electronic evidence establishing Brittany has been in repeated communications with McGibney and is acting under his direction and control.




We guess your wife, Christina, won’t have to suck all those dicks after all in the Costco parking lot!

This woman sucks cock for money – seriously





January 6, 2021:



For some reason Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before sent us the following and told us that this will be important in the next few days.



P's response to D's request for extention of time - 6-19-2019


Apparently there has been a surveillance team monitoring the situation at this location in Texas on and off the past few weeks.  Apparently there is a known sexual predator at this house and he is expected to try to flee the jurisdiction within the next few days before an upcoming January 14 court hearing in Fort Worth. 

Apparently this criminal does not want to show up in court and is now trying to make excuses and hide the judgment that has been awaiting him for the past 24 months.








Well, this is horrible….


So who among you will be first in line to get the shot?  NOT US!!




Many thanks to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before for sending this to us.  Nice work!!














Is not James McGibney (who we don’t like) supposed to be a tough guy, a former Marine?  Yet according to sources close to the investigation (which do not consist solely of the voices in our head), McGibney has been claiming he needs another continuance of the Texas sanctions hearing because (get this) he claims he will be having a out-patient medical procedure this week for which he needs a 20 week convalescence period!!

Yes, you have got that right, ladies and gentlemen!  Apparently there is some medical facility in Central Texas that is open for business, doing out-patient surgical procedures – despite the fact that every other medical facility in the whole country being CLOSED due to the Covid pandemic!!!

Needless to say, Judge Cosby was not impressed with McGibney claims and he saw right through him.



And Philip Klein also has a court date, this one is set for March 15, 2021, in a lawsuit Klein filed against Texas oil man / billionaire (and good friend to the BV Files), Bill Kallop and his family.  Klein forged Bill Kallop’s signature to a business contract and a lawsuit has been filed.









There seems to be an “article” missing from James McGibney’s Bullyville.com website.  Yes, an entire article just, “poof!”, gone in a flash.  So in an effort to help the public out, we thought that we would repost it here just in case anyone is curious as to what it was all about.

When reached for comment about this missing article, James McGibney (who we don’t like), said, “What article?”  CHECK IT OUT!!!







We will have more on this later, sometime, someday.










Of course, what would Christmas be like without some holiday music from Southern California’s very own Bad Religion.  CHECK IT OUT!!







We here at the BV Files wish you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years!


We thank you for the pleasure of your time and look forward to seeing you all, safe and happy and healthy, next year!!!


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