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Beaumont, TX private investigator Philip R. Klein

Beaumont, TX private investigator Philip R. Klein

Is there anyone on planet Earth who would be surprised to know that Nederland, Texas based Private Investigator Philip R. Klein has taken an active role in the abuse of children, what with his close and personal relationship with CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER Beaumont, Texas, attorney John S. Morgan, or San Jose, California, REVENGE PORNOGRAPHER / BLACKMAIL ARTIST James McGibney (who we don’t like)?  CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Could this headline be a future reference to Philip Klein:  https://www.fbi.gov/newyork/press-releases/2015/new-york-city-private-investigator-who-hacked-into-e-mail-accounts-sentenced-in-manhattan-federal-court-to-three-months-in-prison




We are going to save this for a separate article, but this afternoon something so ridiculous, so funny – and so obviously Vicodin fueled – hit our In Box that we here at the BV Files just could not wait to post this latest bit of nonsense filings from the Law Offices of Jason (Jay) Leiderman, Esq., of Ventura, California.

To give you all the set up: as you know, our American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Retzlaff won the federal LOLsuit two weeks ago in an awesome bit of pro se litigating that completely and utterly smashed James (“Jimmy the Piss Boy“) McGibney and his thoroughly incompetent, drug addict lawyer Jay Leiderman.

Under various Federal Rules and Statutes (which we will go into greater detail in an upcoming article), the ‘winner’ of a lawsuit (called the “prevailing party”) is entitled to reimbursement of certain costs and fees.  Not attorney fees, mind you (except under certain very limited circumstances, under the American System, each person is responsible for their own attorney’s fees).  But fees for copying, making transcripts, clerk’s fees and such.  So Our Hero filed his Bill of Costs with the Clerk and requested a hearing on it, which is set for October 15th.




So how did Leiderman respond to this lawful request?

ECF 180

ECF 180 2


Leiderman than made a bunch of references to incest, nude pictures of young girls, McGibney’s revenge pornography business, and other assorted bits of nonsense.


"Writing legal briefs while high on Vicodin seems like such a really good idea", says Jay Leiderman

“Writing legal briefs while high on Vicodin seems like such a really good idea”, says Jay Leiderman

So how does Retzlaff respond?  Check it out!

Retzlaff's mtn to strike ECF 180_Page_1

Retzlaff's mtn to strike ECF 180_Page_2

Retzlaff's mtn to strike ECF 180_Page_3

Retzlaff's mtn to strike ECF 180_Page_4

Retzlaff's mtn to strike ECF 180_Page_5


So then what happened? you ask…  just check it out!


yoda 2

ECF 182

ECF 182 2


Yeah, so this is what is sitting on the desk of US District Court Judge Beth Freeman right at this very moment.  Keep in mind that on October 15th she will be conducting a hearing on Retzlaff’s motion for sanctions in which he is seeking $250,000 in monetary penalties against BOTH Leiderman and McGibney, in addition to nonmonetary sanctions.

We wonder what could possibly be going through her mind at this very moment.  Judging by her previous reactions to Leiderman’s court filings, whatever her thoughts are it likely won’t turn out good for McGibney and Company.  el oh el



Remember how Leiderman complained in his above court papers about how mean Retzlaff was to go get subpoenas in Arizona to get all sorts of “irrelevant documents”?  Just to remind McGibney and Leiderman exactly what it was that Retzlaff got and how he got it, we attach this little bit on vexatious litigation.

Court's Order compelling production of documents_Page_1

Court's Order compelling production of documents_Page_2

Court's Order compelling production of documents_Page_3


So just remember, dumb ass, somebody already has got your dox and knows what the real deal is behind who bought up the Jeffrey Dorrell website domains.  That little bit of Atomic Powered vexatiousness has yet to be shared with us at the BV Files.  But you can certainly bet that as soon as it gets dropped into the appropriate judge’s lap in the appropriate court proceeding, you people here will be the first to know about it!

In our humble opinion, these documents right here represent at least a million dollars worth of butt-hurt coming to a revenge porn / blackmail artist (and his lawyer) any day now.  Like, maybe Oct. 6th.  Or Feb. 2nd.


Special Update


The February 4, 2015, grievance filed against Houston, Texas, attorney Jeffrey Dorrell with the State Bar of Texas by failed author and vexatious litigant Philip R. Klein was summarily dismissed on June 24, 2015.  Klein is a well-known serial filer of retaliatory grievances against attorneys who never represented him.  This is the third Klein grievance against Dorrell to be declared baseless by the State Bar without so much as a hearing.  Klein is not allowed to appeal the dismissal.


Check it out right here:


Letter from SBOT



Klein—the target of an $8 million defamation and false-imprisonment suit Dorrell filed in 2014 in the 73rd State District Court of Bexar County, Texas—was upset at being given written notice that the court had handed down an order enjoining him from continuing to publish false and defamatory statements about Mr. Dorrell’s client.

Klein using this Twitter account:  https://twitter.com/kicnederland

Klein twitter


Klein likes to pretend that the police are his Personal Army and that when he Tweets things to them, that they actually listen and care about what he has to say.  Mental illness & substance abuse are like that – they cause people to believe in things that are simply not real.  Right, Philip?  Yeah, you know it!

 tweets 2a tweets 2
So, Klein, where are these “Feds” and when are they going to come and get us?  October 6th or February 2nd?

Philip – even your lies don’t make any sense.  Dumb ass!



The case is styled E.M. and V.B.M. v. Klein and is set for a jury trial in San Antonio in 2016.  Klein is represented by San Antonio attorney Richard W. Espey of Espey & Associates PC law firm in San Antonio, Texas.

Richard Espy

Richard Espey

Espey SBOT profile

FUN FACT: Klein has filed over 50 lawsuits to date from his command center in Nederland, Texas, and frequently retaliates against lawyers who represent his critics and even judges who rule against him.  In 2011, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously issued a rare writ of mandamus against Klein in a lawsuit defended by Mr. Dorrell in a case styled In re John Does 1 and 2, 337 S.W.3d 862 (Tex. 2011).

If it's on Twitter, it must be true, right?

If it’s on Twitter, it must be true, right?

Just last month, an appellate court in Johnson-Todd v. Morgan, 2015 Tex. App. LEXIS 4904 (Tex. App.—Beaumont May 14, 2015), dissolved an illegal injunction obtained by a long-time Klein crony, Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan.  Klein injected himself as a witness in that case, in which Morgan asked a judge to jail Mr. Dorrell for just under 11 years for allegedly violating the unconstitutional injunction Klein had helped Morgan obtain.

The court of appeals stayed contempt proceedings against Mr. Dorrell before quickly declaring the injunction void in a unanimous opinion.  Trial judge Gerald W. Eddins has now been recused.  Morgan has asked the Texas Supreme Court to review the case.



Klein house


Philip R. Klein is a retard (to be generous).  He also supports the abuse of children, both large and small.  In fact, he specifically helped out his running buddy attorney John Morgan when Morgan needed help during his failed bid to steal custody of his three children from his ex-wife.  Morgan attempted to get his then 13 year old daughter to falsely accuse her mother of sexual abuse.


Come and check out Klein’s newest bit of outrageous and likely criminal conduct that someone was kind enough to get for us while at the San Antonio, Texas, courthouse.

1st Amd Pet_Page_011st Amd Pet_Page_021st Amd Pet_Page_03

1st Amd Pet_Page_04 1st Amd Pet_Page_05 1st Amd Pet_Page_06

1st Amd Pet_Page_07 1st Amd Pet_Page_08 1st Amd Pet_Page_09

1st Amd Pet_Page_10 1st Amd Pet_Page_11 1st Amd Pet_Page_12

1st Amd Pet_Page_13 1st Amd Pet_Page_14 1st Amd Pet_Page_15

1st Amd Pet_Page_16 1st Amd Pet_Page_17 1st Amd Pet_Page_18

1st Amd Pet_Page_19 1st Amd Pet_Page_20 1st Amd Pet_Page_21

1st Amd Pet_Page_22 1st Amd Pet_Page_23 1st Amd Pet_Page_24

1st Amd Pet_Page_25 1st Amd Pet_Page_26



In yet another stunning, not so stunning defeat, Klein got his ass handed to him yet again on account of one of his stupid, vexatious LOLsuits being tossed out of court.  Very good lawyering was done here by American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files, Texas attorney Joe Fisher!  This is a LOLsuit that was filed against our other American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Judge Layne Walker of Texas.

The attorney representing Klein is Laurence Wade Watts

Watts & Company Lawyers, Ltd.
P O Box 2214
Missouri City, TX 77459
877/797-4055 (fax)
[email protected]




Hooray for Joe!

Hooray for Judge Walker!

A mystery for the Clueless e-Detective to solve, perhaps?

A mystery for the Clueless e-Detective to solve, perhaps?

We would tell you more details about that LOLsuit, but it is far too stupid and drawn out to discuss it now.  But this is what happens when you hire a moron for a lawyer.

Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_01 Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_02 Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_03

Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_04 Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_05 Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_06Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_07 Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_08 Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_09Court's Report and Recommendation on Defendant Walker's Mot to Dismiss_Page_10