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Accused child rapist, cyber-stalker, and computer hacker Deric Lostutter, former employee of revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like), is no longer an “accused” criminal and he was just sentenced to FEDERAL PRISON earlier this morning (March 8, 2017) to 24 months in federal prison where, we hope, he will quickly be anally raped and murdered by members of the Aryan Brotherhood.

In addition to two years in federal prison and three years on probation, Lostutter must also pay a $5,000 fine.







FUN FACT:  The two-year sentence was the maximum that Lostutter could have received for his offenses.  Lostutter is to report to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons no later than May 8.


The sentencing documents have yet to be posted on PACER.  But this information comes straight from some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before who has, in the past, been a victim of cyber-stalking and harassment by the McGibney Gang that is run by San Jose, CA based revenge pornographer / sexual blackmail artist James McGibney (who we don’t like).  This Random Person provided a sealed Victim Impact Statement to the Federal Probation Office outlining the financial ties between ViaView / McGibney and Lostutter, as well as specific examples of criminal activities.

As documents become available, we will post them here.



Once released from prison, Lostutter will be under supervised release for three years. During that time he is prohibited from working in the information technology field.  He also must not possess a computer without the approval of probation authorities.

U.S. District Court Judge Reeves also directed Lostutter to not harass or threaten other people or their families.



FUN FACT:  As a condition of Lostutter’s supervised release (i.e. probation) he is BANNED from any access to the Internet whatsoever.

The defendant shall not possess or use a computer or any device with access to any “on-line computer service” at any location (including place of employment) without the prior written approval of the probation officer.  This includes any Internet Service provider, bulletin board system, or any other public or private network or e-mail system.







Dept of Justice Press Release – March 8, 2017

Not only was there not a coverup, … but he didn’t help this investigation at all!

— Assistant U.S. Attorney Neeraj Gupta



Lostutter, who formerly lived in Winchester, KY and was known as “@KYAnonymous” on Facebook and Twitter, was indicted in the summer of 2016 on hacking charges.  He formally pleaded not guilty to those charges back in September.

He faced a minimum of 18 – 24 months in federal prison.  But he ended up getting the top end of the sentence, which is 24 months or two years.  Here is his sentencing memorandum that outlines his criminal activities.  CHECK IT OUT!!




In December 2012, months after the supposed assault, Lostutter and a Virginia man, Noah McHugh, agreed to hack into a fan website for Steubenville High athletics.

The two got access to the account management page of the site and the email of the man who ran it, which included nude photos, according to Lostutter’s plea.

Lostutter made a video to post on the site threatening to reveal personal identifying information about Steubenville High students.

He also claimed, falsely, that the man who administered the fan site was a child pornographer and ran a “rape crew,” according to his plea agreement.

Lostutter and McHugh — whose online name was “JustBatCat” — took control of the site and McHugh posted Lostutter’s video and the administrator of the website’s private emails on it, according to the plea.

Lostutter said in court that he was associated with the hacking collective Anonymous.

He told Judge Reeves he decided to get involved in the Steubenville case because the administrator of the website had discredited the girl who was victimized, and felt that others who saw the girl’s plight but didn’t help her should be held accountable. (i.e. Lostutter, like James McGibney (who we don’t like) is just another White Knight faggot who thinks he is the Sheriff of Twitter.)

The idea behind the threat to post personal information about students was to get them to tell on each other, he said.

Lostutter said he also felt some school officials were involved in a cover-up.

“We wanted to stand up for a girl who had no voice. I went about it the wrong way,” Lostutter told Reeves.

However, the plea Lostutter signed said he and McHugh wanted to harass and intimidate people and gain notoriety and publicity for their online identities – JUST LIKE SAN JOSE, CA PEDOPHILE / REVENGE PORNOGRAPHER JAMES MCGIBNEY!!!!



Deric Lostutter’s attorney admits U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating the cyber-stalking that Lostutter was involved in.  CHECK IT OUT!






FUN FACT: United States Sentencing Commission, 2016 Guidelines Manual, effective November 1, 2016 – http://www.ussc.gov/guidelines/2016-guidelines-manual






Thomas Olson needs your help!!





Leiderman has sad face in March 2017 as his clients ALL go off to prison

FUN FACT:  Thus far, Ventura, CA attorney Jay Leiderman and his crack team of drug addict lawyers are 0 for 8 when it comes to defending their clients in federal court from computer hacking charges.  ha ha ha ha


Why you hire a drug addict with mental "issues" to be your lawyer, "not guilty" verdicts roll in, right? Right???

When you hire a drug addict with mental “issues” to be your lawyer, “not guilty” verdicts roll in, right? Right???

IF YOU EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO HIRE JAY LEIDERMAN AND HIS FELLOW DRUG ADDICT / CO-COUNSEL TOR EKELAND – DON’T!!  All of their clients end up being found GUILTY and sentenced to HARD TIME in federal prison!!  Don’t believe us?  Just ask Matthew Keys for starters.




US District Court Judge Danny Reeves

US District Court Judge Danny Reeves


Like Deric Lostutter, James McGibney(who we don’t like) is also an admitted member of the illegal hacking groups Anonymous and The Rustle League – facts which McGibney is only too proud to mention in repeated news interviews over the past several years.  CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING ON THE LINKS BELOW!

Vigilanteville: James McGibney and his online army

The digital vigilante taking on revenge porn

The Bully Waging War Against Bullies

Controversies in Digital Ethics



white knight


U.S. District Court Judge Reeves said Lostutter was “a shakedown artist” and a “cyberbully” who continued to issue threats to others, including a woman who might have been a witness against him after he was charged by federal authorities.

“He certainly was not a white knight in this matter,” Reeves said in court.





Lostutter’s claim to fame is his involvement in the so-called Steubenville, Ohio, “rape” case where some girl was supposedly the “victim” of surprise sex and Lostutter and a few Twitter nerds decided to become this girl’s White Knight.

Alayna Macaluso

Stubenville rape “victim” Alayna Catherine Macaluso of Weirton, WV


Lostutter, who now lives in North Carolina, was charged with hacking into the computer of a man who ran a website for fans of athletics at Steubenville High.

He has said he was angry about the girl being victimized and thought others should be held accountable in addition to the football players.

White Knights = Losers!
Alayna is a very hot looking girl who was born on April 16, 1996.  She likes showing random guys on the internet her boobies.  But I seriously doubt she ever wanted to have sex with Lostutter in exchange for his White Knighting for her.
Alayna Macaluso wearing a pearl necklace

Alayna Macaluso wearing a pearl necklace




Lostutter likes to brag about his association and support for McGibney and his revenge porn / sexual blackmail business.

3-11-13 BV with KY Anon



Wanna see proof that revenge pornographer James McGibney paid Deric Lostutter to cyber-stalk and harass people?  Here are screen shots from Lostutter’s very own email accounts to prove it.  CHECK IT OUT!!


In 2013 Lostutter was paid $20,803.32 by McGibney / ViaView to hack into computers and to cyber-stalk people on McGibney’s “enemies” list.  McGibney paid him so much money that ViaView had to issue Lostutter a 1099 for the IRS!



And here is Lostutter snitching to the FBI…

NOTE:  All the parts highlighted in yellow are where Lostutter admits to being an employee for James McGibney (who we don’t like) and that he engaged in computer hacking and cyber-stalking on McGibney’s behalf, for which he received compensation in the form of $600 a week.











FUN FACT:  Take note that our docs above are completely unredacted.  However, if you go to the PACER site, all they have are redacted documents.  Providing you access to SEALED COURT RECORDS and other good dox, and going the extra mile to bring you everything that we can, is just a part of the services we offer to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters – day in and day out!




Recall that we mentioned that Lostutter was raided by the FBI in June 2013, but he was not formally charged until July 2016 – over three years later.


And here we have photographs of American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff at the Boston FBI offices last September 2015.  Both he and his ex-wife Denise were treated to a free trip to Boston, courtesy of the U.S. Government, for nearly a week in mid-September.  Why is that???

TR at the FBI Office in Boston Pic #5TR at the FBI Office in Boston


While Retzlaff was in Boston for the week he, too, like James McGibney before him, also obtained his Harvard Executive Education.  CHECK IT OUT!

I gots me a Harvard Executive Edumication, too, Jimmy!

I gots me a Harvard Executive Edumication, too, Jimmy!



FUN FACT:  At one point, for about eight years, Retzlaff was a federal law enforcement officer in the US Army Criminal Investigation Command.  He later worked in state law enforcement in Texas.  His son is an Arizona Certified State Police Reserve Officer and is on Active Duty with the U.S. Army as a military police officer.  Retzlaff, if you believe McGibney (and why wouldn’t you, right) is supposedly a CONVICTED FELON/PEDO and member of the Aryan Brotherhood who, in his spare time, likes to golf, shoot guns, go skiing and Scuba diving, and travels internationally while, at the same time, running a vast Grand Civil Conspiracy involving several Houston area attorneys, local judges, and members of the Beaumont Court of Appeals!


In case any of you have forgotten, here is the federal indictment charging Lostutter with numerous federal FELONIES.  So pay particular attention to the allegations contained in those portions of the indictment.



Funny how, despite all of the claims from McGibney about how he is gonna have “this person” arrested and “that person” investigated by “the feds”, the ONLY people being investigated, arrested, charged in federal court, and going to prison are…. MEMBERS OF THE MCGIBNEY GANG (i.e. all of those associated with James McGibney (who we don’t like))!

According to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before:

You know the nice thing about having a rich family?  Besides, you know, having a rich family?  It is being able to take your dog for a ride racing out through the desert anytime you feel like it and not having to worry about such mundane things like whether or not the rent is gonna get paid, or if I have enough cash to pay the cable or the light bill, or if I really have to worry about super secret FBI investigations after all.  So #GFY McGibney – seriously.  100% VERIFIED!






SPECIAL UPDATE – March 10, 2017

In a surprising development, just when we thought that the San Jose restraining order case was all over with, the California court of appeals is currently deciding whether or not to reopen the appeal and give our American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff a complete do-over on his anti-SLAPP sanctions request.

This is because there is a new case from the California Supreme Court that specifically requires SLAPP sanctions in cases in which it has been determined that the trial court lacks either personal or subject matter jurisdiction. 

Should the case be reopened, this, of course, will be a very serious blow to James McGibney (who we don’t like).  But it seems that the California Supreme Court has spoken.  CHECK IT OUT!!


And here is that California Supreme Court case====>

Barry v. State Bar of Calif - 2 Cal.5th 318, 386 P.3d 788








For years James McGibney and his revenge porn / blackmail company ViaView have sought the spotlight. But McGibney needs to remember something very, very important: For a man in his position, the spotlight can turn into an interrogation lamp pretty damn fast!


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