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Jay Leiderman is an attorney from Ventura, California.  He is a criminal and an admitted drug addict who has appeared in federal court several times while high on drugs, notably Vicodin. AND HE HAS JUST BEEN DISCIPLINED TODAY BY THE CALIFORNIA STATE BAR FOR ETHICS VIOLATIONS!!

Leiderman, of course, is the attorney representing San Jose, CA revenge porno perv and sexual blackmail artist James McGibney (who we don’t like).

Using drugs – and being an all around dumb ass – explains why Leiderman has NEVER won a single criminal case ever.  In fact, every single one of Leiderman’s clients is doing hard time in a federal or state prison – except for Commander X (AKA Christopher Doyon), who is presently on the run from the FBI and is hiding out in the Canadian woods somewhere.

The fact that Keys' attorney is also in communication with a fugitive from justice / computer hacker




commander X tweet 1-13-2015 #2

What attorney Jay Leiderman calls “exile in part as protest” for bail conditions, the rest of America calls “being a fugitive from justice.” Just saying.




An investigation was launched in July 2016 after a complaint was filed against Leiderman by Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of BeforeCHECK IT OUT!!




On April 14, 2017, in Los Angeles, the State Bar of California convened a disciplinary tribunal in The Matter Of The State Bar of California vs. Jason Scott Leiderman, Case # 16-O-14622.


FUN FACT:  State Bar Court is specialized court where discipline matters and other State Bar matters are adjudicated.  This is a real court with real full time judges who hear discipline, reinstatement and admissions cases.  Proceedings in State Bar Court are governed by the State Bar Rules of Procedure, not the Code of Civil Procedure or the Penal Code.



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Since one of our Admins is out of town for a few days this week, you won’t have to put up with the usual misspellings, horrific libels, drug fueled word-salad, or other boring nonsense.  This is some quality shit here and we hope you all will appreciate it.

As always:

fire fox

FUN FACT:  Jay Leiderman not only boasts that he went to law school, but he further claims that he is one of less than 500 attorneys in California who are Certified Criminal Law Specialists by the California Bar Board of Legal Specialization. See http://www.jayleiderman.com/htm/leiderman.php

Leiderman further claims to having been an attorney in California for over seventeen years – seriously.


If the Aryan Brotherhood, or angry ex-clients, want to find him and murder him, Leiderman is easy to spot.

Leiderman Home address—  Leiderman’s home address


Leiderman has been representing revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his blackmail company ViaView, Inc. in several SLAPP lawsuits filed in three different courtrooms, in different states, all at the same time.

1) In the Texas lawsuit, McGibney and ViaView were recently ORDERED to pay $450,000+ in court sanctions and attorney’s fees for violating the Texas Citizens Participation Act (the state’s anti-SLAPP law).

2) In the federal court lawsuit, McGibney and ViaView’s lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice for lack of personal jurisdiction over the out-of-state defendants.

3) In the San Jose restraining order case, the Court of Appeal dismissed the case with prejudice also for lack of jurisdiction.  The matter of SLAPP sanctions is presently pending before the California Supreme Court.


FUN FACT: A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.  Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom of speech.

The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. In some cases, repeated frivolous litigation against a defendant may raise the cost of directors and officers liability insurance for that party, interfering with an organization’s ability to operate.  A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat.


First off, it is very important to remember that drugs are BAD.  Very bad.  James McGibney (who we don’t like) displays all of the outward appearances of being a ‘functional’ meth addict.  However, he is also a moron who likes to publicly share links to child porn websites / URLs with friends of his on the Twitter machine.

McStupid tats

yeah, McGibney actually had this nonsense put on his back

yeah, McGibney actually had this nonsense put on his back

After all, what kind of a person who is not a drug addict would permanently mark their body up with BULLSHIT like this?

And only a pedophile would be tweeting links to child porn URLs, right, McGibney?

McGibney admits to child porn





Hey McGibney, how would this little girl rate on your “Cheater Meter”, eh?

Sexy Ella Berkeley - future Cheaterville star!

Ella Berkeley of Davie, FL – future Cheaterville star!




Okay, we get it – Jimmy is a pedo AND a drug addict.  But now can we get to what caused Leiderman to be disciplined by the State Bar? you ask.  Alright, but don’t say you weren’t warned….


In the various SLAPP lawsuits that attorney Jay Leiderman litigated against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff, Leiderman made numerous representations to the various trial judges which turned out to be completely and totally false.  CHECK IT OUT!!



We can confirm that Plaintiffs have been working with the FBI with respect to that case [the Texas case] and one way or another, justice will be served.

— From Leiderman’s sanctions response



Yeah, sure you can, asshole.  We here at the BV Files are absolutely 100% certain that the FBI gives two shits about your butthurt and the butthurt of revenge pornographer / blackmail artist James (“Jimmy the Pee Boy“) McGibney.  You clowns have been smoking the same nonsense that Philip Klein smokes, right?  He, too, has dreams of the FBI being his Personal Army.



tweets 2a

A mystery for the Clueless e-Detective to solve, perhaps?

A mystery for the Clueless e-Detective to solve, perhaps?




I can confirm that I have spoken to the FBI directly about this matter and the litigation in Texas pertaining to Thomas Retzlaff, fugitive from the law Neal Rauhauser and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. I can also confirm that Plaintiffs have spoken extensively to the FBI about this matter, on a daily basis. Furthermore, protected party Brittany Retzlaff has been forwarding numerous pieces of evidence directly to the FBI. We are confident that justice will soon prevail.

— From Leiderman’s Declaration under oath in his response to sanctions

Unfortunately for Leiderman and the rest of the McGibney Gang, Retzlaff recorded his daughter’s phone calls on numerous occasion in which she states to her mother that she has been forwarding the emails to a person known as “Catty Idiot” and she has stated in these phone calls that “Catty is James’ right-hand man.”

Yet, McGibney claimed in an affidavit that he had no clue as to who this “Catty Idiot” person was and that he had no ties to him whatsoever!



Prevailing party or not on a jurisdiction motion, if anyone should be sanctioned for conduct in this case it is Retzlaff. His vile and contemptuous conduct warrants sanction. How the Court allowed him to attack Counsel throughout without him hardly mentioning Plaintiffs was unconscionable and wrong.

— Claim made by Leiderman in his sanctions response in the federal case







Why this Tweet here, that’s what!

Leiderman goes on the Twitter machine and states that Retzlaff is a convicted sex offender!  Oh, oh – that is an extremely defamatory thing to say – totally false, especially when coming from a lawyer about an opponent.


And this will never not be funny…


That lawsuit right there was the beginning of the end for Leiderman and his cyber-stalking tricks of him buying up websites in other peoples’ names to harass them.



So what happened is that our American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Retzlaff filed a complaint with the State Bar of California outlining a series of misdeeds (i.e. some shady shit) that Leiderman did throughout these LOLsuits, including the defamatory tweets, his involvement in buying up harassment websites in the names of others, and the release of sealed documents into public court records.

The complaint was filed in July 2016 and the State Bar has been investigating it for the past 18 months.  California is a big place with the most amount of lawyers in the country – and a good portion of them are shady, unethical motherfuckers.  Seriously – 100% VERIFIED.  So this case took awhile.

Today the Enforcement Division of the State Bar took action against Leiderman and found him GUILTY of violating numerous State Bar rules and having committed a series of unethical acts over the past several years.




Does Piss Boy McGibney drive a Porsche?  No!  But our American Hero does!!!




By the way, here is a little something special for Deric Lostutter:

Hey Matthew - We suggest that you keep this in your wallet next to a good quality condom!




UPDATE:  APRIL 18, 2017


Just when you thought that things could not get more stupider, Beaumont attorney John Morgan, Texas attorney for James McGibney (who we don’t like), has done something so ridiculous that it is unbelievable.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan



FUN FACT:  A court of inquiry is a criminal proceeding conducted under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.  When a judge of any district court of this state, acting in his capacity as magistrate, has probable cause to believe an offense has been committed against the laws of this state, he may request that the presiding judge of the administrative judicial district appoint a district judge to commence a Court of Inquiry.

Unfortunately for Morgan, he made his request to a court court judge.


So who would Morgan’s military trained, cyber warfare computer expert be??  Why it would be the very same person who bragged in a Texas courtroom to having previously hacked into the email servers and computers of the Hanszen Laporte Law Firm!!




Thomas Retzlaff


Jeffrey Dorrell


Morgan’s latest attempt at unraveling the Dorrell-Retzlaff Death Threats Conspiracy has just crashed and burned.

A court of inquiry is not a form of ‘alternative dispute resolution,’ as Morgan appears mistakenly to believe.  A court of inquiry is purely a fact finding proceeding.

Morgan’s ‘motion for alternative dispute resolution through a court of inquiry’ is as nonsensical in its conception as a ‘motion for alternative dispute resolution through a deposition.’  Both are recognized proceedings under Texas statutes and rules, but are unrelated.  Morgan’s misguided attempt to merge their DNA into a single organism is reminiscent of the classic science fiction movie The Fly.

— From the Close and Personal Friend of Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before.








Clearly McGibney and Morgan are desperately trying to get their hands on these documents in a frantic effort at trying to engineer some kind of Hail Mary that will save the day and result in a resurrection of BullyVille and ViaView, Inc.  Unfortunately for these two idiots, their legal mojo is just not powerful enough.






The United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its unanimous decision this morning in a LOLsuit filed by known drug addict and attempted child rapist, Nederland, TX based process server Stephen Hartman.  Hartman, as you know, is a long time employee of Philip Klein, who is a criminal and a drug addict who scams the families of missing children by falsely claiming that he will find them.

As a part of a series of on-going SLAPP suits filed by Beaumont attorney John Morgan, Morgan and Klein have filed five LOLsuits against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker.



To anyone who wants to hear the oral arguments, here is a recording made by someone inside the court of appeals’ courtroom as it happened.  CHECK IT OUT!!







Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, who represents Walker in a different suit brought by Hartman, says that although a state appellate court allowed Hartman’s malicious prosecution claim to continue in the 58th state district court just two weeks ago, the longer-term viability of those claims may now be in question as a result of the Fifth Circuit decision.


If you want to read more about this, be sure to check out our close and personal friends over at the SE Texas Record for more breaking news on this and other LOLsuits filed by members of the McGibney Gang!!



UPDATE:  April 24, 2017:


In a not to surprising development that is completely unexpectedly expected, American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell made a clean sweep of this and totally OBLITERATED McGibney Gang attorney John Morgan in a Beaumont, Texas, courtroom last Friday, April 21.  CHECK IT OUT!!



According to court records, Morgan owes the attorney for his ex-wife over $131,940 in unpaid attorney’s fees, for which he has now agreed to pay within the next 30 days.  So that is a good deal for her and her attorneys.




In addition to winning his previously filed anti-SLAPP motion (which is the reason why there was a hearing on April 21 for the assessment of attorney’s fees and mandatory sanctions), Dorrell also won an additional anti-SLAPP sanctions motion as well!!

Apparently after this case was reversed on appeal, Morgan filed yet more SLAPP legal actions within this case that our Honorary Admin of the BV Files, Jeff Dorrell, took extraordinary offense and exception to.  So Dorrell filed yet another anti-SLAPP motion against this new legal action.



The judge, of course, granted it.  Thus, Morgan is on the hook for yet more anti-SLAPP sanctions and attorney’s fees.  OMG!!!!



Mugshot of John Morgan from the Jefferson County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office

Can things get any worse for John Morgan than they already are?  Well, yeah, they can.  They can because you have to remember:  John Morgan is a drug addict with profound and fundamental mental “issues” – seriously.  This is no joke!  Recall that he was recently arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon in which he tried to murder his wife and three young children with a butcher’s knife while high on illegal drugs!  And recall that he was arrested and plead GUILTY to filing a series of false police reports against his ex-wife.  And recall that the State Bar of Texas filed a lawsuit seeking to have Morgan disbarred, for which Morgan signed a plea agreement to undergo drug and psych counseling.


FUN FACT:  John Morgan is the third attorney who has been hired by revenge porno perv James McGibney (who we don’t like) who has suffered State Bar disciplinary action as a result of complaints filed by American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff.



Judge Tommy Chambers – not a big fan of revenge porn or drug addicts who have law licenses

The judge deciding this case is a visiting judge from a neighboring county because none of the local judges in Beaumont wanted to have anything to do with John Morgan or Philip Klein.  American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Tommy Chambers is the judge on the Liberty County Court at Law in Texas. He was initially elected in 2010.  Chambers ran for re-election in 2014, winning a new term that expires on December 31, 2018.  Chambers is, of course, a good Republican and he won with over 75% of the total vote last time.


Judge Chambers is not a big fan of conspiracy theories, grand or otherwise, having openly laughed at John Morgan when Morgan cried to him about how the Aryan Brotherhood is trying to murder him and ruin his law practice.

As soon as we get the audio recording from that hearing we shall post it here.




In the mean time, never one to miss an opportunity to further damage his professional legal career and personal reputation, Morgan just filed a Notice of Appeal with the Beaumont Court of Appeals in what will in all likelihood be a futile effort to escape the consequences of his own incompetence.


Stay tuned to further updates as the week progresses.




Thank you for taking time out of your day to come here and see the Good News!  And remember – no matter how much you think your life sucks, it does not suck as badly as life sucks for James McGibney (who we don’t like) and the fellow members of the McGibney Gang.  Am I right?  Yeah, you know we are!


By the way, this is pretty cool – CHECK IT OUT!!



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