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Self-styled anti-bullying “advocate”, James McGibney is under POLICE INVESTIGATION for making RAPE THREATS.  He is also being investigated for tax evasion and other issues by state and federal authorities.  ARE YOU SURPRISED? 

The Nevada Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed that ViaView, Inc. no longer has a valid license to do business in the state of Nevada and that ViaView is operating illegally.  A complaint has been filed with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and an investigation has been started.

We, of course, have no idea who could have gotten all of these state and federal authorities involved in this massive inter-state investigation.  But it is likely Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before who is very, very angry and who has some pretty good attorneys working for him who can reach out and get things done.

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Special Update

UPDATE:  August 3, 2015

Leiderman apparently has asked the court of appeals for more time to respond to Retzlaff’s amazingly vexatious briefing.  He got an automatic extension and his brief is now due September 21st.

Unfortunately, until ViaView gets its business license and tax problems sorted out, it won’t be able to file anything.  In fact, it is quite likely that this case will be over with shortly.

Leiderman Req for Continuance


It would be interesting to see if Leiderman really is the attorney of record in all of these super important criminal cases he talks about.

Leiderman is the attorney of record in 5:11-cr-00683-EXE-1 USA v. Christopher Doyon et al.

Someone ought to email the Assistant U.S. Attorneys going up against Leiderman to let them know about his shady, Vicodin-fueled actions.

Hanley Chew[email protected]

Matthew A. Parrella[email protected]


Leiderman is the attorney of record in 2:13-cr-00082-KJM All Defendants USA v. Matthew Keys which is set for trial on September 28th.

James Anthony Silver[email protected]   United States Department Of Justice – Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section


Leiderman is the attorney of record in 1:14-cr-00039-DSC-3 USA v. ERIC MATHEW BENAVIDES

Marshall J. Piccinini[email protected]



As promised, this is the second part of the appellate brief filed by American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff in the San Jose workplace violence LOLsuit.

We hope you enjoy.  More will be forthcoming in future articles.

6th CA Ct of Appeal




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And as far as the San Jose restraining order LOLsuit, absolutely nothing there, either.  For those of you not familiar with the California court system, our judges only work 5 hour days, four days a week.  There are massive backlogs of thousands of court cases per appellate court justice, with criminal cases getting priority treatment.

You can blame decades of liberal California government waste and mismanagement for this.

Gov Moonbeam


Y’all can also blame Governor Moonbeam and his multi-billion dollar Bullet Train To Nowhere, too.  Talk about a huge waste of tax dollars.


Despite Leiderman’s “best efforts” (i.e. telling a whole bunch of lies), Sheriff’s Departments in both Texas and Arizona are refusing to serve Retzlaff with any of Leiderman’s California court papers.  Why?  Because California court papers (like, for instance, Florida court papers), are only valid and enforceable inside the state that issues them.  State and federal law simply does not allow for an out-of-state court to force someone’s physical appearance before it, absent a felony warrant AND a Governor’s Order allowing for interstate rendition.


Drug addicted morons, such as Florida attorney Kristen C. Olson and California attorney Jay Leiderman, simply refuse to acknowledge these little technicalities and they keep thinking that the police are their Personal Army.


According to sources close to the investigation, there is only one deputy in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office to handle all the many thousands of bench warrants that need to be served.  According to this deputy (whom we spoke to for an earlier article, if you will recall), the county sheriff will not travel outside of Santa Clara County to go pick someone up on a civil bench warrant, and they absolutely are not allowed to serve them across state lines.  In fact, the Deputy stated that in his over 20 years of service he has never, ever heard of a bench warrant being served on someone in another state.  They used to go to other counties many years past.  But that has long since been done away with due to massive budget and staffing cuts.

The county – and the state as a whole – simply do not have the time, money, or desire to worry about going out and serving the 15,000 or so bench warrants that are presently unserved and outstanding in the San Jose area.  Not when they cannot find and catch all the “real’ criminals that are out there.



Let’s see what else is up…. Oh, Texas.  Yes, let us not forget Texas.  Once things kick off there we will let you know.  As mentioned, a subpoena is ready and waiting to be served that will Order the personal appearance of one James (Jimmy the Piss Boy) McGibney before the 67th District Court of Tarrant County (Ft Worth), Texas.

on with the show

Yes, James McGibney (who we don’t like) has been engaging in a several years long campaign of cyber-stalking and harassment of an older lady in Northern California.  She made a police report regarding threats of rape and other abuse that James McGibney has made.  According to our victim here, the McGibney Gang have been harassing this lady for many years now.  What kind of person does that?


Lt. Tim Lyons - a police officer

Lt. Tim Lyons – a police officer

According to Lt. Tim Lyons of the Petaluma (California) Police Department, there is an open and active investigation that involves Bullyville.com founder James McGibney, who as been named as a suspect by those involved.

But, BV Files, isn’t James McGibney (who we don’t like) supposed to be a nice person who is an anti-bullying advocate who just wants to help people?, you ask.

Why, yes, James McGibney really is a nice man.  Just take a look at some of the nice things he says to people when he communicates with them online:

BV banned 1

6-1-13 violent threats 6-3-13 violent threats 7-22-13 violent threats
8-12-13 violent threats 8-14-13 violent threats 8-24-13 violent threats

9-18-13 violent threats 10-24-13 violent threats Capture

All of these messages explain what happened next….

BV Twitter suspended


In any event, James McGibney himself has confirmed that he is being investigated for rape and making rape threats.  We hope that any advertisers, celebrity sponsors, and investors / business partners take a good long look and rethink about any decisions that they might have made regarding involvement with this piece of human garbage and his wife, Christina Marie Orduna McGibney.

McGibney Rape Threats 2 McGibney Rape Threats 3 McGibney Rape Threats 4 McGibney Rape Threats


Of course, if McGibney really is innocent of these allegations, then why didn’t he give the police a sample of his DNA?  That way they could enter it into the FBI’s CODIS system and see if he has been involved in any unsolved attacks upon women and children (or men!).





According to a new filing today with the Federal Court, James McGibney, his wife Christina McGibney, and attorney Jay Leiderman are under active investigation by the United States Internal Revenue Service, as well as California and Nevada taxing authorities!


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So it seems that McStupid has gotten his wife Christina involved in a HUGE MESS with the state and federal tax authorities.  We bet that there will be some very interesting conversations going on in the McGibney household this weekend.  Knowing what a couple of Big Mouths Christina’s sisters and mom are, Jimmy will be getting an ear full any moment now.  – el oh el, Mc Piss Boy.  El oh el

Wouldn't it be funny if Jimmy went nuts and murdered his whole family? lol

Wouldn’t it be funny if Jimmy went nuts and murdered his whole family? lol


 As pointed out by American Hero and Honorary Admin of the BV Files Neal Rauhauser, here is something that the McGibney family will have to look forward to once the judgments in the Texas case and the federal case come in.









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