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Sometimes being a Nazi /Pedo Guy isn’t all that it is cracked up to be – especially when your name is Jason Lee Van Dyke, a notorious white supremacist / gun hoarder with severe mental illness. 


Jason Lee Van Dyke sending an unwanted sexual solicitation to minor children?

Good day, eh?  Well, not so good of you are Texas attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke – a man who (according to court records) has the obvious look of a pedophile.  

Today the Fort Worth Court of Appeals issued a scathing 23 page Opinion slamming the current Nazi / former attorney in no uncertain terms.


Here, Van Dyke’s plea and the State’s offering Momot 18 months’ deferred adjudication in exchange for pleading guilty to burglary of a motor vehicle are not contradictory or inconsistent. Simply put, Momot could have burglarized Van Dyke’s vehicle but not at the time or in the manner Van Dyke claimed to Officer Roach that it had happened. See generally Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 37.08(a)(1) (“A person commits an offense if, with intent to deceive, he knowingly makes a false statement that is material to a criminal investigation and makes the statement to . . . a peace officer . . . conducting the investigation . . . .”).






Ex parte JLVD - Opinion



This was just filed in federal court today.  CHECK IT OUT!! 





So what exactly did Van Dyke do and how did he do it?



On or around September 14, 2018, Jason Lee Van Dyke made a false statement(s) to law enforcement relating to the alleged theft of Van Dyke’s firearms.


You can view the police body-cam footage of the entire incident on YouTube, from start to finish, and watch for yourself as Van Dyke tells lie after lie after lie to the police. 








Prior to Van Dyke’s trial related to this criminal charge, and while Van Dyke was incarcerated in the Denton County jail, Van Dyke asked his father to encourage a State’s witness, Isaac Marquardt (Marquardt), to not answer the door and to tell Marquardt to “make himself scarce.”  On or about January 28, 2019, the Court found that Van Dyke wrongfully procured the unavailability of Marquardt and granted the State’s motion requesting forfeiture by wrongdoing.



Here is the State’s motion seeking forfeiture by wrongdoing, as well as the court’s order finding that Van Dyke did, indeed, tamper with this witness so as to make him unavailable for the trial. 



And here is the court’s order:






Also, here is a link to the audio recording of the jail house telephone call from Van Dyke to his father, Dr. Daniel Van Dyke (who works as a research scientist for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN).  Here is a link to his employment profile in case any of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters wish to contact him for comment regarding his involvement in witness tampering and obstruction of justice:  



And here is the jail house audio recording





On or about February 26, 2019, Van Dyke pled nolo contendere to the charge of filing a false report to a police officer, in violation of Texas Penal Code 37.08. Van Dyke received deferred adjudication for a period of 24 months.


Here is a copy of Van Dyke’s plea of No Contest to the criminal charge of filing a false police report. 



As of October 15, 2020







For those of you who do not think that Jason Lee Van Dyke is a mentally retarded drug addict who is the product of extreme incest, here are five minutes worth of Van Dyke’s ‘greatest hits’.    CHECK IT OUT!!




And here is Van Dyke stalking an opposing party to a lawsuit he filed:





As promised, here is the full article that was published recently in Texas Lawyer magazine, which is read daily by each and everyone who is a member of the State Bar of Texas.


FUN FACT:  Texas lawyer magazine is owned and published by ALM.  ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media) is a media company located in New York City, and is a provider of specialized business news and information, focused primarily on the legal, insurance, and commercial real estate sectors.  ALM owns and publishes 33 national and regional magazines and newspapers, including The American Lawyer, the New York Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer, Legal Times and Real Estate Forum.







We, your Admins of the BV Files, would be remiss if we failed to point out to everyone that Van Dyke openly identifies his political views as “Fascist” on his Facebook profile.



Along with the statement “Fuck the State bar.  Fuck Retzlaff.” 



And, of course, everyone ought to know by now Van Dyke’s feelings about the United States Constitution and, in particular, the First Amendment.

November 13, 2019



He is suing your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff for $100 million claiming that Retzlaff defamed him by calling him a Nazi and for getting him fired from his job as an Assistant District Attorney in Victoria County, Texas, in March 2017. 


Of course, on the internet anyone can falsely accuse someone of anything.  Just because you call someone a PEDOPHILE or a RAPIST or a CONVICTED FELON does not mean that your claims are true – even if they are made with ALL CAPS!



But in this case, it really turned out to be really true:  Jason Lee Van Dyke is a Nazi and a violent white supremacist, and he has no business being employed as an Assistant District Attorney.  CHECK IT OUT!!






Below is the court document in which Van Dyke is identified as a possible pedophile because “he has that look about him.”








Van Dyke used to run a website called The Potatoe.com [sic].  This is the profile of himself he posted there on April 22, 2002.








So is Jason Van Dyke a Nazi or a white supremacist?  Here is his profile on Storm Front.





After Van Dyke lost his job with the Victoria County DA’s Office, he went to work for Maverick Title of Texas, LLC  D/B/A Texas Title Company, which is owned by the Plano, Texas law firm of Karlseng, LeBlanc & Rich.


But once they found out that they had a Nazi / white supremacist on the payroll, they did the right thing and fired his sorry ass ASAP!



Van Dyke also got fired in the other two cases he was handling for Texas Title Company:

  1. Case # 201808740 – Maverick Title of Texas vs. Superior Realty Invest.
  2. Case # 201724312 – Maverick Title of Texas vs. Kavac Holding Co.




Unfortunately for Van Dyke, he got thrown under the bus of Political Correctness at the first opportunity:

Getting caught in the crossfire of a cyber war is no fun.  Our firm does not tolerate discrimination in any way.

— Bob Karlseng, owner




Yeah, we are sure that Van Dyke will get a glowing Letter of Recommendation from Bob Karlseng.



In an effort at promoting some peace and harmony, our American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files sent Van Dyke an offer of settlement.  CHECK IT OUT!!



According to sources close to the investigation, (which consist solely of the voices in our head), someone with deep and unfettered access to Lexis Nexis Accurint for Law Enforcement Officers caught wind that Van Dyke was the suspect of a recent assault involving serious bodily injury!

Specifically, according to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before:

Van Dyke was questioned as a suspect for Assault with Bodily Injury, a Class A misdemeanor in Texas, regarding a July 14, 2017, 11:21 pm, fight at a Denton, TX bar called Lucky Lou’s Bar & Tavern, which is on Hickory Street.  The victim was transported to a local hospital, unconscious, with head injuries.  Van Dyke had a knife on him at the time.  The case was referred for prosecution by the Denton PD, but the district attorney declined since it appears that the other guy might have started it by calling Van Dyke a “fascist pig” and allegedly spitting on him.  Van Dyke was wearing his “West is Best” hat and a Donald Trump shirt.

While no charges were filed, Van Dyke has been banned by the bar.


This is quite interesting, especially in light of the FACT that Van Dyke was arrested on charges of domestic violence and illegal weapons offenses while a student at Michigan State University on November 15, 2000.  Van Dyke was held on a $10,000 bond and prosecuted.


Furthermore, once the judge, the Hon. David L. Jordan, found out that Van Dyke was stalking and threatening to MURDER fellow student Benjamin Nessia, the judge REVOKED Van Dyke’s bond and ordered him held in custody pending disposition.


FUN FACT: Stuart Dunnings III served for 19 years as the prosecutor for Ingham County (East Lancing) Michigan, and was the first African-American to be elected to such office in Michigan.  During his time in office, Dunnings built a reputation of cracking down especially hard on prostitution, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and sex trafficking.

Unfortunately for Dunnings, he was recently arrested and sent to FEDERAL PRISON for charges involving prostitution, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and sex trafficking.


After reading through countless pages of police reports, records from Michigan State University, and court records, we cannot help but come to the conclusion that Jason Lee Van Dyke is a homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with it!).

Van Dyke and his domestic “partner” back in the day


He is, after all, 40 years old, never been married, has no children, and once lived with an 18 year old boy named Isaac Marquardt who is not his relative in his small house.  Plus, he puts strange men’s penises in his mouth.


Just ask James McGibney (who we don’t like) – he is an expert when it comes to being a homosexual!!



BONUS FUN FACT:  Van Dyke was expelled from high school for having a knife and threatening to stab a fellow student.  Which makes this photo here especially funny!





One of Retzlaff’s pure breed, pure white German Shepherds sitting in his car.




Jason Van Dyke is a racist, is a Nazi, and is a white supremacist – 100% VERIFIED!!


But is he also a pedophile?  Court papers seem to indicate this.



In any event, it will be very difficult for Van Dyke to claim that he is not a racist when he constantly and consistently tweets garbage like this.  CHECK IT OUT!!


“Mean Texas Lawyer”?  More like “Big Stupid Idiot”.






At which point, Van Dyke follows through on his threat to post a comment on Ken White’s Facebook page:

In the world of Twitter Nerds, this is considered “payback” and is “super serious.”



Yes, we all know that Denton, Texas, attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke is nothing but a HUGE pussy.  But you want to know what else he is?



Jason Van Dyke asks…


Of course, Van Dyke is not married, nor has he ever been married.  Which explains why he has a list of “Pro pedophilia” websites handy….




This, of course, will never not be funny








One of you, out teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, was kind enough to tip us off about prior occasions in which Van Dyke has threatened to sue people who file Bar grievances against him.  CHECK IT OUT!!


This is no idle threat from Van Dyke.  No sir.  In fact, just a few years ago, Van Dyke actually filed a lawsuit against a person who filed a grievance against him.







So who are The Proud Boys, besides a bunch of Nazi / Fascist / white supremacists?  CHECK IT OUT!!









Honestly it seems like tattooing “Proud Boy” on your arm could have homosexual connotations.


Could have?!??



A young “Proud Boy” Jason Van Dyke






Jason Van Dyke makes a public statement about lawsuits:




In response to several grievances filed against Jason Van Dyke – to include one filed by our close and personal friend, Ken White of the Los Angeles law firm of Brown, White & Osborn LLP – who is a fellow blogger on the Pope Hat blog – along with the grievance filed by American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff, Van Dyke has hired an attorney to represent him in the upcoming disbarment lawsuit.





So an attorney who who once took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic signs on to represent a white supremacist.  Well, we guess that even accused Nazis need attorneys, too, right?

But did you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters know that Taggart is also a CONVICTED CRIMINAL?  Yes, he was arrested in May 2003 for the 3rd degree felony offense of Tampering with a Government Record, which he later pled out and was placed on probation.


So what kind of house does an attorney who represents white supremacists live in?

He also owns this house here, too:



A couple days ago, Van Dyke sent us the following email:

Tom – From this point forward, any e-mails you send me will be forwarded to the police.  I am filing a police report for harassment first thing in the morning.  Do not contact me again. 



Van Dyke, of course, is a dumb ass for thinking that “Tom” lives here, despite the fact that it has been stated over and over that he does not.  Nor do Lane Lipton, Jeffrey Dorrell, Lora Lusher, Layne Walker, Neal Rauhauser, Mark Sparks, Joe Fisher, Jr., or any of the other half dozen or so people whom members of the McGibney Gang claimed at one time or another to run this blog!


Your Admins at the BV Files responded as follows:

I wish I was Tom, but I am not. But since when have you ever allowed reality to get in the way of your bizarre conspiracy theories.

Police reports for “harassing emails”?!? lol – bitch. But then again, I guess in your world sending people emails saying you have a rifle and are going to their home to shoot them is cool, eh? And sending people emails saying that you are going to strangle them for 3 minutes so they turn into a vegetable (a turnip, is what you said), is no big deal? And then you email saying ‘you are going to die, better make your will’ (or words to that effect), is “funny.”

Oh, and let us not forget ALL the dozens upon dozens of social media posts calling people niggers and faggots and telling folks how you are going to lynch them and murder their families – it’s all good, right, bitch?

And what about the total fraud you committed upon the court when you filed that PinkMeth lawsuit and “served” it upon your buddy in racism Kyle Bristow at his law office in Michigan claiming that he was the Admin of PinkMeth and, thereby, securing a default judgment.

Do you honestly think that you will be able to withstand even a moment on the witness stand, in federal court, under oath, without your hand being burnt to a crisp once you place it upon the Bible?


Email harassment is only a Class B misdemeanor, in Texas, right? Good thing I do not even life in the United States, let alone Texas, dumb ass.

You seriously are a dumb piece of shit, Van Dyke. You started ALL of this bullshit by emailing death threats and posting outrageously offensive racial comments on Facebook and Twitter and now you expect everyone to just go away and leave you alone? Dude, you are going to remain unemployable for the rest of your life!

There is not a prosecutor in the world that will touch anything with your name on it, not a jury on the planet that would see you as a victim. You are a fucking criminal who lies under oath and commits fraud upon the court when it serves his SLAPP litigation, and who lied on his job application to the Victoria County DA. Now you are all butt-hurt because you got busted.

“Clean hands”, motherfucker, does not apply to you!

By the way, I just saw on Twitter that a very mean federal judge has been assigned to your case. Her track record on SLAPP cases is amazing! I predict wonderful things in your future. Seriously.

For a guy who has billed himself as “the meanest and most right-wing lawyer in Texas”, you really are quite a pussy. And I mean that in all sincerity.


Dean Anderson








We here at the BV Files have a very special message for Denton, TX attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke:


Go Fuck Yourself, Jason Van Dyke. Woof, bitch!!




Today’s article was really supposed to be about something completely different.  But then this stuff popped up in our In Box, so we decided to slap something together and post it to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters.


Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before in Hollywood

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