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Good day, eh?  Well, its a good day unless you happen to be Houston attorney Josh Barrett Schaffer – a scum bag who likes to post pictures of NAKED CHILDREN on the internet.  Schaffer is also involved in a scam to steal tens of thousands of dollars from the taxpayers of Jefferson County, Texas.


Your Admins at the BV Files strongly believe that publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases.  Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is all true.  In an effort to steal monies from the taxpayers of Jefferson County, Texas, in August 2015 Schaffer volunteered to become a “special prosecutor” to investigate the arrest of Stephen Hartman, a process server who disrupted the courtroom of American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker while trying to serve papers on the judge in his 252nd District Court courtroom in Beaumont, Texas, on May 28, 2013.


But on September 27, 2017, Schaffer was forced to dismiss his case against Judge Walker on account of him not only not having any proof a crime was committed, but there being no crime committed to begin with!  Thus, Schaffer used the grand jury to cover his own incompetence and lust for fame-whoring while getting a sweet paycheck at the same time!


So why did Schaffer decide to take on a case that he already knew was complete BULLSHIT (to use a legal term we learned while watching Judge Judy).  Was it so he could make some easy money that, according to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our heads), was soon spent on drugs and hookers?  Or was it some other reason??


And how is this scam of the taxpayers related to that whole thing about posting nude pics of kids online? – More on that later and who else maybe involved (like this guy here below?).


FUN FACT: As our longtime readers will recall, Hartman was arrested while trying to kidnap and sexually assault two young girls in October 2016.  His trial is presently scheduled for December 11, 2017, at 8:30 am in Court Number 3.

Courtesy of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office






Philip Klein pregnant with his 3rd child!!


At 2:44 pm on Friday, September 29, 2017, Nederland, TX based private investigator Philip Klein and his Beaumont attorney John Morgan were the proud owners of an oil well.  Specifically, an oil well located in Chambers County, Texas, due to a turn-over order signed by a corrupt local judge who is, according to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our heads), himself also neck-deep into drugs, prostitutes, bribes, and pay-offs – 100% VERIFIED!


This oil well right here is the one that would set Klein and Morgan on the path to riches!

Unfortunately for Klein and Morgan, Sheriff Brian Hawthorne had no desire to become involved in their latest criminal scheme.




And then on Monday morning the U.S. Federal Court stepped in and put a stop to Klein’s and Morgan’s nonsense.


Easy come, easy go.  No oil well for you.





And if anyone can figure out why this is sooo funny YOU WIN A NEW CAR!!

Posted on Klein’s blog

A finger print, eh?  Well, I am sure that will quickly lead to the capture of the person who has been tormenting Klein and his family all these past years.  Kind like this surveillance photo did, too.  CHECK IT OUT!!

From Klein’s SE Texas Political Review blog, May 2016


It has been three years and we are all still waiting for the “feds to swarm”, aren’t we, Klein?

Klein tweets about Retzlaff & Dorrell, and 3 other random people we’ve never heard of before who might or might not say mean things about Klein




Walker had lifetime connections with his attorney, Walker’s attorney, Mark Sparks (employed by Provost * Umphrey Law Firm LLP) and Spark’s had connections with Jeffrey Dorrell (“Dorrell”) (with Houston/Katy law firm of Hanszen Laporte), who had connections with Thomas Retzlaff (“Retzlaff”); Walker gathered his co-conspirators, they agreed to hurt Klein, and Dorrell and Retzlaff became Walker’s “point dog86”.

— From Klein’s federal court pleadings





Klein's 2nd Amended Complaint - ECF #42





It’s been over THREE YEARS and the FBI still can’t figure out who Miss Anon News is? Do they even care??


FUN FACT:  Judge Walker is the grandson of the late Jefferson County Commissioners, both Mr. and Mrs. Ted Walker; son of Judge Ron Walker, (a former State District Judge, former Chief Judge of the Ninth Court of Appeals, and Jefferson County Judge); and nephew of Ted Walker, former District Attorney of Jasper County, Texas.

One would think that, in choosing people with whom to be in a conspiracy with, Retzlaff could not have chosen better “partners” than a nationally recognized and accredited First Amendment lawyer and an extremely well-connected state court judge – seriously!

Too bad for James McGibney (who we don’t like) that the only people whom McGibney is able to get on his Conspiracy Team are Twitter nerds known by names such as @Cpt_Obvious, @CattyIdiot, and failed hacker / loser types such as CONVICTED FELONS and current prisoners in federal prison Justin Liverman, Matthew Keys, and Deric Lostutter.  As well as criminal drug addicts like Phil Klein and John Morgan.  Why Retzlaff gets to be with all the Kool Kids and not Jimmy we will never know.












McGibney was crying a while ago on his Bullyville website about how unfair it was that Judge Cosby in the Ft. Worth case ordered McStupid to pay over $300,000 in attorney’s fees and $150,000 in SLAPP sanctions.

He and his attorney Evan Stone spent a great deal of time and energy crying about how “justice and equity” must be applied when assessing attorney’s fees and sanctions.  On June 13, 2017, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals conducted oral arguments on the appeal filed by the San Jose revenge porno perv, James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his sexual blackmail company, ViaView, Inc.  According to the audio recording of the hearing, the Justices of the court spent very little time on the issue of attorney’s fees.  Many people were left wondering what they must be thinking.

However, thanks to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before, we have a sneak peek into how the Court will decide this particular issue because a Draft Opinion (which was circulated among the court’s staff) was leaked.

According to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals’ internal operating procedures state that, “Typically, voting occurs immediately after oral argument for cases submitted that same day.  Whoever will be authoring the opinion than must pass around a draft no later than 6 months after submission.  Each panel member than has 14 days to sign off on the draft, request a conference, or to indicate that he or she will be making their own opinion (either in concurrence or a dissenting one).  If someone wants to do their own opinion, they have an additional 60 days to pass around a draft.”

Because we, your Admins of the BV Files, are constantly striving to bring you news on the cutting edge, we are happy to provide you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters, just a portion of that draft opinion for your own personal amusement.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Well, that certainly does not look good for McGibney.




As our long time readers will recall, Beaumont attorney John Morgan filed a LOLsuit on behalf of an old drunken black lady against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker in federal court.  Specifically, Stella Morrison sued Judge Layne Walker, Jefferson County, and the State of Texas in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas – Beaumont Division.  Morrison, (who is like really old and drunk), describes herself in the complaint as a longtime Jefferson County criminal defense attorney and a “civil rights leader who has made a very positive impact on the community.”


PRO TIP:  Constantly being drunk in public, fighting with the police, and being arrested, does not a “civil rights leader who has made a very positive impact on the community” make.

Stella Morrison

Booking photo

Morrison thought it would be a good idea to get drunk in the parking lot of the Harmony Science Academy in Beaumont at 4pm on a Monday afternoon while she was in the process of running for state district court judge!

It is our experience here at the BV Files that alcoholics, like drug addicts, are inveterate liars.  So it should come as no surprise to ANY of you that Stella Morrison is also a thief who also stole monies from one of her clients!



On October 9, 2014, an evidentiary panel of the District 3 Grievance Committee of the State Bar of Texas found that Morrison failed to hold funds belonging to her client in a separate trust account and then failed to return said funds upon request.

Morrison violated Texas State Bar Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.14(a) and 1.15(d).  She was ordered to pay $3,000 in restitution and $650 in attorneys’ fees and direct expenses.


Attorney Stella Morrison is not just a raging alcoholic with mental issues, but she is a thief, too – 100% VERIFIED!!


So what do you do when you are a substance abusing idiot with clear and profound mental issues?  Why you file a lawsuit claiming that there is a vast and powerful conspiracy against you and you sue the ENTIRE WORLD!

Specifically, in May of 2013 Stella Morrison filed a lawsuit against 252nd District Court Judge Layne Walker, Jefferson County and the State of Texas, saying she was a victim of a conspiracy subjecting her to “an ongoing pattern of harassment, retaliation, unconstitutional actions, grossly negligent conduct and intentional Texas torts.”

She is asking for damages totaling $30 million.  Seriously.

Morrison’s petition complains that actions and allegations by Walker, which she claimed are motivated by race (Walker is white and Morrison is black), have hurt her practice.

In particular, she complains that Walker insulted her by filing baseless grievances against her in her legal practice.  (We here at the BV Files hope that she does not decide to sue us for insulting her by stating she is an alcoholic and a retard, and for hurting her law practice!!  Oh, wait a minute…)

What got Morrison so butt-hurt is that Walker granted a new trial to a guy named Lonnie James Lewis (a black guy!!) on the grounds that Morrison had provided ineffective assistance of counsel to her client when she failed to call witnesses who would have testified to Lewis’s innocence.  The Ninth Court of Appeals upheld Walker’s contention Lewis had been sentenced to life during a trial on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

During an evidentiary hearing on the motion for a new trial, Morrison testified it was the state’s responsibility to call those witnesses as part of their burden of proof and that she was not at all responsible for her client being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison!!


FUN FACT:  The Ninth Court of Appeals’ opinion called her performance “deficient” and said “there is no reasonable trial strategy that justifies (Morrison’s) decision not to call exculpatory witnesses to testify on Lewis’s behalf.”  CHECK IT OUT!!



Morrison’s 45-page LOLsuit includes complaints of several specific incidents, including an accusation against her of perjury and an allegation that she was “assaulted” by a bailiff, Deputy Anthony Baker, of Walker’s court at his direction.

Surveillance videos date stamped the day of the alleged assault – March 19, 2013 – show conversation and hand gestures between Morrison, bailiffs and two other women in the hall outside Walker’s office.  At one point one of the bailiffs – not Deputy Barker – appears to put his hand lightly on Morrison’s arm.  Seconds later, Morrison and Barker and another bailiff walk down the hallway to a door leading to another hallway, pausing for a moment in front of the door, where a woman is standing.

A second video shows Morrison leaving the first hallway rapidly and talking excitedly with bailiffs and other court personnel for several minutes before leaving.  Because of the way the video records, shooting one frame per second, interaction between Morrison and Barker in the dimly lit doorway is indistinct.

At some point before the March 19 incident, Walker had banned her from a hallway providing direct access to his office as well as at least two other offices.

Morrison’s petition also accuses Walker of convening a grand jury hearing against her, but Tom Rugg, an assistant district attorney in charge of civil matters, said that’s not what happened.

Rugg explained that when a grievance was filed against Morrison, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office recused itself because of the working relationship with Morrison. Because the grand jury did not return an indictment, Rugg said, the identity of the complainant was not made public.  But this person is clearly a member of the Grand Civil Conspiracy Theory Group that has been dogging Morrison, Morgan, and Klein for several years and who was responsible for the State Bar investigation and discipline of Morgan not too long ago.

An appointed counsel instead conducted the investigation and made the call whether to put it before the grand jury.


Morrison has on three separate occasions during her career faced sanctions for misconduct by the Texas State Bar!!!


  1. Morrison was suspended from practice for 10 months in 1979 for accepting a fee from a client to whom she did not provide legal services.
  2. In 1987, she faced sanctions for misconduct in three complaints against her, which resulted in a “Public Reprimand” issued in 1992.
  3. And we have the 2014 complaint regarding Morrison stealing monies from clients, which also resulted in a Public Reprimand.





So how well did Morrison’s LOLsuit work out for her and did she get her $30 million payday?  CHECK IT OUT!!



A U.S. magistrate judge ultimately dismissed Morrison’s claims after determining that both Walker and Barker had government immunity from being sued—a ruling Morrison appealed to the Fifth Circuit.  In their Aug. 9 ruling, the Fifth Circuit affirmed the lower court’s decision that qualified governmental immunity shielded both Walker and Barker from being sued by Morrison.  The Fifth Circuit determined that Walker was acting within his judicial capacity in his interactions with Morrison—including when he banned her from the courtroom hallway when she wanted to speak to a court staff member about a case. “Therefore, Walker is protected by judicial immunity,” the court concluded in a per curiam decision. 

The court also dismissed Morrison’s claims against the bailiff, finding that she had cited no authority that the bailiff had violated her constitutional rights by physically removing her from the courtroom hallway.


Here is the final opinion from the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.



Opinion from US 5th Ct of Appeals - 16-41712



In April, the Fifth Circuit also dismissed a federal malicious prosecution case filed against Walker by process server / Klein employee Stephen Hartman who alleged the former judge had him arrested for showing up at the courthouse to serve a lawsuit on Walker while he sat on the bench.  Walker left office in 2014 and later joined Beaumont’s Provost Umphrey law firm where he continues to do very good things for very good people – 100% VERIFIED!


I am pleased to have once again been vindicated by the federal courts.

American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker



To add icing on this already sweet cake, the Fifth Circuit Court also ordered that a hearing take place in the trial court regarding Morrison and her attorney John Morgan having to pay the attorney’s fees for Judge Walker and his oh so very, very fine legal team.  CHECK IT OUT!!

According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Keith Gablin just cannot wait to get his hands on Morgan and drop a hammer on him and all of his totally BULLSHIT LOLsuits and vexatious litigation.


FUN FACT:  Prior to becoming a United States Magistrate Judge, Keith Giblin was a prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Texas for twelve years.  He also was in private practice for two years, handling civil litigation matters.



As our long time readers will recall, Judge John Stevens of the Criminal District Court in Jefferson County, Texas, appointed a special prosecutor to investigate an unusual incident that took place over four years ago.  Stevens appointed attorney Josh Schaffer of Houston as special prosecutor to investigate the arrest of Stephen Hartman, a process server who attempted to serve Judge Layne Walker in his 252nd District courtroom.

The incident that prompted the investigation occurred on the morning of May 28, 2013, in the 252nd District Court.  A process server named Stephen Hartman was arrested when he went to the courtroom to attempt to serve Judge Layne Walker with a federal lawsuit in the Morrison case we talked about above in our Updates Section.  For someone to be detained in a courtroom is not that unusual of an occurrence, but the circumstances of this arrest were not usual.  This event was instigated by Philip Klein and John Morgan because they wanted to create a public incident and try to embarrass Judge Walker.

Hartman & Morgan

Hartman said he was attempting to serve papers to Walker in his courtroom because a previous attempt to serve the judge at his residence ended with Walker’s son shoving him while the judge displayed a gun.  That led to the courtroom confrontation where Hartman was arrested.

Witness statements from the incident varied, with some alleging Hartman had crossed the railing into the front of the courtroom and was shouting loudly, while others did not see him cross the bar and believed the loud voices came from the deputies who arrested him.

Taking Hartman into custody at the behest of Judge Walker, bailiff Steven Broussard said he noticed the detainee’s pen blinking and believed it to be a recording device.  Instead of leaving the pen in evidence while Hartman was being jailed on charges akin to disorderly conduct, Broussard decided to take the pen home and review its contents. That decision did not work out for Broussard, or for those who assisted, according to later grand jury indictments.


Tim Smith and Chad Kolander

According to the indictments handed down in May 2016, the grand jury ultimately decided Broussard tampered with a governmental record and with physical evidence for illegally taking home Hartman’s video recorder that was disguised as a fountain pen and attempting to alter the evidence.  Also culpable in the debacle, they determined, were Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Kolander and Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office lead investigator Tim Smith, who presented then-Judge Bob Wortham with a search warrant for the pen that failed to say that the evidence in question had already been compromised (which was a really stupid thing to do!).

For their role, grand jurists determined, Kolander and Smith were each charged with two felony counts for tampering with a governmental record and tampering with physical evidence – charges which were later dismissed as being complete BULLSHIT (to use a legal term we learned while attending the Jay Leiderman School of Law at John Morgan University).  CHECK IT OUT!!



State v Kolander - Opinion - COA # 09-16-00294-CR


The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in July upheld two lower courts’ decisions to drop the criminal charges against Sgt. Chad Kolander and Chief Deputy Timothy Smith.

The two deputies were accused of making and using a false probable cause affidavit for a search warrant in June 2013, according to their indictment. The indictment said the false affidavit was linked to the incident involving the process server in Walker’s courtroom.


Schaffer, though, being a fame-whore at taxpayer’s expense, illegally decided to exceed the special prosecutor’s mandate for which he had been appointed and decided that it would be a good idea to try and hassle American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Texas State Judge Layne Walker.


Why Schaffer did this? – perhaps this man here below can answer that question.  According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our heads), this unknown person is allegedly heavily involved in possible child sex trafficking, bribery, drugs, and public corruption.

The fat man on the left bears a striking resemblance to Humpty Dumpty


Filings presented by the defense and Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office seeking dismissal of the charges purport that since the district attorney never recused himself in many of the currently indicted offenses, the special prosecutor was overstepping his authority by prosecuting cases where the constitutional authority to do so rests solely with the local DA’s office.  Additionally, Judge Stevens, who had signed off on a request posed by Schaffer prior to the grand jury indictments to expand the scope of their investigation, was just as culpable if not more so by granting the improper request, the defense argued.

Pat Knauth and Kathleen Kennedy – Jefferson County DA’s Office


First Assistant District Attorney Pat Knauth spoke on behalf of the DA’s office in requesting dismissal of the charges.  In court, Knauth said he believed the indictment process “was flawed” “or void,” and additionally, “we also see a problem with assigning a special prosecutor retroactively,” since the office is only just now conceding its role as rightful prosecutors to the cases.  Knauth even went so far as challenging Schaffer on how and when he received investigative reports in the Walker matter.

In June 2016, District Attorney Bob Wortham claimed the case had been mishandled, writing in a legal brief that Schaffer overstepped when he allowed Walker to be indicted on a felony charge of abuse of official capacity.

Schaffer was only supposed to prosecute obstruction or retaliation allegations, according to the brief filed by Wortham on June 27, 2016.


Judge Layne Walker

According to a May 2016 grand jury indictment, Walker was accused of using a government computer, printer and four government employees for personal gain between Oct. 18, 2005, and Jan. 6, 2014. 

However, according to affirmations made in Walker’s July presentation to the court, at least one of the employees mentioned in the indictment fervently denies all criminal assertions.

Ann Landry, a former employee of Judge Walker, maintains she never performed personal work for Walker while on the county’s dime, according to the Walker filing.  WOW – so Josh Schaffer got caught in a lie!  Big surprise – NOT!

In total, attorney Dan Cogdell filed three motions for release of evidence on July 19, 2017, on Walker’s behalf.  The attorney and his client are seeking the prosecution’s witness list, indictments handed up against Walker with the witness names for each, and testimony from the February 2015 grand jury presentation where any Walker indictment would have stemmed.

However, that case, like the Kolander / Smith cases before, turned out to be based on nothing but LIES, damn dirty lies.  And once it was exposed to the light of day that Schaffer was nothing but a fraud and a scam artist WHO WAS IN IT SOLELY SO HE COULD MAKE SOME EASY MONEY OFF THE TAXPAYERS, the case was dismissed by Schaffer without explanation to either the court or to the media, or to the Jefferson County taxpayers who are stuck paying his bills at $175 per hour.  CHECK IT OUT!!



The crooked jackasses on the Commissioner’s Court approved payment to Schaffer

$40,000 payment made to Schaffer


Someone need to go to Schaffer’s home and find out where our taxpayers money is and see what can be done about returning it to its rightful owners, We The People!

Home of Jose & Emily Schaffer – they have over $40,000 in cash hidden in there!!!


This is what over $40,000 in taxpayer dollars bought – a big, fat NOTHING!!!


The charge should have never been brought about in the first place.  It is not illegal to have a staff member, while on break, type a letter for you on a computer that did not belong to Jefferson County.

— Judge Walker

Describing the case as a “political witch hunt,” Walker said he is happy that his family will have some peace after two years of “pure misery.”

“I want to have my name restored,” Walker said, adding that he would like an investigation launched into how Jefferson County officials handled his case.  We here at the BV Files also want to know the identity of the alleged child sex trafficker who may have orchestrated all this nonsense.

“This was illegal, wrong and shouldn’t have happened to me,” said Walker, who served as Jefferson County’s 252nd District judge from 2003 until he resigned in 2014 to take a job in the private sector.



Josh & Emily Schaffer – are these children in danger?



Schaffer – who lives at 2409 Maroneal St., Houston, TX, 77030-3115 with his wife Emily – is a piece of human garbage who dragged an innocent man through the mud solely for purposes of self-aggrandizement and scamming some easy money off the taxpayers.  He also posted a photograph of a nude child on his Facebook page.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Of course, we all want to know whether or not his wife Emily knows about this.  What do you guys think?  Does this evidence a predication towards pedophilia?  What would our resident expert on pedophilia, James McGibney (who we don’t like) have to say on this?  And what is the involvement (if any) of the mysterious Humpty Dumpty looking guy have in this??  Inquiring minds want to know!








For years Philip Klein and John Morgan have sought the spotlight. But Klein and Morgan need to remember something very, very important: For men in their position, the spotlight can turn into an interrogation lamp pretty damn fast!









So.  How was your week?

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