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Good day, eh.  Well, not so good if you are Michael Shackleford, Director of Public Safety for the City of Oak Point, Texas, who just got sued by Nazi / Proud Boys gang leader Jason Lee Van Dyke.  Apparently there is some kind of conspiracy going on and Van Dyke is not at all happy about it.  So he is going to sue everyone in sight.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Van Dyke lawsuit against Oak Point PD



FUN FACT: In the deranged mind of Jason Lee Van Dyke, filing complaints with the police about him threatening to murder you (which resulted in him being arrested) means that you are in a conspiracy and you must be punished.




In December 2018, the Denton County District Attorney’s office received a statement from your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Tom Retzlaff, whom Van Dyke had sued for defamation, claiming Van Dyke had threatened to kill Retzlaff, prompting Van Dyke’s arrest for felony death threats.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Unfortunately for Van Dyke, when he sent off this email, he hit the “reply all” button and it was delivered to:

  1. Linda Acevado, Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State Bar of Texas
  2. Kristin Brady, State Bar prosecutor for North Texas
  3. Andy Campbell, Senior Reporter for the Huffington Post
  4. John Council, Senior Editor for Texas Lawyer magazine
  5. Jeff Dorrell, Senior Partner of Hanszen Laporte law firm in Houston
  6. Walker Wicevich, super Special Agent for the FBI in Phoenix


His social media posts include racist and hateful remarks, as well as threats of violence toward people.



Very recent tweet from attorney Jason Van Dyke



Van Dyke Facebook post – April 20 2017




This is the inside Van Dyke’s home


Jason Van Dyke dating profile on the Storm Front website under the forum headings: White Singles / Talk / Handsome Men!



So what are you supposed to do when you are confronted online with this kind of a social media user?



Allen Kay, an American advertising executive, coined the phrase for a security campaign introduced in 2002 for the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority



And what did all of that seeing and saying end up doing?  CHECK IT OUT!!


Courtesy of the Denton County Sheriff – Jan 8 2019



Texas Penal Code § 36.06. Obstruction or Retaliation

(a) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally or knowingly harms or threatens to harm another by an unlawful act:

   (1) in retaliation for or on account of the service or status of another as a:

         (A) public servant, witness, prospective witness, or informant;  or

         (B) person who has reported or who the actor knows intends to report the occurrence of a crime;  or

   (2) to prevent or delay the service of another as a:

        (A) public servant, witness, prospective witness, or informant;  or

        (B) person who has reported or who the actor knows intends to report the occurrence of a crime.



(c) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree, except that the offense is a felony of the second degree if:

    (1) the victim of the offense was harmed or threatened because of the victim’s service or status as a juror;  or

    (2) the actor’s conduct is described by Subsection (a-1) and results in the bodily injury of a public servant or a member of a public servant’s family or household.


FUN FACT: To obtain a third-degree-felony conviction for retaliation, the State is required to prove that Van Dyke intentionally or knowingly threatened to harm Retzlaff by an unlawful act —here, violence and murder— in retaliation for or on account of his service or status as a prospective witness, informant, or person who reported the occurrence of a crime.

DOUBLE FUN FACT:  One of the purposes of the retaliation statute is to encourage a “certain class of citizens” to perform vital public duties without fear of retribution.  Section 36.06, however, does not require the threatened retaliatory harm be imminent, nor does it require the actor to intend to carry out the threat.  Also, the fact that the party threatened was not present when the threat was made is no defense.  Thus, threats made via social media are against the law.


Jason Lee Van Dyke, the leader and attorney for the Proud Boys white supremacist gang, is clearly a stupid moron whose brain has likely been fried on account of syphilis. 



As a result, he has gone into Full Retard Mode with his frivolous and vexatious litigation.  In his LOLsuit against Chief Shackleford, Van Dyke claims that his “rights” were violated because he was “wrongfully” arrested because he claims the police had no jurisdiction to arrest him.  Specifically, Van Dyke claims in paragraph 6.8 that: 

Shackleford knowingly and intentionally made a false statement in an affidavit, to wit, that an offense occurred in Denton County, and did so with reckless disregard to the truth.

If Van Dyke’s brain was not addled by the effects of his mental disabilities and/or substance abuse, he would have know that “Offenses committed wholly or in part outside this State, under circumstances that give this State jurisdiction to prosecute the offender, may be prosecuted in any county in which the offender is found or in any county in which an element of the offense occurs.”  See Texas Code of Criminal Procedure article 13.01. 

If one element of the crime occurred in Denton County, venue was proper.

The standard for proving venue is preponderance of the evidence.  Thus, venue will lie so long as the defendant, his conduct, his victim, or the fruit of his crime has some relationship to the prosecuting county.  The Legislature, through the statutes, has specified the types of contacts that satisfy the “substantial contacts” threshold.  Here, so long as one element occurred in Denton County, then there are substantial contacts.

As we noted earlier, the elements of retaliation are (1) intentionally or knowingly, (2) threatening, (3) to harm another, (4) by an unlawful act, (5) in retaliation for or on account of the service or status of another, (6) as a public servant, witness, prospective witness, or informant.  Elements five and six occurred in Denton County.  Van Dyke’s threats were based on the status and service of Thomas Retzlaff as a witness, prospective witness, or informant, which he attained or fulfilled in Denton County due to the fact that the state bar disciplinary proceedings against Van Dyke were being conducted in Denton County, Texas.

In Texas, a “warrant of arrest” is a written order from a magistrate, directed to a peace officer or some other person specially named, commanding him to take the body of the person accused of an offense, to be dealt with according to law.  A magistrate may issue a warrant of arrest or a summons when any person shall make oath before the magistrate that another has committed some offense against the laws of the State.




Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 13.37 – Obstruction or Retaliation

An offense under Section 36.06(a)(1), Penal Code, may be prosecuted in any county in which:
       (1) the harm occurs; or
       (2) the threat to do harm originated or was received.

Because Van Dyke threatened harm to a witness in the state bar disciplinary case that is currently pending in Denton County, the harm occurred in Denton County and Van Dyke may be prosecuted there.



Besides, Van Dyke has already pled GUILTY to making violence and murder threats against Retzlaff with regards to the Denton County state bar disciplinary proceedings – an important fact that Nazi boy Van Dyke seems to have forgotten; thus, his federal LOLsuit against the police chief is dead on arrival.



Exhibit 5 - 3rd Amend Pet - State Bar v Van Dyke


State Bar v Van Dyke - Agreed Judgment - Case # 201707583 - Retzlaff case



Jason Van Dyke is a Nazi and a lunatic, who has the look of a pedophile – 100% VERIFIED.  As the case progresses, we shall keep you updated on developments as they happen.





This is what happens when you hire a lawyer who is a mentally deranged drug addict.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Response to States Supplement Answer for Writ of Habeas Corpus



As our frequent readers know, Van Dyke has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff.  Retzlaff and his attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of the Houston, Texas, law firm of Hanszen Laporte, filed an anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss.  That motion was denied by the federal judge based upon his belief that anti-SLAPP motions are not allowed in federal courts in Texas.

FUN FACT:  A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.  The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit.  The plaintiff’s goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs, or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism.  A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate.  A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat not unlike the ones Van Dyke’s has expressed via email or social media postings.


Unfortunately for Van Dyke, it is kind of hard to claim you are being defamed over being called a Nazi when you state on Facebook that your political views are Fascist.

— From an exhibit filed in federal court.




Van Dyke Facebook post – 11-4-2019





UPDATE:  November 7, 2019


Why is Jason Lee Van Dyke such a violent, mentally ill person who likes to say and do extremely inappropriate – and ILLEGAL – things on social media?  Well, perhaps this video will help explain it.




At the 45 second mark you will see Van Dyke



People are claiming that Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently sent out the following message on Twitter, so be sure to warn your children!








It has been one year since the founder of the Proud Boys white supremacists gang, Gavin McInnes, announced that he was quitting the group.  Why?




McInnes, a Vice co-founder who left the magazine in 2008, created the Proud Boys, their rules and membership tiers, including a fourth degree reserved for Proud Boys who get in a fight “for the cause.”  Van Dyke claims to be a fourth degree brother and is now their new leader as of November 2018.


Now that the FBI has turned their sights onto the Proud Boys, McGinnes decided it would be time to quit and turn into a government snitch.  Seriously!



So why has Gavin McInnes turned into a government snitch?  It is to keep his ass from being locked up like these other guys!  CHECK IT OUT!!



Gavin has a very nice house and a nice family that he totally does not want to lose.







Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman arrive for their trial at the State Supreme Court Building in Manhattan, Aug. 14, 2019


The judge’s remarks at sentencing indicate that despite its pretenses otherwise, the Proud Boys are really just a bunch of street thugs – 100% VERIFIED!

As our long time readers will recall, last summer, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were found guilty in New York State Supreme Court of attempted gang assault, attempted assault, and riot.  The two were accused of attacking four anti-fascist counter-protesters at an event at New York City’s Metropolitan Club, where Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, was slated to speak.

During sentencing, State Supreme Court justice Mark Dwyer condemned Hare and Kinsman for setting a dangerous precedent for other activists to engage in politically motivated street violence.  “I know enough about history to know what happened in Europe in the Thirties,” he said.  He also appeared to allude to McInnes’ and Van Dyke’s role in inciting the altercation, saying, “It’s a shame when some people jump up and down on a platform and their followers, their soldiers, get in trouble.”


Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes – Proud Boys leader Jason Van Dyke


The judge added, “I’m not sure the most moral responsibility belongs to these two defendants” after finding both McInnes and Van Dyke were responsible for directing the violence that took place in New York City and elsewhere.

Both Kinsman and Hare apologized for their conduct during the Manhattan Supreme Court sentencing.  “I’m sorry about the whole mess.  I regret the entire incident,” said Kinsman, who is married with three children.  “I made a mistake.”

In a similar statement, Hare told the judge, “I made a mistake that night.  I made quick decisions. I’m sorry.”

The fight unfolded shortly after McInnes’ speech ended and the Proud Boys exited the venue, as 60 protesters, including members of Antifa, massed behind barricades and jeered at them.  To avoid a confrontation, cops directed the Proud Boys west on 83rd Street, then south on Park Avenue, while they shepherded their opponents in the other direction.

As the Proud Boys neared East 82nd Street, they saw six suspected Antifa protesters, clad in black, heading toward them.  Instead of walking away, the defendants and their pals sprinted more than 100 feet toward their foes, instigating the fight, Steinglass said.

During the violent confrontation, Kinsman and Hare repeatedly punched, kicked and stomped on the outnumbered and undersize Antifa members.  The victims in the case were never identified, and Antifa refused to cooperate with the investigation.  Prosecutors said that if they could have located the Antifa members, they would have also been charged.

A total of 10 Proud Boys were charged in connection with the incident.  Seven of them took plea deals, and one is still awaiting trial.


According to recent filings in federal court, there are also pending federal charges for violations of Title 18 U.S. Code § 875 – Interstate Threats. 

ADDITIONALLY, Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before has learned that Van Dyke, Gavin McInnes, and other Proud Boys members are under federal investigation for violations of 18 U.S. Code Sections 2101 (Riots), and 371 (Conspiracy), due to Van Dyke’s and McInnes’ involvement and leadership roles in a domestic terrorist group and their responsibility for directing numerous acts of political violence all across the country.



And lastly, as many of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters know, we here at the BV Files are hosted on a server located overseas in Dubai, UAE, in a data center that also hosts content for pirate movies, animal porn, and stuff from ISIS.  As such, we morn with our “neighbors” in ISIS over the death of their leader, who recently committed suicide.


ISIS to review toxic organizational culture after al-Baghdadi suicide


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – April 29, 2019


IDLIB, Syria – The remaining Islamic State senior leaders are looking inward to address reports of toxic organizational culture following news that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, killed himself this weekend.

“His death was tragic but preventable. This is a perfect example of our lack of resiliency,” said one senior ISIS leader. “He was a product of the ‘move-up or blow-up’ system that often forces our fighters into roles for which they are not prepared. It’s completely toxic. The first time some special operations unit comes knocking on their door, they go to pieces. Figuratively, of course.”

“And literally now, I suppose.”

While reports of toxic organizational culture are a revelation to senior ISIS leaders, junior fighters and mid-level militants are not surprised.

“I am treated like a cur and I don’t feel like my talents are being managed,” said one militant, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. “I have a ‘raping and pillaging’ background but all they want me to do is plant IEDs. When I try to bring it up to my chain of command, I get marginalized.”

The Islamic State’s new leader, Abdullah Qardash, says he is taking a holistic approach to overhauling ISIS, from managing internal complaints to managing talent.

Abdullah Qardash


“We are hemorrhaging talent,” Qardash told reporters.  “And we’re turning over leaders almost as fast as they do in the Pentagon.  This is a new generation of jihadis.  If we don’t treat them with respect and recognize their additional skills, they will wage jihad for someone else.”

The Islamic State has suffered multiple setbacks over the past few years, including losing territory in both Iraq and Syria, continuous targeting of its top officials, and an epidemic of goat herpes following block leave earlier this year.  In an effort to rebrand itself and attract more fighters, ISIS senior leadership has published a “National Jihadis Strategy,” formally giving priority to militants and their enslaved child brides in addition to readiness and lethality.




  • Jon Alan Langbert
  • William Hennessey
  • Spencer Robuck
  • Edward Harper
  • Joshua Behrens
  • Tarjei Brokken
  • Trent Moody
  • Cory Kiel
  • Daniel Sanderford


All these guys just might want to think about looking for new jobs / homes in the very near future.





Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan


John Morgan of Beaumont, Texas, is a drug addict and a child abuser.  He is the attorney for James McGibney (who we don’t like).  Just moments ago, a federal judge signed an order.  CHECK IT OUT!!



American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Judge Layne Walker is finally going to get paid.

Judge Layne Walker






Evan Stone is not just a piece of human garbage, but he is a really shitty lawyer, too.  Despite being heavily sanctioned for lying to a federal judge a few years ago in a copyright troll LOLsuit, he clearly has not learned his lesson.

Evan Stone


Now he is about to get sanctioned yet again.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Fell Clutch case - motion to dismiss




NOVEMBER 15, 2019


Due to the actions of Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before, Evan Stone is heading for trouble with the Houston Court of Appeals.  CHECK IT OUT!!


Supplemental motion for sanctions - Fell Clutch case




This will never not be funny….

McGibney should look in the mirror first




While you may be done with the past, the past is not done with you, PissBoy.





Be sure to check back here Monday for further developments.

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