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Ronald A. Brynaert – a mentally ill drug addict?!

Good day, eh?  Well, not so good if your name is Ronald A. Brynaert, date of birth August 21, 1968, who appears to have been confined to a mental hospital / drug treatment facility in Brooklyn, NY, on and off for the past two years – seriously!!

Hey, BV Files – why is that important?” you ask.  Well that is because of explosive new developments in the Phoenix, Arizona, case against your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff!


Can anything this man claim be trusted?  For reasons fully outlined below, we think the answer is a resounding “Fuck No!”

But you are free to draw your own conclusions, of course.


As many of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters will recall, Ron Brynaert is a big fan and supporter of James McGibney (who we don’t like) going so far as to use his social media platforms to post McGibney propaganda and excoriate those who have the temerity to speak out against and criticize Ron’s hero, James McGibney (who we don’t like)!




Brynaert also likes to send random people harassing and threatening emails.  In fact, it was ESTABLISHED IN FEDERAL COURT that Brynaert is in cahoots with Brett Kimberlin, the notorious Speedway bomber!!




Don’t believe us?  CHECK IT OUT!!

On July 1, 2011, LA prosecutor John Patrick Frey was “SWATted,” a terroristic technique in which someone called the police here while pretending to be Frey and telling the police he just murdered his wife.  A SWAT team descended on Frey’s home almost immediately, removing him and his (very much alive) wife at gunpoint and ensuring that the children were still alive as well.  Seriously – that is what Ron Brynaert did!

Why did this happen? you ask.  Well, in a very special interview with your Admins of the BV Files, Patrick Frey explains:

Why target me? Well, I first wrote about Brett Kimberlin in October 2010, after getting a call from Andrew Breitbart. Andrew told me that his site was going to publish a post about a domestic terrorist named Brett Kimberlin. The story sounded interesting, and I published a post about Kimberlin shortly after the Breitbart post (penned by Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick) was published.

The next day, Kimberlin threatened to sue me. He said: “I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money and for what.” I asked him to identify any specific falsehoods in my post and he did not. I published subsequent posts about topics like Kimberlin’s alleged murderous plots to escape from prison and exact revenge on his enemies and an examination of his non-profits’ tax returns. In February 2011, I talked about stalkerish intimidation tactics used by Kimberlin and his business partner, Brad Friedman of the “Brad Blog.”


Patrick and others who had written about Brett Kimberlin were being relentlessly harassed by Kimberlin and/or his associates, to include  Brynaert. 

The harassment included false complaints to the California State Bar, malicious Tweets and blog posts, threats of violence, and a frivolous lawsuit.  The harassment also included multiple references to uninvolved family members, the publication of home addresses, false complaints to employers, abuse of the court system, and false claims of criminal activity.


FUN FACT:  This pattern sounds very familiar to any of the dozens of victims of James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his gang of violent white supremacists and cyber stalkers!



Frey suspected that the SWATting was the work of Brett Kimberlin and/or his associates. He suspected it was Ron Brynaert, a man who had been harassing him for months.

As many of you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers’ listeners, and supporters well know, Ron Brynaert is a mentally unhinged person who likes to repeatedly send communications to unwilling recipients in which Brynaert makes violent threats


Frey asked the FBI to analyze the recording of the SWATting call with other recordings of a voice known to belong to Brynaert. Here, you can listen in and decide for your own self:


And the expert’s opinion:

In this case the following files were presented for evaluation: Tag names for these four recordings are shown in BOLD. The[y] represent calls from two Swat Hoax cases, one involving Patrick Frey and one involving Mike Stack [the man from New Jersey — Admin Dean].

G-8025959 FREY SWAT – Call made to 911 claiming a shooting at Mr. Frey’s residence on 7/1/2011 at 12:16 AM. Caller impersonates Patrick Frey.

Stack Call – STACK SWAT – Call made to police dispatch in Readington, New Jersey. 6/23/2011 Caller impersonates Mike Stack.

Ron Brynaert Interview.mp3 – BRYNAERT KNOWN – an internet radio interview. This caller is suspected of being the Swat caller re: Frey.

Lee Call-in Radio Show – LEE KNOWN (Lee is interviewer’s name, not caller.) This caller is suspected of being the Swat caller re: Stack.

. . . .

CONCLUSION: Considering all of the evidence presented, it is my expert forensic examiner opinion that it is probable that all voice samples come from the same person.


Patrick Frey has been harassed in this manner for almost a year, all because he dared to write an article about Brett Kimberlin on his blog in October 2010.  And he’s not the only one.  Aaron Walker has been a victim of Brett Kimberlin because he dared to give a small bit of legal advice to Seth Allen, another victim of Kimberlin’s underhanded tactics.  And the list of people targeted by Kimberlin and his allies goes well beyond this.

So it seems extremely likely that Ron Brynaert, who is a BIG SUPPORTER of James McGibney (who we don’t like) for some time now, was also involved with the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin, as well!


FUN FACT:  The Speedway bombings were a series of eight random bombings that occurred between September 1, 1978 and September 6, 1978, in Speedway, Indiana, in the United States.  In four separate trials, Brett Kimberlin was convicted of multiple charges related to the bombings.  In June 1981 Kimberlin was convicted of receipt of explosives by a convicted felon and sentenced to five years in federal prison and, in December 1981, of possession of an unregistered destructive device, unlawful manufacturing of a destructive device, malicious damage by means of explosives, and malicious damage by means of explosives involving personal injury.  Kimberlin received a sentence of fifty years in Federal prison. His sentences, including sentences for other crimes, were aggregated to a total of fifty-one years, six months and 19 days.

Kimberlin was paroled in November 1993 after serving 13 years.  His parole was revoked and he was returned to prison in 1997 after not making court ordered restitution payments.  He was re-released in 2001 and was working with Ron Brynaert since at least 2011.


Here is what a federal court recently had to say about this and Ron Brynaert’s involvement.  CHECK IT OUT!!

(Brynaert’s name is high lighted in yellow below.)


Truth is stranger than fiction.  This stuff really happens.  And what if it happened to you?

In case anyone needs to reach out to Mr. Frey to have him be a witness or something, here is his contact information.

According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), Mr. Frey has already given a sworn statement regarding the positive identity of the voice of the person who swatted him in 2011 to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before.

So what does that 2011 incident have to do with now, the year 2021? you ask.

Well, in Twitter post last year, Brynaert was bragging about how he was somehow responsible for getting your American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Tom Retzlaff charged with two felonies in Phoenix, Arizona, for forgery and identity theft.  CHECK IT OUT!!

Yes, that is right.  Brynaert is claiming that Retzlaff sent him, Ron Brynaert, an affidavit.  And this “affidavit” ended up in the hands of James McGibney (who we don’t like), who then presented it to his FBI water-boy, super special agent Tyrel Walker Lester Wicevich (aka Walker Wicevich), who then hands it off to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office demanding that they lock Retzlaff up.

At least that is according to Deputy Public Defender Rick Miller and his contacts within the Federal Bureau of Investigation – contacts whom he has befriended and developed during his more than 30 years as being the Number Two guy in charge of ALL of the public defenders in Maricopa County – so claims an inside source.


Of course, what are the chances that a man like Brynaert – who was involved in trying to get a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney murdered in a swatting attack – totally fabricated this document, and/or that he was used by McGibney (who totally fabricated this document) as a shill so as to appear to the FBI as a totally uninvolved and disinterested person with “clean hands” as a way of setting up your American Hero & Honorary Admin Tom Retzlaff??



James McGibney (who we don’t like) is clearly making good on his promise to Tom Retzlaff.





According to a source close to the investigation (which consists solely of the voices in our head) unfortunately, that is not the story that the prosecution presented to the Phoenix grand jury and that is not at all what the sole witness before the grand jury testified to under oath!  According to court documents, the witness (who was under oath at the time), specifically said that “this affidavit was filed in one of the Retzlaff related civil cases” and was later “passed around on some websites.”

Yes, you heard correctly:  The prosecution and its sole witness told the members of the grand jury that this “affidavit” was actually filed in a court case (one of the Retzlaff related civil cases).



According to those same sources, there is some evidence of Brynaert receiving money for his role in this – money eventually from James McGibney (who we don’t like).  At least that is the working theory that is being examined as we speak.

So who is lying here and what is really going on?



Well, one thing that we know for absolute certain is that Ronald A. Brynaert is actually and literally a mentally ill, oftentimes homeless drug addict.  And we know that Ronald A. Brynaert is a liar, serial deadbeat, and a thief who also has a criminal record. 

Seriously – 100% VERIFIED!!



According to sources close to the investigation (which do not consist solely of the voices in our head), Brynaert has been living / confined at one of New York City’s mental health & drug treatment facilities since around August 2018 to the present day.  In fact, staff at their Brooklyn location know him quite well!


FUN FACT:  Many of our readers are from New York City, so no doubt they are very familiar with this program.  But for those of you in Rio Linda, here is a brief synopsis.

Daytop, or Daytop Village, is a drug addiction treatment organization with facilities in New York City.  It was founded in 1963 in Tottenville, Staten Island by Daniel Harold Casriel along with Monsignor William B. O’Brien, a Roman Catholic priest and founder and president of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities.  Ron Brancato from the Pelham Bay area of Bronx New York, Program Director and former resident of Synanon, California.  Synanon (founded by Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich Sr., (1913-1997) in 1958 in Santa Monica) was the only drug rehabilitation program until Daytop Village NY.

According to Dr. Casriel its name was originally an acronym for ‘Drug Addicts Yield to Probation’ as Daytop was originally a kind of “halfway house” for convicted addicts.  Another account gives the name to be an acronym for “Drug Addicts Yield to Persuasion”.  A third account gives the name to be an acronym for “Drug Addicts Yield to Others Persuasion.”

The Daytop program, one of the oldest drug-treatment programs in the United States, is based on the therapeutic community model and emphasizes the role of peer interaction in their modes of treatment.  Considered one of the most successful programs of its kind, it is described as “a supportive emotional community in which people feel secure but at the same time are held strictly accountable for their behavior”.  It is estimated that 85 percent of those treated stay clean.  (Unfortunately, Ron Brynaert is clearly not one of the 85% – seriously!)

It was during a 1980 visit to Daytop Village that future first lady Nancy Reagan initially became aware of the drug epidemic in the United States and the toll it was taking on the nation’s youth.  This event is widely acknowledged as the genesis of her “Just Say No” program.  Great!

In late 2015, Daytop Village merged with Samaritan Village, another 50+ year old health and human services nonprofit organization with a specialty in drug and alcohol treatment.  The newly merged organization changed its name to Samaritan Daytop Village.

Samaritan Daytop Village is New York. With more than 50 locations throughout New York City and beyond, Samaritan Daytop Village continues to provide New Yorkers a rich array of programs to help eliminate substance use disorder, homelessness and other life challenges.

According to their website, “We believe that Good resides in each of our clients – men and women, adolescents, our veterans, mothers and babies, the homeless, and the elderly. With our dedicated staff and partners in the community, we roll up our sleeves and find the good within the people we serve.

That’s really great and all.  But we are pretty sure that there is absolutely no “Good” at all residing in Ron Brynaert – 100% VERIFIED!

There simply is not enough room for “Good” to reside inside Brynaert on account of all the illegal drugs and alcohol is hogging up all the space!!!!

Hey – you know who else has their body filled with illegal drugs and alcohol so that there is absolutely no room for “Good” to reside in them, too?  CHECK IT OUT!!


Philip Klein, drunk and passed out – as always




So what kind of “treatment” is Brynaert likely receiving at this very moment?  CHECK IT OUT!!


Unfortunately for the rest of humanity, Brynaert is not locked down enough to keep him away from the internet and the Twitter Machine, as evidenced by his rage-filled, drug induced Tweets at all hours of the day or night, nonstop hate and harassment, 24 / 7 / 365. 


Iron Troll post on Ron Brynaert


There was such vile garbage that even Twitter itself has said “enough!”


ronbrynTwitter takedown.jpeg


Other services Brynaert can obtain are:


Outpatient SDV brochure


In addition to being a mentally ill drug addict, Ron Brynaert is also a deadbeat who does not like to pay this bills.  In fact, his last employer (the one Brynaert likes to brag about on his Twitter profile), sued him for breach of contract and revealing trade secrets that he had promised – in writing – to keep secret, and the employer, Raw Story Media, Inc. won a $500,000 judgment against Brynaert.  CHECK IT OUT!!




Brynaert has a very sad face about this as he rants and raves in the echo chamber that is his twitter feed when he is not on lock down at the mental hospital.  CHECK IT OUT!!






According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head), Some Random Person Who We’ve Never Heard Of Before recently spoke to Alan R. Kabat, who agreed to sell to Some Random Person this as-yet uncollected, still valid court judgment, which is now worth far more than $500,000, due to court-ordered interest and penalties.

According to the calculations of your Admins of the BV Files, Some Random Person now owns TWO court judgments that are against TWO mentally ill drug addicts – wow, what a coincidence!


According to Brynaert, he claims to be living at 142 Richardson St., Apt. 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11211-1452.  But that no longer can be true because his landlord obtained a $6,231 court judgment against Brynaert, which was never paid, and filed a lien against him on January 14, 2014.  He should probably update his driver’s license records as it appears he spends much of his time bouncing back and forth between the 49th Street Men’s Shelter and the Forbell Men’s Shelter in Brooklyn.

But with a skel like him, who knows?


This will never not be funny…..


I guess Ron is hungry for some pudding, because here’s the proof.  CHECK IT OUT!!



Rauhauser OIG Complaint










Many thanks to our long time friend of the BV Files for making this lovely video – enjoy!




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