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Jason Lee Van Dyke


Good day, eh.  Well not so good if you are Denton, Texas, based attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke – an all around retard and a violently racist leader with the white supremacist hate group group The Proud Boys, who suddenly decided that he did not want to be a lawyer anymore after 11 long years and tens of thousands of dollars in as-yet unpaid student loans!


According to court records, Van Dyke has the “look” of a pedophile – so watch out!


FUN FACT:  Despite Van Dyke voluntarily surrendering his bar card, effective June 20, and him quitting as being a lawyer, the anti-SLAPP sanctions hearing is still going forward in the LOLsuit Van Dyke filed against Tom Retzlaff in federal court.




So Van Dyke decided get into a pissing contest with someone who simply cannot be intimidated – failing to take heed at what happened to other, “better” lawyers before him.  Lawyers such as: 


Jay Leiderman never loses a case, right?

  • Jason (Jay) Leiderman – who was investigated and disciplined by the California State Bar as a result of a complaint filed against him by an opposing party in a lawsuit he filed on behalf of San Jose, CA revenge porno perv James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his sexual blackmail company ViaView, Inc..



Paul Gianni

  • Paul Gianni – who was fired by his Fort Worth, Texas, based ‘white shoe’ law firm Shannon Gracey Ratliff & Miller when it was revealed to the ownership & partners that he had taken on James McGibney (who we don’t like) for a client – an UNPAID client being the important concern!  Gianni (who currently is suspended by the Ohio State Bar), is currently working out of a spare bedroom in his home in Arlington, Texas.


Beaumont attorney John S. Morgan

  • John Morgan – Morgan (who was arrested for trying to murder his ex-wife & 3 kids a few years back with a butcher’s knife while naked and high on drugs), had a disbarment lawsuit filed against him as a result of a complaint filed against him by an opposing party.  As our long time readers will recall, Morgan represented McGibney in the Texas LOLsuit, which resulted in McGibney and ViaView, Inc. being hit with over $1.3 million in sanctions and attorneys fees two years ago (the matter is currently on appeal with the Texas Supreme Court).  As a result of the disbarment case, Morgan was forced to enter into a plea deal to keep his Bar Card which resulted in mandatory drug & psych counseling.  Morgan is the only attorney in Texas to be personally hit with SLAPP sanctions for violating the Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA).  He owes over $65,000 (the matter is on appeal).


And now we add Nazi attorney Van Dyke to the mix of idiots who thought it would be a good idea to poke a bear with a stick – American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Thomas Retzlaff!!


Van Dyke dressed for work at his “day time” job



According to sources close to the investigation (which consist solely of the voices in our head):

The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel has found “just cause” to proceed into litigation seeking the disbarment of Mr. Van Dyke for disciplinary rules violations, which include (but are not limited to):

  1. Threatening to murder Mr. Retzlaff and his family on repeated occasions.
  2. Contacting Mr. Retzlaff’s attorney [Jeffrey Dorrell] and threatening to murder Mr. Retzlaff.
  3. Filing a $100 million SLAPP lawsuit against Mr. Retzlaff solely in retaliation on account of a grievance filed by Mr. Retzlaff against Mr. Van Dyke.
  4. Being a member and taking an active leadership role in a violent white supremacist organization.
  5. Threatening to murder Los Angeles attorney Kenneth White.
  6. Threatening to murder New York City based rapper Talib Kweli.
  7. Posting violently racist messages on social media.


Despite Jason Van Dyke voluntarily going into “retirement” status effective June 20, 2018, the State Bar of Texas will proceed with all due speed in seeking the permanent disbarment of Mr. Van Dyke in order to prevent him from reinstating his status as a lawyer in Texas.  Mr. Van Dyke has elected to have the matter heard in District Court, as is his right.  Our next step is to request the Supreme Court of Texas to appoint a District Court Judge to hear the matter.  We fully expect to see Justice served as the citizens of Texas deserve better.


— Claire Mock, spokeswoman, State Bar of Texas (or some person whom we’ve completely made up).



Very recent tweet from attorney Jason Van Dyke



When reached for comment, Van Dyke had this to say:

See you in court, faggot.



Many thanks to Denton attorney Evan Stone for making this possible!!  Stone has been working hand in hand with Van Dyke in the filing of the $100 million LOLsuit against Retzlaff – which is a really good idea since it brings LOTS of needed attention upon Stone by the State Bar.  After all, Stone did commit perjury to a court by signing a FALSE affidavit of indigency when he filed for divorce last year, right?



This, of course, will never not be funny.  Am I right?


The disbarment lawsuit should be filed and decided by August 20.  So stay tuned!!






Actually, no, it has not.  Nor have we been “raided”, or “vanned” or anything else as a result of any FBI threat hoaxes perpetrated by one or more members of the McGibney Gang (though probably not for lack of trying on their part, right?).



Yeah, what he says is 100% VERIFIED.  Time to drain the FBI swamp!


John Morgan has made yet another attempt at sealing court records that have been repeatedly published by the BV Files.  This attempt – like all the others beforehand, have failed.



199953-A 2nd


The documents involve accusations of corruption and possible child sex trafficking involving Jefferson County District Court Judge Justin Sanderson and Beaumont attorney Wayne Reaud.  Are the accusations true?  Who knows.  But in Jefferson County anything is possible (at least according to local blogger Philip Klein).


The $100 Million Lawsuit….


This document speaks for itself.



Jury demand - Van Dyke v Retzlaff




And then we have this document that was filed today.



Retzlaff's notice of TCPA deadlines


According to sources close to the investigation (which do not consist of the voices in our head), Van Dyke was so upset and scared by this filing – and pending federal court action – that he sent the below email 15 minutes later begging for a settlement.  CHECK IT OUT!!


From: Jason Van Dyke <[email protected]>

Subject: Final Offer
Date: July 3, 2018 at 11:15:22 AM CDT
To: Jeffrey Dorrell <[email protected]>
Cc: Alan Taggart <[email protected]>


Jeff –
I have had it with your client.  
I am making a one time – and one time only – offer to stipulate to dismissal of my lawsuit against your client.   Nobody pays anybody anything.  The reason I am doing this is simple:  It has become clear to me that there is no possible way that the issues between Mr. Retzlaff and myself are going to be resolved in this or any other court.  I am not making this offer based on the merits of my claim – which I believe are strong – but rather because he has escalated this to a point where there is no longer simply possibility of this dispute being settled through any type of litigation process.  There is simply no way that I see anyone collecting any money against the other.  I have no intention of paying him a cent and I know that he will not pay me a cent.  I have spent too much time already on the worthless piece of dog shit that is your client.  If he wants to settle this like a man, he knows where to find me.

For this reason, in accordance with Rule 68(d), I am offering an agreed judgment where all of the claims we have against each other are dismissed. 


According to recently filed court records, Denton attorney Jason Lee Van Dyke has the “look” of a pedophile.  So be sure to watch your children when he is around!



Many thanks to Some Random Person We’ve Never Heard Of Before for sending this to us so that we, your Admins of the BV Files, can share it with you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters!!

We have no idea what response, if any, has been made.  And, as you all know by now, Retzlaff does not run this blog – nor do any of the other nine or so people whom the McGibney Gang have accused run this blog either,

BUT (and there is always a “but”, isn’t there?)… But if a picture is worth a thousand words, we are guessing that this recent picture here below is worth about 150,000 words – or dollars.  You decide!


i win, motherfuckers!!









So.  How was your week?

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