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McGibney's planWe have said it before, and we say it again.  Hear me now, but believe me later, and think about it tomorrow:  Bad things happen to bad people and revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) is a very bad man.  If he (and/or his family) get murdered, do you really think that anyone will miss them?  We didn’t think so, either!

Not only is an warrant for the arrest of McGibney being sought, but also arrest warrants are being sought for Ventura, California, attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman and Denton, Texas, attorney Evan Stone, too!

So what do you do with pieces of human garbage?  You take ’em out!!

Juaraz City Dump - roughly equidistant between Denton, TX and Ventura, CA

Juaraz City Dump – roughly equidistant between Denton, TX and Ventura, CA



This will never not be funny.  Check out the newest website traffic stats from Alexa!  Our very own libel / death threat blog, the BV Files, is far and away the leader here with us beating the absolute shit out of McGibney’s very own ViaView / Bullyville website.  Keep in mind that Bullyville used to be a heavily advertised website that used to have all kinds of advertisements and products and used to have celebrity sponsors and such.

“Used to have” being the operative term here.

alexa-rank as of 4-23-2016As you can plainly see, our numbers are holding pretty steady while McGibney’s are shrinking day by day by day, and the gap between the two sites has now significantly widened.  Yet we here at the BV Files do not have any advertisements, do not engage in any marketing, and we have no products to sell (unless you count libel, defamation, and death threats as “products” – lol!).

Many thanks to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters!

bv files visits

Google Trends Analysis - April 2016

Google Trends Analysis – April 2016



So what happened is that James McGibeny and his Dynamic Duo of Drug Addicts Stone & Leiderman got jumped into a game called Contempt of Court – Texas Style that is being run by our American Heroes & Honorary Admins of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and Thomas Retzlaff.  CHECK IT OUT!

Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_01 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_02 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_03Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_04 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_05 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_06Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_07 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_08 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_09Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_10 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_11 Notice of Violation of Court Order_Page_12



Because the judgment of the court has not been suspended by McGibney filing an appeal bond (called a supersedeas bond or otherwise known as Security for Judgment Pending Appeal), as provided by Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code chapter 52, collection and enforcement activities can now proceed FULL SPEED AHEAD!


when a final judgment is not superseded, not only does a trial court have jurisdiction to hear the motion to enforce its final judgment, despite the fact that the judgment has been appealed, but a trial court has an affirmative duty to enforce its judgment.


—- Texas Supreme Court, In re Sheshtawy, 154 S.W.3d 114, 118 (Tex. 2004) (citing In re Crow-Billingsley Air Park, Ltd, 98 S.W.3d 178, 179 (Tex. 2003).


So even if McStupid follows through on his vow to appeal this decision, unless he posts a bond it does not stop the collection efforts.



FUN FACT:  McGibney has made repeated vows before to appeal adverse court decisions, such as when his Federal LOLsuit was dismissed with prejudice and such as when McGibney lost the first appeal of the Texas LOLsuit.  But he has never followed through.


Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 25.1(h)(1)

Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 25.1(h)


Retzlaff & Dorrell can now start taking my shit and I can't do anything about it?!?

Retzlaff & Dorrell can now start taking my shit and I can’t do anything about it?!?


Why, yes, Jimmy, they can.  CHECK IT OUT!  Take special note of whose name is on the front of this document.

Abstract of Judgment Abstract of Judgment pg 2

BV Hunter Moore comment

Remember when McGibney claimed he was going to get Retzlaff, Rauhauser, and all the rest for being “bullies” on the internet?

Retz is the new Hunter Moore lawsuit




April 7 TX hearing_Page_01



So why did McGibney lose his lawsuit and get ORDERED to pay over $450,000 in sanctions and attorney’s fees?

The fact is that the plaintiffs never came up with the required evidence to survive the TCPA motion to dismiss. That’s what the Court of Appeals said.  They had their shot. They didn’t do it.

They were unable to bring forth evidence to support the defamation claims that they sued for and that’s why they lost.


Jeffrey Dorrell

Jeffrey Dorrell


Want to know what American Hero & Honorary Admin of the BV Files Houston attorney Jeffrey Dorrel thinks of McGibney’s business practices?


The fact is that Mr. McGibney is frequently criticized and harshly by many writers on the Internet who allege that what he is doing — running is a revenge porn business with his Web site.  That his business model is to post pictures of unfaithful paramours and then through another company charge the people whose pictures are put there, money to take these postings down.  It’s a pretty good business model if it’s true.


Mr. Dorrell, yes, it is very true that McGibney runs a revenge pornography / sexual blackmail business.  You can see it in McGibney’s very own words right here:

Cheaterville $499 Take Down service_Page_2

Cheaterville $499 Take Down service_Page_3

And here is a handy instructional video put out by James McGibney (who we don’t like) showing everyone just how to pay him blackmail monies so little girls can ransom back their intimate pictures:





PRO TIP:  Attorney Evan Stone spent a great deal of time during the April 7th hearing arguing about whether or not this case was a contingency fee case or something else.  But Stone was worrying about the wrong thing.  He – and his client – would have been better served had they focused on the provisions of Texas Property Code section 12.014 instead (not that it would have done any good, mind you).

TX Prop Code sec 12-014


So who has been paying nearly $1,000 for all of these court reporter transcripts?  Who has been consistently appearing in Texas at each and every court hearing in this case?

April 7 TX hearing_Page_78



RR of 4-7-2016



Destroying James McGibney – and his family – was all done for the lulz because Jimmy boy wanted to show the world that he was Boss of the Internet and the Sheriff of the Twitterverse.

But sometimes you come up against someone who just cannot be intimidate and who has the time, money, and desire to stomp your head into the curb over and over and over again.

We are afraid to say that the bloodletting has just begun for the McGibney Gang.


One note of warning to Evan Stone, his family, and his law partners:

If Stone wishes to make McGibney and the issues in this lawsuit a lifetime commitment, Retzlaff is certainly willing to oblige him.

— Quote from Motion for Contempt filed with the Texas Court.





Wouldn't it be funny if Jimmy went nuts and murdered his whole family? lol

Wouldn’t it be funny if Jimmy went nuts and murdered his whole family? lol



Special Update

SPECIAL UPDATE – April 25, 2016


Leiderman’s filed a Fourth Motion to Dismiss (Motion to Call 911) on April 12, 2016.  In what has to be the fastest decision yet from this Court, the Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth District DENIED Leiderman’s motion and told him to Go Fuck Himself.  CHECK IT OUT!

Order denying 4th Mtn to Dismiss - dated 4-25-2016

What is very interesting is that while the Court of Appeals denied Leiderman’s motion (for the fourth time!), they allowed Retzlaff’s motion for sanctions for filing a frivolous motion to go forward.

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